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  1. Yes Christine was playing the game. But to say that she's playing the game she knew was best was wrong. Didn't she know what is right and what is wrong, what is appropriate and what is inappropriate. Just because it's a game she had to do anything regardless what the public perceived just to win it even whoring (not that she did) herself if she had to. The whole world is watching her so it's a choice she had to make to portray herself that bad ignoring the public perception about her. If she's okay with it then she's okay how the public would react
  2. Christine didn't backed down when she was ZINGED. She and Cody appeared disturbed for a moment but then they were back to their ritual. At her exit interview she wasn't perturbed either when asked about the booing. At the jury house, she got cold shoulder from the evicted HGs. Will she ever knew and acknowledge what she did wrong? Will she ever learn from her mistakes? At times, people has to go through hard times to see the point because "sparks of awakening" don't seem to matter at all. It has to be real painful to sip it through their veins to get them to reality. It's sad!
  3. I disliked him, don't want to see him any longer
  4. Cody will now be cuddling with Frankie since Christine is now gone and Victoria is already TAKEN
  5. I hope too. He will see then that not only Zingbot saw the inappropriateness of their actions but the whole world very much condemned it too
  6. Cody said he didn't regret anything he did or said so . . . . he (when he's evicted) will continue to cuddle with Christine and with no cameras he will go farther with her and Frankie (when he gets evicted)
  7. Yes, I thought Frankie would save Christine but he listened to Derrick's argument believing he's really on his side. I wonder who Derrick would put up as replacement but Lamasquerade you're right, Caleb's ass will be up
  8. Frankie should avoid cuddling with Cody because everyone that does was evicted
  9. She won't be cuddling, cackling and studying for comps anymore . . . instead she will keep rethinking and rethinking what she did wrong
  10. Who will Christine hang out with in the jury? She dislike everyone in the jury except Hayden, I guessed, but I don't think Hayden feel the same with her
  11. CBS welcome controversy and very appreciative for the HGs creating it. It gets headlines in newspapers, tabloids and evening news and help BB ratings.
  12. Derrick cannot start war or division in his alliance at this time. He's not very good in comps and that's the reason he preferred to stay in the shadow. He would only show his true side when it's too close to the end and had the protection from somebody
  13. Hayden knew about Derrick's role. Even Devin, before he was out, talked to Derrick to save him and was upfront with him that he has the power and influence of the others. Nicole appeared not to be so smart not to see it or she could just be playing Derrick to save her.
  14. I agree that of the remaining members of the Detonators/bomb-Squad, Frankie is likely to draw the first blood. Christine has the likelihood of doing but she will be swayed to put Victoria up (Frankie might talk to her into putting CodDer and she might). Frankie sensed that this is the second attempt to get him evicted. If he still lay low and wait for the others to strike, the third will be his last and he knows it.
  15. Ariana is very busy romancing her new boy toy
  16. How interesting it is going to be if Frankie is nominated/evicted and booed while Ariana is in the audience with the booing crowd. Love to have the camera focus his face. Anyway, I don't think Caleb will go along nominating Frankie now. Dumb as he is, he knows Frankie will side with him more than CodDer.
  17. I'd say not Caleb and Victoria because they're dumb as a mule
  18. I'll say it again, they are all whoring themselves for $500,000 and I think that is what makes me disgusted most of all. I completely agree. Just about everybody whoring themselves to win
  19. I am hoping Derrick and Frankie will be nominated very soon to hopefuly create division in the house. This will only be possible if Nicole can stay and win HOH and not swayed otherwise. Very unlikely though that it will happen.
  20. The TA failure was a biggie for Frankie. He thought winning it is an acknowledgment for his good creation, production and acting and will land him to his new TV show (he dreamed) or a new acting career when BB is over. He wanted fame to equal or surpass his sister's popularity.
  21. Derrick feel that he has control of Nicole than Christine. He had a hard time reading Christine and that worried him, she could flip either side . . . . she talked shit behind everybody's back just about everybody, she's stirring-up shit. Derrick felt Nicole is alone, seemed can read her game play and direction and can control her ) remember he re-imposed their F2 deal (he had proposed to Nicole when she won her 1st HOH)
  22. How nice if Derrick goes out during double eviction, a shocker to him. His princess will be left lost and in limbo
  23. Reality started to sink on Frankie . . . . now he knew that America really don't like him
  24. He's getting more ridiculous everyday contrary to his own belief