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  1. HN = Have Not. Josh is a HN this week still because he unlocked the wrong box and got HN for another week.
  2. taxladyfran

    Questioning the Hex vote

    The way I see it is that Jessica gets the Halt Hex and the Curse is Cody winning the Battle Back. Then next week they both go on the block and Jessica uses the Halt Hex to save both of them. That would be the ultimate curse on the whole house. That would be three weeks of evictions down the tubes, followed by a double eviction to shake up the house. Then, to prove Dominique right, Jesus will be in the house and Paul will be living his worst nightmare.
  3. taxladyfran


    Yesterday was a snorefest. Everyone is getting along as long as they stay away from Cody and Jess. It is like summer camp in the house. I think a lot of this is due to the HG that have ability to talk down situations and offer psycho therepy sessions. That includes Christmas that draws the moths into the light and they all listen to what she has to say in awe. We have Kevin that is like a Dad who lets the kids talk and then puts in his words of wisdom in a humorous way. Then we have Dominique who is a motivational speaker that listens and tells them what to say and how to say it. She moves them in the direction she wants and sets back and observes. Not to mention Paul who is only 23, but has the maturity of a 40 year old. He knows the game and has gained their respect. He knows not to make big moves this early in the game and is hanging Cody out to dry, not because he has a vengeance for him, but because that is what the house wants. He will live to rule the day again, at least until his Pendant of Protection"Safety" is still working. As a side note, here is wishing Christmas luck with her surgery today and hope she is back in the house tomorrow, feeling well enough to participate. Sure glad it is Wednesday and tomorrow will be Cody's eviction and a new HOH will be in place. It will be interesting to see if anyone from the "Other side" steps up to get in power, but looking at the HG on that side, the only one that can win a comp would mean Alex, or maybe Jason, however, I get the feeling he does not want to get into power and might even be willing to be evicted before Jury because he is losing money not working the Rodeo Circuit right now. As much as I like the couples side, we need a little less talk and a little more action please. ZZZZZZ
  4. taxladyfran

    Anyone else notice this?

    Yes, I saw this message run across the top of the feeds. So does this mean that we can watch the full HOH Comp on feeds? And if so, does this mean it is going to be an endurance comp that will take awhile? If so, who is good at endurance besides Cody who may be gone, Paul who can't play, and Alex? Wonder if any of the others have been sandbagging and just not wanting to show their strength up to now, like Matt or Mark. Can't wait til Thursday!
  5. taxladyfran

    First Eviction

    We had our first eviction, not counting day one with Cameron being voted out. With a vote of 8-4, Jillian was evicted out of the BB house. She was totally shocked because Josh and Kevin voted for Christmas. She thought the vote would be 6-6 with Cody voting as the tie breaker. But that wasn't how it went, so Bye Bye Jillian, nice to have known you. The house will be totally different this week with Paul as the HOH. He has an agenda planned already with the plan to back door Cody after the VETO. Paul found out that Christmas was going in for surgery Monday to put pins in her foot, but will be back Monday night. This is the plan for the week: Friday night or Saturday: Den of Temptation #2 Friday: New Have-nots, and nominations (will Ramses use his punishment this week?) Saturday: Veto comp Sunday: Network Show followed by premier of Candy Crush Survivor vs Big brother Monday: Christmas out-patient surgery - at least she can make it through the comps for the week before surgery Sounds like it should be a great week with Paul as HOH and Cody/Jess all out of sorts because they lost their power and bedroom. They definately had a bad attitude during the "Who wants to see my HOH Room" party. Cody didn't smile and stood by the door with his arms crossed and Jess came in late. Let the games begin.
  6. taxladyfran

    Kevin is a trip!

    1:14amBBT - Kevin has made several bets. He wanted to bet $1000 and the girls said he was crazy. He said he pays $80 for the kids to get ice cream. Then he called the HOH room the HOV room as in House of Virgins. He was wearing a purple towel on his head under a headband, like an Arab Sheik. Now he has his sunglasses hooked through headband hanging down the side of his head with the towel laying across the top of his head. 1:28amBBT - Alex and Jason are plotting in the Storeroom. Judging by Alex's interview with Jeff, I thought she didn't have a clue about Big Brother, but she has a great take on the other HG's. If she makes it through this week, she is a force to be re conned with. She also hung on for a long time on the first comp, so she could win comps too. It's gonna be interesting to see how she does for the POV comp since she was a replacement for the Block when Megan quit.The girls do not like Alex and want her out, but she is on the block with Jillian who is all upset because she was put on the block. 1:54amBBT - Didn't take long for the Showmances to start. It looks like Cody and Jessica are hooking up and Mark and Elena are a couple. Mark is laying on the couch in the BR with his head on Christmas's lap, but Elena is standing next to him rubbing him all over his chest arms and he is rubbing her hip and rear end. He is in seventh heaven.The girls aren't thinking about doing an all girls alliance this year, just showmances. Just Granny's Perspective.
  7. taxladyfran

    Day One

    Well there goes Cameron, the Super Fan. He came on with all the knowledge of the game, but he didn't have a good social game going and he did not hold on to that rope. So out he goes and in comes BB18 Paul with his Friendship. Kind of nice to see him back, but I was hoping to have a season without former house guests (HG). And can you believe Kevin taking the $25,000 and slipping under the radar with no one suspecting? Does anyone else think there may be more returning HG's? I can't believe Big Brother would just put in just one former HG. Paul may be popular with America and fun to watch, but he comes with a huge target on his back. So tomorrow night might be an HOH comp, but who knows when we have the temptation theme going on. What a night, loved it!
  8. taxladyfran

    Pre-Season Polls

    I put down Megan to win only because I liked her interview with Jeff. She knows the show and can get down and dirty with the scheming. She also is strong and might be good on the comps, when she wants to. I think Jessica will go far just from her interview. Alex is clueless and didn't even know who Jeff was in the interview. I think that they will get Kevin out the quickest unless he is good at the comps because they may not want a fatherly figure in the house. Cameron and Ramses are both young and Super-fans that might stick around for awhile because the others will use them for their show knowledge. However, Ramses has a foul mouth and that may not set well with the older HG's. I am not too sure about Jason the Rodeo Clown and Auctioneer. He might be a fast talker Time will tell.
  9. This is my first year too to join the blogs. I am excited to begin tonight.
  10. taxladyfran

    Granny's Perspective

    OMG wouldn't that be a blast?
  11. taxladyfran

    Granny's Perspective

    Tonight is the night for BB19 and I am so excited. I have my DVR all ready to record so we can watch the show with no commercials by fast forwarding. We get so spoiled and get mad when we watch a live show and keep hitting the Fast Fwd button and nothing happens. So the plan is to record and start watching 15 min into the show. We eventually catch up and watch the end of the show live. However, I don't know if I can wait for 15 more minutes to watch my show. I have the live feeds opened and ready on my third monitor so it is in place and set for when they start. I have downloaded the House Guests pictures with their names on my other screen until I get used to their faces and names. So picture this, I have three monitors with the blog in the center, Feeds to my left, and the HG faces and names to the right. I am all set, bring it on!
  12. taxladyfran

    BB after dark

    I found it on POP TV just like last year. That is Comcast 111
  13. taxladyfran


    I thought about it when they had interviews in my area, but my husband said they would never pick me. Then I heard there were over 5,000 people trying out and thought maybe he was right. To this day, I wish I had listened to my gut and tried out. You know, one of those lost opportunities.
  14. Who else is more excited than me for Wednesday to get here? I have my BB19 Team all set up to come for Taco night and to watch the Wednesday and Thursday Kickoff shows. I have been a fan since BB started and I get the kids to come over to watch and discuss. I love to get into the Live Feed Chats with my BB friends and have fun speculating on what is going on and who is getting evicted each week. We all have our favorites and love to talk smack about our favorite bad boy/girl for the week. So much fun, just can't hardly contain myself. I go by Midnightgranny, so watch for me.
  15. taxladyfran

    Twist - Den of Temptation

    Temptation is going to be a game changer because it will show who the real players are that want to win and not just be there for a fun summer. I think this is a great twist and I can't wait for the 28th.