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    BB, Survivor, American Idol, Football, BB, the Eagles, and did I mention I love BB!!!!!!!
  1. jerseygalsluvbb

    8/28 TV Show Eviction Night Thread

    I am starting to see Derrick as some sort of mastermind. Just the way he gets everyone to do what he wants yet makes them think it was their idea. Even though I don't like how it is playing out, I will admit that his game play is better than Andy's ever was. I keep hoping the others start talking to each other about him. So far they have considered flipping on Frankie but not Derrick. Which amazes me. As for the Hollas bothering him, it seems they aren't that loud. Not like the babies crying another season, that was really loud and irritating, so far the Hollas sound like they are being yelled into a can. No doubt we are in for another predictable, boring week in the BB house. Can't wait for them to start turning on each other, sooner or later the head of the snake has to try to eat the tail.
  2. jerseygalsluvbb

    Devin Shepherd (Week 2 HoH) - HoH2, PoV winner

    If he is this much of a control freak in the BB house, imagine what he's like to live with 24/7/365. Most of what he says and does just makes me cringe. And all I can think is..... And THIS is your game play. WOW! I do agree though that if left in the house, he will ultimately implode, making for some rather interesting moments.
  3. jerseygalsluvbb

    Frankie Grande (Week 1) - HoH1 (de-throned)

    Ariana just cancelled her appearance at Philadelphia's Welcome America Celebration for tomorrow. All I've seen so far is that prayers are going out to the family. I can't find any more information. They will tell Frankie if something really bad happened, won't they? Like they did when Monica's cousin was missing on 9-11.
  4. Am I the only one who sees a mix of Elissa and Rachel in her face? Not on the show really, but def in her pic here. A distant relative maybe?? It's the eyes and nose, I think. I like her so far, but I see a lot of features of Elissa and Rachel's nose. Maybe someone can put their pics side by side for comparison, I've no clue how or I would. lol It certainly would not surprise me if she were a relative of theirs.
  5. jerseygalsluvbb

    This season's BB House Design

    I'm middle of the road, there are parts I love, like the bathroom, it's really pretty and the fire room is kinda cool looking. And there's parts I hate, like the beehive room, it looks like cheap wood and carpet remnants and the stumps in the kitchen are the worst. Basically it's like the cast for me, love some, don't love some.
  6. jerseygalsluvbb

    So... how long before the racism emerges this season?

    Hi all! I am hoping we don't. It just isn't the place for it, IMO.
  7. jerseygalsluvbb

    Live Show 8/12

    Can't wait to see the look on their faces when Clifford gets evicted. Haven't been this excited to see someone leave since Chima got the boot. Poor Brenda is going to cry, probably even see some real tears for a change. Enzo is still my fav, he's playing a floaty/behind the scenes kinda game, and eats like a cow, but to each his own. He cracks me up cause he's soooo Jersey. He's Jersey on steroids. I really liked Ragan and Brit, til this past week. What is it that they say??? Give someone a tiny bit of power and it goes to their head. Sab job for Ragan and POV for Brit. Shame they both got soooooo catty and often times downright mean. (The overwhelming pride their families must feel....) Matt's lie about his wife was no biggie for me, as with Johnny Fairplay's. It's a game and whatever you think you need to do to advance is fine, although I would not have used either. But that's me. I think it straddles a very fine line, morally and karmically. Lane doesn't seem to say a lot and when he does it is usually just what he is hearing from others. IDK, still waters run deep. It will be interesting to see them all turn on each other in a few weeks, we should get a little excitement before the final snoozefest at the end.
  8. jerseygalsluvbb

    Advice for Future Houseguests of America.

    Keep in mind that while some of America may want to see you have sex in the BB house, your family probably doesn't. At the least have some respect for them and keep your "goodies" covered.
  9. jerseygalsluvbb

    Live Feed and BBAD 8/10

    We should have a thread entitled "Letters to the house guests". That way we could express ourselves directly to them if we wanted to. No doubt some of them will find them and see what we really think of them. A few would be very shocked to see our true thoughts/feelings.
  10. jerseygalsluvbb

    Rachel - Week 5 Nominee

    I think she's an over priced escort.(and I use the term "escort" loosely.) Could you imagine paying 2 grand to listen the THAT laugh for a weekend or even a night. After an hour, I'd want to ram scissors in my ears repeatedly. I'd want a refund, for sure.
  11. jerseygalsluvbb


    I don't think they would tell the Sab that info.
  12. jerseygalsluvbb

    Which song reminds you of a certain HG?

    Gishy - It was perfect. Fitting in sooooooo many ways. Mensa worthy, for sure.
  13. jerseygalsluvbb

    Which song reminds you of a certain HG?

    I'm hoping Thursday we can all sing a rousing rendition of "ding dong the witch is dead" as Clifford walks out the door. (Whoever named her Clifford has my undying gratitude and unadulterated respect.)
  14. jerseygalsluvbb

    Rachel - Week 5 Nominee

    I've seen manaquins that are less fake than Clifford. Such drama when she gets a taste of her own medicine. Wish I could whisper into Brenda's ear.... psst, America and your Mom have seen more of Clifford's crotch in the daylight than you have. And we are not happy about it.
  15. jerseygalsluvbb

    Which song reminds you of a certain HG?

    For Rachel - Ozzy's Crazy Train. For Ragan - Barney's I Love You song. (cause he's just soooo mushy sometimes)