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Thursday, March 25 2015 BBCAN3 Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.


To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who.  http://mortystv.com/...houseguests.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Washroom Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

Vault Room (VR)

Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...hread-week-one/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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11:46pm bbt    And…the feeds are live.  In the storage room Jordan and Craig are talking about evicting Johnny.  Godfrey comes in and they change the topic and then leave.  Houseguests are hanging out in the kitchen.  General chit chat. 

 11:55pm BBT  It looks like most the HGs are in the living room and kitchen.  Naeha and Zach are in the BR.  They are talking about Godfrey being the target.  They are interrupted by Johnny.  They are discussing Godfrey going up still.  They think tomorrow will be have not and nominations.  BB asks they to stop talking about production (they were discussing what to wear in the DR).  

#BBCAN3 12:13pm bbt  The HG conversations are all over the place.  Johnny is talking letters from home, Bobby is talking to Willow about the last competition.   They break up and walk away.  Bobby stops to hug Brittnee.  He says he won HOH.  Pilar says there isn’t anyone here she wouldn’t cuddle with.

9:19 PMBBT The HGs feel bad Risha was evicted.  She didn’t get goodbye messages. From the conversation it sounds like Risha didn’t get along with the HGs. They think she was stressed out.  Willow’s message would have been not to count on her chest to get votes.  Bobby says she would have hated that. 

9:32 PM BBT Johnny and Zach are talking about how bad it will be if they end up on slop.  It feels like it’s been a week but they have really only played a half week.  Everyone starts clapping not really knowing why.  They are congratulating themselves for being on 5 episodes of BB before the next eviction.  

12:52 PM BBT Pilar and Zach are discussing how relieved she is to be off the block.  Sarah and Willow are doing dishes.  Others are helping.  Willow can’t wait to get out of the house and smoke pot with Zach.  In the washroom is Kevin, Pilar and Johnny.  Pilar did well in HOH comp but she ended up slipping.  Bobby is also up there as they say congrats. He had a shower.  He hopes he gets the room tonight. 

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1:03AM BBT: all HGs are in the kitchen talking about surivivor and CBS big brother


1:10AM BBT: seems like the HGs are just chillin' out talking no game really, just like wish I can win next HoH things like that.


1:20 BBT: Bobby and Sindy are on the red sofa talking Bobby is talking about his room and who he wants a letter from. not they are walking off Sindy is going to take off her bra Bobby is getting a coffee.


1:30 Pilar, Sarah, and Sindy are in the bedroom talking about like have not competitions and stuff Johnny,Bruno, Brittnee, Bobby, Kevin, Zach, Willow, and Naeha are all in the kitchen talking about dating and such


1:45AM BBT: The HGs are sitting around waiting for Bobbys HoH room.


1:50AM BBT: the HGs are still just talking about past BB seasons both CA and US.


1:55AM BBT: the HGs are now in the wash room getting ready for bed brushing teeth and such.


2:05AM BBT: Bruno, Zach,and Bobby are playing ball they have taking a wooden spoon and made a tape ball and are hitting it around the living room .


2:10AM BBT: Sindy and Sarah are talking about who Bobby may put up Bobby is talking about showing off his baby pictures. He gave them 31 pictures. Now he's wondering who his letter is going to be from

maybe his mom


2:15AM BBT:  Bruno and Graig are talking about the girls and how they have Willow and Ash on their side, and the Leader is Sindy, they need to get Sindy out. now they are in the bedroom with Bobby and Godfrey. now Bruno is talking to Bobby about how good Sindy is. Sarah walks in. They are tossing around a potatoe.


2:20AM BBT:  Bruno is talking to Bobby and Sarah about his son who was born with club feet, and what they had to do to take care of him. He had to be in a case all the way up to his hips for six weeks when he was first born, then he had to wear speical boots. and Bruno is saying how he has to undo them when he goes to bed. the boots were like $1500 and the next set is going to be like $1,000 each boot. so it's very expensive. now he's talking about going to the childrens hospital and how sad it is. like he was crying when he would come out of there.


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9:00AM BBT: The hamsters are up and moving. Only cameras #3 and #4 seem to be working right now. There is a lot of yawning. Bobby , Jordan and Johnny are in the KT. It appears breakfast is being made.


9:05AM BBT: The rest of the HG's are gathering in the LR, looking very tired. General chit chat about the BY. If they have use of it, no competition is coming. It will be nice to have the HT whenever they want, Bobby says.


9:10AM BBT: Willow joins Sarah and Kevin on the couch. They discuss the music that woke them up this morning and that Sarah sung along with them. The feeds are down.

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9:17AM BBT - The feeds are still down.


9:27AM BBT - The feeds are still down.


9:35AM BBT - Feeds are back! Most of the HG's are in the KT/LR. Some are cooking, several are sitting on the couch. General chit chat about eating habits. Someone says milk in a bag is the weirdest thing ever. After only a few minutes up, the feeds go back down again.


9:48AM BBT - The feeds are still down.


9:50AM BBT - Feeds are back. The HG's are in the HOH room, general chit chat about drinking. They are sharing headphones, listening to the music Bobby has. The HG's notice the spy screen, they turn it on. They comment they've now seen almost the entire house. Just not the secret room and the HN room (the 2nd of which they expect to see later today). It will likely be the worst, although after sleeping in an empty house, what could be much worse? Newspaper as blanket, maybe?


9:55AM BBT - Bobby offers chocolate to the ladies; who decline as it is too early in the morning. Seems like Bobby got a "Shomi" tablet. They start talking about 2 Broke Girls, and say "Shomi" has the best shows out there. Talk turns to movies, including new releases such as American Sniper. Several conversations going on at once, extremely hard to pick out a specific one. Still talk about movies, though.


9:59AM BBT - Talk turns to Bobby's pictures. One of them is his prom picture. Sindy mentions how hard it was to find pictures without a ton of people in them. But as long as she is in them, that's what's important. Bobby got alcohol in his basket and is drinking it. They manage to put music on, and is discussing if they are allowed to play it. "BB will tells us if we can't," they decide. Seconds later, BB tells them "STOP THAT". They chuckle. Willow thinks Bobby is allowed to nap as HOH.


10:02AM BBT - They are looking for a remote for the spy cam, unsure of how to work it. Everyone congratulates Bobby on being the first HOH. The bathroom water seems to be working properly; Bobby comments he has his own plumbing. Bobby offers to let Kevin bring stuff into his HOH room/bathroom. Bobby is hoping he won't get a wake up call in the mornings like the rest of the HG's will. Everyone comments that Bobby's HOH was well deserved.


10:05AM BBT - Talk turns to Mario Kart; Bobby always plays Toad. Bobby is then called to the DR. He chugs his beer and leaves. The HG's like the décor from The Brick. Back to discussing favourite songs. Godfrey is testing Jordan's geography knowledge on the globe in the room. Cameras #1 and #2 are on now but they are all in the HOH room. Sindy has the headphones on and is moving her body in time with the music on the couch. General chit chat, several conversations again.

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10:08AM BBT - Johnny and Sarah head down to the KT, and are joined shortly by Bobby who is now out of the DR. The conversation in the HOH room is back to Shomi and what it offers. Brittnee comes to the KT. She talks about how wonderfully written Bobby's letter was. His parents are so proud of him. Brittnee says if she wins HOH she won't even be able to read her letter. Johnny agrees; Sarah quips it's a good thing she'll never win. Brittnee recounts how Bobby plays Mario Kart with his Mom, and it was mentioned in the letter. The letter touched them all, they agree.


10:11AM BBT - More HG's come down to the KT. They discuss the time on the stove; BB keeps changing it. They checked it against the Shomi tablet, and the tablet is different than the stove. They all think the Shomi tablet must have the right time, none of them think BB can control that one. It syncs with the internet. Now they have no idea what time they actually went to bed vs what time they were woken up. They all want to eat breakfast in case any of them are made HN's today.


10:13AM BBT - Back in the HOH room, general chit chat is going on again. Bobby wishes there were some family pictures; Willow says this likely won't be his only HOH. Bobby is excited for Sunday's episode; it will be a celebration to him. They confirm last night's episode would've ended at the start of the HOH challenge. They all discuss errors they made trying to stay up for the challenge. There was water in the challenge. Willow thinks her measurements weren't right because she couldn't do some of the things the other HG's were doing.


10:20AM BBT - Sarah and Johnny are in the LR, discussing their casting calls. Sarah does some shout outs. They discuss people who believed in them getting on the show, and were disappointed that they didn't get a callback. Both admit to having lied to friends, as they knew they had a callback and couldn't say anything.


10:25AM BBT - Up in HOH, everyone is still discussing last night's challenge. Ashleigh's toe curled at an odd angle for a long time. Talk changes to what the HN competition might be like. Groups of 4 against each other, or 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2. Ashleigh wants to play in the veto. So does everyone else. Bobby thinks the veto will be a mental challenge. Ashleigh jokes that she's a genius. Pili wants to take a nap, she's so exhausted. Ashleigh mentions her bowl of Cheerios downstairs that are so soggy. Sindy is now up and dancing in the HOH room with the headphones. Ashleigh and Bobby cheer her on. Pili comments on how cold it is in the HOH room.


10:26AM BBT - Ashleigh leaves to go eat her cereal, Pili leaves to eat breakfast. Everyone else starts to leave. Kevin lingers, wanting some time alone with Bobby. Kevin says the bathroom is awesome. Bobby doesn't want to stay up in HOH, he might miss out on something. Sindy and Kevin assure him he'll have tons of people visiting, trying to sway his nominations. All 3 of them head downstairs to join the others.


10:28AM BBT - Sindy says it feels good to have a little music in your head. They joke that the HN's should come out of the DR when it's time to get their room and say "Who wants to see my HN room?" The group laughs. Zach, Sindy and Brittnee are on the couch with Johnny and Sarah. Back to general chit chat. Bobby's favourite part of his HOH room is the letter first, and then the beer. Ashleigh and Willow are on another couch, Ashleigh eating her Cheerio's. They discuss ground rules for Bobby in his HOH room. Knock first, respect his time. Naeha joins the girls on the couch. She looks very tired and is not saying much. Those who are talking are speculating what the competition might be.


10:30AM BBT - Once again, too many conversations to follow any specific one. Some are discussing last night's competition, some are speculating about today's competition and some are discussing whether or not to eat more food.

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10:40AMBBT Sarah and Ash are cooking in the kitchen. Bruno, Zach and Graig are there. Lots of light chat, talk about different styles of cooking eggs. Sounds like some of the HG are craving Tim Horton's coffee this morning! (Canadian favorite) Bruno is now trying to figure out how much coffee Ash should make. Zach is supervising the scoop count for the coffee.


10:50AMBBT HG are hanging out in the KT and LR lots of conversations. Small talk happening.  Johnny and Zach are in the WA chatting about the game, they speculate about what the competition could be. Zach wonders when the "before and after" will happen.

11:00AMBBT Kevin and Bobby are in the HoH, Bobby says he has to figure out what he is doing, "I am going to get bombarded today!" They head to the LR and Bobby announces "Hey if anyone wants a final 2, it'll cost you a HJ." Someone asks "What about a BJ?" Bobby says "WHEW!" and feed changes to Johnny in the BR getting dressed.

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11:05AMBBT Sindy is talking to Jordan in the LR. They talk loudly about how they may be perceived, how social media might influence voting and what they would be doing if they were at home. Zach has eaten a sandwich, is laying on the couch.

11:10AMBBT Kevin is in the shower, Sarah is heading for one as well. Johnny, Ash chat about last night's HOH and how cold the water was. Johnny thinks the HN comp will be messy, "Something dirty or messy or sticky or sloppy...." Johnny says it will be fun and "It will be something to watch, gives us air time!"

11:15AMBBT The WA chat turns to Survivor and how rewards and items were traded for necessities. Sarah "I could never do Survivor, I am too high maintenance for it!" Ash and Johnny agree.

11:20AMBBT Chatting continues in the LR. They are trying to figure out the time and if the clocks have been changed on them. Willow says that BB wouldn't mess with times, it could mess up someone's birth control and they wouldn't do that. Almost everyone is in the LR waiting for the comp.

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11:35AMBBT All HG are in the HoH for a lockdown. Different conversations happening, someone is covering their mic and there is a lot of static.

11:40AMBBT BB announces the house is open. Zach is the only one who leaves the room. Everyone else is engrossed in conversation or nail painting. Someone whistles 8 beats of a song and we get FotH.

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11:45AMBBT Willow, Ash, Zach and Pilar are in the general area upstairs. Willow is telling them how they can use the mirrors to see what others are doing. Zach says "There is very little hidden in this house!" Willow and Zach are now horsing around and Zach's mic hit her face. As she whines, he pulls her sweatshirt over her head. She is fine and they are still joking around.

BB: Ashleigh, please fix your microphone! Willow: Oh Ashleigh, you had one job! They all laugh.

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12:06PM BBT: Zach, Ashleigh, Kevin, Willow and Johnny are discussing possible ideas of what the Have-Not room will look like while Willow examines (and complains) about a bruise she got during last night's competition. 


They discuss someone with the initials "C.C." from casting. BB: HGs, please stop talking about production. Jordan apologizes to BB. Zach misses the backyard, wants to work out. Ashleigh wants to go to in the hot-tub and they start talking about an hot-tub party. Willow wants to win something, even one beer. Willow says she's going to take a shower.


12:10PM BBT: Graig is also in the general area chatting. They're talking about the competition being built outside. Ashleigh mentions fresh air would be nice. They've been cooped up inside since Tuesday afternoon. They're hoping to get back outside tonight, although some think it won't be open until tomorrow. More discussion about what the competition will be. Ashleigh thinks it will be warm, wet and gooey. Graig wants to sleep, so does Ashleigh. Ashleigh and Graig beg for booze for Johnny's birthday.


12:15PM BBT: Jordan promises Johnny a birthday surprise from him, Zach and Kevin. In the HoH room, Willow, Brittnee and Kevin are doing nails while Sindy is back to listening to music. Ashleigh joins moments later. 


General chit chat about how amazing the other HGs bodies are. Brittnee says women should have confidence in themselves, in their bodies, before going in for plastic surgery. They should do what they feel they need to improve, not what someone else tells them they need to fix. Kevin agrees, and they talk about people being creative. It's Kevin's first time painting nails; Pili brought tons of nail polish in with her. Ashleigh is now painting her nails, complimenting Sindy on her dancing.


12:20PM BBT: Sindy gives the headphones to Willow to dance for a few seconds. They quickly end up back on Sindy's head. Back out in the general area upstairs,the feeds are on Sarah and Pili, off to themselves while the boys do push ups. They're discussing how had it was to vote out Risha and how it will just get harder. Sarah says if Johnny gets on slop, he'll be on it for his birthday on Tuesday.


12:25PM BBT: Zach joins the girls; Sarah compliments him on his shorts and hat. He's right on point, she tells him. Pili tries his hat on. Sarah says he looked dapper in his pink shirt and brown shoes. Zach wished he could have worn it more; he wasted an outfit but in two weeks he'll wear it again. Sarah says he is a well dressed man. Pili wants to play in the PoV; Sarah comments that competitions will keep getting more intense. Zach thinks next HoH will be mental, something like "Who did Canada vote to be a bathing suit? A for Pili or b..." Both girls agree. Or one where you have to buzz in and the winner picks the next two to face off.


12:28PM BBT: They discuss competitions from last year. Zach liked Emmett and Jon, none of them ever tried to do a huge master mind. Emmett was super chill in the DR. Real people liked him. Sarah thinks Neda thought she was sneakier than she was. Sindy joins the group for a few seconds and then leaves. Zach asks about the comfort level of the chairs. Sarah leaves and Zach takes her seat, commenting how comfy the chairs are. Pili asks what's going on. Zach is called to the DR. Pili gets up and walks with him, saying "TTYL".


12:31PM BBT: Pili goes into the HoH room, where Bobby and Jordan are chatting. Bobby won for best butt in a competition at a gay bar once. Brittnee is now listening to music. Bobby tells his stuffed dog, Rocky, that they got HoH. The HGs in the HoH tell Bobby to enjoy it, and Bobby jokes he will and then again in two weeks when he wins again. Feeds switch to the kitchen, where Graig, Johnny and Naeha are. Naeha is making something, Graig and Johnny are talking about someone in the house being ADD. Haven't caught who yet, but all three agree they are all ADD. They joke that you need to be to get on the show.


12:33PM BBT: Sarah joins them, and Naeha tells her she and Graig are making breaded chicken for lunch with all the Twistos. They crushed them all up. They're going to make some broccoli and cheese to go with it, and maybe some marinated chicken too. Naeha suggests brussell sprouts but is quickly turned down. Graig goes to get some green beans and the broccoli from the storage room. Naeha hopes they'll give them ginger and garlic. How do you cook without that? Graig tells her to ask, BB is pretty good about giving that to them. Sarah suggests getting onions too.


12:40PM BBT: Bruno and Godfrey are upstairs in the general area discussing ex-Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. Bruno "knew" he was guilty of drug use. Godfrey tells Bruno all about Rob's history; Bruno is impressed by the politics he knows. Godfrey says Rob did a good job as mayor and may have been re-elected if he hadn't done drugs. Godfrey doesn't believe the mayor was doing cocaine - he'd never function.


12:45PM BBT: Feeds switch to the HoH room, where Jordan, Bobby, Brittnee, Pili and Ashleigh are chatting. They discuss Sindy went to take another shower since she was so sweaty after all her dancing. Bobby wants bubbles for a bubble bath; Ashleigh comments that Zach said just to use dish soap. Jordan says they'll likely give it to him. Pili wants to have a slumber party if she ever wins HoH. Bobby says they can do it now; it's everyone's HoH. Brittnee says the room is huge, just as big as she thought it'd be. Ashleigh wonders what little changes they'll make week to week when a new HoH wins. Brittnee thinks they'll only change the basket.


12:47PM BBT: Sarah compliments Naeha and Graig on the fact that they decided to make such a nice lunch. Graig feels bad that four people soon won't be able to eat so might as well fill them up while they can. Sarah says that is so sweet. They discuss Risha and the fact that she annoyed a lot of people in the house. Pick your battles, Sarah says. And she didn't. Graig says he'll cry when everyone leaves. His dog had puppies and he cried when each one of them left.


12:50PM BBT: His dogs names are Stella, Nico and Mr. White. They are pitt bull crosses; his mom is taking care of them. Graig only lives 15 minutes from his mom. Graig tells the ladies how his dad suddenly had a mid life crises in November after 40 years of marriage. His sister is cranky about it. Graig does not get along with his sister; she is a super negative person. She can't be there for his parents, even though they were there for her when his sister got a divorce. Graig is called to the DR.


12:55PM BBT: Sarah and Naeha talk so quietly I can't hear them. I can hear Johnny; he must be in the living room . Now I can hear them. Nahea whispers quietly to Sarah that they are in four alliances, but their real alliance is final two with each other. They are pleased to have an alliance with Zach; he is a straight shooter and is just like them. Naeha and Sarah want to take Willow out. She knows the game too well. Risha warned Sarah about Willow before she left too.


1:00PM BBT: Naeha warns Sarah to keep her connection with JP quiet. Sindy walks through, wants her hair French braided. Sarah tells Naeha that she has a plan to meet with JP every night and catch up. Naeha says she has to be careful talking to Zach because all the girls will get jealous and cut her right away.
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1:33pm Most HG are sitting in the KT and preparing lunch with general talk going on.

 1:39pm BBT: Sarah in the bathroom washing her face and telling Brittnee how stuffy her nose is as she blows her nose.

 1:44pm BBT Bobby, Ashleigh and Zack in HOH rm talking nominations they then leave HOH rm and go down to check on lunch.

1:50pm BBT:Graig in the KT cooking Potatoes . general talk going on with the rest of the HG in the KT.

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3:01pm BBT Bobby is walking around the living room giving out gum and general talk going on with the rest of the hg.

3:10pm BBT All hg in living rm lounging and general talk and laughing going on .

 3:20pm BBT Johnny telling stories about a gay guy that was in his car. Sindy then goes telling a story about a man in her life.

3:38pm BBT: HG still sitting around talking about bad dates they have been on.

 3:51pm BBT Zack and Kevin in the str getting a snack . Bruno comes in and Kevin leaves then Zack tells Bruno that kevin is just getting paranoid and Bruno leaves the STR.

3:55pm BBT:Graig , Zack and Bruno in the KT eating ice cream all other Hg in the LVR talking general talk.

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3:55PM BBT: Graig, Zach and Bruno are in the kitchen eating ice cream all the other HGs are in the living room talking.
 4:00PM BBT: Graig and Godfrey are in the kitchen talking with Bruno. Someone was just called to the DR everyone else is in the living room sitting around the red sofa talking, no game talk going on.
 4:10PM BBT: Bobby and the guys are up in the the HoH room talking about snowboading and surfing and such, everyone else is in the living room just chatting.
 4:20PM BBT: Bobby has gone to workout, Graig, Godfrey, Bruno are in the kitchen talking about how the Have-Not competition has to be tonight. Godfrey says he has to get some ice cream then, he is now in the storage room getting ice cream.
 4:25PM BBT: Naeha is called into the DR.
 4:31PM BBT: Bobby is running up and down the stair doing jumping jacks at the bottom. BB: "Godfrey please wake up." Sindy is laying on the sofa Ashleigh, Pilar, and Kevin are in the wash room doing each others hair, braiding it. Kevin is doing Ashleigh's hair who is doing Pilar's.
 4:40PM BBT: nothing has changed the HGs are just laying around talking, and so forth.
 5:00PM BBT: It's just a lazy day in the BB house has the HGs sit around talking about movies. Some are in the the HoH room, some laying around the red sofas. They are just dying for something to do.
 5:10PM BBT: the HGs in the HoH are up playing basketball with a roll of toilet paper. They talk about playing spin the bottle and the Have-Not competition. Some of the HGs are still downstairs laying round on the sofa talking.
 5:31PM BBT: Ashleigh and Pilar are having a tub bath. The HGs are still in the HoH room.
 5:38PM BBT: Not much game talk as they are all together. Sindy is still dancing around the room using the iPod.
 5:43PM BBT: Bobby has been massaging Pilar's sore shoulders while she relaxes in the tub.

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