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Wednesday, August 27 Live Feed Updates


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10:58 PM BBT  Caleb is in the LR making animal noises that he uses to call prey for hunting.  Nicole is unimpressed.  Derrick, Christine and Cody are talking about how many people may hate them on social media sites when they get home.  Christine says Andy is great with the way he deals with "haters".  They are talking about the BB15 players from last year.


11:08 PM BBT  The Fire room group are talking about Evel Dick giving ex BB players a very hard time online.  They are all discussing their interviews with Jeff, Rachel, Evel Dick and all the previous players they met before they were on the show.  BB keeps telling them they are "not allowed to talk about production" but no one is paying attention.


11:12 PM BBT  Donny and Caleb are talking about how gross clipped toenails or finger nails are.  Donny is also talking about wanting to drive directly to the nearest store that sells chewing tobacco.  Donny asks Caleb if people are considering keeping him.  Caleb says its more about who you (Donny) would put up.  Donny says he would not put up Caleb.


11:16 PM BBT  The Fire room group, Derrick, Frankie, Christine and Nicole are talking about what hashtags were trending this year.  Nicole thinks Fruit Loop Dingus went far. Donny tells Caleb that if he is out, remember he is a vote in jury.  Caleb tells Donny he thinks the reason Nicole is staying is because she is easier to beat.  Caleb says he does not want another "Andy" year to happen to me.


11:20 PM BBT  Caleb tells Donny that him (Caleb), Frankie and Derrick wanted Donny to stay.  Donny asks about Christine, Caleb says he doesn't really talk to her, and Cody thinks you will put him up. Christine says when Hayden came back into the house, he touched her like she was "vermin". Nicole ask what that means.  Christine says like "scum".


11:28 PM BBT  Donny goes to brush his teeth and Caleb tells Derrick the conversation he just had with Donny.  Nicole is in the Fire room playing with Cody's hair, while Christine is playing with Frankie's hair.


11:36 PM BBT  Donny, Derrick, Donny and Caleb in the LR laughing at all the attention Cody is getting from all the girls.  Frankie says he got a head rub for 1.3 seconds and then it wasn't about me anymore.  Caleb says "well its not my life being looked at" meaning Christine and Cody.


11:42 PM BBT  Derrick says he is shaving off his facial hair, "because this is not me".  Victoria who has come in and sat down next to him on the couch says he has to get rid of the beanie too.  He says "why, is that a rule?"  Vic says he can grow it back out when he gets home, he says "you don't get it, I work for the city, I can't have facial hair like this".


11:54 PM BBT  Frankie is working out, doing abs, running the stairs, walking the house upstairs and down.  Frankie tells Derrick while walking that someone in DR asked him if he would be upset if he lost the TA challenge.  Christine is talking about Victoria telling them tomorrow how far she has been with a man, and Christine is going to tell her secret.  Frankie and Derrick are walking in circles in the Bee Hive room, Frankie falls and does a complete face plant, Caleb is laughing like crazy and Derrick tells him that is definitely making the show.


11:58 PM BBT  Victoria is ranting about Caleb teasing her about being dropped on her head when she was young, and that Amber never wore lingerie, and that her twitter name has XXX in it and that is teasing guys.  She says Children's Services will come to her house if he says things like that. (It was a very strange rant, hard to follow)

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