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Wednesday, August 27 Live Feed Updates


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Remember your time zones. Big Brother USA Time is Pacific Coast Daylight Saving Time (See Map Here).

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To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://www.mortystv.com/images/bb16/Big_Brother_16_Houseguest_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Battle of the Block (BotB)

Bedroom (BR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

Dining Table (DT)

Fire room (FR)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Kitchen (KT)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Living Room (LR)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Washroom Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Please post pictures in the open thread: http://www.tvfanforums.net/index.php?/topic/94450-bb16-live-feed-screen-captures/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you! 

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11:00pm Victoria says to the camera i love you joey i hope you are good for your semester, good luck and we get foth.


11:01pm Donny comes to By and says goodnight to everyone and all yell goodnight to Donny.Caleb and Cody are playing pool.


11:03pm Derrick ask Victoria what she was told not to do coming into the house and  Victoria says at home she likes to be free obviously  she likes to run around in her panties and bra at home.


11:06pm Cody ask Christine what bathing suit she wears and she says my orange one of course. She then says my mother is going to kill me when i get home, Cody ask why ? Christine tells him she is supposed to wear shorts or have a cover on when she is not in the pool.


11:09pm Christine sitting on By couch rubbing her fingers through Derricks hair talking about her being a lady and not saying the F word but she doesn't think it is wrong at all.


11:12pm Frankie comes out to the By and ask Victoria where the white fish salad is and she tells him in the fridge. derrick says he woke up just to eat white fish salad and Christine says yeah.Victoria ask to give Cody a piggy back. Cody says if she gets hurt he told her not to do this , Cody jumps on her back and she runs with him and then falls and she yells at him that he made her fall.


11:19pm derrick and Victoria are in the Kt eating again. Caleb  in the BY talking about people snoring every night and Christine says you snore too. He says i think when i lay on my back i snore. he then tells them he will go home and video tape himself and see if he snores.


11:22pm Nicole in KT eating salsa . In the By talk with Christine, Cody, Caleb and Frankie is about a Brazilian waxing. Frankie gets up and goes inside as derrick comes out wearing a cowboy hat and Christine says " there is a new sheriff in town".


 11:27pm Caleb tells Frankie that he eats alot and Frankie tells him to shut up then Caleb says you are just like Devin.derrick says he is going to throw that bowl of cornflakes and i am gonna get some of it. Frankie says i will remember that next time you come crawling to me.


 11:29pm Nicole is talking to Victoria in the Kt about Christine always with Cody and  says it is getting really really bad i mean upstairs but it is getting really bad , I mean it was bad when i left but it is getting really bad now.Victoria says i know .


 11:32pm Victoria says you are watching a tv show and if i was her husband i would hand her divorce papers and say i am done. cause she doesn't respect him. Nicole says i would never stick up for her but what she is doing is wrong.Nicole says i think that is something you do with your significant other and i didn't  realize what a dirty mind she has. Victoria says she is very dirty.


11:34pm Victoria says that her laugh is getting on her nerves and  she says Christine has a porn blog .


 11:38pm Victoria says she wants a monkey and Nicole says i do too. Victoria says  you have to put a diaper on them. Nicole says i would love to rock a monkey.


11:42pm Caleb and Frankie talking about Nicole wanting to talk to them and Frankie says she wanted to talk earlier and I told her lets just talk here in the bathroom.


 11:46pm Nicole telling Victoria how Hayden would be sweet to her and ask her what she wanted for breakfast in the jury house and how they would go for a run and talk about their families. she says i really do like him.


  11:49pm Nicole says i remember you Victoria when you first walked in this house in your pink little dress and we stuck together right here that first night. Victoria says yeah i remember that. In the By  talk is about collage dorms and  drinking in college.


11:52pm Nicole tel;s Victoria that Hayden was always helping people in this house and he generally cared for people in this house. Victoria says yeah yeah he deserved to win that why they got him out.


  11:56pm Nicole says remember the lap dance Hayden gave me for the first time? Victoria says when? Nicole tells her for my birthday, I was so scared.

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12:00am Christine says it is so weird sitting here thinking there are people watching us and chatting and typing about us.Frankie says they are saying Frankie is so fat.


12:04am Nicole tells Victoria she didn't know she had so much hair and Victoria yells put your hair in a ponytail.Caleb is in the KT looking through the food. Cody is in the KT making a bowl of cereal.


12:09am Victoria is putting Nicole's hair in a bun in the Wa. Frankie, Derrick, Cody and Christine in the By talking about  eating and going to bed soon.


12:13am Frankie says i need to go to bed in the next hour so i can rest up and so we can be ready to win Thursday night.Derrick goes inside to brush and floss his teeth.


 12:15am Christine and Frankie talking in the By to Cody about Caleb and him being paranoid.Nicole comes out and snuggles to Cody as Cody says i just don't sleep well and i think it is gonna be hard to get back to normal and dreaming again.


12:18pm Frankie says he is going to go take some Advil and go to bed and Nicole tells him be nice to his liver.


  12:23pm derrick and Frankie are in the WA getting ready for bed. Nicole, Christine and Cody in the BY and Cody says i think i am going to be sick from eating out of that bowl. Nicole says why? he says it was so nasty in that sink and it smelled so bad. Christine says i think you will be ok.


12:26am Cody says what do you think America has been having a hand in this season cause they do it every year. he then tells them what America did  in past seasons. Nicole says i don't think there is one person like a sabator cause of Frankie.


12:28pm In the Fire br Frankie strips to his underwear and  dances for Victoria as they go to bed for the night.


 12:30am derrick comes to the By and tells everyone goodnight and gives the girls a hug. He walks off and tells Christine to leave crabby Christine in bed tomorrow .


 12:32am Cody, Christine and Nicole are now in the KT  cleaning up some of the mess. The fire br has now turned the lights out then back on for Frankie to find something. derrick then turns the light off.


12:33am Frankie tells  Derrick tomorrow he was going to make him a sign that says D-nuts is the best and derrick says you cant write in this house and Frankie says i was going to do it with cottage cheese. Victoria says  put a D in cottage cheese and put nuts down for D-Nuts. derrick says wow you are pretty sharp there. Frankie says Victoria you are the sharpest tool in the shed and Victoria laughs.


 12:39am Christine is folding clothes at the table  and Cody and Nicole are sitting at the bar talking about drinking and Cody wants  to see everyone toasted.

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12:44am Nicole says she  wants to wake up in the morning to get to be outside before the lock down tomorrow and Christine says me too. Cody ask if this is the first time Christine has done laundry all summer as she has so many clothes to put away . Nicole says go to bed Cody if you are tired and he says i am not tired but i will go to bed i can take a hint so i will go to bed.


12:49am Nicole, Cody and Christine are the only ones still up in the Kt . Nicole says she is going to go wash her face.


12:55AM Nicole comes through the Kt and says night guys and heads to bed. Cody and Christine are the only ones left up in the house.

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12:39 AM BBT: Nicole, Christine and Cody are in the KT talking about alcohol and hangovers. Frankie is tying his sleepmask in the BR and lays down in his bed. Derrick is already sleeping when Frankie comes in. Victoria is in the third bed. Cody says he wants to see Nicole, Christine, and Hayden toasted, but not Zach. Christine agrees but Nicole says Zach would be funny. Cody says he has a feeling Zach is a mature drinker.


12:43 AM BBT: Victoria asks Frankie if she can turn on the light for a second. Frankie says yes. Victoria pops a pimple and turns the lights off again. Christine is folding her clothes. Cody asks if this is the first time she's doing laundry this season. Christine says yes and laughs. Cody then says sweet nipples.


12:48 AM BBT: Cody says Christine and Nicole have lesbian crushes on each other. Christine has a new necklace on and shows it to Nicole. The necklace is a key and Cody says aww it's the key to Nicole's heart. Nicole says the kitchen is dirty. Christine whispers that on the Dallas trip, Caleb said everyone he lives with is disgusting, even though he makes the mess. Cody says he's gonna call him out. [i doubt it  :glare: ]


12:52 AM BBT: Nicole goes and washes her face in the BA. Cody says I love you to Christine. Christine says I love you Cody. Cody says I love you too. Nicole comes out of the BA says goodnight. Cody says thanks for goodnight hug and Nicole says he'll get it tomorrow. 


12:58 AM BBT: Cody: Are you tired? You can go to bed. I'll just stare at the wall. Christine says she wants to stay awake.


1:02 AM BBT: Christine says what if America hates us, or hates me. Cody says they already do and then says naw, why would they? Conversation shifts to Big Brother 10. Christine says Dan was a mastermind. Christine tell Cody that in this game, you can't trust anyone, but eventually you have to trust someone, she sincerely has his back and she thinks he sincerely has hers.


1:11 AM BBT: Derrick gets up to use the bathroom. Cody says he looks good and Chirstine says hey beautiful. He walks right past and ignores them. Christine says she was scared to talk to Cody and Derrick at the beginning because she thought they had a final 2 deal. Cody laughs.

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1:07am Christine and Cody in the KT talking about past seasons and who thought they were going to the finals


1:12am No major change, Christine says she was afraid to talk to Derrick and Cody for the longest time. They say good night to Derrick again as he passes through the kitchen


1:18am Small talk continues as they talk about Frankie being nervous and slightly paranoid. They are going over the who bf Frankie scenario again.


1:28m Cody says he loved Helen at the start of the season last year but then she got to a point where she was crying all the time and that drove him crazy. They say Aaryn and Elissa tried twice to work together. Cody doesn't want this competition is endurance.


1:37am Conversation turned to dishwashers. Christine isn't sure she would know how to use one and she feels like she has to clean them for hand anyway so there  really isnt a point for it.


1:40am Cody says he is looking most forward to finding out who Donny really is then he is going to take a break from the show.  They are talking about who they think will still talk to them after the show. Cody says he thinks he'll still talk to Derrick but he'll just ask his dad so he doesn’t need to watch the show right away


1:48am Derrick standing in the hallway and appears to be just listening to the conversation in the KT


1:52am Cody says he's tired, he thinks he's going to bed. They hug, he says love you and heads upstairs. She heads to the WA to get ready.


2:00am Cody is sitting up in the HOH room staring at the memory wall eating something in the dark bed. Christine is finished getting ready and has climbed into bed.


2:09am Lights out and all HG in beds attempting to sleep.

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9:00am All HG  sleeping .


9:05am we have FOTH maybe time to wake up for the day.


9:17am Donny is up and in the KT  making his breakfast. Frankie is getting his make up and going to the DR. 


 9:21am Donny has made a bowl of slop and put it in the microwave to heat. Caleb is in the KT. He and Donny are looking at the ants in there. Caleb is now spraying ant spray  around the shelf and backdoor.


9:24am Caleb says them things are going around the window seal and up in that wood  as he sprays the Raid on them. Donny goes to the By to sit on the couch to eat his breakfast.


  9:32am Frankie is out of the DR and in the Kt  going tom make  him some oatmeal for breakfast. Donny is washing his dishes.


 9:34am Frankie is now sitting in the BY alone in the sun to warm up. Donny is brushing his teeth in the WA.


  9:42am Victoria is in the STR changing her batteries. Frankie in BY eating his oatmeal and Donny in the DR. Everyone else seems to be still in bed sleeping.


9:46am After a brief FOTH we come back to Frankie cleaning the mirrors over the stove and sink in the KT.


  9:49am Frankie is  going back to bed. Donny is in the BY alone Then goes back inside to comb his beard.


 9:52am Donny is now on the elliptical. All other Hg in bed sleeping. BB tells Derrick and Cody to change batteries and turn in their activity trackers.

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#BB16 10:09AM BBT Donny sitting on the BY couch. All others HG sleeping.


#BB16 10:29AM BBT Donny checks the dryer. HG still sleeping.


#BB16 10:30AM BBT Correction. Donny did not check the dryer - he is walking back and forth in the BY. From the dryer to the hammock.


#BB16 10:55AM BBT All 4 feeds on sleeping HG.

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#BB16 11:00AM BBT We get FOTH - we come back. Donny is in the HN room. Nicole wakes up. They are talking about going outside until lock down. Donny says he doesn't want to sit out there alone. Nicole says she will get up. Christine walking through the house.


#BB16 11:23AM BBT Donny, Christine and Nicole sitting outside. General chatter. No major convo. All other HG sleeping.

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11:50am BBT Donny, Christine and Nicole sitting on couches outside. Christine looks like she's going to fall asleep. Donny says this is the first summer in a long time that he hasn't gotten stung or gotten poison ivy. Apparently he's had poison ivy in his ears and eyes before.


11:53am BBT Donny says he will probably grow his beard out until finale. This is the longest he's ever had it. His girlfriend sent clippers with him so he can shave it as soon as he gets out.


11:57am BBT Lockdown begins.


11:59am BBT Donny is laughing about how loud Christine is when she blows her nose. He starts asking Nicole about what shirt he should wear for tomorrow, he thinks his cameo one is too slouchy. He tries on one of Hayden's shirts that Nicole has but decides that a button down isn't him.


12:03pm BBT Donny says there is no point in staying up if everyone else is asleep because if he goes to lay down later when everyone is awake they'll think he's avoiding them. He goes and lays down in the HN room.


12:08pm BBT Nicole gets her suitcase out of storage and starts packing.

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 11:57am Donny talking about being on slop all week. Nicole ask Donny what he is going to wear tomorrow and he says i don't know you  need to help me pick something out cause i don't have no collared shirts.


 11:59am Nicole goes and gets a shirt for Donny to try on and tells Christine that Donny wants a shirt that buttons down .Christine says how cute. Nicole shows it to Donny and he is trying it on and it fits but Donny says it doesn't look like him and Nicole agrees.


  12:01pm Donny says i am going to go lay down cause there is no reason to stay up if everyone else is sleeping.


12:09pm Nicole is the only one up and she is packing her bags early for tomorrows live eviction.


  12:20pm Nicole is still packing her things. All other Hg still sleeping.


12:26pm Nicole sitting alone in the LVR just looking around. 

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12:27pm BBT Nicole finishes packing and goes and sits on the couch in the LR, no sign of anyone else being awake.


12:42pm BBT Nicole starts cleaning the kitchen and scrapes some food out of a container that she says looks like dog food and makes her want to puke. Everyone else still sleeping.


1:00pm BBT Still just Nicole awake.

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#BB16 12:335PM BBT Nicole sitting in LR looking into space. Frankie and Caleb still in bed.


#BB16 12:51PM BBT Nicole makes coffee. Caleb and Frankie still sleeping. Although, Caleb has rolled over.


#BB16 1:03PM BBT Nicole does some shoutouts from the LR. The rest of the Hg still sleeping


#BB16 1:20PM BBT Nicole has given up and crawled in bed to nap. All HG are now napping.

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 1:30pm All Hg still sleeping. Frankie rubbing his eyes and turning over.


1:50pm Victoria is stirring around looks up and goes right back to sleep.


 1:52pm Bb calls Frankie to the Dr and we get FOTH.


 1:53pm caleb, Frankie, Christine are now up and Frankie says i am not sure if it is 2 o'clock but i voice came on from upstairs.And we get FOTH.


 1:55pm Frankie is making fresh coffee, Caleb goes to SYR and gets a drink. Donny is now up and going to the KT.


 1:57pm Caleb goes to the HOH room to see if his boys are awake. Cody is still sleeping and Caleb goes in and looks around then leaves.


1:57pm Nicole is now in the WA sitting with Caleb as Frankie washes his hands and Donny goes to the WC.

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1:55pm BBT Frankie gets called to DR. Derrick and Caleb get up as well and wake Christine up. Frankie and Caleb hug over how well they slept together.


1:58pm BBT Caleb goes to see if Cody is awake...he's not. Donny almost opens to bathroom door on Frankie as he doesn't realize Frankie is in there.


2:02pm BBT Nicole burnt the coffee earlier, Caleb tells her it's ok as she'll make a good wife one day.


2:08pm BBT Frankie is in the DR, Victoria is in the bathroom putting on make up, Donny, Caleb, Nicole and Christine on couches in living room. They talk about how much new music they've missed out on. Which sets Caleb into a story about a country singer that got his start at a club Caleb once sang out.

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2:07pm Donny sitting in LVR eating slop. Nicole under a blanket and Christine and Caleb just sitting there. Victoria in Wa doing her make up.


2:11pm Donny and derrick in the KT, Donny washing his bowl and Derrick making food for himself. Caleb, Nicole and Christine in LVR talking about music and Caleb starts singing and gets in trouble with BB.


 2:13pm Derrick and Christine in Wa hugging and Christine laughing then she does her hair.and derrick goes back to the KT.


 2:18pm Christine and derrick talking in the KT about tweeting and her dream of tweeting and what people were saying about loving them.Frankie is now out of the DR and messing with the camera crew and telling Caleb  and Nicole and Donny how he always does this.


 2:20pm Frankie has been called to the Dr and he yells again. Caleb says i think we know who the saboteur is.


  2:27pm Caleb is going to the Dr. Donny and  Nicole in the LVR talking  general talk. derrick still making food. Victoria fixing  herself some coffee.


  2:30pm Donny tells Frankie that if they could come up with a lie  we might can keep me here. Frankie says something but has water running loud in the mic. Donny says i haven't talked to anyone and i understand it is a game and ya'll have to do what you have to do.Donny ask do i have your vote. Frankie says  i have to vote with the house but i will try.


 2:39pm Donny says he has to go see his boss before he goes home to see if he can have his job back. he says he had a dream about his boss lastnight.Frankie in the KT cooking and singing and we get FOTH.


2:44pm Caleb is telling Nicole that at home everything he eats he writes it all down. He says at home he never takes in no more than 32 grams of sugar never.


  2:47pm Frankie telling Derrick about talking to Donny earlier and he says if we have the voted fine i will vote for him but derrick says i don't think Caleb will keep him and Frankie says i know. Frankie goes to poop and derrick is brushing his teeth.


 2:52pm Derrick says Donny's  brain is very intelligent. Frankie says yeah i know. Christine comes in and talk stops .


  2:55pm derrick and Nicole are sitting at the KT table washing derricks shoes with q tips to try to get the pink out of them.

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 3:08pm Derrick, Victoria and Nicole  at table  and Frankie making his food talking about hiring Nicole as his full time nurse she says that would be awesome.


 3:12pm Donny and Frankie are doing dishes and Donny says i cant believe you all haven't gotten sick from these dishes and Frankie says i am pretty sure i have an infection in my lungs.


3:15pm Donny ask Frankie do you think it is going to be a double eviction tomorrow and Frankie says it is possible. Donny says it almost has to be since there is only 3 weeks left and 7 people.


  3:20pm Everyone except Cody who is sleeping and Caleb are cleaning house. with general talk going on.


3:24pm Caleb comes through the Kt and Frankie says there you are i thought you was upstairs and he says no i was cleaning  and straightening up my clothes.Derrick goes to the HOH and wakes up Cody.


 3:33pm Caleb is going through all his clothes and packing some away and giving some to Donny and derrick. Victoria and Christine are still cleaning the bathroom. Nicole is sweeping the bathroom.


  3:40pm Frankie telling Caleb that Donny is telling him he doesn't understand why people want to keep Nicole over me she has won more hoh's and things like that so i  told him i have to vote for the house you know what i mean? Caleb  says yeah he has worked his butt off to be in this house but we have to do what is best for our alliance.


  3:46pm Cody still sleeping in the hoh rm, All other hg in the bathroom cleaning and Frankie says i have a gift for you in the other room to Derrick. derrick says lets go see now or maybe i don't want to see. Frankie says it is not Vaseline. and Derrick laughs.


 3:50pm Frankie talking about fish tanks  in the bathroom area. Victoria in the fire br  walking around. Nicole  and Christine in the KT making them some food.

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#BB16 4:00 PM BBT Donny talking to Frankie. Donny trying to stay. He says he knows its only a game. Frankie telling him he is going to vote with the house.


#BB16 4:05PM BBT Victoria, Christine and Frankie talking about colleges. Frankie tells them that Harvard does not normally recruit females. Christine said when she was in college they were advised to apply for Harvard because Harvard needed more minority students. Victoria is trying to think of the name of another Ivy League school. The HG name off a few including Yale. Victoria says "Yale"?


#BB16 4:14PM BBT Convo in the LR now is Caleb about food. He writes down everything he eats. He will not eat more then 32 grams of sugar in a day no matter what.


#BB16 4:17PM BBT Frankie and Derrick meet up outside the WC. Both have told Donny it's not looking good and that they will vote with the house. Frankie says he has tried and done everything he could for him. Derrick says that Frankie really has tried.

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#BB16 4:24PM BBT Cody has woken up. Christine gives him a hug. Caleb is cooking. HG lying around the LR. Nicole playing with Victoria's hair.


#BB16 4:37PM BBT Christine doing her nails in the LR (she did ask if the smell would bother anyone). Nicole still playing with Victoria's hair. Victoria massaging Cody's leg. Derrick and Caleb in the KT.


#BB16 4:44PM BBT : All 4 feeds on Derrick and Caleb at the KT table playing with the skewers..

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5:00 PM BBT  Christine and Nicole are talking about FB relationship status'.  Victoria is trying to figure out how to use string to pull hair from her eyebrows, she is testing in out on Derricks arm. 


5:05 PM BBT  Caleb and Frankie doing Jedi training in the HOH room.  Victoria has tried the dental floss hair removal on Nicole, she thinks she has it right and is now working on her own eyebrows in the DR mirror. It's not working, and she gives it up.


5:10 PM BBT Derrick is building a Mayan temple out of skewers, Victoria is angry at Caleb for casually bring up the Holocaust. Donny is playing darts alone.  Christine is complaining about a spider in the WA, and Cody is making food in the KT.


5:19 PM BBT Frankie is changing in the Have Not Ice room, he opens the cabinets and he has taken over every single shelf in there.  Derrick is talking about a drafting class he took in school and how much he liked it, his building project is now as high as his chin.


5:27 PM BBT Frankie is giving a male makeup lesson at the KT table.  Derrick, Donny, Christine, and Nicole are at the dinning room table watching.  Cody still cooking.  Derricks skewer art project bites the dust.


5:28 PM BBT  Derrick and Victoria pushing and wrestling in the Fire room.  He finally picks her up in the fireman throw over the shoulder, he drops her and she won't let go of him, he drags hers across the house to the LR couch.  Caleb does the same thing to Frankie and Frankie threatens to throw up.  Victoria is breathing really hard and Christine says "it sounds like you just had sex, in fact it sounds like you are still having sex".


5:40 PM BBT  Cody, Christine and Derrick are complaining about Frankie cutting his toe nails in the living room.  They find his big toenail on the carpet.  Derrick says Frankie is the most unsanitary person in the house.  They say the dishes he washes stink and are not cleaned properly. They hope BB is doing a segment on TV about how unclean he is. [i did not know the house felt this way about Frankie - DawnMarie]


5:49 PM BBT  Caleb had a dream about being famous and now he thinks when he gets out of the BB house, he says he is "going to have to beat girls off him with a stick".  Derrick has asked Donny for his bible to read.  We get a close up on Cody and Christine's feet all tangled up together on the couch.  


5:54 PM BBT  Frankie comes out of the DR and goes into to see Derrick in the Fire room.  Frankie says "tomorrow during the live show, Julie is going to ask either you, me or Donny if you were a have not, what type of food would you like to request from America, we are to say APPLE PIE, if she says yes, our mission was successful, if she says no, we failed the mission.



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5:59 PM BBT Victoria is in the KT with Donny and Nicole. She says the coffee tastes disgusting. Frankie, Christine and Caleb are talking in the LR about hunting.


6:02 PM BBT Donny, Victoria and Nicole are still sitting at the KT table. The girls talking about drinking Vodka, and how they don't like it. The convo in the LR is still Caleb talking about what to do when fishing and hunting. Cody is also in the LR. He is laying on one of the couches on the opposite end that Christine is laying on. Frankie is sitting in an orange chair, and Caleb is sitting on the coffee table, facing Christine and Cody. Victoria says she may lay down for a while. Nicole says she wishes they had cards, because she would play for hours. Victoria is telling them about a card game she likes to play.


6:07 PM BBT Victoria tells them that there is one day a year that they don't eat, drink or use electricity for 25 hours. She says they play cards during that time. She says it's Yom Kippur. She says they pray a lot also, and there was about 60 kids or so that stay up all night playing cards. She says you aren't supposed to do anything like reapply your make-up, brush your teeth, or drive. She says there's about 700 or more people from her temple. She says the Rabbi stays up, and prays the entire time. She tore up paper towels to explain how to play the card game to Nicole and Donny.

6:13 PM BBT Victoria and Nicole are tearing up more paper towels, and Victoria says they will use her lipstick to write on them, to make a deck of cards. We see FoTH.


6:16 PM BBT We see Live Feed for a few moments, and Nicole says she got called into the DR. Victoria asks if she serious? We see FoTH again. Live Feeds come back, and Victoria asks what can they do then, just deteriorate? Nicole says that was the smartest thing to do. Frankie is telling Donny, Caleb, Christine and Cody that he's a registered voter in the state of Florida. He says he was Bush/Gore.


6:19 PM BBT They are talking about who ran in the elections, and Christine says Matt Romney. Frankie says if Hillary Clinton would run, he would be watching CNN all the time. Caleb says that Sara Palin has her ducks in a row. Frankie says that it would be great to have 2 women on the ticket for the next election. Christine says Frankie grew up in a very Liberal environment, and she grew up in a Conservative environment. She sasy she wishes Hillary would run this time, because it usually goes back and forth on the winners of the election, from Democrat to Republican, and back and forth.


6:22 PM BBT Caleb asks about what TV show is on that talks about guys on Wall Street, and is all about money? No one seems to know, and then Frankie starts singing as he walks out of the LR. We see FoTH for a moment. Live Feeds come back for a moment with Frankie reciting something. We see FoTH again. Live Feeds come back with Nicole and Victoria in the WA, and then they walk out. Frankie is looking for his sparkly nail polish. Nicole tells Christine that Victoria is going to get her in trouble again. Nicole goes up to Caleb and hugs him, she tells him, she won't do anything to him. He says he would give her a swirly in the dag gom bathtub. Victoria goes in the fire room, and Derrick is reading the Bible. Victoria tells him that she is very nervous about her families reaction to the show tonight.


6:25 PM BBT Victoria apologizes to her family again, and says they never even gave her the book. Victoria walks out of the fire room, and Derrick looks at the camera, shaking his head. He says, "You got me guys, you got me." Victoria walks through the LR, and Nicole says she told her something yesterday, about today. She says it's something personal and sad. Nicole asks Caleb if she can shave his legs? He says yes, and she asks if he's serious? He says, no, why in the world would I let you shave my dag gom legs? She goes to the KT. Nicole, Victoria and Cody are at the KT table. Victoria is trying to make her own wax, out of honey and lotion. Frankie goes in the fire room, he tells Donny and Derrick, that tomorrow on the show, they are going to be asked about what food to ask America for if they are HN's, and they are to say "Apple Pie." If she says, yes, your request has been granted, they've passed the TA Mission. If she says, it's been denied, they failed the TA Mission. Frankie says he will lose it if it's no. He says he will start throwing stuff at the cameras.


6:31 PM BBT Frankie leaves the fire room, with Derrick and Donny still there. Donny says he's done everything he's been asked to do. Caleb, Frankie, Cody, Christine, Victoria and Nicole are all in the KT. Caleb tells Victoria to use air heads to wax with. Frankie says, lick em' and stick em'. Victoria adds sugar to her mixture on the plate, as she tries to make her own wax. She says it will probably work with paper towels, and Nicole says gummy bears may work. Cody is standing in the KT with his arm around Christine. Nicole put some sugar in the mixture. Derrick and Donny are talking about the votes for this week. Derrick says he only needs 3 votes to stay this week.


6:36 PM BBT Derrick tells Donny about how Zach tried to change the votes when Nicole was up at the last minute. He explains to Donny how things aren't being said now, and he can verify it. Caleb tries to use a ring pop, in the KT mirror, to see if it would work to pull his eyebrows out. He throws the ring pop out, and Nicole tries to tickle him. Nicole is putting the homemade wax in the microwave. Victoria adds more honey to the mixture. Cody is telling her to add all the honey, that they have more. Caleb scares Nicole by barking at her like a dog. Victoria asks what makes wax hard? Nicole says to blow dry it.


6:40 PM BBT We see FoTH for a moment. Donny tells Derrick if he's evicted, he's going to go out there, and say, "Oh, my God." Derrick says if he goes, he'll go to the jury house. Donny tells him that there is still more time for them to make more money with the TA Missions, and he tells him he is as trustworthy as anybody, and he doesn't understand why people don't trust him. Derrick says that people seem to have already made their choices for this point in the game. Derrick tells him that he just wanted to make it as long as he could to keep getting the money. He says if they make it this week, they will have made $25K. Caleb put a pantyliner on his eyebrows, presses it down, and pulls it off, he says he got one. Frankie says they could do it with duct tape. Frankie says you should use Icy Hot. Then he says you should use that to masturbate. He says it heightens the pleasure so, so much.


6:44 PM BBT Nicole says they should use syrup to add to the wax mixture. Caleb says his forehead is red because of the pantyliner. They are talking about what to make for dinner. Caleb asks if they should mix powdered sugar in it to make it harder. We see FoTH.

6:46 PM BBT Live Feeds come back, and they are still trying to figure out what to do to get the mixture to a harder consistency to use as wax. Derrick and Donny are still talking game in the fire room.


6:47 PM BBT Victoria talks about a book, and an author, and we see FoTH. HG's come back with Victoria trying to use small pieces of tape to use the mixture as wax. Nicole is laughing, and Victoria says she's very optimistic. Derrick tells Donny he doesn't know if Frankie is playing them.

6:49 PM BBT Donny tells Derrick he can read his Bible for a while, as long as he puts it back for him, when he's done. He tells him to have a good night, and walks to the LR. Cody tells Donny that they are trying to make wax in the KT. Donny asks what they would need it for? He asks what is she using, coffee filters? Nicole says, yes. Victoria says it needs to cool a little bit, and get a little harder. She says it's hurting a little. Nicole says she feels like an assistant. Caleb has a tape roller, and he raises it, and pretends to go to hit Nicole with it. He says these things are sticky, and that she says it won't work. He goes to put it back in SR.


6:52 PM BBT Frankie says the melting point of wax if higher than the melting point of honey. Nicole says, much higher. Victoria says it was a waste for her to take a shower today. She asks Frankie to bring her a blow dryer, when he comes back. Victoria asks if their life would be much better, if they just gave them wax? Nicole asks, their life or yours? Victoria is putting the mixture on her arm with a butter knife. She says that people like expensive products, but they don't realize that natural is the way to go. Christine says that honey will not get hair off your body. Victoria tells her to watch and learn. She yells to Frankie, asking if he's bringing her the blow dryer. Frankie says, yes. We hear, "Frankie, stop that." He can't take the blow dryer out of the bathroom. Victoria and Nicole go to the bathroom, and we hear, "Victoria, stop that." She says, she's not doing anything, just put honey on herself. We see FoTH.


6:57 PM BBT Live Feeds come back twice, and Victoria is still trying to figure this out. Nicole tells Victoria that her eyebrows look great. Caleb is in fire room with Derrick. They are trying to figure out who would be put on the block by who, coming up in the game. Victoria says that the mixture feels amazing, and she basically made a body scrub. Frankie is in the KT, cutting something in a package. Cody is feeling Victoria's arm to feel the difference. He says they feel about the same, and it was a good try. Cody asks her to just go ask for wax, and she says they won't give them to her. They say that she brought the wax strips like Pow did, but they won't give them to her. Caleb is chomping while eating candy in the fire room talking to Derrick. He asks do they go after principal, or game. We see FoTH.


7:02 PM BBT Live Feeds come back with Caleb trying to focus on who has won more comps between Donny and Nicole. We see FoTH. Live Feeds come back with Victoria asking Nicole if she has a long sock, and she says she will figure it out. Christine tries to put her hair up like Nicole's, and she says it won't work. Nicole says it's from many years of experience. Christine says she's tried, but hers looks like a freaking ballerina when she puts hers up. Cody is looking at both of them. Nicole says she's going to have a sock bun tomorrow, and Christine says cool. Cody tells Christine that he loves her bun, and it looks good. He says he loves girls who wear their hair up in a clip, with the hair coming down over it. Donny says he likes girls who wear a cap, and pull their hair through the hole. Christine says she needs to dye her hair more, so it would do more. Victoria tells her, please don't, keep it healthy.


7:07 PM BBT Caleb is so trying to flip the vote to keep Donny this week. Victoria walks in the fire room, and asks if they are talking about her. Derrick tells her, it's about her, and she needs to leave. Then they tell her to stay. She lays on the bed where Derrick is. Derrick grabs her nose, and asks if he got make-up on his hand? He says, probably. Derrick tells Victoria that Caleb's theory is that BB is rigging the comps, or asking America to vote on the comps that are being given each week, to keep certain people, like Donny. Caleb says he is thinking about the comps, and whats going to be the best to do. He says he's not thinking about whose in the house, but what the comps might be. He thinks it's going to be something very physical, like a wall. Victoria asks about one of the comps last year that lasted for hours. Caleb says something about the first person who got to 200 won that comp. He says it was a girl.


7:11 PM BBT Christine, Nicole, Cody and Donny are in the LR. Christine says she forgets sometimes that they are being watched 24/7. Nicole says she keeps picking at her nose, and her wedgies. Christine says she can't wait until they leave, so she can see Cody's Twitter, and how many people are following him. Caleb is on his soap box, saying that the next few comps are going to be physical, and that the guessing games, and before and after comps are over with. He says he believes that tomorrow's comp is going to be a wall for sure. Frankie has a plate full of Tofu, and is eating it at the coffee table in the LR. He is chomping while he's eating. Christine asks him if he's going to eat that whole plate of food, and he's says he's not sure. She says she needs to eat a variety of things, and can't just eat one thing.


7:15 PM BBT Nicole asks about what Frankie eats when he's at home, and he tells her he gets take out all the time, because it's cheap and easy. He says he hits 3 buttons on his phone, and it's there in 20 min. Derrick and Caleb leave the LR. Derrick goes in the WA to use dental floss. He tells the cameras that Frankie is eating Tofu, and he's excited about it. He calls him an a$$, and then an a$$hole to the cameras. Caleb is sitting in the LR now with Frankie, Nicole, Christine and Donny.


7:18 PM BBT Derrick goes to the WC, and then comes out and washes his hands at the sink in the WA. He dries he hands, and then goes to the KT. Frankie is talking about Amish people, and how some get to go out to a city for 1 year, they do what they want, and then decide if they want to go back. Caleb tells about how many there are in Kentucky. He says there are Mennonites everywhere also. He tells Frankie the differences. Frankie says that it may be the Mennonites that do the one year away. He says he got this from the T.V. show, "Breaking Amish." Caleb talks about the T.V. show "Amish Mafia." Caleb is confused as to who drive vehicles, the Amish or the Mennonite, and then he gets it straight. Donny goes in the fire room, and goes by Victoria. She is reading the Bible that is on the bed Derrick was in. She is looking for the page number, and Donny shows her where the numbers are.


7:23 PM BBT Victoria is looking up Kosher, and says it explains it completely, and she really can't remember how to explain it fully. Donny is by his dresser, and pulls out a sweatshirt. She finds the page for Donny, and he sits down to read it. He starts with the foods permitted. He says she can eat cow, and she says yes. He says that she can't eat rabbit, or shell fish. Caleb and Frankie go into the SR. Caleb says that he and Derrick were just talking about who they really should send home. He says they are sending Donny out on principal, and that maybe they should send Nicole. Frankie agrees that it's better to send Nicole, but Cody is going to be pi$$ed. Caleb says that more than likely Donny won't win any physical comps. He says that he can win Veto's, but so can they. Frankie tells Caleb how smart he is. Caleb says they can either make a huge decision that will mess up their game, or do what the group wants. Frankie says they need to do what's best for their game. Caleb says they all need to talk to Cody now. Frankie says tomorrow, and he says, no, now. He wants to make sure he wants to do this.


7:29 PM BBT Derrick asks Donny if he's ever told anybody in the house if he's his target? Donny says, not ever, not one time, and he can watch it back to see. Caleb walks out of SR, and spins around and around. Frankie goes to the fire room, and tells Derrick he can cry. He tells Derrick that Caleb is wavering, and Derrick tells Donny, not to get excited. Donny asks Frankie about what shirt to wear tomorrow night. Frankie says he should wear the Hawaiian one, and Donny says he doesn't feel 100% confident. Frankie goes out, and comes back in with 2 other shirts for Donny to try. Frankie says they were sent to him, and they will never fit him in a million years. Victoria goes in the fire room, while Donny is trying on one of the shirts. Frankie says he's being a little fashionista. Donny asks if he should wear a cap, because he always does. He tries both caps on.


7:32 PM BBT Caleb goes to HoHR. Cody was listening to music, and stops. Caleb says, before tomorrow, and then asks if he can hear him, he sits up and says, yeah. We see FoTH. Live Feeds come back with Caleb saying tomorrow is the big day, send Donny packing. He tells Cody that they guys were talking, and if he wants to still do it, they will do it. He tells Cody that they are getting rid of Donny because of principal. He says that Nicole is small, and weighs almost nothing, so she could win. Cody says that if Donny wins HoH, he will put up Christine, and that's fine, because he can't stand her, and she will probably go up with one of them. Caleb says Nicole is a crazy threat for them. Cody stops him, and says he wants Donny to go, because he's a threat. He said that they took one shot at Nicole, and they got her out. He says, this is the third time they are trying to get Donny out, and he's stayed.


7:36 PM BBT Cody tells Frankie and Caleb that Donny is going to take a shot at the guys to split them up. Derrick is whispering to Donny in the WA, about who he would put up if he was HoH. Caleb tells Cody that what scares him about Nicole, is that because her and Nicole are so close now, and she will put up two guys. Caleb says he wanted to talk to Cody about it before doing it, so they don't mess things up. Cody says that Nicole, probably won't gamble another week with Christine, and she would probably put her up to get her out. He says Donny isn't going to change who he is really wanting to put up. Cody says he thinks that Nicole will be more willing to work with them, but not Donny. Derrick is picking Twizzlers out of his teeth, and they hit the mirror.


7:40 PM BBT Cody tells Caleb and Frankie that they've both won the same amount of comps. Cody says it's a gamble either way, but they have more of a chance with Nicole staying, over Donny. Caleb says he just wanted to tell Cody the pro's and con's, and put it all out there. Cody says that Donny is way smarter than Nicole. Cody says that Nicole is a real game player. Caleb asks Cody if he can get it out of Nicole, that if she wins HOH, who she's going to put up. He says he can try, and Caleb says, she may tell him. Cody says that Donny has proven he can win the comps when he needs to. Caleb says if they get out there tomorrow, and it could be a wall, and that Nicole could win. Cody says that Christine can win it also. Caleb asks if Christine wins, would she put Nicole back up, or two guys? Frankie says that Nicole, Victoria and Christine have all been hanging out this week, and that Donny has been all by himself.


7:44 PM BBT Derrick goes up to HoHR, and Cody asks him what's his take. They are all being paranoid, about whose targeting who. They are saying that the girls are too close. Frankie says he doesn't want Christine to have a ally in the house. Cody says that Donny has wanted him on the block for 2 weeks now, and he's not flipping on wanting to get Donny out this week. Derrick says that Donny is extremely intelligent, but not physical. He says that Nicole is extremely intelligent, and somewhat physical. Derrick says they both will try to split the guys up. Frankie keeps telling Cody to look at the cam of Nicole, Christine and Victoria sitting at the KT table. Caleb says they are both equal in his eyes, but not in comps. They run down the comps they've won. Cody says Donny has won more physical comps. Cody says Nicole has won more mental comps. He says the guys keep saying Nicole is a physical threat, but she is winning the mental comps, and Donny is winning the mental comps.


7:49 PM BBT Caleb says he wants to see them both gone. He says he wishes it was a DE, to just get them both out. Cody says that Donny acts like he's like himself when he's on the block, and Nicole has more of a social game. They keep running through the comps that Donny and Nicole have won this season. Victoria is painting her nails in the KT, and telling Nicole a story about a friend of hers that died in a car crash. Donny comes in and listens to the story. Victoria says that the driver was out of the car already, and the other person was trapped by the pole, and the car blew up, and caught on fire. All cams go to HoHR, where Cody says that Nicole is more controllable than Donny. Cody says what Donny has said to him, and Frankie says Nicole has said the same thing to him.


7:55 PM BBT Frankie says he doesn't think that Donny can beat them at anything. Cody says that Donny has beat them at stuff, can beat them at stuff, and will beat them at stuff if he stays. Cody says that Caleb keeps saying there's going to be a wall since week 3. Frankie thinks that it will switch to all physical comps now, since it's been all mental comps so far. Cody says Christine and Victoria are not going to switch their votes. Caleb says that Victoria doesn't matter, because he's nothing to her. Frankie says if they go to Victoria that they want to change the votes, Victoria will say, no, and then they will lose her for future votes. Cody wants Donny to go, Frankie wants Nicole to go, Derrick says he's torn, and Caleb says he will go with the group. Caleb says they are the group, It's their votes that will matter. Frankie says he's voting Nicole out. Caleb says they should just go ahead and send Donny home. Derrick says, it's done then, as he walks out of the HoHR. We see FoTH.


7:59 PM BBT Live Feeds come back, and Caleb says that if he's up with Donny, Donny will win. If he's up with Nicole, he can beat her. Frankie says if Nicole makes it to the F2, after coming back into the house, she will win hands down. They keep going back and forth about the comps. Cody says, "You guys are f*cking killing me." Caleb says that Donny kept saying that he wanted Cody up on the block. Caleb says that if Nicole wins HOH, they can tell her that she will go out the door the next week if she puts one of them up. Caleb says they can't send home the wrong person. Cams come back to the KT, where Victoria, Christine, and Nicole are sitting at the table. Donny is walking around, and Derrick is at the sink. Caleb tells Cody again that they need to control Nicole, and threaten her that if she wins and puts one of them up on the block, she will leave the next week. He says Nicole's game is dried up.


8:05 PM BBT Caleb says that Nicole came back in the game, after sitting at the jury house watching movies and making out with Hayden, so her game is done. Frankie says that Nicole has shown to be feisty in power. Caleb says the POV is more powerful than the HOH. Frankie says she has more of a chance to win the HOH, so why are they keeping her? Cody and Caleb both say that the Veto is more important, and Donny can win those. Cody says that Donny is smarter than Nicole. Cody doesn't see the wall comp now. Caleb says he sees it coming sometime soon. He says if it's something running back and forth, that Nicole will probably win it. He says they need to take the chance of controlling her vote, and with Donny they won't be able to.


8:11 PM BBT Caleb says they can somewhat control Nicole's vote. He says they send Donny, and then if it's a double Christine can go. Christine goes up to HoHR, and Frankie leaves. Derrick asks Nicole who she'll put up if she wins HOH? She says she was going to talk to him and Cody about it. Frankie goes to WA with Derrick, and Frankie is pi$$ed off, and throws his toothpaste. Derrick whispers to him that he will talk to him in a little bit. Christine is up in HoHR talking about family members bringing extra suitcases at the end. Caleb says he'll use a big trash bag, and then ask them to Fed-EX his trophy, comic book cover, and some other stuff to his house. Donny is sitting at the Dining Room table eating chocolate ice cream. Christine talks about previous BB showing how they through the comps. Christine asks if America even likes them? Caleb says that the people that have played absolutely love them. He says if they make it to the F5, they will be the biggest alliance to make it.


8:17 PM BBT Victoria goes up to HoHR, and they now are just talking general chit-chat. Frankie and Derrick are in the fire room talking about who to vote out again. Derrick says it will turn on Frankie and him, if they vote for Donny to stay, and then they will go after them. Frankie says that Caleb will vote with whatever way they go, and that he told him that already. We see FoTH.


8:21 PM BBT Live Feeds come back, and Frankie says if there's hope we need it, and there's hope. Derrick says, at what expense? Derrick says the divide would then be you, me and Caleb, against Nicole, Cody, Victoria and Christine. He says they would have more votes than them. Derrick says he doesn't know the answer, and either way they will say that they should of voted out so and so. He tells Frankie that Nicole won't go to the end with him. But, if Donny stays there, he most likely will go to the end. Derrick says that Donny hasn't talked much game to them up to this point. Frankie says, we've kept him safe, but Derrick says, he's kept himself safe. Frankie says he sent Zach home for Cody, so send Nicole home for him. Frankie says that Nicole will probably put him and Caleb on the block next to each other. We keep seeing FoTH.


8:25 PM BBT Frankie tells Derrick how convinced he is that they won't go on the block if Donny stays, but says they will go up if Nicole stays. He says how Nicole will flip Christine and Victoria, and then she will dominate this game. We see FoTH again.


8:26 PM BBT Live Feeds come back with Victoria going back to the fire room. Frankie asks Victoria if she has a headache, and she says a little, he says he does also. Derrick asks Frankie if he had any of his french fries, and he says no, and asks where they are? He leaves the fire room. Victoria tells Derrick that Nicole asked her if she's staying, and Derrick says that she asked him to in the WA, and she was right there. Donny and Nicole are sitting in the LR. Christine sees Six Flags ticket coupon on the back of a box, and starts talking about people going to Amusement Parks. She takes the taco box to the KT. Donny asks about Amusement Parks up north. Nicole says, Cedar Point, and that Christine used to work there, and how she used to have to ride the rides in the morning. Nicole tells Donny it's in Ohio, and she's only been there once on a school trip. She says she's scared of heights, and doesn't want to get stuck.


8:31 PM BBT Caleb goes in the fire room. He and Derrick talk more about controlling Nicole if she stays. Caleb says she either does what they want, or she goes the next week. Derrick says that Frankie says Cody is with her now, and Caleb says he trusts Cody. Derrick says Frankie is scared, because she will put him up, and Caleb says, of course. Caleb says that Nicole really wants to be the reason that Christine goes home. Frankie goes back to the fire room, and asks what they were just talking about. Frankie says that Nicole is bad for him, and that Donny is bad for Cody. He says it's in their best interest to send Nicole home. Caleb says that if we do that, Cody will flip, and kick us to the curb. Caleb says that we need to roll with it, and win. Frankie wants to know if Cody is made at him for saying Nicole. Derrick asks what happened when Christine went up there. He says they were done talking by then. Frankie says that Victoria is all over the place. Caleb says they just need to have each others back. We see FoTH.


8:35 PM BBT Live Feeds come back, and Frankie asks if they win next week, will they put Nicole as a HN? They both agree that they will. Derrick says that Victoria is bouncing room to room, and that Frankie's theory is that Cody is going to stick with the girls. Derrick says there a good chance if Cody is put up on the block, that whoever goes up will go home. Derrick says that neither one of them owe them anything, that they have to win. Caleb says he, Derrick or Frankie has to win. They keep guessing as to who Nicole or Donny will put up. Derrick says Christine will not put up Cody. Christine, Cody, Victoria and Frankie are in the KT. Christine is screaming because the guys won't let her talk. She says she's upset. Victoria was eating olives out of a container, and Christine asks her why she's putting the pits back in the container? She says it keeps them fresher. Christine says, interesting. She then replies with really to what Frankie is saying about fruit.


8:40 PM BBT Caleb is on his soap box now saying that Donny's whole family is military. Derrick says they need to send Donny home, and roll the dice. Caleb is being paranoid, and says he still doesn't know. They continue to debate the topic. Cody picks up Christine in the KT, and hugs her, and tells her she needs her back cracked. She asks why that is? No answer is given. Cody is cooking on the stove. Victoria is walking back and forth in the KT. Cody starts to sing, and we see FoTH.


8:42 PM BBT Caleb says that one of them needs to win this next HOH, and Nicole will go home, plain and simple. Cody starts singing again, and we see FoTH. Live Feeds come back with Cody still singing in the KT. We see FoTH again. Live Feeds come back with Caleb saying that Donny has been safe every week. It's not his social game, and if they keep Donny, he will continue to save himself. He says, but Nicole will go next week no matter what. Derrick is worried about Nicole, and Caleb says he can definitely beat her in the end. Caleb says that Frankie will run to Nicole to say they were all talking about her, and try to get her to flip on them. Caleb says that Donny goes this week, and then it has to be Nicole, Frankie or Christine next, and hopefully it will be a double. Frankie comes back in the fire room. He tells them where everyone in the house is. Frankie asks if they should tell Victoria anything, and they say no. Frankie asks them if they have his back? They say yes.


8:49 PM BBT Derrick says that Nicole has definitely been different this week, since coming back. He says she's not as active, and hasn't been the same. Frankie says, he thinks Hayden was her rock. Caleb says they send Donny home this week, and win, like they always do, and Nicole goes home next week. On a DE, we will be the F4. Frankie says, "O.K., you've convinced me." Frankie turns off the lights in the fire room, and repeats what he did last night, about D's nuts, and having a sleep over. He was repeating stuff that he did for about 1/2 hour last night. He says it was longer, and there was more of a delay. He leaves the fire room. Caleb says they are going to win, and they are going to keep winning. He says there are 3 or 3 1/2 weeks left in the game, so they should have it. Caleb is dying to have the HoHR, and have everything that comes with it.


8:53 PM BBT Frankie goes to the KT, and tells them what he was saying in the fire room about D's nuts. Then Christine starts to say it also. Cody, Victoria, Frankie and Christine are setting the Dining Room table for dinner. Nicole and Donny are sitting at the KT table chit-chatting. Derrick and Caleb are still talking about the next weeks coming up, and still sending Donny home. Caleb stands up, and pulls his underwear down a little, under his shorts. He tells Derrick to stay strong, and then leaves the fire room.


8:56 PM BBT Frankie keeps saying Taco Tuesday. Derrick says, "What the f*ck," while he's still in the fire room. Nicole sits in the LR, and then heads to the ice room with Donny. Donny says he has to pack his bags soon. He gives Nicole his Bible to read. Nicole goes in the fire room to read Donny's Bible. She tells Derrick she is so stressed out, because everyone is going back and forth. Derrick tells her to relax, and she says she can only relax so much. Cody sits next to Nicole on the bed in the fire room. Nicole says she wants to know already. She says she's ready to freaking punch Frankie out. She says she can't have a social life in the house with Frankie in there. Derrick tells Nicole that she can go talk to him anytime she wants. Frankie comes in to see if they want to eat, and Cody says he's going to eat. Cody says that Frankie is scared shitless of her. She says he's running the game, and she hopes they know that.

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9:00 pm BBT Nicole comes into the FR and tells Cody and Derrick that she would rather just know if she is in danger. She wants to wear a certain outfit if she's the one going home. She says that Frankie is driving her crazy. Derrick says that he isn't going to the HOHR because every time he goes there, Frankie comes right up there, too. As if on cue, Frankie comes into the FR. Nic says WTF. Derrick says he's nervous. Cody says he's scared sh*tless of her. Nic says it's because he gets what he wants every week. Cody says he's not getting what he wants this week. Derrick says that after she cleared up what Zach said about her, she and him are good. He's voting for her to stay. Christine is voting for her to stay because she hates Donny. He tells her to relax. He says she can to her a bigger favor by not sending him home next week of she wins HOH.


9:05 pm BBT  Nicole says if she goes home it's bad for him and Cody, but good for Frankie. Derrick says he can't talk completely in front of Frankie. Nicole wants to know the reason they are saying they want her to stay. Derrick says they are telling Caleb it's because they want Frankie to go home. Derrick says that Caleb is looking out for Caleb. He says that Caleb remembers all the stuff she told him about Amber and he wanted to hear that he's not the target if she wins.


9:10 pm BBT  Nicole says she feels like she has to win next week to stay. He says he could be a jamoke for keeping her this week. She says she never expected her best friend in the house to be the one to send her home the first time. He says only 2 people will win. Last time he told her she didn't have his vote. He will tell her this time. She said that's not what she's worried about. She is worried about Frankie concocting something she didn't say or do. Derrick says Christine is out for herself, and right now that means going for Donny. She asks if he thinks it will be a DE. He says no. She thanks him for making her feel better. He says he's not Mother Theresa by any means. He wishes he had been more straight up with Jacosta. He prayed with her every night and it's the one regret he has in the game. Nic tells him that Jacosta doesn't hold it against him.


9:17 pm BBT  Vic, Cody, Frankie, and Christine are all eating around the KT table. Nicole tells Derrick that the way she went out before felt like a cheap shot before. She would have rather had a chance to fight. He tells her not to wear her best dress because he thinks she will be just fine. He tells her that said, she doesn't seem like she's completely in it. She needs to get in it, some people might be really pissed that she's safe and she needs to fight. He says that the HOH comp and the POV comp she played in she second guessed herself. Nic says she hasn't been confident. He says it's a compliment because she had fire before she left and she doesn't have it now. He says maybe once she hears the votes tomorrow she will get it back. He expects her to be in the top 3 for HOH. In the beginning she wore his sweatshirt and Cody's sweatshirt. He thinks they will be good. He also tells her that he loves Victoria, but she doesn't have a clue.


9:21 pm BBT  Derrick leaves the FR and almost opens the door right into Victoria's face. Nic stays and reads the bible. Derrick goes out and joins the gang in the KT at the table. he says the wants some tacos. Donny has joined everyone, as has Caleb.


9:25 pm BBT  The conversation at the KT table is about working. Christine says that one day she wants Tim to make enough money from his band so that she doesn't have to work. Frankie says that 3 of his mom's ex-husband's lived off of her. Caleb says he has to give it to his brother who is a full time pastor. He doesn't get paid for it yet, though so he mows lawns and gets paid $360 a day to support them.


9:29 pm BBT  Donny asks what if they got a BB citation for everything they did wrong. Derrick says it would be like being at home. Christine asks if he's a bad driver. Derrick says he doesn't think so, but evidently the police think so. He says if you're not wearing a ticket. He says it's click-it or ticket. Cody asks how they see it and why he wouldn't just wear it. He says since he had the baby he wears it all the time, but he's tried everything before then. He's tried that his wife is pregnant and he's on the way to the hospital. Thank you very much officer. Caleb says he's surprised they didn't follow him to the hospital. Caleb says he's had 2 tickets in his entire life. Christine asks how many times Derrick has been pulled over in his life. He says he's been pulled over a bunch. Derrick says he's had 4 tickets in his life. Then the conversation turns to going through yellow lights with cameras on them and getting tickets. It is pretty funny to hear Derrick talking about all of this.


9:34 pm BBT  Derrick asks if Arizona is the state where you can ask someone if they are an alien. He says if you ask someone that in Rhode Island you'll get sued. She says it's more like you have to be pulled over for going 2 miles over the speed limit, then they can ask you. Frankie tells them about getting a red light camera ticket driving his mom's car. She calls to tell him he got the ticket and he asks her if he looks good in the picture. The conversation is centering on everyone getting tickets.


9:41 pm BBT  Nicole tells Derrick that Frankie just came in and laid on the bed and asked how she was doing. Derrick tells her that he is going to tell Donny tomorrow that he doesn't have the votes. She tells Derrick that she is disappointed in herself from her performance from the week, but if she stays in the house than she has had a successful week. She explains her strategy for the stay and fold POV (it doesn't make sense to me, though). Caleb comes into the room and she says, "What up Beast Mode?" Derrick tells him that she's nervous. He says that he's nervous to keep her, but that he would be more nervous to keep Donny. Frankie looks into the room and sees all of them in the room so he comes in and lays down on top of Derrick. He tells Nicole not to be stressed. She tells them she is reading bible verses about adversity.


9:45 pm BBT  Derrick says he is going to be counting days when he gets out of the house like BB days. Nicole says it will be Halloween soon. Derrick says he's excited to do it with his daughter. Frankie says he is going as Nicole. They all talk about seeing everyone's costumes online. Nicole says she's hungry and Frankie says he will make her something...like a sardine salad. She says there aren't any sardines.


9:50 pm BBT  Caleb tells Frankie that Nicole told him she was nervous. He reports about their conversation. Frankie asks if he is happy with the decision. Caleb says either way. Frankie says that unity is important. He says that he feels they can control Nicole and that Donny will be the guy who wants to be known for sending home a Bomb Squad member. Frankie says he just hopes that Nicole can't flip the house. Derrick comes back in the house and tells Frankie basically the same thing. Frankie wants to know if Nicole is saying his name as who she will put on the block. They both tell him "Nooooo!"


9:55 pm BBT  Caleb says if he goes and Frankie stays, he thinks he will get AFP. They think if Frankie goes and he stays, Frankie will get AFP. Victoria comes into the room after having showered, and Caleb uses this as an excuse to leave. Most the HG are gathered in the KT acting silly. Cody reads the Miranda rights to Christine. Frankie asks him if he's a cop because he swears that most cops don't know the Miranda rights by heart. Cody says he knows it from "21 Jump Street." Derrick is in the DR during this conversation.


10:06 pm BBT  Caleb is holding a bundle of wooden pick-up-sticks for Cody to karate chop. He isn't able to do it. So, they switch it up and Caleb tries to chop them. Cody drops them to the floor and says it hurts when Caleb tries... but Caleb is unsuccessful as well. Christine loudly blows her nose. Caleb balances a tray on his finger and Frankie says he wants to try. Caleb and Cody beat box together. Donny reads the Pop Tart box and see that they are made in NJ. --I'm telling you folks... it is exciting times in the BB house this evening.


10:11 pm BBT Frankie heads upstairs for a bath and Vic is upstairs. They both compare notes that Nicole has talked to both of them. He asks her how she feels about who they will vote for tomorrow. She says, "Of course Donny." and asks who is questioning it. He says that nothing has changed. He asks Victoria if Nicole has mentioned to her who she would put up if she won HOH, and she tells him that she wouldn't say anything. Downstairs Cody and Caleb have jumped up to see if they could touch the ceiling above the hallway leading to the WA. --they do! Derrick takes his socks off before his attempt to do so.


10:15 pm BBT  Cameras 3/4 switch to Nicole in the FR. She appears to be giving herself a pep talk as she paces back and forth. She is telling herself to have confidence. She says if she needs to look weak at times she will, but that it's all or nothing... her life motto. But that she has to get back in the game because the game ain't waitin' for nobody. Then she walks out of the room. She finds something of Donny's and goes to put it in his suitcase then walks into the KT. She goes right to Cody's shoulders and starts to give him a backrub. In the meantime, Derrick has been unsuccessful at his attempt to jump and touch the ceiling. Frankie has come downstairs and made an attempt. He is unsuccessful, as well.


10:24 pm BBT  A 5-minute conversation ensues about how long everyone's "wingspan" is. Cody, Caleb, and Derrick are explaining that each arm is about half the size of your body. Frankie is upstairs taking a bath talking to his fans. He tells us he has been studying and would tell us he would be lying if he tells us he isn't nervous. He says he thinks he has a good chance at winning HOH. He has tried his hardest to campaign. He believes his efforts have been squandered, fallen on deaf ears.


10:29 pm BBT  Frankie is talking aloud, reviewing comps (not very well). He stands up in the bathtub (for no apparent reason), covering his front side, but giving us a full moon. Cameras leave Frankie and go downstairs to the WA where Christine and Victoria are primping. Donny, Derrick, and Cody are back to discussing how high the hallway ceiling is.


10:36 pm BBT  Cameras 1 and 2 have been on the KT and Cody doing dishes by himself for awhile. Cameras 3/4 are now on Derrick, Christine, Caleb, Nicole, and Donny in the LR. Nicole and Donny are moving around to get their counts on their activity trackers. Christine is shaking hers while sitting on the couch. Derrick is laying down on the couch. Eventually Donny and Nicole sit down with the other HG, as well. Caleb sings and Donny suggests that maybe he could talk the lyrics and maybe they wouldn't even notice. Caleb gives it a try and BB says, "Caleb, please stop singing."


10:40 pm BBT Caleb is showing a scar on his leg. He says he was in the Pacific Ocean and a shark got him. Donny says he asked him if he ever swam in the Pacific Ocean and he said NO. He says, "You said Arctic." Donny says, "No, I said Pacific." Caleb says, "Donny, it's my story and I'm sticking to it." The list of things that happened to Caleb's leg goes on... Stingrays have gotten him, jellyfish, a bat tried to take him a way. Nicole is staring at him incredulously. She asks how he got away from the shark. He says he was on a surfboard and it swam by and bit him. Donny stands up and says he has a scar where a ninja came by and stabbed him with a sword. Caleb asks what kind of outfit. Donny says a typical outfit. Caleb shows another scar and he says he can't even talk about how he got that scar in this house.


10:50 pm BBT  Derrick and Cody are talking in the FR. Derrick says that Frankie is dead set against keeping Nic, but he won't go against it. He says he went up to talk to him earlier but he was in the DR. He says that he was talking to Nicole earlier and she said she wasn't putting him up. Cody says he hopes she won't put him up either. Christine comes into the room. She says she thinks they could convince her not to put any of them up. Meanwhile, Caleb is out in the LR talking to Donny and Nicole with a Fun Dip stick stuck in his mouth. He is acting in character like a guy from Kentucky.


10:56 pm BBT Donny says he wonders if his Mama will recognize him when he gets home. He says she likes beards better than goatees because people of her generation didn't have goatees. He looks across the LR in the mirror and says, "But this is awful." He tells a story about a buddy he has that looks just like Spencer from BB. Cody, Christine, Derrick, and Vic are in the FR. Cody says he wonders what the feedsters are saying about us right now. They make shout-outs to some of the sites. Cody says he can't wait to watch the feeds. Derrick says you only have 10 days after the show. Cody says not this years, next years. Talk turns to how many followers people from last year have. The lowest they say anyone has is Spencer, who they say has 22,000. They say Jeff has 150,000. They say Janelle has over 100,000 and Jeff, Janelle, Evil Dick, and Dan are all Twitter verified.


10:59 pm BBT Derrick predicts that Zach will have the most followers from their season. Cody says (again) that he can't wait to go on and read what people have to say about them. Christine says they will have haters. She says she loves how Andy embraces his haters but Amanda cries about hers.

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