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Monday July 14 Live Feed Updates


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July 14

11:08 PM BBT We have had all 4 cameras on Frankie, Christine, Devin, Derrick in the HOH room talking about nothing much for awhile. Cameras finally split to Zach and Hayden talking to Donny telling him that they trust him. They told him that the rest of the house doesn't necessarily feel the same.

11:12 PM BBT Donny tells them that the reason the house thinks he is something other than a groundskeeper is all because he doesn't have hair on the lower half of his leg. Devin saw this and decided Donny was ex-military because it's as though he wore combat boots like Devin's friends who are military. Zach and Hayden were blown away! Hayden says that Caleb can be convinced of anything. Zach says all you have to do is keep feeding his ego. The 3 of them said that it's now that you can tell who is in an alliance with who. Donny says there are some people who are in an alliance with everybody and that it's like high school... it's a popularity contest.

11:23 PM BBT Zach and Hayden proposing working with Donny and Cody. Amber comes outside. Upstairs in HOH Devin is talking with Derrick about the fallout between them and the downfall of the bomb squad. Devin says that he doesn't know who he can trust in this house and Derrick says "nobody." Devin says that Donny knows this game and in his opinion he's still the big threat.

11:30 PM BBT Devin is campaigning to Derrick, telling him that Caleb will be there for Amber, Frankie is a floater, Christine is a floater. Derrick tells him that people aren't necessarily voting on personal stuff anymore, it's because he's a beast in competitions. He blew him away in competitions --physical and mental. Told him he needs to find a way to spin that, all he needs is 6 votes. Devin said he asked Donny if there was any use in campaigning and Donny said NO. Devin said that means Donny is threatened by him. Devin said that if he is able to stay in this game a little longer he would play it a lot differently.

11:37 PM BBT Zach interrupts them and Devin leaves. Zach and Derrick talk that if Devin had just left noms the same last week he would be sitting pretty right now. Devin made his own bed. Zach is telling Derrick about his entire conversation with Donny. Devin is in the WA talking to Jocasta while she showers. Caleb comes upstairs and says that if he fasts now, he will get strong in prayer, 'He' will give him a strength he didn't even know he had, and beast mode will come out for competition.

11:50 PM BBT Hayden and Nic cuddling in fire BR. Nic asks Hayden if he's a good kisser / Hayden asks Nic if she's a good kisser. Flirt, flirt, flirt. Hayden is playing with her hair. HOH room Derrick, Zach, and Caleb still talking about Devin. Derrick says everyone is playing 2 games... the BB game and the America's perspective game. Derrick says Jeff is a great example of playing America's perspective game well. Caleb says that's what he hopes comes out of this. He wants to play Amazing Race, Survivor... "Naked and Afraid, even Redneck Island would be fun." Frankie told him to get naked and he'd make him afraid.

11:50 PM BBT Hayden giving Nic a massage and says she's the first girl he's ever given a massage to. HOH room - Zach says this week Devin is gone, next week Victoria is gone... Derrick says it's so different this year because there are 2 HOHs. Caleb says that starting soon we are always going to have to put up "one of our boys" because there are always 4 nominations. Derrick says he will go out with dignity. [Tonight was my first night as an updater... hope you enjoyed my updates! --brotayjax]

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