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Monday July 14 Live Feed Updates


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12:05 AM BBT Brit and Amber are in the hammock talking about Victoria not leaving Derrick alone all day and that she is the new Pao. Brit says she doesn't understand Victoria's game play. Devin is outside and Brit yells to him to bring Donny ice cream in the AM. Devin thinks she means so he will not use POV and Devin says no I just want him to do Amazing Race with me and goes inside. Brit says if Devin had been like this (likeable) he would not be in the position he is in now.

12:15 AM BBT Devin joins the girls on the hammock and talks about his upset stomach. Brit says its because he ate a package of tortillas. They make small talk for a second and then Devin asks about veto. He asks if something will happen tomorrow that isn't supposed to. The girls say no. He acts like he is very tired of the game and says he misses his daughter. He says he will probably cry if Donny doesn't use it tomorrow. In HOH Derrick and Caleb are talking about Zach being related to Amanda from season 15. Caleb seems skeptical but receptive to hearing the info. Derrick tells him to go to Amber and ask her about it.

12:25 AM BBT Derrick is still in HOH doing a great job at completing his team America challenge. He keeps pushing Caleb to tell Amber tonight and says he should maybe ask Victoria too. Caleb says he will tonight. In other news, Frankie instead of doing his part for TA announces that he beat Hayden at pool. Hayden and Frank play with the cameras by yelling at them, surprisingly, they do not get yelled at.

12:35 AM BBT Brit and Amber bring the conversation that Devin just had with them to Derrick. Derrick says he wants complete transparency and says multiple people have told him the exact same story. He says Devin is trying to manipulate everyone and play it off like he is ready to go and is weak but weary that Donny will use the veto. Derrick says Donny is using the veto and Devin is going home on Thurs. Period.

12:45 AM BBT In the BY on the couches Frank is talking with Christine and is very paranoid. Frank says that if Amber, Devin, Jocasta, and Donny figure their games out and start working together that would be a disaster. Christine doesn't think Amber would flip and Frank says her paranoia last night caused his today. Back in HOH the same conversation is still going on about Derrick confirming Devin's eviction.

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1:46 am Frankie and Caleb in the hammock discussing Devin's desperate moves to stay in the house, like telling people Donnie won't use the PoV or that next week the house is coming after Caleb, etc.

1:47 am Frankie bumming that his Kabbalah bracelet broke and "they" won't give him another one. Derrick comes over and pulls up a chair next to the hammock.

1:48 am Derrick confirms that Devin is spreading two rumors: 1> Donnie might not use it on Jocasta, or 2> That Derrick won't pick Devin if he has to replace her.

1:49 am Derrick says he squashed those rumors and that they just need to stay firm as a house and Devin will be gone in a 12-0 vote on Thursday.

1:52 am Caleb tries out his speech for Thursday, saying Devin is a "Backstabber, liar, makes up rumors..."

1:53 am Caleb finally catches that Derrick kept saying 12-0 when it's actually 11-0 and mentions it.

(Christene, Amber, Nicole, Cody, and Hayden are on the BY couches while Hammock tête-à-tête is going on)

1:57 am Frankie says he's not saying anything nice about Devin on his goodbye message now, but he was going to before.

1:59 am Frankie leaves after announcing his has to pee. Derrick tells Cody he's good, but don't ever put himself on the block again because it's fuckin' nuts.

2:01 am Derrick expects Devin to come out with some "crazy ass speech" when he's on the block. Derrick leaves so Cody has time to talk to some of the girls, and says he'll catch him later.

2:03 am Frankie, Victoria, Jocasta, Amber, and Brit are in the KT.

2:04 am Brit made some salmon salad (more of a chicken salad than a green salad) that everyone seems to like.

2:05 Frankie is now grousing to the girls about his broken Kabbalah bracelet and the fact that "they" won't replace it because they call it an HoH item. The bracelet is supposed to filter negative energy, and it breaks when it's "full". Amber says then of course it broke in THIS house.

2:06 am Amber is telling Jocasta that she almost slipped when changing and went full naked.

2:07 am Derrick comes in and Brit offers him her Salmon salad on a bagel to him. He gets some and chows down.

2:10 am Derrick comes to Nicole, Hayden and Christene and tells them straight up that the rumors Devin is spreading are lies. Donny is using PoV, and Derrick is putting Devin on the block. There is "no doubt in his mind" Devin is going on the block. Then Derrick leaves to go back to the KT and finish his salmon salad bagel.

[i thought CoDkiller87 was out, but if he's still here, I'm out. BBLurkerPlus]

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1:05 AM BBT We are still here, but nothing in the house has changed.

1:25 BBT Jocasta joins the HOH and Derrick starts all over. Downstairs, Victoria says her good nights and proceeds to sit in the BY and talk with Frank, Nicole, and Hayden. Just small talk going on about home life and books they like.

1:35 AM Jocasta is now leading a prayer in HOH. Caleb and Frank are now in the hammock talking about Amber. Frank voices his frustration over Amber not trusting him. He says he has never done anything to jeopardize her trust. Caleb is frustrated with her too because she says she trusts certain people and then sits and talks with other people she doesn't trust. Frank goes over his idea of other HGs trying to flip Amber.

!:45-2: AM BBT Frank and Caleb continue talking about the Amber situation until Derrick comes up and makes small talk about how long he slept for. Frank asks about what the girls wanted. Derrick tells them about the conversation. They go over that a few time. Hayden and Nicole have decided they are very different while talking about music, relationship choices, and movie tastes.

Sorry for the lack of updates but this hour was literally the same conversation repeated by derrick and full of Caleb and Franking talking a small amount of game in between small talk about goodbye msgs and speeches on thursday.

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4:20 - 4:45AM BBT - Caleb and Amber were in the Bee Hive Room with Caleb talking about Zach being Amanda's cousin and if Amber can confirm. He practices his speech for the Live Show about Devin. He says that he's a Peace Boy(?) Cowboy and how the girl is safe and Devin is going home and that he will never be in those seats again. Then he does the pulling pistols out with his fingers -- gun in and out of the holsters action [kind of funny]. Amber talks about her good-bye speech to Devin and how she says that all the guys are like brothers to her. Caleb tells her to PLEASE not say that he's like a brother to her.

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8:40am Everyone is still sleeping, with visions of the POV ceremony today dancing in their heads...

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9:00am All Hg still sleeping.

9:14am We have FOTH now maybe a wake up call
9:22am Donny is in the STR getting cereal and Victoria is in the WA then heads to the DR.Cody is out in the BY setting up the weights.
9:24am BB keeps repeating Rise And Shine.
9:25am Nicole and Christine are now up changing their batteries.Frankie up changing his battery now as BB says the bedrooms lights must remain on during the day.
9:32am Christine, Donny and Victoria doing ADL'S Nicole in the shower. Frankie has gone back to bed.Jacosta is now up and in the WA.
9:39am Cody asking Donny if he trust Brittany a little bit more now? he says yeah a little bit more.Cody says and Nicole is very smart and Donny says yeah very smart.
9:46am Donny and Cody putting the awnings up and talking about Caleb not being a competitor like he says he is and they was never going to put him up with Amber so why would he volunteer and Donny says to score points.
9:49am The girls are in the Wa doing Make up and just general talk.Donny on the elliptical and Cody on weights in the BY. and we get FOTH.
9:52am Christine goes to the BY and talks about how nice it is that there are clouds out and Cody says it is nice out.
9:55am Cody says Donny if I take a nap today will you wake me up? Donny says yeah if you will get up .
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10:01am Christine going to the Hammock, Jacosta doing laundry, Brittany now going tot he hammock with her breakfast.

10:03am Brittany and Christine are talking about Devin being so nice but after he gets put on the block he wont be so nice. Christine says just don't believe anything he says cause everything he says after he gets put up will be coming from his poop hole.
10:08am Victoria says to Nicole in the WA saying she can't wait to see the live feeds I hope someone is recording it cause I want to see who is taking my make-up and I know its her. Nicole says yeah Amber thinks everything is hers. Victoria says I don't share my make up. She then says I hate her.
10:11am Derrick, Caleb and Zach in KT as Zach is cooking M&M pancakes.Caleb says he doesn't want to go to the DR yet and derrick says you are part of the ceremony is why they are calling you so early.
10:14am derrick goes to storage rm and comes out with a brown bag and says dude Pandora's box and Brittany says is that for me? He says no its my laundry.
10:25 general talk going on as HG make breakfast.
10:36am Cody and Derrick in KT eating talking about taking long naps. In the BY Jacosta and Donny talking with Caleb about them getting TV time today in the veto meeting.
10:43am Caleb saying sleeping in the Have not room is bad and cold.Donny says the beds are worse than the food huh? Caleb says yeah as soon as we go to bed they crank that a/c up and it is freezing in there. Cody and Zach playing pool.
10:54 am BB told the HG they have 10 minutes to be ready for POV ceremony.All Hg getting ready now.

11:05am Most Hg in the BY just general talk and then we got to FOTH then to Jeff's interviews as they start the POV ceremony.

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11:51am Feeds are back and Devin was put on the block. Derrick says i told you i was going to give you Kudos Donny.

11:53am Devin sitting in KT alone eating . Most Hg are in BY just general talk and eating going on.Derrick and Zach playing pool.
11:56 am Jacosta at the memory wall and kisses the POV as she hangs it up and says oh my gosh.
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12:00pm Christine and Victoria on the hammock saying that Devin has bullied Victoria for the last 2 weeks and Christine says he bullies everyone.

12:03pm Derrick goes to the hammock and Christine says how are you doing ? he says i am good i put him in the coffin and you guys get to put the nails in it.Christine says i am excited for Thursday now. Cody joins them eating an oatmeal cookie.

12:05pm Zach comes to the hammock and says that Devin told him he didn't want this week to be awkward he just wants his last days to be comfortable.

12:13pm Derrick Donny and Frankie are talking about what they have to do by tonight they tell, Donny to go tell Brittany that Paola told you that before she left. Donny says it is raining in the BB house.

12:17pm Derrick and Donny figuring out how to get the rumour going with another person about Zach being Amanda's cousin. Then they will go to Zach and tell him.

12:19pm Donny is going to eat while he waits to tell Brittany that Paola told him Zach and Amanda are cousins.

12:25pm Christine talking about working at Starbucks and how guys flirt and don't care if you are married and when a guy comes in with a wedding ring on I treat them differently cause they respect their wives.Cody says whoa and Christine says there are guys that come in that are having affairs all the time.

12:31pm Zack and Frankie in HOH rm and Zach says 11-0 vote and Devin leaves this week done.

12:33pm Frankie says I don't know what Jacosta will do if she wins HOH I don't think she likes me or you or Christine i just don't know what she will do.

12:43pm Alot of general chat going on in the BY and in the KT and some HG are napping.

12:51pm Derrick and Zach talking on BY couches about one of their boys winning HOH and then they are setting pretty so he needs them to step up and win HOH.

12:53pm Derrick says i am going to set back this week and enjoy the time and let you guys do your job then back to work Thursday. Zach says Devin said he inst going to campaign and derrick says of course he is he already is.

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1:16 pm General chat in BY and KT. Talking about how Double Eviction works. How they will know its double if they do a comp in the first 10 min. (they do first vote in the first few min.)

1:30 pm Donny and Brittany talking, he tells her that Pao told him Zach was Amanda's cousin, She says oh yeah Victoria asked her that today. She hadn't heard anything about it. Donny asks if it was just to make Zach look bad. Brit says she doesn't know.

1:36 pm Brit says Pao might have just been stirring the pot. Donny says it could be. Her and Zach might have got together to make it up. Donny goes on to say that Devin will probably try to stir things up. Brit says he is already trying to get in peoples head.

1:43 pm Donny tells Brit that she can trust him, he repeated things once and it got him put up. He says there will have to be 4 people nominated, it will be him and her, Jocasta and Victoria. That fake 8 will still be together.

1:58 pm Devin comes in and talks with Donny and Brit. He has gone over it in his head and see that it was no option but him to go up. He is glad he was able to mend fences and that it was stupid of him to make an 8 person alliance so early. He still wonders why BB told them "you are why we don't have nice things" He doesn't think it was because of him. He says you just have to enjoy the last few days.

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2:02 pm Donny leaves and goes to HOH. Derrick and Zach say he (Devin) will be on him (Donny) all week. Donny says its awkward. He goes on to tell them what Donny was talking about.

2:05 pm Zach leaves and Derrick and Donny talk about the rumor with Zach and Amanda being cousins. They say BB has footage of Victoria telling Brit about it.

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2:06pm Caleb and Cody playing Pool, Derrick and Donny in HOH rm talking about about who will go up next week and who all said their target was Devin last week.

2:15pm Devin now outside with Caleb and Cody playing pool.Donny says to Zack in HOH that you look at the clouds and see the trees and then Donny tells about growing up in a cow pasture.Derrick comes in and tells Zach that Paola told Donny that he was Amanda's cousin so derrick says are you? He says no she said that? Derrick says he told Donny I don't know if she told anyone else or not I think she tried to paint a target on your back dud. Zach says wow she is good.
2:18pm Zach says we do look alike ya know talking about Amanda and then says damn that was good.Derrick says she defiantly told him just ask him and Zach says she told you on the way out or at the meeting? Donny says on the way out but i would sit on it for a day then tomorrow have a house meeting. Derrick says she is sitting at home now laughing. Zach says that's good man.
2:21pm Caleb comes in the hoh and Zach doesn't want to tell him yet.BB announces the STR is temporarily unavailable.
2:29pm Christine,Nicole,Victoria and Donny on the BY couches talking general talk.Caleb and derrick in HOH rm talking about Caleb winning the hoh comp Thursday night.
2:39pm Caleb, Derrick and Zach trying to figure out when Jacosta fell in the comp. In the back yard Donny says he found a grey hair on his arm.Jacosta says my granddads hair is white.
2:45pm Frankie and Zach in STR and Zach tells him that Paola told Donny that he was Amanda's cousin and Frankie says OMG is she and Zach says no way but she told Donny that.
2:53pm Nicole and Zach talking about Paola starting the rumor that he was Amanda's cousin and Zach says yeah we are cousins.And Nicole goes I knew it you look so much like her. You talk so much crap about her too and he says I know it was to throw you guys off.Victoria says she told me that too the lastnight she was here and Zach says she told you that too? She says yeah.
2:56pm The girls keep asking if Amanda is really his cousin and he says yeah but it shouldn't matter.Nicole says yeah it shouldn't matter if you are or not. Zach says She really isn't my cousin and Victoria says you swear she isn't your cousin and zach says i swear.
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3:12 pm - 3:35 PM BBT: Frankie is talking to Christine in the fire room about everyone wants Veronica to go home, even though she's controllable. Christine doesn't want Brittney here. Nicole comes in and asks if it's true. They believe that Zach told Pao that he was Amanda's cousin but they don't know it's true. They want to know how Zach found out. Nicole admitted to him that she knew. Zach joins Frankie in bed and they all go back and forth about the rumor. Zach is mad at Nicole for not saying anything to him and then he says that he doesn't trust her anymore. Nicole thought that maybe America told someone to tell her that...Zach Is like, yeah, America told her to do it [well, yes they did]...Finally, then Zach says he IS her cousin...Frankie and Zach have a few moments...[flashBACK ALERT--funny]

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3:02pm Donny and Cody on the hammock talking. Donny says he ain't saying nothing to anyone when he does he gets put on the block. Cody laughs. Zach tells Nicole she should have told him about Amanda being his cousin she yells at him and says Zach I didn't know I was afraid to tell you I didn't want it to come back on me.Christine says maybe Paola had it in her head and she just decided to share it.
3:06pm Zach ask who was Italian and Frankie says Enzo and Zach says yeah Enzo I am a meow meow.
3:18pm Nicole says i promise if i hear anything else i promise i will tell you and zach says i don't know if i can believe you anymore. Nicole says i am pissed you did't tell me and you told paola.He says i didn't mean to tell paola it was 7:30 in the morning and i didn't sleep and she didn't sleep. Zach is playing this up with the girls and they keep asking him if he is lying or not. Frankie is laying in bed next to zach not saying a word.
3:28pm Zach and Frankie laying in bed, Nicole and Christine in the other bed with Victoria sitting on the end of the bed and Brittany sitting on the third bed.Just talk about nick names they have had. Devin and Cody playing pool. Jacosta and Donny sitting in the BY just talking.
3:33pm The whole house is talking about Zach being Amanda's cousin even Zach is playing it up but then says he isnt her cousin so no one knows what to believe in the house.
3:40 pm Derrick telling Jacosta and Donny that he cant wait to do his blog so he can do shout outs and stuff he says he will just type everything he wants to say then go back and edit .Jacosta says that is good.
3:47pm Talk in the bedroom is about sex and Amanda having sex last year.Frankie has everyone laughing in the bedroom. Then they talk about the Howie's Jack Shack and wonders where it was.
3:55pm Talk in the Fire rm is still on the jack shack. Brittany says there is lotion in the drawer. and they all start laughing.
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5:02 PM BBT Devin and Donny are in the beehive. Devin is asking him if he feels it is even possible for him to get six votes. Donny said he could try but it all depends about how he goes about it. Devin says he only has three days and he wants to go out peacefully and happily.

5:06 PM BBT Hayden, Cody, and Frankie are sitting out in the BY. They are discussing movies and movie stars. Cody is a huge Zac Efron fan. Brittany and Nicole are sitting at the patio making fun of the guys. They can't hear what is being said so they are filling in the blanks. "What am I doing wrong? Why won't someone give it up?"

5:16 PM BBT Devin, Frankie, and Cody are sitting at the hot tub. Devin thanks them for one of the most peaceful weeks he has had. He is glad to get to know each person in the house. This is an experience very few people can say that they have done. Devin says he might be able to get some votes by using negative tactics but he doesn't want to go out that way.

5:19 PM BBT 5:21 PM BBT Devin is telling Frankie and Cody at the hot tub that he wants to be remembered for going out with class. Frankie reminds him to expect the unexpected. He may be able to fight his way back in. There may be seven more twists coming. Meanwhile Brittany, Donny, Jocasta, Nicole, and Hayden are in the KT. Just general chit chat.

5:29 PM BBT Frankie and Cody are in the WA discussing their recent conversation with Devin. I get the impression that they weren't really moved or impressed. Nicole, Hayden and Donny are sitting on the patio. Nicole doesn't know what kind of shoes to wear for the live show to go with her frog costume.

5:35 PM BBT Frankie has gone to Christine who is laying down in the fire BR. He rehashes his conversation with Devin. He told her that he advised Devin not to campaign because he would lose whatever ground he has gained the last few days. Frankie "I told him I respect his decision not to campaign, but he's still campaigning."

5:40 PM BBT Devin is now talking to Caleb in the KT. Devin is not going to campaign. He isn't going to try to get votes by slurring Caleb's name. The best ones know when they are done. He is going out with class. "Come Thursday, I know my fate."

5:43 PM BBT Donny says he is going to teach Nicole and Hayden all his sayings before he leaves the house. He will teach them a couple hundred now and then the other thousand outside of the house.

5:51 PM BBT Hayden says he wants to hear a new type of music when he gets out of the house. He calls it Mountry or Metal Country. Hayden says he is going to listen to country because that is what Nicole likes. Nicole is going to listen to metal because that is what Hayden likes. They will listen to each other's music all day long because it will make the other one happy. Hayden jokes he is going to build her a solar efficient home. Donny says Jocasta can marry them.

5:57 PM BBT Donny, Jocasta, Nicole, and Hayden are sitting on the patio. Donny is teasing Nicole and has her blushing. He said he turned his head earlier and Froggie was hopping on Hayden hugging him...a good hug too. He keeps talking about Hoppie or Froggie jumping on Hayden. She giggles and blushes before being called into the DR.

6:01 PM BBT Jocasta is looking in the camera and giving shout outs to her family and friends. Donny reminds her to say Hi to her church. Donny tells us to tune in to BB on CBS on Wednesday when they will be happy and Thursday when they may be sad by the end of it.

6:11 PM BBT Cody and Caleb are talking about whether they think Zach is really related to Amanda. Caleb says there is a reason he is here. A kid who golfs a lot is not a good reason to be here. Everyone in here has a cool story behind their being there. Zach doesn't have one. Caleb says admitting that their moms were sisters would get him nowhere in the game but considered as a target. There is no benefit to it. Why would Pao-Pao make that up out of the clear blue?

6:17 PM BBT Caleb and Cody are at the hammock talking about what they probably don't know about their fellow HGs. They both think that Donny probably has a backstory that he isn't sharing with them. Brittany too. They both think Hayden is who he says he is. Caleb thinks Devin stills plays minor league.

6:23 PM BBT Caleb is speculating that the next HoH comp will be endurance because they haven't had one yet. He says the ones with the spinning wheels and stuff weren't really endurance. Endurance ones are where you just hold on for 4 or 5 hours. WBRB.

6:33 PM BBT Not much going on in the BB house. Christine, Hayden and Nicole are sitting out at the patio. Just general chit chat. Caleb and Donny are sitting by the hammock. Donny is relaying his conversation with Devin. He told Devin he didn't think he could get the needed six votes.

6:45 PM BBT Donny and Caleb were sitting on the hammock. Caleb says he can't stand people who float through the game and make it to the end. He will only vote for someone who played the game hard all the way. Donny agrees but thinks honesty (as much as possible anyway) is important to him. Talk turns to chit chat when Jocasta walks up and joins them. Cody is running laps in the BY.

6:58 PM BBT Nicole and Brittany are cleaning up the KT. Derrick is sitting at the counter in his HoH robe and staring at his bowl of Reese's Puffs. Cody and Hayden are running laps in the BY. Donny, Derek, and Jocasta are talking general chit chat at the hammock.

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5:00 BBT

Devin and Jocasta in the kitchen. He asks her about him campaigning and she says if he doesn't try, then he's just giving up. Devin says he doesn't want to beg.

Donny enters and Devin asks to speak to him. They go to the bee room.

Devin: Would it be pointless of me to try and get 6 votes? Donny: I think so.

Donny says he can try, in the very nice way possible and not to make it look bad. Devin says the only way he'd get 6 votes is by trashing someone else and he says he's not going to do that. Devin says 'Sorry America' and says he's not giving up but doesn't think anything will change in the next 3 days. Devin says he doesn't want to trash others and will go out of the house peacefully. Him and Donny leave the room.

5:05 BBT

Jocasta is in the kitchen cooking. Hayden, Cody and Frankie are in the BY. Seems they are (still) talking about sexual things.

Frankie says Zac Efron is the hottest guy. Cody agrees and says he has a man crush on him. They are trying to remember the names of his movies (somewhat successfully.)

Nicole and Brittany are chatting on the couch in the BY. Brit is impersonating Donny and Nicole is laughing.

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7:01 PM BBT

Caleb says all the synonyms he can think of for being happy. Donny and Caleb tell Jocasta how much they both love college basketball. Hayden and Cody are running the backyard. Amber and Christine sit in the backyard and talk about how tired they both are.

7:07 PM BBT
Frankie and Derrick talk int he HoH room about America's Team challenge succeeded. Derrick told Frankie how Zach pretended he really was related to Amanda and Derrick freaked out for a bit until he remembered they started that rumor. Frankie says can you imagine if it turns out to be true? They laugh about it. Frankie tells Derrick about his conversation with Devin and that Devin is blaming the DR for telling him he has to campaign. Derrick says that there's no way Devin has the votes even if he did campaign. Frankie says he no, but he was just updating Derrick on what happened today in the house.

7:11 PM BBT

Frankie complains to Victoria about how production didn't give him the prayer card that went with his Kabbalah bracelet, but he wants to have a prayer circle tonight. Devin and Caleb talk about meeting up in Texas when they're out of the house. Caleb said that his father lives in Dallas and they can go to a football game together. Devin says San Antonio, where he lives is 3 hours from Dallas. They talk about going hunting with Caleb's dad and brother.

7:15 PM BBT
Devin says he wants to go to a WWE training camp in San Antonio. It's $1,800 every 3 months, but if they like you they'll give you scholarships. Caleb talks about how he wants to become a MMA fighter and start competing again, but he hurt his shoulder and needs it to heal. Devin tells Caleb that when they get out they need to go to Vegas and see the Olympiad.

7:26 PM BBT
Amber is making slop cupcakes and Nicole, Caleb, Jocasta, and Brittany are cleaning up the kitchen and general chitchat.

7:35 PM BBT Brittany makes dinner for Nicole, Frankie, and Derrick. They head outside to eat.

7:42 PM BBT

Hayden and Frankie try to figure out what a mile was in the backyard. Hayden thinks he ran 4 miles while on slop. Frankie and Nicole can't believe the energy he has while on slop.

7:45 PM BBT Derrick and Donny talk about how much they love all competition reality shows. They talk about MTV's The Challenge and how they missed the end of the current season. They both said they loved C.T. Tamburello the most of the current season. Cody says that The Challenge is the most physical reality show he's ever seen, it's even harder than Survivor. They talk about how much alcohol they are fed. They all fight and hook up every night. They talk about how Real World is the way that players get on the show now and that Road Rules is no longer done. They try to explain how The Real World works and how one of the last girls was from San Fransisco and still got evicted because she was an alcoholic.

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8:15 pm BBT

Amber and Derrick on lounger chairs just talking about what they'd be doing if they were home.

Cody and Hayden on mats on lawn doing exercises led by Donny.

Christine, Jacosta and Nicole on outdoor couch chatting... Victoria tries to squeeze in.

Brittany and a few of the guys in kitchen.

Don't know where Caleb went... he was out on the outdoor couch with his matching orange tee shirt and turban.

( I was waiting for BB to say " Caleb... please take that thing off your head.. you look really stupid" ) < Slowpoke

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8:00 PM BBT
Amber and Cody tell the house that Julie used their friendship name during the live show on Thursday. They thought it was so cute. Christine looks at the clouds and tell the others how pretty the sky looks. Cody says he asked Brittany if it ever rains in California. Brittany told him it hardly ever rains in the summer in California.

8:05 PM BBT Nicole, Jocasta, Christine, Caleb, and Donny sit on the By couches and talk about dreams. Christine and Nicole tell Jocasta that it's impossible to dream of someone you've never seen before. Jocasta is a little freaked out about that, because she's had a reoccurring dream about adopting a little girl for the last six months. Donny says he thinks dejavu is when you dream of someone you've never met and your brain is reminding you of your dream. Donny complains about how awful his bear is and he hates it. Caleb asks if he's going to cut it.

8:08 PM BBT Derrick lays on one of the lounge chairs by the pool. Amber joins him. Amber tells Derrick she trusts Caleb and that's about it. Derrick says his downfall will be that he's too honest and talks too much. Amber bashes Caleb and says that she's a huge target now because of Caleb. Derrick tells her that's not true and she's being paranoid. Derrick says she's good at competitions and people would be stupid to put her up because she'll win them. Amber says it's obvious that we're together and she is convinced that if Devin had won POV, Caleb would've left and then her. Derrick says Devin is going home and tells Amber to vote Devin out not Caleb, because Caleb would never put her up and Devin has been lying about her.

8:11 PM BBT Amber says that she can't believe that anyone thinks she would want someone like Devin. Just because she thought he was good looking doesn't mean she's stupid. Derrick says Cody is good looking, but the girls like him because he's nice, but Devin has an ugly personality. Derrick says he wouldn't be shocked if Devin is booed when he left the house. Devin tells her that Donny told Devin that Devin had no shot of getting six votes to stay this week. Derrick says when he leaves, which he sure he is, he won't have a huge backlash against him, because he's getting out someone America hates. He thinks the game is hard to win and it comes down to luck a lot of the time.

8:17 PM BBT Hayden and Frankie work out and goof off. Derrick and Amber can't believe how buff Hayden got since he came in the house. Derrick tells Amber when you feel like you're going crazy just take a step back and internalize some of it. Don't address them right away and blow your game up, because sometimes they are nothing but rumors. Amber says she was like when she found out Nicole was putting her up. Derrick says let the other people blow up over stupid stuff and don't get involved. Amber tells Derrick that she told Brittany that she wasn't working with Devin, but Brittany took her frustration out on her and so Brittany turned on her. Derrick tells her that Brittany gets offended over the slightest things and has warned her already.

8:30 PM BBT Big Brother asks the housguests to take the awnings down. The girls get up to do it, while Frankie and Caleb play pool while both doing British accents. Caleb asks Frankie what he should do this week to get Amber to admit her feelings for him. Frankie tells him to remind her that he went up on the block and saved her this week.

8:33 PM BBT
Zach comes out from his nap. Nicole tells Zach he needs to eat better and needs a woman to make him some food. Frankie says into his microphone, "Yes, he does. How about I make you some food?" Zach says he has a dream about getting drafted in the NBA and he totally annihilated Scottie Pippen. Frankie asks him about playing basketball. Zach says he used to play basketball but when he tore his acl, he can't do certain things. Frankie can't believe that Zach tore his ACL. Devin is still in the hot tub and Nicole is worried about the color and that it's not the right color. Devin says he knows.

8:40 PM BBT
Victoria, Nicole, and Christine talk about their parents watching the live feeds. Nicole says she doesn't want her parents watch her flirt on feeds. Christine says that America loves Nicole because she is so adorable.

8:45 PM BBT

Christine admits that she loves the Bachelor and Bachelorette. She shouts out to Sean Lowe and the feeds cut for a few minutes. Christine goes into depth describing the various seasons. Nicole asked Hayden if he'd go on the show and he said, "Sure I would, unless I was with you."

8:50 PM BBT Cody tells Jocasta, Amber, and Frankie that he sits down when he pees and always has. He's never stood up to pee. Frankie says that is the weirdest thing he's ever heard. Jocasta tells Caleb they need to have a conversation later in private about that.

8:51 PM BBT
Amber's slop cupcakes are out of the oven. Caleb tried one and told Hayden that was the most disgusting thing he's had in the house, but not to tell Amber because he doesn't want to hurt her feelings.

8:52 PM BBT
Caleb tells Hayden and Derrick he's making his move on Amber tonight. He's going to tell Amber he's cold and ask to cuddle with her and she lets him, it's on. Derrick says if you come up to my room with a handprint on your face, I'll know what happened. Caleb says that Amber already told him it's too cold not to cuddle and Caleb says he's volunteering tonight.

8:55 PM BBT
Caleb and Hayden joke about Caleb taking a penalty vote so he can eat. Caleb thinks it's hilarious and goes out to the pool table to Frankie and tell him he's taking a penalty vote so he can eat one of Zach's cookies. Frankie freaks out and tells him not to do it. Caleb keeps going to other house guests and making the same joke.

8:59 PM BBT

Zach comes back into the kitchen and Caleb is still goofing around with his cookies. Zach asks him if he's actually going to eat the cookie. Derrick says if you eat a cookie that is even stupider than you volunteering to go on the block. Amber comes out and tells Caleb he better not eat a cookie or she'll be pissed.

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8:50 pm BBT

Christine, Nicole and Victoria on hammock talking about the Bachelor and if they'd go on it or not.

Victoria blurts out she was in love once. Whispered what happened and couldn't hear what she said.

(no reaction to comment from Chris and Nicole)

Hayden and Caleb in kitchen. Caleb saying he's about to take a penalty vote... gonna eat one of the cookies.

Brittany, Donny and Nicole on outdoor couches eating ice cream (?) ... lots of clinking spoons in the bowls.

9:00 pm BBT

Caleb, Derrick, Cody, Christine in Kitchen just messing around.

Not much really happening. I caught a little bit of chat between Hayden and Derrick about Donny and how they

think he'll do in different kinds of Comps.

OHH... Caleb still has his orange head wrap on. (and he didn't end up eating that cookie)

(oops.. saw Gwennylou just did her update. Read hers - it's bound to better than this)

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9:01 PM BBT Donny, Britt, and Zach hanging out talking on double lounger. Donny's question for the day is, "What's your high and low for the day." He's asking all the houseguests. Asks Hayden when he sits down. Told him it was a bad answer when he didn't answer that the froggy sitting in his lap was the high.

9:06 PM BBT Now it's Caleb's turn to answer highs and lows. Being woken up and not eating well are the lows. Playing pool and spending time with everyone and no game talk are the highs. Britt likes that it was a lazy day, too. Derrick is talking about grilling steaks on the grill.

9:10 PM BBT Zach and Frankie in the hammock. Frankie telling Zach that Devin says he's getting a lot of pressure to campaign but that he wants to go out with some class. Frankie explained to him that if he doesn't campaign someone might even throw him a vote. Told him that if he campaigns he can assure him it will be unanimous. Frankie asks Zach if it was Britt and Jocasta on the block who would he vote for and Zach says Jocasta. Devin and Derrick working side by side in the kitchen not talking.

9:16 PM BBT Frankie says that any week he's not on the block he's happy he didn't win HOH. Donny, Caleb, and Hayden talking -- Donny says that Devin won't get any votes. Caleb says there are 3 reasons he volunteered to be on the block: 1) to keep Amber safe, 2) if anyone had to go up against Devin, he wanted it to be him, and 3) he thought about the house and felt it would be good.

9:25 PM BBT Frankie, Zach, Derrick, and Nicole at the hammock. Zach asks who would be the 2 worst HOHs for their games. Derrick says Britt and he doesn't know. Nic says Amber and possibly Donny because she put him up.

9:30 PM BBT Derrick talks about how fortunate they are because they kind of have a free week. Discussing what kind of competition they will have for the HOH comp. They feel like it will be endurance, and kind of hope it will. Discussing how it would work for 2 HOHs -- will there be one girl and one guy, how BB would organize it?

9:40 PM BBT Donny, Christine, Cody, and Zach hanging out by outdoor furniture. Nic says she can't believe she didn't notice how much he looked like Amanda Z. before. He makes a face and she points at him and says that the face he made especially looked like Amanda.

9:45 PM BBT Caleb and Victoria talking about similarities between Arabic and Hebrew languages. He learned some Arabic before and when he was deployed, and she speaks Hebrew. Derrick is done grilling the steaks and most of the other HG are outside eating together.

9:55 PM BBT Derrick asking everyone who they would like to give shout-outs to in his blog. He's going to do so by name. Zach is going through everyone in the house and naming their loved ones to help Derrick remember who to give shout-outs to. Christine, Donny, and Derrick are impressed by all the names of family members that Zach can remember. Derrick gives a shout-out to Devin and his 3 personalities. Several HG say that there are 5.

10:00 PM BBT Sitting outside, Frankie mentions that his bed is covered in dental dams. "There are like 7 pieces of dental dam on my bed." Victoria wants to know what dental dam is. He tells her it's a tongue and lip condom. Zach says that if you want to give sexual favors via the mouth... and Victoria cuts him off. Zach goes to get one and comes back with a mint. Frankie starts a 'class' with one of his famous accents.

10:10 PM BBT Meanwhile, Caleb is talking about his feelings for Amber with Jocasta. He is telling her that he might cuddle with her. He would kiss her on the forehead, but he has too much respect for her to do more than that. He's talking about how he put himself on the block to protect her even though he's in a game for $500,000.

10:15 PM BBT Caleb and Jocasta are talking about whether Zach and Amanda are cousins. Discussing the fact that first Zach said they were then he denied it. Caleb said he's not getting in the middle of that. He's not spreading any rumors about anybody. Outside - Donny says that in the school system where he works is the school where Rachel and Elissa went to school.

10:25 PM BBT Donny is still awake, but losing steam quickly. Caleb approaches and Frankie asks him if he has decided whether he is going to eat this week. Caleb says no, he is going to fast. They tell him he needs to eat. He wants to bet them a stipend that he won't. Derrick says then he won't eat out of principle. Caleb says he wants to take this time to fast and pray.

10:35 PM BBT Britt and Nic sitting on the double lounger talking about Victoria. When Victoria tries to give advice it really annoys Britt. Nic says that she is stressed out and Britt says she understands because you always have to expect the unexpected in this game. Nic says she feels like cuddling Hayden. Britt tells her she should. Nic says she will next week when she's not in the frog suit. Donny looks like he's sleeping with his eyes open, but he's called to the DR. Derrick is still naming off everyone he is going to put in his blog. Frankie says he's setting the bar high for HOHs.

10:40 PM BBT HG talking about a BB announcement earlier that said "You're the reason we don't get nice things." Evidently this announcement has really bothered Devin as Frankie says he keeps bringing it up. Frankie says that Devin said he is the only HOH to not have had any alcohol in his HOH basket because he has been to rehab. Frankie says they have had way less alcohol than any other season. HG speculate they might get more alcohol after Devin is evicted.

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