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Wednesday, March 19 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), The current

Big Brother Time: 02:28:20 AM

Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 2:00 AM (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

War Room (WR)

War Room Three (WR3)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...een-caps-media/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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11:35PM BBT Looks like Sabrina is playing two sides everything that she discuss with Ika in HoHR she pulled him aside and explain. Andrew said he have to play like they are mad at each other.

11:44PM BBT Sabrina run back to HoHR Ika is there dancing, Sabrina said guess who is hiding Heather and Jon. Sabrina is telling all lies to Ika, Sabrina is so serious telling lies. What she told Ika she did not tell Andrew it is all a play.

11:48PM BBT Andrew is now talking to Heather he told her everyone see him a threat in the house. Looks like Andrew want to tell Heather she is going home. Heather told Andrew that she know she is not going home. Heather asks Heather if he like Allison Andrew reply yes she is a nice girl.

11:53PM BBT Arlie and Andrew talking in the SR, Andrew told Arlie that sabrina is putting on a act to Ika. Arlie said let us get Ika out next. Andrew said that Ika canot be trusted. Andrew said they would put Adel up and flush his power out.

11:56PM BBT Allison, Andrew and Arlie talking on the couch general chit chat.

Sabrina join Allison Arlie and Andrew on the couch, they are both trying to help Andrew pick something off his chest.

12:02AM BBT Jon Neda and Rachelle out by the pool, Jon is asking Rachelle if she is going to jump in the pool. Jon looks like he want to push her in the pool. They are all wondering if it is going to be endurance for HoH.

12:09AM BBT Neda and Rachelle is on the hammock they both said that they want to lay low but they both don't want Ika going home because their alliance will fall apart.

12:18AM BBT Allison and Sabrina still plucking Andrew chest. Andrew is talking in that strange accent again. Allison is called to DR.

12:18AM BBT Allison and Sabrina still plucking Andrew chest. Andrew is talking in that strange accent again. Allison is called to DR.

12:26AM BBT Paul is snoring in HNR. Neda and Jon on the Hammock Jon told Neda that he would protect her. Neda told Jon he should stop talking too much around the house. Neda said she wanted to know how Allison is going to vote. Neda said it would be nice if they are final 2

12:39AM BBT Neda Sabrina and Rachelle in WA Sabrina said she would not look at Andrew outside the house. They all said they are bored of the boys in the house. Sabrina said Andrew told Allison more stuff than her.
12:47AM BBT Jon and Arlie on the Hammock Arlie said he and Sarah have a good relationship, Jon told Arlie to be careful of Sarah because she is very close to Kenny. Jon said he wants Andrew out. Arlie said they want to get Adel to flush the power. Arlie said he wants Andrew and Kenny to change their mind.
12:54AM BBT Arlie said the thing about Adel he is so antsy and he need to calm down. Jon said that NEda asked him to keep her safe for another week. While in the WA Sabrina and Rachelle said they wonder how they are doing the HG in the jury house this season
12:58AM BBT Allison Arlie, Sarah Jon and Andrew on the couch making fun of each other.While in WA Ika Sabrina and Rachelle talking about Allison kissing Andrew on the first night.
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1:09 AM BBT

Audio is off on feeds 1-3 in the LR. In the WA Neda and Rachelle are talking while Neda is getting ready for bed it looks like.

1:30 AM BBT

Feeds have been flipping back and forth between Hoth and live feeds. Sabrina says goodnight in the WA. Allison is getting ready. Sarah says goodnight. Neda is still getting ready. Andrew also came in to the WA.

1:28 AM BBT

Lights are still on in the BR but no audio. Sabrina is talking to someone that I can’t see. Neda just walked in. In the HOH Arlie is speaking to Ika. They are saying Sabrina tricked Andrew into telling her that he was kissing Allison. Andrew seems to be annoying Ika. He told her keeping Paul is bad for his and Kenny’s game. She doesn’t care. The girls think Arlie is going with the boys but Ika thinks they are using him. Arlie plans on calming those things down as the weeks move on.

1:33 AM BBT

If Arlie wins HOH he says he won’t put up Ika. He goes to get food. Feed moves to the WA with Andrew and Allison and Andrew just tried to sneak a kiss but Allison gave him a tiny playful slap on the face.

1:47 AM BBT

Feed has moved to the Supply room with Sabrina, Neda and Andrew. General chit chat as they move to the KT. Arlie has joined them. In the BR lights are almost off.

1:57 AM BBT

Allison, Sabrina, Neda and Andrew are all in the KT. Andrew made Sabrina a grilled cheese.

2:02 AM BBT

Neda and Sabrina head off to bed. Andrew and Allison are in the kitchen and are flossing. They have now moved to the BY on the hammock.

2:13 AM BBT

It’s hard to hear Andrew in the BY. Allison is easier to hear. Allison is trusting him. They are playing with each other’s hands. Allison would like it if he wins HOH next week and then her the following.

2:20 AM BBT

Allison things the girls hate her. Andrew thinks Sabrina and Sarah like her. Allison thinks Arlie is afraid to talk game with her. Andrew says he would go for Allison in the real world but she doesn’t sound convinced.

2:30 AM BBT

Allison had a boyfriend but separated going into the house so she’s coming in single. He may not be there when she gets back due to a job in another country.

2:50 AM BBT

They are talking jury house. You want to be in there with people they like. Andrew mentioned no cameras in the JH with a smile on his face. They are talking general game play. No real specifics.

2:58 AM BBT

Andrew and Allison are kissing on the hammock and trying to hide under the blanket.

3:06 AM BBT

Andrew and Allison are still kissing and joking. They don’t seem to be heading off to bed anytime soon but I must. Night all.

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8:37AM BBT: All HG's still sleeping.

9:18AM BBT: BB is letting the HG's sleep in, HG's still sleeping.

9:38AM BBT: Kenny/Sarah in the WA, Allison/Jon/Paul up in the have-not room, Andrew downstair in the pantry, No audio so far though.

9:43AM BBT: Jon/Adel/Sabrina/Sarah/Heather/Arlie in the WA doing ADL's w/ Andrew in passing out batteries. Kenny is downstairs making breakfast w/Allison in the LR. Jon announces that he has lost almost 15 pounds on slop. Sabrina says OMG I am going on slop! 9:51AM BBT: Kenny/Paul/Allison in the LR. Kenny and Allison discussing their workout session for today and how they don't want to make themselves too sore because they don't know what tomorrow's comp might be.

9:56AM BBT: Andrew and Heather in the KT making breakfast. Jon/Arlie has joined Allison/Paul/Kenny in the living discussing how people get rid of tape worm. Kenny said his mother told him tapeworm came from eating too much sugar. He said his mother is a nurse and she would use the fact that she was and mix it w/ whatever lesson she was trying to teach him.

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10:01AM BBT: Kenny telling Allison that if he doesn't have his contacts in he can't hear. He says he has bad hearing and eyesight and when he can't see people he can't read their lips. Jon comes back into the LR and Allison says what up tapeworm referring to how much weight he has lost. Talk then turns to music and movies.

10:07AM BBT: Arlie and Adel in the BY. Adel: I don't want to lie about the power and say that I can take down both nominee's because that is too crazy of a power. Arlie: It looks like Paul is going home this week and you are going to go up next week to flush it out. If you don't want to lie I respect that just thought the lie might scare some people. Just take some time and think about it.

10:11AM BBT: Sarah and Ro in the BR getting dressed. Andrew/Kenny/Paul/Arlie/Jon/Allison in the LR swapping fishing stories.

10:16AM BBT: LR crew talking about stink bombs, rotting meat and milk, how much they are going to drink after they get out, and movie yet again. The other two camera's on Adel and Neda in the BR getting dressed w/ Adel telling her that he has the Canada's veto where it activates during the veto ceremony and he can take some off the block. Neda: I would tell anybody about the power because someone may put you up to try and get rid of their power. Adel: Yeah that is going to happen anyway I know the boys have more in their alliance than just the boys I don't know who but theirs more. Neda: What are you going to do if Andrew is HOH? Adel: I will go to him and say listen if you put me up I am going to take myself off and put Kenny up so if you want to loose your closest friend in the game than put me up. 10:29AM BBT:Jon/Arlie/Andrew/Allison/Kenny/Neda/Ro are all in the LR now discussing that they have been in the house for 4 wks. Talk then turn about Neda licking his in his sleep last night and what could poss. be on the bottom of his feet.

10:35AM BBT: Paul and Adel in the BY. Adel I am gonna keep trying as much as I can today. Paul: Either way I am prepared to deal w/ what ever happens. Adel: I still have to try I can't give up you are all I have.

10:38Am BBT: Adel and Sarah in the pantry. Adel: Explains that the power he has is that he can take someone off the block and that he is going to put up someone best friend if they put him up. Sarah: I love the funny Adel and no one wants to get rid of funny Adel so just be yourself. Arlie then walks in and Adel walks out. Sarah: I think I can vote to keep Paul I have Kenny going along w/ the fact that it will expose me too much. Arlie: I think we should get rid of Paul because the other side is gaining strenght and if Paul goes Adel will but completely on our side. Sarah: Ok we will talk about it later. Arlie: I promise I won't change my mind anymore.

10:47AM BBT: Adel is now in the bedroom talking to Andrew. Adel is now showing Andrew the veto power he has. Andrew asks so why are you showing me this? Adel: All I know is if Paul leaves I have no alliance in this game. I am going to use this to take myself off the block and put someone's best friend in house up. Andrew: It's pretty obvious that Ika and you have something going on, so if she goes up then you would want to use it on her. You are a good person I don't like the way Kyle acted and Paul has said some things about me that I can't forget. I like you outside of this game I think we would hang out. I should have befriended you earlier in the game. I tell you what, you do what you have to do. You do have the power to make it to jury. If I get HOH you are not who I would be going after and same goes for next week. Just use is to further you game

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10:59AM BBT: Adel and Andrew still talking. Adel: I am just using this power to save my butt. I will still have 1 wk after this pass is over until jury and I don't want to have everyone mad at me that last wk. Andrew: Use this to make deals if you feel you can make a w/ me deal maybe that will work. Adel: Paul always tells me that I am going to be aligned w/you. I always told him no I am on the outs and he will never trust me. Andrew: That's not true I like you. Adel: My goal is to make it for next two wk. and not make anyone mad at me. Andrew: Well cool it sounds like you have an easy two weeks and just let me know if you want to talk anymore. #11:09AM BBT: Adel and Paul outside playing a game called "Places" where you say a place and the next person has to name a place that ends with the same letter of the place you just named. Sabrina think Arkansas ends in a W and then Paul thinks Wyoming starts w/ a Y. #11:14AM BBT: Allison/Neda/Andrew/Arlie/Sarah in the LR not much talk going on most seem tired. Heather doing her hair and Jon showering in the WA.

11:19AM BBT: Andrew and Sabrina talking in the pantry. Andrew is telling Sabrina about what him and Adel talked about. Being honest w/ her. Sabrina: Are you going to make him use it? I think he lied about it being 2 wk. I think you should make him use it. Andrew: I don't think he lied unless he just became a great actor. I think one of us can make a deal to get him to take someone off the block if we need him to. Sabrina: He is not going to use it to take one us off. Andrew: He might you never know. Sabrina: Should who do you want out next. Ika? Andrew: yes, I can't stand her.

11:31AM BBT: Adel and Paul in the BY talking about love and what that means to them. Adel: I believe in love at first sight but you have to work at it. Paul: I think love means something different to everyone.

11:37AM BBT: Sabrina/Ro/Ika in the HOH WA. Ika is they are coming after my next wk. I am gonna f*** s*** up for them. Sabrina: No don't don't do that, then yo will for sure go. They will want to get Paul out before you.

11:44AM BBT: Sarah/Allison/Andrew in the BR. Sarah: I was just telling Allison I am voting w/ you. I think it is better for my game and I am just going to lay my cards on the table. The girls already don't trust me and if someone flips then they said it will be me and we do have Sabby over there. Andrew: Good, but just know I want you to do this for your game. Sarah: Completely. Neda walks in the room Andrew leaves and talk turns to hockey.

11:49AM BBT: Arlie/Jon/Kenny/Andrew at the HT. Andrew is telling the guys about his convo w/ Adel. Then a commercial, when the feds come back Kenny talking about Ika telling him she feels like she was made to do what she didn't want to do for her HOH. Kenny: I didn't tell you to do anything I told you I don't trust the new girl and I don't know what she is doing. Andrew: She is going to vote w/us. I am 100% sure that it is going to go our way as of right now. Kenny: Good Andrew: This thing with Adel he is lost and is just looking to make it to jury. I am not saying we can promise that but maybe he can use it to take one off us off the block if we need him to. Jon: I think maybe we should leave him off the block next wk. so he has it the wk. after.

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12:07 PM BBT Andrew and Kenny in the kitchen, Andrew talk about the floods last year in his area of Alberta, his mom called him to say she was
being evacuated, Andrew went to pick her up and they went for drinks at a bar. His mom asked;'are you sure we should be doing this?" Andrew;" This is what we do
in case of a disaster."

12:11 PM BBT Andrew tells Kenny, "Ika has a great back side, but she`s a b****."

12:18 PM BBT Kenny;'Arlie has no clue what is going on, he is the ultimate floter," Andrew;'He`s a lost puppy'. Kenny tells Andrew Arlie said;'Nobody tells me
anything." Andrew;'Unless he`s been fooling us' . Arlie walks into the kitchen, Andrew asks Arlie if he will be changing his hair or keeping it the
same for the next few days. Kenny;'I have to start working out soon" Andrew;'me too, but my knee hurts' Andrew;' I might go for a run' .'Andrew;' let`s go for a
hot tub' Kenny;' But Paul may be going out there.' Kenny;'But it`ll take him 20 mins, we`ve got time to race him to it' . Then Kenny and Andrew run upstairs
to get hot tub ready.
12:18 PM BBT Arlie, Andrew, Kenny, make their way outside and get into the hotub. Arlie got in with his mic pack. Kenny says;'he wishes he had
12k beers' Kenny;'the girls are all in the room, having a meeting, I love it when they do this, cause they come back with more info for us'

12:23 PM BBT Kenny ;'Heather will jump ship now'. Heather walks into the hot tub room, with a blanket wraped around her, and finds a seat.
Andrew;'Please big brother give us a St Patricks day parade.' Kenny;'I could drink so many beers right now.' Jon, Allison and Sabrina just walked in.
Andrew;'which button makes bubbles?' Kenny;'just press them all and see what happens'. Andrew;'that`s ok , I just made my own bubbles'

12:23 PM BBT Sabrina talking about how she bought an expensive winter hat while in L.A. Talk turns to different ski resorts. Andrew
mentions Charmonix France. Kenny asks;' Is that a real place?' Then Kenny says ;'charmonix'

12:23 PM BBT Sabrina and Sarah in the kitchen. Sabrina says she hates when Andrew speaks to her in french of the others, it makes it look like they are being suspicious.
Sabrina says Adel told Andrew about the special power. Sarah;' Yes I know' Sabrina;' What do you mean you know ?' Sarah;' Well, I just found out.'
Sabrina;'Andrew wants Ika to leave next week, but it better be followed by new girl.'

12:40 PM BBT Sarah;'I think I might be the sacrificial lamb, and change my vote' I wanted to pretend to cry and go to Ika, and say I had a rough morning and miss my
kids. Sabrina;'I only want to be final 2 with you, your the only one who has not back stabbed me'

12:40 PM BBT Sabrina;'If we get rid of Paul, the boys will go after Ika.' Sarah says she feels excluded by the girls. And finds she is not
receiving a lot of info from the girls. Sabrina;'I think there might be something between Neda and Jon, in the form of an alliance' Sarah;' I will go
and test Neda, I will feed her info of, I have been crying cause Heather reminded me I swore on my children, I wouldn`t vote her out, we`ll see if
that info gets back to the girls. Sabrina;'Yes, do that'

12:50 PM BBT In the Kitchen with Andrew, Kenny and Sabrina. Sabrina talking to Kenny ;'Ika says you guys were talking game in the HOH room and you didn`t know Ika was there
until she dropped her curling iron, and you said you didn`t like me. I hope that`s not true cause I like you.' Andrew to Sabrina;' Adel showed us his
special power, it`s canada`s veto and it`s good for 2 weeks'. Sabrina ;'I don`t think it`s for 2 weeks, I think he `s tricking you guys'
Kenny;'I`m tired now I should go for a run.'

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01:07 PM BBT Allison and Sarah, upstairs sitting on the white chairs. Allison;'you were going to get rid of Heather but now you want to change it?'
Sarah;'yes'. 'I also talked to Arlie, and he`s for it as well. we`ll upset 3 girls.' 'It will put Ika on the outs. I also think I should blindside them,
that way Ika won`t have a back up plan, in the next 24 hrs. Allison;'I think your right not to give her a chance to make a plan' Sarah;'I do love Sabrina,
I believe we can trust her, and she places us in a good position with the girls.' Allison;'She did tell me I can trust her, I have no choice'

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1:29PM BBT: Sabrina/Sarah in the pantry. Sarah is telling Sabina about her convo with Allison and how Sarah thinks they should blindside the girls w/ her and Allison's vote t evict Paul. Andrew walk in and talk turns to what Sabrina and Andrew are going to cook.

1:33PM BBT: Ika and Heather in the HOH. Ika is telling her how she doesn't like Ro as much as she thinks I do. She has talked about me behind my back and doesn't take ownership for anything she says. She goes on tho say Sabrina like to play the victim. She says stuff out of her a** and then forgets what she says.

1:39PM BBT: Andrew/Kenny/Sabrina in the KT making lunch. Adel walks by and Sabrina says I don't trust him at all. Andrew: No.

1:41PM BBT: Andrew/Arlie/Allison/Neda/Ro on the couch talkign about how bored but are but at least this is the last day for a couple that they have to be. Talk then switches to how they feel like they have to be quite in the DR because people might hear and how Peter would have been in trouble. Sabrina moves back to the KT and asks Kenny Are you putting her up?(Ika) Kenny:Yeah. Sabrina: Cause someone is not. (I think she may be referring to Adel) Kenny: I know.

1:47PM BBT: Ika and Heather in the HOH. Ika: Sabrina talks about everyone but the minute that someone says something bad about her she cries. She is an emotional wreck. Heather: She makes everything a bigger deal than it is. Ika: She takes things that you say out of context and uses it against you. Heather: She is trying to get the new girl by the way. She is trying to get close w/ Adel. Ika: The only reason why I stay close to her is because I have a cold personality and if me and her fight I come off looking worse than she does. Heather: I think Ro and Sabrina have something because I overheard them saying

2:00PM BBT: Jon/Arlie/Neda on the couch Jon: English is your second language right? Neda: Yeah I didn't move her until I was seven. Jon: Say something in persian. Neda: I can understand perfectly but I always speak back in English. Adel/Ika in the HOH. Ika: They are coming after me next wk because they say keeping Paul is bad for Andrew's game I don't care I didn't came here to play is game. Adel: If I win they are going up. Arlie comes in and asks if he can use her shower she says yes it is fine. Talk then stops and Ika leaves while Adel listens to music. I have you and you have me. Ika: I remember I have to stay on her good side. 2:09PM BBT: Sabrina/Ika/Ro in the WA Sabrina: Did Adel tell you about the power. Ika: No he did not tell me I think it is so funny that people think I am working w/ him and he didn't tell me anything. Sabrina: He didn't tell me either. He is spending more time w/ the guys and he is going to put us up. Sabrina I don't want to be a b**** but swear to me he didn't tell you. Ro: He didn't tell me. Ika: He didn't tell me but I am not swearing on anything if I want to swear on something I will do it on my own free will. Sabrina: Great then I won't swear on anything again and you guys can just take my word for it. Ika walks out and Sabrina looks at Ro and says Adel told her, the fact that she acted that way means I can't trust her. She just screwed herself w/ me. You better not tell her anything. Ro: I won't.

2:30 BBT: Jon is in the HOH and Heather walks in to tell him the food was done and then tells him that Andrew and Sabrina just got into it. Andrew was joking about how women can't do anything but he was just talking about how great women are so he was just joking and Sabrina got upset then Andrew told her she was to emotional and now she is mad and doesn't want to talk to him right now.

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4:00PM BBT HG are chillin' in the BY. Ika is in the bike not working out just sitting on it, she pedals a bit and stops. Sabrina is with her but on the yoga ball. Small talk. Then some whispers. We can see the rest of the HG around the hammock.

4:05PMBBT: The HG have been locked in the BY for awhile. BB announces that "Nap time is over!"

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2:30-4:00PMBBT: Nothing has happened in the past 90 minutes. BYLD, hammock party, Arlie is being loud, Jon is being goofy, some HG attempting to nap, Adel looking happy hanging out with the others, Sabrina is spreading her paranoia to whomever she can corner. She was with Andrew by the pool and then Ika by the bike.

4:15PMBBT: Ika is praising Sabrina's "realness" right now. Sabrina says "Well you know me!" Ika agrees. (Sabrina is slick. Everyone thinks she is on their team) Sabrina and Ika continue to whisper and are talking about Rachelle, Heather, Alison. It seems Rachelle is the hot topic today.

4:20PMBBT: Feeds 1 and 2 are on Ika and Sabrina. 3 and 4 are HotH. Ika is telling Sabrina about what Heather has said. One day Heather walked into the HoHR and Sabrina was touching Rachelle's leg and saying to her that she had the house and she had Rachelle's back. Sabrina says "Ya I probably said that." She and Ika laugh. Ika says "And that is why Heather is leaving this week." They giggle and laugh. Sabrina is now trying to lift weights. Alison is yelling to her to lift with a squat or she will hurt her back. Sabrina falls over with the weights laughing. (She will complain about a sore back tomorrow)

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4:30PMBBT: Ika and Sabrina's bashfest continues. Nothing we haven't heard before. Ika thinks she is the biggest target. Sabrina wonders if everyone likes her. She asks Ika if she could be in the final 2. Ika says she is probably closer than anyone. BB has told some of the hammock party peeps to wake up a few times. BB then says "Rachelle!" She is dozing.

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4:36PMBBT: Ika and Sabrina walk over to check Ika's laundry. It is still damp. She tries to figure out the dryer. The hammock party does a shuffle. Rachelle and Neda are now out by the HT chatting. They are confused as to what is happening in the house. They want to work with Adel to get Heather out. Ika and Sabrina are now out there as well. They say it is drizzling and kind of cold but they all are sitting down. They wonder why BB won't let them sleep on this LD.

4:43PMBBT: BB "HG this is your 3 minute warning. The BY will be off limits in 3 minutes!" The house is now open and there is a new mug on the counter with a face pic on it. They all think a new HG is coming in now.

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4:48PMBBT: Jon "What they do is, they get an 80 yr old man to walk down the stairs and put the cup there! That is why it takes an hour and a half every single time!" The HG laugh. The theories about what the cup means fly around the kitchen. Kenny thinks new mug, new person. Arlie wants more single girls. Alison asks if he is clairvoyant and he says "Yes and it has happened to me before, dreams of singe girls!" Kenny says "Random girl, thank you for the mug!"

4:52PMBBT: Kenny doesn't think BB "Would go to this much trouble to put some fans face on a mug!" It looks like the same girl. Some think it is a new face.

4:55PMBBT: Ika and Andrew are in the HoHR. Andrew calls her out for being pissed at him the past few days. She says that if she is pissed, you will know, she is not fake. He says he can appreciate that. They are now in a debate about who should be going home. He wants her to get what she can out of the HoH but, he has to play this game too. Ika is afraid of Heather retaliating if she wins HoH in the future. Ika is laying it on thick with Andrew about Sabrina and how much Sabrina cares about him.

5:00PMBBT: Ika swears on everything that Andrew was never a target for her and she starts to cry and gets emotional. They hug, they continue to talk. He is just annoyed with Paul still being in the house. He knows Paul doesn't like him and wants him out so he is frustrated with the way it is playing out. He says it is the only reason that he was frustrated. Ika says she doesn't want Andrew to think that Paul is staying because Ika is going after them.

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5:10PMBBT: Neda brings out the batteries from the SR. Arlie, Alison, Andrew, Heather, Sarah and Kenny are switching them out at the DT. Feeds 1 and 2 are on HotH. The audio is horridly low right now.

5:15PMBBT: Arlie has a steak knife and has his hand spread out, playing that stab between the fingers game. Alison tries to take it from him. She hates knives and doesn't trust them. Arlie stops after about 30 seconds. Some HG are milling around the KT for food. Not a lot of talk and no game chat at all.

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5:20PMBBT: Alison says she has decided that she was Canada's vote. Kenny is still thinking that someone else is coming in. Jon is spinning a glass and it falls over, he does it again. Arlie says "Oh! That could be the twist!" Arlie says that they are all actors and Alison has actually already won the game. Rachelle and Ika are in the HOHR. Ika tells her about the talk earlier with Andrew. Ika "I had to pull out my inner Hallie Berry girl!" As she explains how she lied to Andrew about her plans in the game.

5:25PMBBT: Rachelle and Ika continue to talk in the HoHR. Sarah and Sabrina are talking in the BR. Sarah is still unsure as to what she is going to do. "I have literally gone back and forth in my head a thousand times. I don't know what to do." Sarah doesn't feel uncomfortable with either decision, she just wants to make the right one.

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07:47 PM BBT Kenny and Andrew in the kitchen. Kenny;'There is a meeting scheduled for tonight.' Andrew;'Just be super calm about it.' Kenny;'I need the
conversation between you and me and go to her with a firm no.' Andrew;'Don`t say I said no.' Andrew ;'that`s why she turned the water works on with
me upstairs'.'She cried, and says she cares so much about me.' Kenny;'Does she not know the guys talk?' Andrew;'She`s so full of sh***" Arlie, Paul,
Heather walk into the kitchen.

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07:54 PM BBT Arlie, Kenny, Andrew, upstairs on the black chairs. Kenny;'I`m gonna speak to her again tonight,' speaking about Sarah.
Arlie;'I`ll have one with her too'.

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07:56 pm BBT Kenny sees Sarah and calls her over for a chat, they walk over to the white chairs. Kenny;'Leaving Paul in the house would be a
massive detriment to us'. Sarah;' Ok, I`m on board with that.''I was a little bit nerveous about us trying to do something so shifty.' Kenny;'I was speaking
to Andrew, and we want to see her face when she realizes she doesn`t have the power she thinks she does'

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07:56 pm BBT Kenny and Sarah, on the white chairs upstairs. Sarah;'I am on board 100% there is a side of me that feels terrible. I know you guys all want that anyway. Sabrina is voting with the girls, I am the only one who will have that awkward feeling tomorrow. And people will be pointing and whispering. Knowing that you F*** them over' Kenny;'They`re gonna talk regardless.' Sarah;'I agree.' 'I just have a hard time hurting people that`s all.'

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08:15 pm BBT Paul and Adel in the have not room, Paul is making some Ping Pong Paddles. Adel is giving him tips on making them more sturdy.
Adel;'There was this kid at my school who was the biggest non athletic regular person. He wasn`t a bad kid. Just unathletic. When we played bassball at
school he was always the last to bat. And the teacher was the pitcher. And so this kid`s turn comes up, he gets on the plate and the teacher had to
stand close to pitch to us, underhand. First swing he misses, second swing what does he do? He follows through and he almost takes the back catchers
head off. Third swing Paul, epic strike out, the guy spins, let`s go of the bassball bat, bat goes flying hits the teacher in his left shin, and the
teacher fell on his ass. The teacher starts swearing at him. We were all in grade 8. They sent him to the principals office.

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08:33 pm BBT Paul and Adel have now set up a mini net on the kitchen table and are having fun playing ping pong with the kit Paul made.

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09:58 pm BBT Andrew entertaining the girls in the kitchen, doing accents while cooking vegetables.

08:58 pm BBT Sabrina and Ika in the HOH room drawing a bath. Sabrina pretending to do a goodbye message;'Hey Heather, I wanted you out, cause you
went to my best friend in the house, and told her I was plotting and scheming against her. Well I was plotting against you. And now you`ll be enjoying me with
William from home, enjoy your cookies !' Ika;' OMG Sabrina'

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09:17 pm BBT Sabrina and Ika in the HOH room drawing a bath. Ika;'Heather told me you said, everybody is afraid of Ika.'

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