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Saturday, March 15 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment]around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), The current

Big Brother Time: 02:28:20 AM

Daylight Saving Time starts Sunday, March 9, 2014 at 2:00 AM (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We may have several HGs with names which start with the same letter.

To better help you identify the HGs, we made this guide you can print out and refer to until you get to know who's who. http://mortystv.com/...da_HG_Guide.pdf

Try to be consistent with abbreviations, like:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)

War Room (WR)

War Room Three (WR3)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the open thread of the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...een-caps-media/

If you post questions or start conversations with each other here, they will be deleted.

Thank you!

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2:11 AM BBT

Feeds 1 & 2 on houseguests sleeping in the darkened bedroom.

Feeds 3 & 4 on Allison and Andrew on the hammock in the backyard. (They are lying on the hammock in opposite directions, so they can face each other.)

Allison: Did you have braces? You have nice teeth. Straight.

Andrew: You have a nice smile as well.

Talk about braces and dental care continues.

Allsion has 2 crowns. "My enamel is shit," she says.

Root canal, fillings, etc.

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12:50 AM BBT

Paul and Adel are in the HT. Allison, Andrew and Sarah (I think) are in the BY. Kenny just joined them. They are talking about Allison’s job. And now have moved into Heather’s cake. It wasn’t good apparently.

12: 59 AM BBT

Adel was just called to the DR. BB asked the HG to stop talking about production. Sabrina has joined them in the BY. Lights are out in the BR. In the BY they are talking berries.

1:09 AM BBT

Sarah and Sabrina are heading to bed. Allison, Kenny and Andrew are left in the BY. Kenny is now heading for bed. Allison thinks the girls hate her because she’s hanging out with the guys.

1:14 AM BBT

Andrew says girls are mean to each other. Sabrina and Sarah like Allison. They are talking about what the first week is about – getting to know each other – Allison wishes she wasn’t at that point when everyone else is already past it.

1:27 AM BBT

Allison and Andrew are reviewing the HOH comps. Now they have moved onto beer and Newfoundland and general chit chat.

1:36 AM BBT

They are talking about Heather. Andrew feels her dumb blonde act is part real and part fake and that she uses it in the real world. Allison felt Andrew would get a very big man cold and Andrew said she nailed it and talked about how he was sick on the 3rd day.

1:43 AM BBT

Allison is talking about how much she is impressed by Dan G. He tweeted her back once and she went crazy. Allison has gone to the WC and Andrew is making more tea.

2:00 AM BBT

Allison and Andrew are back in the BY and are talking about travel. Now they have moved onto BB. Andrew is in it for the challenge and adventure. They are wondering how many applied and then decided they aren’t supposed to be talking about this.

2:11 AM BBT

Allison is talking about work. She is casual, no benefits. Andrew wondered why she didn’t move. Allison asked Andrew how he fared in the floods last year. He was fine but his work was shut down for a week.

2:36 AM BBT

Still general chit chat about working out, teeth etc. A little flirting between the two also.

2:51 AM BBT

Allison spent last summer eating poutine every day and beat friends in poutine eating contests. Andrew would like the opportunity to not work nights anymore. Allison is talking about how she kicked Kenny off Facebook. Allison needs to talk with the girls more tomorrow.

3:01 AM BBT

Allison and Andrew are off to bed. Goodnight all!

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8:54AM BBT: Feeds on HoTH.

9:23AM BBT: Most HG's doing ADL's Jon/Arlie/Ika in HOH talking about Ika's family and friends.

9:30AM BBT: BB come over the loud speaker and announces that there will be an LD in 30 min. and that the HOH will be called to the DR in 15 min.

9:39AM BBT: Most girls still doing ADL's. Andrew downstairs making bacon and eggs for everyone. Not much going on right now.

9:44AM BBT: BB announces the house will be off limits in 15 mins. then HoTH.

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12:10pm the guys are talking Kenny andrew, jon, arlie,and adel. while the girls are in the hoh room talking.

12:15pm Sarah is talking about Allison saying that she is the threat right now. Ika says that Andrew and
Adel told her that they wouldnt come after her next week if they win hoh.

12:20pm BBT the girls Rachelle, Neda, Sarah, Sabrina and Ika are in the hoh room they have been talking, now about the next hoh comp and who can win it. Heather and Allison are sitting drinking coffee talking, oh sorry Sabrina is with Heather and Allison not in HOH. the girls are actually in the bedroom not in hoh sorry.

12:25pm BBT Heather is now in the bedroom with the girls, talking. Adel comes in and goes out an we have the foth on three screens now

12:30pm BBT Rachelle is singing BB says please stop sining Jon is just laying in the bed.

12:35pm BBT Hather, Sarah, Jon and Neda are in the room talking Andrew and Kenny come in Andrew is looking for his smokes, which are missing.

12:40pm BBT Everyone is looking for Andrews smokes he is missing 10 packs of smokes.

12:45pm BBT while everyone was looking for Andrews smokes Adel and Sabrina were in the bathroom Sabrina leaves telling Adel we are good Paul says its just a game I dont take anything personally. Jon asked Andrew if he wants the golden potatoe Andrew says no. Ika says maaybe bb tasks someone to take Andrews smokes???

12:50pm BBT Ika is talking to Sarah saying that Kyle told her not to trust Rachelle. in the room they are talking about when pov will be. they still havent found Andrews smokes.

12:55pm BBT Sarah is telling Jon that she doesnt trust the new girl (Allison) Ika and Arlie are at the counter talking about the missing smokes.

1:00pm BBT Heather, Sarah, Rachelle, Andrew and Kenny are talking upstairs by the door.

1:05pm BBT its really hot in the bedroom, but Kenny tells Jon that Ika doesnt want to get her hands dirty so she has now made a deal with Adel and next week they will be coming after both of them.

1:10pm BBT Jon, Adel, Paul and Neda are in the KT area, Andew and Allison are in the bedroom talking but there is no sound on.

1:15pm BBT only one feed on Andew and Allison in the bedroom talking no game talk all other feeds on the foth.

1:20pm BBT still just Andrew and Allison talking about trusting people. or not trusting people.

1:25 feeds go to the foth for a minute then back on.

1:30pm BBT feed back everyone is in the BR all other screens on the foth.

1:35pm BBT everyone has just been sitting around talking no game talk paul is talking about how much he loves snakes.

1:40pm BBT looks like its nap time in the BB house Rachelle and Jon are in the same bed sleeping and Allison and Sarah are laying on the bed talking Neda is sleeping. so is Andew.

1:45pm BBT yup its nap time

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4:23PM BBT Feeds back. In HoH Ika,Allison Neda Heather and chit chatting. While in the KT Sarah Jon, Kenny Andrew talking about potatoes.

4:30 PM BBT Sarah and Sbrina under the stairs talking about Allison how fake is she since she came in the house. Sarah said she is the last to know anything in the house she wants Heather gone. No sign yet who Won PoV.

4:35PM BBT Kenny,Jon and Andrew going over the order of eviction. Kenny said he is worried of Allison Jon said all they have to do is make her comfortable with them for it to work. Kenny said Adel have no alliance with no one so they can work with him for a while then evict him next.

4:41PM BBT Kenny told Jon Ika should be next on the Radar maybe BD her if possible.

4:43 PM BBT Looks like a HoH Party everyone is now in HoH very loud. Lots of jokes.

4:48 PM Paul is standing there like a stranger. Neda said that Jon smells really bad because he did not take a shower for days. So strange Andrew asked Sabrina if it is a physical or puzzle so maybe the PoV is still to come.

4:52 PM BBT Paul is now in the KT talking alone he said if Andrew win PoV they would put up Adel.

4:58 PM BBT Ika and Heather in the WA talking Heather told Ika that Rachelle and Sarah have a alliance.

5:05 PM BBT General chit chat in the HoHR everyone but Paul in there.

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5:15 PM BBT Sabrina asks if she is allowed to sleep in the BR still lots of talking going on in HoHR

5:21 PM BBT Ika and Heather in WA getting ready for what I believe is the long awaited PoV. Paul enter the WA while Neda and Rachelle getting ready no one speaks to Paul. Ika is looking for her head wrap.

5:27 PM BBT Ika and Sarah going over what they can do for next week, Sarah said that Heather is talking bad about them to everyone. Ika said the boys Andrew and Kenny may loose trust in them. Sarah asks Ika if Heather said if she was close to the boys. Ika reply that Heather was close to Jon.

5:37 PM BBT Ika Rachelle and Neda chit chatting in front of HoHR.

5:46 PM BBT Sabrina and Andrew cooking in KT Sabrina told Andrew she can tell that he like Allison.

5:53 PM BBT So Andrew and Sabrina decides to talk French to us. Heather is using her ancient British accent.

6:02 PM BBT We have HoTH we are hoping it is PoV time.

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6:15 PM Feeds back Sabrina and Rachelle cleaning the KT.

6:22 PM BBT Sabrina told Rachelle she is counting down the days until she win the money they would go shopping. Arlie and Sarah in SR talking Sarah said everyone in the house is playing the game so hard.

6:35 PM BBT Ika and Sabrina in KT Ika said her Landlord is Italian and very supportive to her family. Sarah is now talking to Sabrina Sarah asks if they should tell the boys that they are changing their plan.

6:42 PM BBT Andrew Allison Kenny Arlie Heather on the couch general chit chat.

6:46 PM BBT Kenny is cleaning the WA Every chance Kenny gets he complains about Allison to Sabrina.

6:50 PM BBT Ika and Rachelle in HoHR Ika repeat what Heather told her earlier. Ika confirm that Heather would be going home and they would keep Paul to take on the boys. Rachelle said Heather would see her on tv soon when she goes home.

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7:04PM BBT: Sabrina, Ika and Rachelle in the HOHR considering all options, whether or not Heather wins and takes herself off or Paul winning veto and what they will do. Adel will be going up.

7:09PM BBT: Most of the HGs in the bathroom (Sarah, Kenny, Andrew, Allison, Sabrina, Rachelle and Jon). Talking about Jon and slop getting to him, Kenny's cleanliness and how clean the bathroom is and just general conversation. (Sarah calls Allison, "new girl")

7:13pm BBT: Other HGs on the green couches, many conversations happening at times - Arlie talking about leasing and owning cars (his knowledge from being a car salesman). Arlie getting fired from his job, he was told commitment level was low - Arlie says thats because BB starting happening for him. Ika saying how good he would be as a car salesman. Arlie talking up that job and how much he loved the people then laughs and says sucks to be them now, i could get a ton of people in. People go into conversations about being fired from jobs.

7:15pm BBT: 2 of 4 cams still FotH.

7:19pm BBT: Sabrina and Sarah in HOH talking about who needs to go versus who needs to stay. Sarah telling Sabrina her convo with Kenny. Sarah telling about her commitment to the girls but the alliance being exposed. Ika comes into the HOH room for the bathroom, and Sarah looked unimpressed about being interrupted in convo. Heather enters and says "the guys are really adopting her". Sarah asks what she means and Heather says how Allison is really working with the guys. Sarah says that she's dumb that she's not playing the game right and not fitting in with the girls. Sarah says how there are a couple of guys who aren't big fans. Sabrina is stressing out over it. They all agree to like Allison and think she's a nice girl but there is too much unknown about it. Sarah says that she totally throws off what they know and therefore they don't like it.

7:23pm BBT: Heather makes the point that, only Canada knew they were running low. None of the HGs knew he was running low. So clearly Canada voted. Talk of Kyle taking them started, Sabrina says no because BB notes what they take in and out. Ika called to DR.

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7:29PM BBT: Most HGs on the green couches. Lots of convos happening. Sabrina asks Arlie about his cigarettes and makes a weird face when he says no. [Personally, I think she took them... placing my bet now.]

7:35pm BBT: Paul is the only one not on the green couches, feeds switch to him in the kitchen pacing and huffing and puffing. He stands at the counter watching all other HGs, slowly he makes a nice meal of slop, while making grunting noises.

7:41PM BBT: Both feeds on Paul and his bowl of slop that he has stirred for a good three minutes before eating.

7:48PM BBT: Paul joins the rest of the HGs on the green couches. Playing a game about winking at each other, Sarah calls it "Murder Wink". They only get one guess? Lots of laughing from everyone.

7:55pm BBT: Heather leaves to go make frozen hot chocolates while the other HGs play more "Murder Wink" and lots more giggling.

7:58PM BBT: New game, something about movements and a chain reaction and guessing whose starting it. But game ends up being too easy to guess so they go back to "Murder Wink". Talking about playing "truth or dare" next time they are drunk, because its a good idea on TV.

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8:03PM BBT: Ika comes downstairs and asks if they are getting ready for the POV and they said they don't know it was up on the screen and now it is not. Jon mentions that the same thing happened last wk.

8:08M BBT: Allison is preparing some slop. Andrew sitting there flittering w /her. General chit chat from what I can see only two camera's on right now both are downstairs.

8:23PM BBT: Jon has now stripped down to his undies just sitting on the couch w/ everyone lots of talking and joking.

8:31PM BBT: Feeds cut to FoTH.

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10:30PM BBT: Let's have another trivia question! How did Alec betray Topaz?

10:52PM BBT: Trivia answer- Alec betrayed Topaz but evicting AJ over Andrew.

11:18PM BBT: Still HoTH. Hopefully the feeds will be up soon and we will know the new POV winner.
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