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Houseguest thread: Anick Gervais


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Anick Gervais

Age: 28

Hometown: Hanmer, ON

Occupation: Reiki Master

Describe yourself in three words: Eclectic, outgoing, and spiritual.

Who is your Big Brother idol (any season, any country) and why?

I would probably say Dr. Will Kirby (BBUS2 and BBUS7) because he was in the background the whole time and was really good with creating a strategy. He really manipulated the whole house into believing things he wanted them to. That’s kind of like what I would like to do.

Side Show Showdown! Who would you take to final two, Gary Levy or Peter Brown, and why?

I would take Peter because I feel like he wouldn’t be a threat to me whatsoever. I would probably win over him athletically and mentally.

What prized possession (person, place, or thing) will you miss most and least?

Most: My friends. I’m surrounded by the best people, and they love me to pieces. They’ve always been there for me and they make me feel normal – I’m not really. They just love me for who I am and they bring me back to center when I go off into my little different realities.

Least: Nothing. Even though I do love my life.

Brain vs. Brawn. Which challenges, physical or mental, do you fear most?

I fear mental the most. I feel like I will be a competitor in the mental games, but I don’t really have a good memory for details like shipments of apples that come into the house or the order of things.

Do you have a strategy going in to the house?

My strategy has many different layers. It’s kind of a no-strategy-strategy. It depends on all the variables in the house. My strategy is to leave it up to destiny because I really believe in that and it brought me to where I am now. I will be true to myself and keep meditating so I have a focused mind. I will be asking the universe what I should do in the house.

What is your biggest pet peeve about other people?

Bullies. People who are judgemental. People who are egotistical, and don’t think of other people’s feelings, and aren’t compassionate. That really gets on my nerves.

If you could warn your fellow houseguests about one of your character traits, what would it be?

I’m extremely bubbly and that can get on people’s nerves. Especially negative people – I really tend to get on their nerves.

What are you in it for?

For a few reasons. I want the money because I want to start a healing centre in the bush so this would be a great start to my business. I also love a challenge and this is a great challenge. On top of that I have kind of cocooned myself over the past few years and I haven’t really put myself out there like I used to. Lately I kind of feel like I’ve become a butterfly and I’m ready for this challenge – I know who I am and have created a protective barrier around myself.


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