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Houseguest thread: Andrew Gordon


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Andrew Gordon

Age: 27

Hometown: Calgary, AB

Occupation: Restaurant Manager

Describe yourself in three words: Outgoing, energetic, and intense.

Who is your Big Brother idol (any season, any country) and why?

I’ve got to say Emmett (BBCAN1) is someone I look up to. Big Brother Canada season 1 is the only season I’ve ever watched. Emmett had a great attitude. He’s a genuine guy. He’s competitive, but treats others with respect.

Side Show Showdown! Who would you take to final two, Gary Levy or Peter Brown, and why?

Gary! He’s way more fun to hang out with than Peter. He has that larger than life way about him. He’s intense, too. I like people with some attitude and character to them.

What prized possession (person, place, or thing) will you miss most and least?

Most: Beer. Hops. Indian Pale Ales. (I have hops tattooed on my chest)

Least: Closing the restaurant at 4:30 a.m., four nights a week. I love what I do but it’s not fun living on an opposite sleep schedule from everyone else. To be honest, girls don’t like it. I’m pretty sure it has interfered with my love life.

Brain vs. Brawn. Which challenges, physical or mental, do you fear most?

I don’t fear either. I don’t only train these muscles *points at chest* I also have great problem solving skills. I’m a people person. I’ve worked in the hospitality industry since I was 14 years old. I’ve been everything from a dishwasher to a manager. Working in hospitality means that you’re dealing with people when they’re at their best and worst.

Do you have a strategy going in to the house?

I want to be the gentle giant. I want everyone to perceive me as their best friend and not immediately as a threat. I want them to trust me. Then, once I establish some alliances and there’s more room to make power plays, I’ll make moves.

What is your biggest pet peeve about other people?

I’m not in to people with narrow-minded views. I like people with an open mind and an ability to think of life from a different perspective than their own. I typically won’t associate with closed-minded people – I wasn’t raised that way. My parents are intelligent and worldly people and are two of my best friends.

If you could warn your fellow houseguests about one of your character traits, what would it be?

Why would I want to warn them about anything? That’s for me to know.

What are you in it for?

The money is a motivating factor, of course. The main reason is because it’s a chance to do something new and exciting. It’s so removed from regular life.


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