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September 15th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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Guest ranster627

Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here! We need to keep pictures in Pictures Forum! Thanks for understanding ... if you post a picture here it will be quoted and moved ...

Please keep personal comments to a minimum and feel free to e-mail updates to ranster@mortystv.com

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Iv & M on hammock

Iv: You have to give her credit for hoping she'll get it.

M: She's not gonna get it.

I: Beau and I barely got chance to sit and talk.

M: That's so weird.

I: Beau and I didn't need that, though.

M: He's a princess, and he needs to be smacked around a bit, but he's a good person.

I: Was my speech okay when I evicted April?

M: What did you say?

I: I tried to include everybody.

M: Oh yeah!

I: I learned so much from everybody.

M: I hope to be friends with every single person in our group when we're out of here.

I: Beau was really hurt by April his last week. I think he left a little upset.

M: I know he was upset about the votes, but I couldn't chance it.

I: I don't know if I'd take it personal.

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Iv rambling to J about the end of the game.

J realizes Iv thinks J would bring M to the end -

J: I wasn't gonna bring M!!

Iv keeps rambling. She doesn't seem to understand the significance of what J finally told her.

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2:30 BBT

Ivette and Janelle complaining that BB made Ivette's hair gray, both Iv and Jan's skin is all broken out and that they have both gained weight.

Just talking about what time the live show will be Friday night.

Ivette walking laps, Janelle and Maggie laying in sun (they are cold and sore).

Jan and Iv talking about what to have for dinner. Janelle took steak out of freezer.

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2:55 PM BBT

Maggie outside sleeping

Janelle peeling apples to make her "apple crisp"

Ivette doing laundry

Janelle and Ivette are going to play chess soon.

Janelle and Ivette talking about season 2 and the "knife" incident. Now BB doesn't allow sharp knives in the house. Ivette says that's probably why they do evaluations on HG's because you could go "buck wild in here because of the stress". Janelle asked Ivette "have you been stressed" Ivette says "I wouldn't call it stressed, youknowwhatimean?, more like worried".

They start talking about ivette's girlfriend maggie and the sacrifices she's made to come on the show. Janelle keeps busy listening and making apple crisp.

maggies now awake. Ivette says "why do you think they don't give us anything to do"

Maggie says: because they hate us

Ivette says: we should ask them for more wine

Janelle says: after the wine wore off - we felt the pain again

(they hurt really bad from the endurance comp)

Ivette says she can only eat meat like "skirt steak, or thin steak".

Janelle is still trying to make her apple crisp while maggie makes her snack on the same counter, (with onion and really gross looking "smelly food". Janelle looks grossed out.

Maggie goes to the fridge and says "are we out of fucking sour cream" Janelle said they ran out last night.

Maggie pulls her hair tie out and says "this fucking thing doesn't hold anymore"

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BBT 4:30 pm

J in kitchen preparing something, I,M in BY walking around (doing laps) they are talking about when they see their loved ones. Iv saying that this as been some sort of obstacle for her and her tush, it was a sacrifice for tush, she didn't have to wait, "Youknowwhatimsaying?" M says, Yeah. Iv says she continues to dream about some type of treadmill this whole entire game. Iv said she is going to buy some type of dreambook. She's (Iv) has had a lot of dreams that have come true. Iv said she doesn't want to call them vision, because she doesn't want people to think she's weird but the one with A was so real, the one with H was so real. M just says, Hm, hm. Iv goes to stop and M said, Oh, I can't stop, it really hurts. Iv now talking about how weird it will be to simply stop on the street. They know they were told they would be cut off, but they didn't realize how cut off they would be. They begin counting the number of days they have been away from everything. Today is day 74. Iv goes inside to get her apple cobbler. M continues walking saying God, I hurt.

Switching feeds

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J&I playing chess

J explains that M will win if Iv brings her.

Iv says she has to bring M because she won't get any votes if she brings J anyway.


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Janelle FINALLY told Ivette the best strtegic plan of the entire season.

Janelle told Ivette that she will pick her tomorrow if she wins. If Ivette wins, Janelle knows Ivette will have to pick Maggie and therefore Ivette will lose. If Janelle wins, she will be picking Ivette and Ivette can win becuase she would not have made the "friendship" upset.

Ivette is hesitant becuase she doesn't want to do anything wrong. Ivette knows she wants the money though.

Janie tells Ivette that she needs to be thinking about the money, her family, and the game. Ivette needs to think about making a better life for her family and not making friends.

Ivette is really thinking hard. She is afraid of what Maggie will think after the game. Janie tells her that Drew and Diane were still friends after season 5 when Drew voted her out because he knew he couldn't win against her.

Ivette knows she can't win against Maggie. She needs to tak the deal to have a chance at winning the money. Janie says it is a fact that IVette will not win the money if she is there with Maggie at the end.

Ivette just told Janie that she is grateful for the offer, but she wants to just see how it plays out. She can't see herself doing it. She is afraid her family would be upset. (They would be if she didn't take the offer!!!) Ivette doesn't want to disappoint her family. Ivette says she can't thank Janeele enough for her desicion, but she can't do it.

Janie is speechless. Maggie out of the DR.

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Yup, it's true. About a minute after I posted that J has to tell Iv to throw the competition, the conversation went something like this:

Iv: I just have to figure out what to do tomorrow.

J: You don't have to do ANYTHING.

J stares at Iv. Iv stares at J. It is finally sinking in.

Iv says her family wouldn't want her to win if it wasn't fair and square... but I agree with bluelove2... her family will think she's an idiot if she wins the HOH tomorrow and then picks M, and as a result, comes in second place.


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When Janelle went to the diary room, Ivette was making lunch while Maggie was watching her. Maggie finally asks Ivette if they talked strategy at all while she was in the DR.

Ivette tells they talked a little bit. Ivette say Janelle told her that she didn't have a chance winning if Ivette takes Maggie, but she will have a chance if she takes Janelle. Maggie is amazed Janelle said that.

Maggie asks if Janelle says what she plans to do, but Ivette says no. (Ivette decides NOT to tell Maggie about Janie's offer to Ivette. She might be considering it silently) Ivette says Janelle knows I will pick Maggie, but she just wants me to know I don't have a chance winning if I do.

Ivette also says that Janie knows she is playing for second place becuase she won't have the votes. Janelle is determined that she doesn't have James' vote at the end.

Everyone is feeding the fish.

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