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Seasons 1-5 HouseGuests and Winners

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ALL BB Seasons Winners and HouseGuests

BigBrother 1

Eddie McGee - won $500,000

Eddie is in New York with the odd visit to L.A. He co-starred in an Indie movie, "Drop Dead Roses." He was recently on the TV program "Real Men."

Josh Souza - won $100,000

Josh has appeared on TNN's "The Ultimate Revenge" and NBC's "Passions", modeled for magazine ads, and shot a national Coors Light commercial. He is finishing his degree program and is the cocreator of realitystars.com

Curtis Kin - won $50,000

Curtis moved to L.A. from New York and is working in the U.S. Attorney's Office as a prosecutor. Word has it he has found the girl of his dreams.

Jamie Kern

Jamie travels back and forth between L.A. and Seattle. She is busy helping with the Miss Washington USA and Miss Washington Teen USA pageants. Jamie is still single.

George Boswell

George is back in Rockford hoping to find his way back L.A. He is shooting a pilot for kids in his garage called, "Uncle George's Barnyard Adventures. He is still married.

Cassandra Waldon

Cassandra is back at the United Nations putting her diplomatic skills to work. She travels quite a bit to Africa and other third world countries.

Brittany Petros

Brittany has lost the colored hair and is taking acting classes in hopes of a role in Hollywood. Britt had a stint with AOL doing interviews with music artists.

Karen Fowler

Karen tried L.A. for a while working for a production company but decided to head home to Indiana. She is back with her husband and enjoys just being a mom.

Jean Jordan

Jordan left Big Brother behind to write a book on drugs, booze and stripping. She did a short stint in radio but now focuses on her book.

Will "Mega" Collins

Will Mega has kept up on urban studies and business. He has spent much of his time travelling the country as a devoted motivational speaker.

BigBrother 2

Will Kirby - Winner $500,000

The infamous Dr. Evil is practicing medicine in L.A. and Florida. He is also very active in entertainment as host of upcoming reality show Love Shack, medical correspondent for eXTRA and as a producer.

Nicole Nilson - $50,000

As the runner-up in BB2 Nicole has had a lot of attention including being an analyst for CBS on BB3. She loves her job as a disc jockey at Q100 in Atlanta. Click the button to get up to date with Nicole.

Monica Bailey

For Monica "it's on" as she tackles the entertainment industry. Apart from the interviews she has conducted with BB2 Monica is looking for acting roles in New York and L.A. She has been involved in stage work.

Sheryl Braxton

Sheryl returned home after BB2 and experienced a long program to recover from breast cancer. Now without the long hair due to chemotherapy, she has a new outlook on life and would like to work in film or TV production.

Shannon Dragoo

Shannon is a realtor/boat captain from San Antonio, Texas. Shannon has done some modeling work since Big Brother, but does not live in L.A. with former item Will.

Bill "Bunky" Miller

Bunky is still hoping to move to L.A. with his life partner Greg. He has been doing the Bunkymania tour and will be going on a cruise with Kent in November. He is selling the stuff he collected from BB2 on eBay.

Kent Blackwelder

Kent has continued to be active with reality television with his commentary on BB3. He recently helped raise money for a new fire engine for New York. He is taking a cruise with other BB2 contestants in November.

Hardy Hill

Hardy is back in Miami and working with the Opium Club as a VIP host for celebrities and enjoys the involvement with the entertainment industry. He was a guest on a local "Love Connection" program.

Autumn Daly

Autumn is a native of Kalamazoo, Michigan and studied theater at Albion College and Western Michigan University. An accountant and singer, Autumn lives with her son in Irving, Texas.

Mike Malin

Mike Boogie is back at his bar Belly in L.A. He dumped Krista and kept the ring. He is working on opening another establishment with investors, including Will Kirby.

Krista Stegal

Krista, a divorced mother returned to Opelousas, Louisiana. Her relationship with Mike failed and she has launched a lawsuit against CBS for the Justin incident.

Justin Sebik - Expelled

Justin is a back office operations/bartender from Bayonne, New Jersey. He was expelled from the Big Brother house.

BigBrother 3

Lisa Donahue - Winner $500,000

Lisa was the winner of Big Brother 3, a bartender from Los Angeles, California. Lisa was recently featured in the magazine RAMP.

Danielle Reyes - $50,000

Danielle is back in Fairfield, California and enjoying her role as wife and mom. She's banked the money. She had a visit from Jason and is looking forward to a visit to Alabama.

Marcellas Reynolds

Marcellas is doing well and has moved from Chicago to Los Angeles. He has signed with the Ford Modeling Agency, involved with charity functions and probing broadcast opportunities.

Jason Guy

Jason has paid a visit to Danielle in Fairfield, CA. Jason lives in Mobile, Alabama. He recently visited Canada and is working with BB2's Nicole on a pilot TV show.

Amy Crews

Amy is a real estate appraiser from Memphis, Tennessee.

Roddy Mancuso

Roddy is a writer from Morristown, New Jersey but has made his home in Los Angeles. He has made a number of appearances in aid of charities.

Eric Ouellette

Eric is back to firefighting in Connecticut. He also teaches fire safety to young students and seniors. Check out Eric's feature star pages at RealityStars.

Gerry Lancaster

Gerry went back to teaching in Shadow Hills, California just days after leaving the house. He recently did a fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House with Jason, Amy and Roddy.

Chiara Berti

Chaira is a marketing representative from New York, New York.

Josh Feinberg

Josh is a waiter from Long Island, New York. Painted as a villain in Big Brother 3, Josh has returned home to the loving arms of girlfriend Merritt. Josh appeared in the March issue of PlayGirl.

Lori Olson

Lori is a bank representative from Foxboro, Wisconsin.

Tonya Paoni

Tonya is a retail sales representative from Las Vegas, Nevada.

BigBrother 4

Jun Song - $500,000

Investment Manager, 27, New York, NY

Alison Irwin - $50,000

Retail Manager, 22, Meadville, PA

Erika Landin

Pilates Instructor, 33, Los Angeles, CA

Nathan Marlow

Personal Trainer, 23, Edmond, OK

David Lane

The former Army Ranger is back with the surf on the beaches of California and is working on developing opportuntiies in the entertainment industry.

Justin Giovinco

Headhunter, 22, Pittsburg, PA

Dana Valera

Karate School Manager, 28, Queens, NY

Michelle Maradie

Michelle has returned to Florida State University. The 19-year old Boca Raton, FL native doesn't regret the experience despite being promised she wouldn't be evicted.

Jack Owen Jr.

Retired FBI Agent, 58, Birmingham, AL

Amanda Craig

Amanda is back in Chicago and back to managing a bar. The 25 year old has done some modeling and hopes to take advantage of any opportunities coming from Big Brother 4.

Jee Choe

Bookkeeper, 23, Elmhurst, NY

Robert Roman

Restaurant Manager, 33, Los Angeles, CA

Scott Weintraub РWalked

Waiter, 33, Chicago, IL

Brandon Showalter

Computer Engineer, 28, Newport Beach, CA

BigBrother 5

Morty's BB5 Recaps CLICK HERE

Drew Daniel - Winner $500,000

Michael Ellis(Cowboy) - $50,000

Diane Henry -

Holly King -

Jennifer Dedmon (Nakomis)-

Marvin Latimer -

Scott Long -

Mike Lubinski - (1st evicted)

Roddy Mancuso -

Adria Okins -

Natalie Okins -

Karen O'Neil-Ganci -

Lori Valenti - 2nd Evicted

Will Wikle - 6th Evicted

Jase Wirey - 5th evicted

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