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Wednesday, September 4 Live Feed Updates


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7:50PM BBT Elissa is making chexmix on the stove. Amanda asks Andy if Spencer has campaigned at all. Andy says "no". They whisper to Andy about Elissa being mad at Judd and they snicker. Amanda is now doing baby voices to McCrae.

7:55PM BBT McCrae "Stop that, GinaMarie is right, you are taking my fire away!" Amanda slaps him. He says "Stop!" she slaps him a few more times (jokingly) he grabs her, she shrieks!

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8:03PM BBT Judd goes upstairs and tells GM that Amanda said she is sleeping in the chair room now. She is now talking about going downstairs to "fix this Sh*t!" Elissa is complaining to McCranda about how disgusting Judd was to her. Amanda says he will apologize, she says she doesn't want him to.
Amanda is now baby talk whining about a pimple. She is trying to pop it.

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8:08PM BBT GM went downstairs, wandered around looking for hair dye in the SR, going through the drawers in the color room. She didn't say a thing about the beds. GM, Andy and Judd are now whispering about Elissa in the HoH bathroom. GM tells them Elissa said she couldn't believe a "southern man would talk like that!" (have they met Spencer??) GM says "They are just saying sh*t around me so I will tell you and get you riled up!" (and it worked)
Elissa says to Amanda in the KT, "You have McCrae so people watch what they say to you but, I don't have that."

8:15PM BBT Small talk throughout the house. GM has chickened out of her rant and is now planning on telling Elissa she has really bad gas and can't imagine Elissa wanting to share a bed with her.

8:20PM BBT McCrae has 8 containers of play-doh and is at the table in the KT. He is rolling it out. Nothing else happening. GM was picking her nails, Amanda and Spencer were cooking. We have FotH.

8:23PM BBT McCrae has made a veto medallion out of orange playdoh. He says "No one knows I have the real power of veto." He then says "I want to make a fake HoH key and a coup d'etat so we are safe tomorrow." they giggle. He sings "The old coup de doh!"

8:26PM BBT McCrae has just gone into the SR and taken the dental dam. (just think about that) Andy asks if there were anymore left. McCrae says no. Andy tells him the other HG are wise to Amanda and Elissa getting along. They leave the SR. Andy is now at the table with the play doh.

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8:41PM BBT Dinner is ready for half the HG. They are having pork chops. Andy says he does not want to eat pizza again tonight. It looks like McCrae is going through the house looking for a hidden veto (he mentioned it earlier). He is in the Have not room looking through the over head compartments and under the chairs.

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8:49PM BBT Amanda is making stuffed peppers with rice-a-roni. Judd and Spencer are chewing, slurping and chomping on porkchops. Andy and GM are in the HoHR. She is now heading downstairs. We get FotH.

8:52PM BBT Judd asks McCrae if Elissa is still mad. McCrae says ya. Judd "But that wasn't cussing someone out though." Judd, McCrae and Spencer are at the kitchen table talking about Elissa, quietly. Elissa is napping in the color room.

8:56PM BBT Judd has made a beard and stache out of red playdoh and is now imitating Spencer.

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9:00PM BBT: The guys McCrae, Spencer, and Judd are sitting around the kitchen table playing with playduh, talking about games. Elissas in bed. Amanda is making
stuffed bell peppers. GinaMarie is in the colored room changing. and Andy is in the HoH listening to music.

9:05PM BBT: Judd asked if anyone asked for alcohol Amanda says they said no, because it before eviction, GinaMarie is in the DR.

9:10PM BBT: Spencer is laying on the couch in the living room talking to the cam and making funny faces. Everyone else is playing with playduh, yeah it's that boreing.

9:15PM BBT: GinaMarie is now out of the DR, they are now talking about movies, and still playing with playduh.

9:20PM BBT: they are now talking about pass HG, Helen and Candice. nothing new is going on.

9:25PM BBT: Amanda and GinaMarie are arguing about beds, Amanda is like I don't care GinaMarie is yelling at Amanda. who is saying I don't want to fight with you I think you just want
someone to fight with. Amanda you are so angery today. GinaMarie yeah and I got HoH and got you out so what. they are fighting back and forth.

9:30PM BBT: ***FLASHBACK ALERT*** the GinaMarie and Amanda fight. and it is a fight.

9:35PM BBT: Amanda and GinaMarie are really going at each other, yelling at each other and throwing low blows.

9:40PM BBT: Amanda is up in the HoH taking back Nicks hat from GinaMarie but she can't find it. and here they go again at each other GinaMarie is in Amandas face now. Spencer had to get inbetween them.
they are still fighting.

9:45PM BBT: Amanda and GinaMarie are still fighting and we keep getting short FotHs. Andy starts laughing at them. Amanda walks into the chair room to lay down, and GinaMarie is still going on.

9:50PM BBT: Amanda is crying in the chair room. GinaMarie and Andy are playing Jungi.

9:55PM BBT: Amanda yells at Andy for laughing at her, She goes into the Have-Not room, passes GinaMarie who says I really didn't mean to fight with you. The guys are now in the chair room. talking about the fight.
Andy saying he didn't mean to laugh at them. McCrae goes into the Have-Not room. Andy and Judd are in the lounge room laughing about it. Amanda is now yelling at McCrae for just sitting there doing nothing.

10:00PM BBT: Amanda is now yelling at McCrae, Judd is listening at the door. Spencer, Andy, and Judd were in the lounge room laughing about the fight. GinaMarie is high fiving all of them.

10:05PM BBT: Amanda and GinaMarie are fighting again,

10:10PM BBT: Amanda goes to check on food and the fight starts all over, now she saids the guys stood there and did nothing Judd, is like two girls fightin you hold your own. GinaMarie goes into the Have-Not room and says look I'm sorry for going off on you, my foot hurts
Im starting my period. it girl stuff. Amanda is mad that the guys didn't do anything to stop the fight.

10:15PM BBT: Elissa is awake and comes out to the kitchen to see what's going on. Amanda is checking the peppers, Spencer, and Judd and Andy are now in the Have-Not room talking to McCrae. Saying they were laughing because it was so silly. Amanda is in the photo booth crying.

10:20PM BBT: things have now calmed down in the House, the guys are still in the Have-Not room talking, Amanda is now in the kitchen talking to Elissa, about the fight.

10:25PM BBT: Amanda is talking to Elissa about how the men just sat there and laughed durning the fight. Elissa says I've never heard any guy say fyou to any woman but here in the house.

10:30PM BBT: Amanda is eating in the chair room. The guys are still talking in the Have-Not room now about BB CA

10:35PM BBT: Elissa, Judd, Spencer, and Andy are now in the HoH Elissa is going to dye GinaMaries hair. Elissa is like I've never gotten into a fight with my husband, and Judd just yelled at me. and we get fish.

10:40PM BBT: Amanda is now fighting with McCrae, and they are talking about the fight up in the HoH, and we get fish again.

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10:45 PM BBT Idle chit chat in the chair room with Amanda, McCrae and Judd. Up in the HoH Elissa is dying GinaMarie's hair while Spencer watches from the couch and Andy listens to music.

10:53 PM BBT Spencer has come downstairs and is now packing his bags for tomorrow. Feeds switch to McCrae and Judd in the WA. Judd is telling McCrae that if he wins the veto (during a double eviction) he'll make sure he uses it to save McCrae. Both agree that either Elissa or GinaMarie has to go next.

10:57 PM BBT Up in the HoH GinaMarie is rehashing the fight from earlier with Amanda. GinaMarie is going to paint her toe nails and invites Andy to participate. He passes on the offer and says he was going downstairs. Spencer, Andy and Judd in the cockpit. FoTH. Feeds back and Spencer and Judd are in the KT. Spencer points out that After Dark is almost over and tells Marilyn that he loves her. Judd starts doing shout-outs and we get FoTH.

11:01 PM BBT Spencer, Judd and Andy are in the cockpit. They are making plans for what to say to Elissa tomorrow about what happened and why the vote ended up getting tied. Super-ultra soft whispering. Over in the chair room Amanda and McCrae are talking about Amanda and GinaMarie's fight earlier. Amanda says she wasn't expecting her to go off like that. McCrae says she should have known that it would escalate like that. He was afraid Amanda was going to spill the beans about staying (or so they expect). Amanda calls him a wussy for not standing up for her.

11:05 PM BBT Elissa and GinaMarie up in the HoH bathroom. Elissa says she doesn't trust the guys at all especially because they all went back to the room together earlier. GinaMarie says when the guys hang out with her they usually talk about movies and such. FoTH.

11:09 PM BBT Feeds back and Elissa continues to talk in the HoH bathroom over the sound of running water. Down in the cockpit Spencer, Judd and Andy discuss the competition in which Judd came back in.

11:14 PM BBT Elissa asks GinaMarie what she would do during the double eviction tomorrow. GinaMarie isn't sure. Who does she think is the bigger competition. Elissa thinks McCrae is. GinaMarie likes Andy but he's good with memorizing competitions. GinaMarie starts to recite the competitions in order. Elissa asks her if she knows the days. GinaMarie does because she adds two days after the respective HoH day.

11:18 PM BBT Down in the cockpit Spencer says Marilyn was kind of nerdy and he is kind of popular so she's kind of proud of herself for getting a popular guy. He is turned on by her nerdiness. Andy says he misses his friends. He says that he and one of his friends used to play a game where they would find famous people singing Silent Night on YouTube and try to guess who it is singing.

11:23 PM BBT Intermittent FoTH because Andy keeps throwing out names and all four feeds switch to Elissa and GinaMarie in the HoH/Bathroom. Elissa says she is picky about her make-up/skin care because she has sensitive skin.

11:34 PM BBT All four feeds remain on GinaMarie and Elissa in the HoH. We've discussed (in no particular order) make-up, Amanda playing the victim, what Elissa's husband thinks of all the fights as well as sticking with guys in relationships that don't fight/argue with their significant others. BB has called out for someone to stop signing twice now.

11:38 PM BBT GinaMarie heads down to get her hair dryer. All four feeds switch to Amanda and McCrae flirting in their bed. Amanda whispers and says "Mamma loves you..." McCrae tells her to stop saying that. She asks why. He says because it's weird. They cuddle up together and we get heaving breathing/mumbles. All four feeds switch GinaMarie as she wanders back upstairs with the hairdryer in hand. Judd called to DR. Feeds 3/4 switch back to cockpit and Andy is talking about someone so we get more FoTH.

11:41 PM BBT Feeds back and Andy is still telling his story. All four feeds switch to Amanda and McCrae cuddling in the chair room. McCrae is rattling off different fast food restaurants. Amanda asks if they have any nice restaurants. He says Dairy Queen. Amanda asks if he's serious. He says no and says Manzetti's (? spelling obviously) is nice. Judd walks in and Amanda asks where he's been. He says he's been hanging out in the cockpit. Judd puts on a giant red wig and stumbles around with it on his head being silly. Amanda asks what they've been talking about. Judd names off some people and we get more FoTH. Amanda and McCrae start singing...and more FoTH.

11:46 PM BBT Amanda carries some dirty dishes into the KT and all four feeds follow her. GinaMarie is at the sink and they talk pleasantly for a moment. Andy comes out of the cockpit and asks what time it is.

11:47 Pm BBT Amanda pours herself a bowl of cereal. Andy comes back out of the cockpit and says he'll be back he's getting something to snack on. He asks where everyone is. Amanda tells him that McCrae and Judd are by their bed. Feeds switch to Judd and McCrae whispering. Judd says she'll be super easy to beat. Andy walks in and asks what's going on. Feeds have finally broken off to two separate sets. Elissa is in the HoH bed listening to music while the shower can be heard running in the background (GinaMarie is probably washing her hair).

11:53 PM BBT Intermittent FoTH. Judd and McCrae are talking about tomorrow and Amanda tells them to fudge off. She's leaving and she doesn't want to hear about. Talk turns to what day it is. Amanda says her ex's birthday is coming up on the 6th and he told her if she missed his 30th birthday then he was breaking up with her. She says she started it early! Judd asks if she thinks his (her ex's) mom is mad. She repeats/clarifies his question and says yes she probably is mad because she bought the feeds.

11:59 PM BBT Amanda says she thought GinaMarie was checking out of her room at midnight. Spencer and Andy walk into the room and Amanda calls them Laughy McLaugherson and Laughy McLaugherson Jr. Andy is sorry. Judd tells Andy to tell them about his neighbor (no, wait stop!) and we get FoTH (nevermind...).

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