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Wednesday, September 4 Live Feed Updates


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Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

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Water Closet (WC)
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Dining Table (DT)
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Back Yard (BYD)
The screen when the feeds are off should still be called (FOTH)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
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Head of House Room (HOHR)

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Please post pictures in the following thread: BB15 Live Feed Screen Captures
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12:05 AM BBT Andy, Spencer, and GM are now folding laundry. They decided that since Elissa went to bed they should get more alcohol. Mccrae says the more they talk about it, the less they get.

12:20 AM BBT Spencer talks about his dad being a judge and never running with opposition in his counties. Mccrae leaves to check the SR for booze. Once he leaves Judd, Andy, and Spencer say they don't give a crap anymore about what they say around Amanda or Elissa.

12:40 AM BBT Mccrae is playing pool by himself. Judd, Andy, and Spencer are talking scary movies.

12:50 AM BBT Spencer asks what kind of cars the guys want. Mccrae says an extravagant car name and Spencer says within reason. Mccrae and Andy agree they don't care about cars that much. They move on to talking about old toys and comics.

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1:05AM BBT: McCranda playing pool. McCrae keeps singing and gets a stop that from the voice of bb. He asks if Amanda took her pill. She says she did and McCrae says great you are going to be up all night. Small talking going on on backyard couches.

1:20AM BBT: Spencer Andy and GinaMarie are on the hammock and GinaMarie gets a stop that for making the hammock rock in ways it shouldn't. Now Amanda and Judd are obsessed with a bat they saw.

1:40AM BBT: McCranda head to bed. They whisper a bit about why GinaMarie didn't put up Elissa. Now if Amanda doesn't leave then four people will be after her. McCrae says, "She makes bad choices and she will always do whatever the HoH wants so she can stay." Amanda will still be shocked if she stays.

1:55AM BBT: McCranda are sorting out the next few weeks and keep saying they are thinking too far ahead. They are thinking of what would happen if GinaMarie got HoH again in a couple weeks. They both assume she would put them up.

2:11AM BBT: McCranda make out a bit while he reads his Bible. They go over again how great it would be if she stayed. McCrae is just worried about Andy. (as he should be)

2:30AM BBT: Amanda walks to the bathroom for lotion or something. On her way back she looks at the memory wall and says they didn't even edit these pictures. Then walks back to bed. GinaMarie, Judd and Spencer still on the hammock discussing Elissa and her money. They call her a gold digger and call the people she grew up around her commoners because Elissa said the guys she grew up with remind her of Judd.

Back in McCranda's bed the lights are out and you can imagine what follows…

2:40AM BBT: You imagined correctly! Amanda is listening to McCrae tell her Bible stories!

2:50AM BBT: Elissa wakes up because she cannot breathe. Her and Amanda discuss what the Sabot is for the Jewish community. Elissa complains again and Amanda tells her to get a glass of warm water. Absolutely no game talk going on. Check back in the am for wake up call.

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8:00am bbt Worried you are missing something in the BB house this morning? Don't be.. they are all still asleep...

8:20am bbt Yep, still sleeping...

8:35am bbt Andy was up to use the WC, but is back in bed again

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OK, so Judd and Amanda were outside in the hammock early this AM for almost an hour and a half. Somewhere between 4:20 and 5:40 or so. She was trying to convince him to save her. Amanda, McCrae Andy and Judd final 4. I guess Elissa wasn't in her pitch to Judd. He held strong and told her he probably would not vote to keep her but that he would talk to her again tomorrow about it. Today is tomorrow. When she got up to go back inside, he muttered, Dumb Bitch.

The hammock talk was mostly Amanda telling Judd why he was evicted. All of his odd behavior that "just didn't make sense". The Kaitlin alliance lie, getting mad at Helen and Andy for no reason, he was spreading himself too thin with so many people, Andy was much more solid, she started to doubt his loyalty. Why did Jessie swear she had your vote in her pocket? Were you ever MVP? No? Swear you weren't?? OK, I believe you. (just kidding Judd, I still blame you for putting me up twice!) Lots and lots of back and forth about his 'shady behavior'. You cannot trust Spencer. Trust me and McCrae we will never betray you. (please Judd, please don't remember that just a few days ago I was urging GM to put you up, ok? Thanks, Love Amanda) It makes sense to keep me around, I am a target. Why is everyone going after me?? What did I ever do? (only I did admit more than a dozen times to masterminding this entire game from week 1) I never did anything. It doesn't make sense! Why is GM gunning for me? (just because I tried to get her out instead of Aaryn a week ago)

10:30AM BBT - 10:50AM BBT FotH. Fish wake up music. We come back to GM in her HoH room doing makeup and hair and Elissa and Judd on the outside couch talking about the morning music. Elissa asks Judd who his target is if it is a double eviction. He says they have to meet up with each other before so they can talk about it. She asks if he would put her up. He said no way, you are the last person I would put up. She asked him if he was going to try for it. (HOH) He said yeah of course, he doesn't want to go out on a double again. Elissa thinks McCrae should go up. "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I'm freaking out." - Elissa.

Judd asking if she is good with eviction days, she says I guess, do you? He says the numbers of the eviction days.

10:55AM BBT: GinaMarie now back in bed.

10:58AM BBT: FotH for some reason.

11:00AM BBT: We come back to Elissa saying she wouldn't be friends with Amanda after that. She and Judd go inside. (I cannot STAND listening to Judd drink. Swig, gulp gulp gulp) Judd comes back from WA and tells Elissa he is going back to bed, wake him up by two if he isn't up then.

11:07AM BBT: Judd comes back into KT. Says they are going to lockdown the outside in an hour for the rest of the day. She asks him if he wants to run, he says no, he is going to lay out for a bit. He's just going to run inside later or do yoga.

11:16AM BBT: Judd goes to HoH to tell GinaMarie about the lock down. Says he is going to lay back down. He goes outside to drink coffee for a bit.

11:20AM BBT: Just Judd and Elissa doing ADL's for the morning. Teeth, hair, lip plumper. etc

11:27AM BBT: Elissa doing hair in WA, throws out a random Oh my gosh to herself. Judd making odd noises (on purpose) in the Bedroom and Andy says Fuck You! They laugh. Judd tells Andy about the lock down.

11:33AM BBT: Elissa doing Yoga in the BYD. Judd seems to be thinking and can't seem to sleep. He gives up and leaves the bed.

11:35AM BBT: Elissa is now jogging around the BYD. Judd is giving sleeping another try. He went and got a water bottle. Bandana on, eyes shut.

11:43AM BBT: Elissa done jogging and is stretching out on the yoga mat.

11:50AM BBT: Elissa done working out, puts away yoga mat in Bedroom.

Houseguests, this is a lock down. Please go inside and close the sliding glass door. Elissa in the WA cleaning up.

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10:00am BBT: All hg are still sleeping.

10:13am BBT: We now have fish so maybe BB is waking the HG for the day. Will they get up or will they stay in bed?

10:17am BBT: Judd chages batteries and then goes back to bed in a dark rm everyone else still in bed sleeping.

10:51am BBT:Elissa and Judd in BY talking about the music BB played this morning and Elissa says i could not sleep lastnight and Judd said me either i am fixen to go back to bed. Elissa says i cant believe tomorrow is thursday already and Judd says i know i think it will be a double eviction.

10:53am BBT: Elissa says we have to win tomorrow and Judd says yeah Elissa says we have to see who we can beat and Judd says if it is a puzzle he cant beat Spencr.She ask Judd if you win hoh who would you put up and he says i dont know. she says i am thinking Mccrae and Judd says who for the pawn? Elissa says i dont know just one of us has to get it. Elissa says this is so scary.

10:55am BBt: Elissa says do you think HOh comp will be a before and after and Judd says or a step up and step down. they are now running through numbers for eviction days and Elissa says i thought today was like 75 and Judd says no today is 76 days and tomorrow 77 days in the house.

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Judd said he wanted to go back to bed, but for Elissa to wake him up by 2"00. He didn't sleep good last night, and is still tired. Elissa asks if he is going to go run, he said naw, maybe in the house, has she done that? Elissa said yes, but it isn't as good of a workout. Judd said maybe he will do yoga with her later, or sit ups.

Judd knocked on GinaMarie's HoH door and told her te backyard will be closed in about 15 minutes. She said thanks, she probably wont go out. He says ok, he is just trying to let everyone know, and leaves. Judd goes to backyard then back in again. Elissa and Judd in WA, Judd brushing his teeth. No other houseguests seem to be stirring.

Elissa now in Kitchen, putting on her mic and checking herself out in the mirror. She washes out her cup.

Cam 3/4 on Judd in WA After he shaves, he takes off his mic to go to WC.

Elissa making a cup of coffee, other camera on the WC door waiting for Judd. He flushes, washes his hands... puts on his mic again. (so exciting today)

11:25 BBT Judd goes back into the KT, and says again he is sleepy. Goes into colorful bedroom looking for something under and around his bed. He finds his orange bandana, Goes back to colorful room, tells Andy (I think) that lockdown in 15 minutes.

GM comes downstairs, Elissa tells her she missed 50 Cent this morning. It was awesome. BB tells GM to put on her mic. Elissa in WA doing ADL's.

Judd chats a couple of minutes, then lays down...his bandana next to him on the bed. Andy still in bed with the blue bandana over his eyes.

Elissa still in WA, no other HG's on camera

11:30 BBT FoTH

Back with Elissa talking out loud (to herself?) that her hair is a hot mess. Checks herself out in the mirror again, then takes her yoga mat outside to do yoga before the lockdown.

Judd trying to talk to a sleeping Andy, cannot understand what he is saying.

Jedd gets up, takes his bottle of water to DR, comes back out takes off his shirt and mic, puts bandana on and goes to bed.

Elissa is running in the back yard.

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11:49 BBT Elissa finishes her run, checks herself out in the mirror, then rolls up her yga mat and heads inside. She puts her shoes and mat away, then goes into WA. No others seem to be up.

11:57 BBT Elissa puts on her bikini, checks herself out in the mirror, gets her shampoo and heads into the shower. (side note...does Elissa have mirrors all over her house? Whatever will she do if not!)

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11:02am BBT: Elissa and Judd go inside and Elissa is cleaning the KT ansd making coffee.

11:07am BBT: Judd comes in and says they will go on ld later and Elissa says you wanna run and Judd says no i will run in here later and maybe to sit ups and push ups. Elissa says ok and is starting the coffee. Judd goes outside and sits on couch picking at his shoulder.

11:17am BBT: Judd goes to HOh and tells Gm that BB is going to lock the BY down in about 45 minutes. Gm says ok thank you. Judd goes back outside and sits on couch. Elissa is in Wa changing clothes and getting ready to do a workout in BY before the LD.

11:27am BBT: Elissa in WA says goodmorning Gm. Judd is in the color rm and tells Andy we have LD in 30 minutes.Judd is now getting back in bed and Andy says you arent running and Judd says no i want to go back to sleep.Elissa is now brushing her teeth in the WA.

11:33am BBT: Elissa is now in the BY doing yoga and Judd in bed tells Andy they need to make a request to BB for a human checker board and Andy says yeah then Judd says we dont have enough people for the pieces though and Judd gets up and heads to the DR.

11:36am BBT: Judd is now out of the Dr and goes back to bed and ties the bandana around his eyes so he can sleep. Elissa running in the BY now.

11:56am BBT: Elissa is in Wa now putting on her swimsuit and taking a shower all other Hg in bed sleeping still.

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12:12pm BBT: Elissa is now out of the shower and takes dirty laundry to KT area and the backyard is now on LD. everyone else in the house still sleeping like babies.

12:25pm BBT: Elissa is now in the shower stall getting dressed for the day.

12:40pm BBT: All hg still sleeping except Elissa who is blow drying her hair and curling it

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2:00pm BBT: Elissa sitting in bed reading her bible everyone else still sleeping.

2:13pm BBT: Elissa still reading her bible and BB calls her to the DR, eveyone else still asleep.

2:15am BBt: Amanda is now up getting dressed and putting her mic on. she lesaves the chair rm and heads to the bathroom.

2:22pm BBT: Amanda is walking through the house gets her suitcase from the STR and takes it to her rm then takes off her jacket and fold it up puts it in the drawer gets a shirt and puts it on then off to the KT for a cup of coffee.

. 2:34pm BBT: Amanda is in the Kt again orange juice then goes back to the Wa to do her makeup.

2:43pm BBT: Amanda and Elissa in Wa talking and Amanda says that Mccrae said he was trying to work with elissa before and she thought i was bossing her and Amanda said she told him just do whats best for your game.and she laughs. Amanda says we are going to shock em all tomorrow night and that Gm is going to malfunction and break something and Elissa is laughing,

2:45pm BBT: Amanda says she can not wait to see GM's reaction tomorrow night when she stays and Spencer leaves. Now talk turns to eye drops that help your lashes grow.

2:48pm BBT: Elissa walks to the KT and says we have 6 cartons of eggs and Amanda says and no chicken and Elissa says yeah 6 cartons of eggs and no chicken. Elissa making herself something to eat and Amanda heading out of the Wa walking towards the bedrooms. everyone else still sleeping.

2:54pm BBT: Amanda standing in chair rm and says do you love me? it is like 3pm and i am going to go make food. Elissa is cutting up mushrooms. Judd is called to the DR.Amanda and Elissa talking about what the hoh comp might be tomorrow night Amanda thinks it could be a before and after comp.Amanda now getting Mccrae up out of bed she says i need you today cuz i might not be here tomorrow and she laughs.

2:58pm BBT: Amanda lays down with mccrae and Mccrae passes gas and Amanda covers her nose and says ewwww and Mccrae laughs. Elissa still in KT making food for herself.

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#BB15 3:09 PM BBT Amanda telling McCrae that he needs to wash his face. He says no and no one cares. She says she cares and he says "so what".

#BB15 3:19 PM BBT McCrae tells the Hg about a dream he had where he was walking through fire. Amanda asks him if she was with him. He says no. Gina is asleep in the HOH.

#BB15 3:25 PM BBT The HG joke in the KT about Jessie. They say that she probably whined at the jury house that Aaryn gets a birthday and it's not fair.

#BB15 3:43 PM BBT In the HOH Gina has woken up and is applying make up. Andy and Spencer in HOH with her. Spencer talking about how Amanda yelling at McCrae to get up. Amanda also made an entire package of bacon. She said it was for everyone but Spencer says no one else was having breakfast.

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#BB!5 3:55 PM BBT In the HOH they discuss past HG in the seasons. In the WA Elissa is fixing her make up.

#BB!5 3:58 PM BBT In the WA McCrae tells Elissa he wants her to help him study tonight. Elissa tells him she isn't any good at anything.

#BB15 4:03 PM BBT McCrae and Amanda and Elissa talking about cool this will be when Spencer goes home. In HOH Gina in complaining that she hasn't gotten her hair dye and she needs it.

#BB15 4:07 PM BBT Andy has joined McCrae, Amanda and Elissa in the WA. They talk more about how exciting it will be when Amanda stays. Now talk about what Andy misses most about home.

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#BB15 4:17 PM BBT In the WA Elissa and Amanda mock Jessie and how she would ask questions for F2. Gina curling her hair.

#BB15 4:41 PM BBT Andy reports back to the exterminators what was said in the WA by McCrae and Amanda being excited that Gina will be blindsided by the vote.

#BB15 4:27 PM BBT Amanda is packing her bags. McCrae is putting his stuff together in case of a double eviction. He is having trouble finding his bandanas.

#BB15 4:43 PM BBT Amanda continues to pack. In HOH, the rest of the Hg talk about the concerts they have gone to and their favorites.

#BB15 4:52 PM BBT McCrae is searching through the house. he has lost his yellow bandana and is stressing about it.

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5:02 PM BBT Amanda and McCrae are in the BR. Amanda is reminding McCrae who won what and nominated whom on what days. Meanwhile in the HOHR Andy, Elissa, Gina Marie, Spencer, and Judd are talking about movies.

5:12 PM BBT In the HOHR Gina Marie is talking about the pros and cons of being a professional dancer at events. She may have three events in a week that she gets paid for and then nothing for the next two weeks. Her ex boyfriends proposed at a dance studio. Spencer says he will probably propose to Marilyn in the next year or so.

5:15 PM BBT Elissa says that her husband proposed to her at the Trevi Fountain in Rome. She called it Rome's fountain of love. McCrae is up and looking for the missing bandana again. Amanda "What's wrong?" McCrae "I want my bandana." Amanda "I may be leaving tomorrow and all you're worried about is that freaking bandana?" They tell each other that they love each other and Amanda baby talks calling him her tan monkey.

5:21 PM BBT In the HOHR Spencer and Elissa are talking about how much they owe their significant others for taking care of things while they are in the BB house. Spencer wants to give Marilyn jewelry, maybe a bracelet for taking care of his business. They expect going back to work afterwards will be hard but are looking forward to it.

5:23 PM BBT In the chair BR Amanda is fussing at McCrae for wearing stinky socks. He says he doesn't want to mess up his clean ones. Amanda "Then wash them." Meanwhile in the HOHR Elissa and Spencer are sharing their gratitude for getting to experience BB. They say it's the craziest thing either of them have ever done.

5:26 PM BBT McCrae passes gas practically right in Amanda's face in the bed. She buries her head under the blankets. Andy joins them. McCrae tells Andy that keeping Amanda would be an awesome move for his game and would guarantee him final four. Amanda says Elissa seems really excited about it and appears to be genuine. McCrae says once Elissa decides on something then she sticks with it. Amanda says that Gina Marie is going to die when she sees what is happening.

5:34 PM BBT After some quick pecks Amanda tells McCrae that he looks like a dying Jesus. She says "OH Jesus, Oh Jesus." McCrae says that's sacrilegious and Amanda acknowledges it is and stops. Meanwhile we now have Andy, Spencer, and Gina Marie are in the HOHR room. They are talking about how it's going to be a huge jump going from six to four. Andy tells them that Amanda expects to stay tomorrow and that the vote might be 2-2. Andy says he just smiled at her and said "It won't." Meanwhile they can't find the remote to the spy screen so Gina Marie has the HOHR door cracked and is sitting on the floor with her head to the crack. She is trying to eavesdrop on Amanda and Elissa in the KT.

5:42 PM BBT Andy is telling Gina Marie about the alliance he had early in the game that included him, Amanda, McCrae, Helen, Elissa, and Judd from the beginning. Gina Marie said she didn't know anything about it. Andy says he feels spoiled that everything worked out as it has. Andy says he knew he would never have voted against Gina Marie and threw the stay/hold comp to make sure he wouldn't be responsible for her going up. Meanwhile Amanda goes up in the HOHR ending that conversation and McCrae and Elissa talk in the kitchen. They are wondering about whether or not they have done enough to flip Judd's vote. McCrae tells Elissa that this is a huge move that guarantees her in the final four.

5:48 PM BBT In the HOHR Andy and Spencer are talking about Judd. They say that he has been very close lipped about jury house. They assume he was warned by BB not to talk about it. They say Judd will do just about anything until he is asked not to. Judd is really good about following rules and you never hear BB say "Judd, Stop That." McCrae is again looking for his missing bandana. Spencer goes downstairs and makes plans to play Jenga with Elissa after she is done doing her yoga.

5:54 PM BBT Judd is sleeping. Elissa is changing in preparation for doing some yoga. Everyone else is in the HOHR talking about how much they like everyone and how and when their friendships came to be. Andy jokes that he was mean to Elissa and Candice and they still loved him and followed him around the house. Amanda asks Gina Marie about her foot. Gina Marie says is sucks, especially in the morning. She has a hard time sleeping because of the pain.

5:59 PM BBT Everyone is feeling the love in the HOHR. They say Elissa is probably the most judgmental but is quick to forgive. Gina Marie says "Yeah, I know." Amanda "Are you upset about that?" Gina Marie "NO!!" Gina Marie asks Amanda about how she is getting along with Elissa and Amanda says it's been great. Gina Marie "Good because I hated all the fighting." Andy says it was Jeremy, Kaitlin, and Aaryn that started all the fighting and stirred the pot. Amanda says it was because they were so young. Meanwhile Elissa is doing yoga in the hallway and Judd is still sleeping.

6:05 PM BBT Not much going on in the BB house. Judd is asleep. Elissa is doing yoga and my muscles hurt just looking at her. She has feeds one and two dedicated to her. Feeds three and four are on everyone else in the HOHR. McCrae and Andy are talking about former BB seasons. McCrae thinks it's funny that Mr. Spectacular, the one, the only got screwed by America twice and never made it to jury. Gina Marie and Amanda start talking about upcoming post show interviews and BB reminds them not to talk about production.

6:08 PM BBT In the HOHR Amanda says she doesn't have a serious relationship outside of the house. She's been with McCrae longer than she was with him. She says she mentioned him so she wouldn't seem to be so intimidating with the other girls in the house. Andy goes down and wakes up Judd.

6:18 PM BBT Judd is up and admittedly grouchy. He tells Spencer and Gina Marie that downstairs Elissa said something to him and he told her to shut the "fudge" up. Judd says he will talk to her later because he feels bad. Andy says that Amanda and McCrae both think he is on board to save her. Judd goes downstairs to get a glass of water and comes back up to the HOHR. Judd says Amanda is starting to look scared now. Judd says the new relationship with Elissa and Amanda is so obvious and it annoys him.

6:24 PM BBT In the HOHR Judd, Spencer, Andy and Gina Marie are joking about giving Amanda and McCrae the HOH bed tonight since it will be their last night in the house together. Spencer says the way BB administers Amanda's meds are messing with her. He says one makes her stay up all night and the other makes her sleep all day. FOTH.

6:29 PM BBT Amanda is fussing at McCrae and the way he is eating his cereal. She calls him slurpy. Meanwhile the guys and Gina Marie are still Elissa bashing in the HOHR.

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6:35PM BBT: In the HoHR, Andy gushes "Amanda is leaving with Elissa's wedding ring!" They wonder if Elissa is going to run out the door after her for it. They criticize Elissa more. Compare her to Rachel.
Amanda and McCrae are in bed in the chair room. Amanda blurts out, "I feel if I did a back handspring, I would break my wrists! She is like solid!" We can only assume she is talking about Elissa. McCrae is reading the bible.

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6:42PM BBT The HoHR they talk about their bouts of diarrhea. GM says she didn't eat Amanda's nasty tacos so it wasn't from that. They have all had it this week. They are talking small talk, competitions, some bashing, they have gotten a couple of warnings from production.
Amanda and McCrae are still lying in bed.

6:46PM BBT GM is comparing Elissa to "a kid I used to work with, he was slow, you had to go slow, oh what is it called?" Andy asks "Down Syndrome?" GM "No" Spencer "Brain dumb?" GM "Ha no! oh it's not ADHD it's oh Autism! They look normal but they aren't you gotta go slow" She leaves the room.
Judd "Why does she say things like that?" Spencer "It is a child like innocence. She doesn't realize or mean it she just says it." Judd "She doesn't mean anything by it y'all" He is annoyed by her comments.
McCranda is snogging in the chair room and Amanda is now taking her pants off.

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7:09PM BBT Elissa and McCranda are talking in the chair room. Elissa is wondering about Andy's loyalty and McCranda both says "No he is solid! Solid!"

7:15PM BBT Elissa is heard but not seen. She is going to go to bed early. Amanda and McCrae are still in bed. They have giggled about moving GM's stuff to the chair room and pulling apart her shrine to Nick.
HoHR, they are still going over game talk. GM says 'Outback' is her second favorite restaurant, after the Cheesecake Factory. They are now talking about restaurants. Spencer says there are "hundreds" of Mexican restaurants where he lives. Then he says there are probably 5.

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7:21PM BBT HoHR is back to Elissa trashing and bashing.
Amanda asks McCrae about moving to FL. He says she should move to MN, she whines that it is too cold and too hard to "cultivate a business". She asks if he can see her pregnant in 2 years. She wants him to cut his hair, it looks like a receding hair line with the way it is parted, it has dandruff. She is trying to be cute.
GM just told the boys she doesn't want to give them her room tonight as Judd heads to the KT with Andy. Andy is now in the color room with Elissa.

7:27PM BBT Elissa is talking to Andy. She is complaining about GM wanting the bed back. She is disgusted by some of the comments being made. She says that her mom would kill her for acting "that way" and her husband would divorce her. Andy leaves to have a shower. Judd is called to the DR. GM and Spencer in the HoHR still talking. Andy walks in to the HoHR and tells GM "Do NOT give your bedroom up to them tonight! Amanda is loving the fact you are in a bad mood today!" She says she isn't going to.

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7:35PM BBT Elissa is a hot topic! Judd and McCrae are talking about Elissa and how she was whining that "Judd cussed her out" Judd says he could do what Amanda did in "like 2 and a half minutes!" After a few minutes he says he will apologize later.
HoHR, is about dinner. They have the spyscreen on. Spencer says "Oh there is Elissersize right there." GM heads down to the KT. Spencer says he wonders what would happen if he grabbed Elissa by the pony tail and smashed her off the memory wall. Andy and him both say how much they hate Elissa.

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7:43PM BBT Amanda says GM is mad because she doesn't have power anymore and she smirks at McCrae. Judd says "She is in a bad mood because her body is bruised." Amanda says "No that's not it."
BB "Judd, STOP THAT!" He has been crinkling a plastic bag for a few minutes, this was his 3rd warning. He is now off to take a shower.
GM is complaining about Elissa and her bed. She is now complaining about her hair dye. She is antsy that she doesn't have it. (And she will expect Elissa to dye it if she does get it.)

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