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BB Awards Ceremony

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Who do you think is the: (so far)

most popular


most dramatic





most forgettable

most unforgettable



best vocabulary

most limited vocabulary


You can come up with more of these on your own if you'd like. Some of the hg may qualify for more than one "honor" so, you know. Vote with your heart.

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Lol. I guess I'll cast my vote anyway. Just copied and pasted.

most popular =probably Queen B Amanda

funniest = to me it's David, the most clueless of them all (except for maybe Jessie)

most dramatic = toss up between Aaryn, Kaitlin, and Amanda (Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble sisters)

stupidest = David

nicest = probably Helen or Howard

smartest = Helen, Amanda, or Spencer

cattiest = definitely Aaryn

most forgettable = Judd (never see this guy)

most unforgettable = Amanda

loudest = GinaMarie

snootiest = Aaryn

best vocabulary = undeterminable

most limited vocabulary = GinaMarie like...like...like (Like, who cares, GinaMarie?)

most honest = probably Howard

most clueless = either David or Jessie (neither of which seems interested in playing the game)

And that's all folks! (for my part anyway)

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