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April 3 [Wednesday] Live Feed Updates

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1:00 AM BBT - Andrew, Alec, Emmett and Jill in the kitchen. Gary and Topaz laying on the ground by the laundry.

1:05AM BBT - Topaz appears to be whining about Alec and her living in two cities and how she would move anywhere for true love. Gary tells her she has the type of job where she could move for true love. Gary - who knows what it is till you guys leave.

1:06AM BBT - Topaz - Peter is trashing us all in the DR. His funniness is coming out as he gets more confident. He is saying harsh stuff as well.

1:08AM BBT - the kitchen crew - Andrew - it si only Wednesday and these days are killing me. Andrew and Jill talking about her being bronzed/waxed and what she was wearing. Andrew - I need another 4 donuts and then I will be ready for bed.

1:11AM BBT- Jill is eating chips and shaking the bag against her mic. Alec is going to bed. Andrew - look at my feet. Emmett - you are old and gross. Jill - that is why I wear shoes in this house.

1:12AM BBT - Emmett is looking for the broom and yelling out the door to Gary. Andrew - does he have a boner? Gary was wrestling with Topaz. Andrew now has his foot on the table and is asking Gary to examine it.

1:14AM BBT - Gary - I am going to shave my legs. Andrew - I am going to have to shave my under-carriage as it looks like your head. Gary - really?????

1:15AM BBT - Andrew and Gary discussing what can and cannot be waxed. Andrew - you look much younger when you shave. Gary - I get that a lot. The boys like it when I don't shave. "Zoe" is going to show up tomorrow and Gary needs the whole day to get her ready.

1:18AM BBT - Topaz has come to the kitchen and Gary is still embarrassed and is covering his groin. He says he forgot he has "it".

1:21AM BBT - Emmett and Jill just walked hand in hand from the BR to the KT. Emmett wants to sleep outside as it is too hot. JIll tells him it is not allowed and he says he knows.

1:22AM BBT- Gary opens the fridge and looks inside and moans. He says nights are the hardest for him. He is sniffing the cheese and says he wants it soooo bad.

1:23AM BBT- Andrew is in the HOH room.

1:24AM BBT - Gary is breaking something up - loudly. Emmett thinks his toe is broken. Gary would eat glitter before he would eat "the salsa".

1:25AM BBT - Jill is chastising Emmett for not allowing his foot to heal. We get a closeup of the offending toe. Emmett - I don't know what they are giving me now as it is not working like it did before.

1:26AM BBT - Gary and Jill discussing when the HN competition will be. Friday morning seems to be the consensus. Topaz is talking to the camera. Jill says she would never talk to a camera.

1:27AM BBT - Gary and Topaz discussing where they will sleep. Gary says "the closer to Topaz the better". Topza asks what he is grapping and he says, my pussy".

1:28AM BBT- Emmett to Jill - do you want to go to the hammock? Jill - OK.

1:29AM BBT- Jill tells Emmett to get a clean blanket and he asks Topaz if "this one"is clean and she says it is and Emmett proceeds to drag it along the ground, which they were complaining about how dirty it was earlier.

1:30AM BBT - Jill and Emmett on the hammock first under the blanket but it is too hot.

1:31AM BBT - Jill says she is being called Jillbot and Villian but she says Peter says she is the sweetest girl here.

1:32AM BBT - Jill - we are getting low on girls. Emmett - I may need to keep a spare around in case you get voted out. Long kiss.

1:34AM BBT - Jill hears an airplane and Emmett tells her about plane schedules and when they arrive in Toronto. Jill says - "no stars" and Emmett says "not in the city".

1:36AM BBT - Emmett and Jill to the HT and I am done for the evening.

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01:09AM BBT: General chit chat in KT. Gary and Topaz in BY doing laundry.

01:16AM BBT: Gary and Andrew in KT Gary is explaining how long it will take to bring out Zoe. Andrew and Alec is now getting ready for bed.

01:32AM BBT: Gary and Topaz is still doing laundry, Jillian and Emmett is on the hammock making out.

01:36AM BBT: The tonight show with Emmett and Jillian they are both in the HT area wrap up in a blanket. (They look so cute together) Emmett told Jillian he is wondering if Talla would take him to the final 2. Jillian said Talla is really good in endurance. Emmett think Peter is better to put on the block but he is too fast on the mental side. There is lots of noise in the background cannot hear well.

01:41AM BBT: We have Soth.

01:47AM BBT: Emmett said if the HoH is physical he will face Alec or Peter. Jillian said if she won and she have to put up Peter or Alec which one should she put up Emmett said Peter. They both said that if they win the 100k at least they have each other. Lots of kissing. They are both in the KT now.

01:55AM BBT: Emmett,Topaz, Jillian and Gary is getting ready for bed.

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02:14AM BBT: Gary,Emmett,Jillian and Topaz in bed in HN.

02:16AM BBT: Gary is making all kind of sounds like he is having sex with Topaz, Also making lots of noise like it is Emmett banging Topaz. Gary asks Topaz if she got that pu*** nice and clean for me. The entire room except Peter is laughing at Gary jokes

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02:33AM BBT: Gary said that they are both talking about Alec to much in the game. Gary said he was sorry that they evicted Liza. From showmance to brokemance Topaz explains to Gary the relationship with Alec.

3:06AM BBT: Late night with Topaz and Gary. Conversation range from bad credit to cell phone bill. No game talk.

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9:30AM BBT: HG's waking up. Gary still sleeping in the HNR. BB sounds the rooster alarm very loud through out the house. Alec making the rounds with the batteries. Gary is whiny to BB pleading with them to let him sleep. He lays back down but BB calls him to the DR.

9:54AM BBT: Very quiet this morning in the BB house. Topaz is laying on the KT couch. Emmett, Talla, Peter, Alec and Andrew are on the BY couches.

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10:03AM BBT: The BY group talking about high school. Other feed shows Gary sleeping on the cot in the HRN and the alarm goes off. He sits up an leans against the bed. Talla telling everyone she had a really hot teacher. Everyone laughs when Talla says "she" That same teacher told her to marry rich.

10:11AM BBT: Gary gets up goes to the couch in the WA and falls asleep. The alarm sounds again until he sits up. It goes off and he lays down and his eyes close again. Talla has a lot of energy this morning and she loves it.

10:17AM BBT: Peter tells Talla he has a friend that is a huge fan of the show and he is sure he will constantly ask Peter for Talla's contact info and he will never give it to him. Talla is asking what he does and what he drives. Peter says they would have the best convos because he talks as much as you do. He is fairly confident that he will be in love with Talla.

10:30AM BBT: Talla putting on her shoes, she asks if anyone is going to workout out with her. Everyone else is very relaxed and doesn't look like they are moving. She sits down and talks about how many fans she thinks she has.

10:41PM BBT: Gary in the WA shaving his legs with an electric shaver. Talla still trying to get someone to work out with her.

10:55AM BBT: Everyone in the BY on the couches except Gary who is in the WC. They are making fun of Talla. She says "So you guys think I'm annoying?" They laugh and say you say you annoy yourself. Emmett and Andrew going to the HT.

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10:58AM BBT: Andrew says Peter wheres the purple headband for the goodbye messages. He thinks Peter is playing a good game, he thinks hes a great actor or is completely in the dark. If there's a twist and both Gary and Topaz are saved he will put up Peter and Gary and say sorry I have an alliance with guys. Andrew says "At some point someone has to screw somebody."

11:06AM BBT: Peter and Alec whispering in the KT while the water is running making it very hard to hear. Sounds like they are speculating about votes and things about next week. Jillian comes in the KT so Alec walks away. Andrew and Emmett steer their chat away from game talk and chat about running. Jillian leaves KT Alec walks back to Peter. Alec says if Topaz wins HoH he thinks he can get her back on their side. They are just running through all kinds of scenarios. Peter says he's been very suspicious of Andrew for a little while. Jillian comes back in the KT. Alec walks away again.

11:18AM BBT: Peter and Alec go to the SR Peter says "If one of us wins HoH we bring in Jillian and Emmett and suggest Andrew goes and see what they say and their reaction." Alec says "There's no doubt in my mind those 3 are connected." Peter says "Maybe put up Jillian and Andrew and jut tell Emmett we trust you but we need to make sure that Andrew goes."

11:23AM BBT: Alec says "Having Topaz win HoH wouldn't be the worst thing anymore cause I could convince her I working for her." They both agree that it's best if one of the two of them win though. Alec says it's gonna be a stressful day h needs to get his workout in." They leave the SR. Emmett and Andrew still in the HT. They are talking about how it porbably bugs Topaz that she sent AJ home when she could of sent Emmett home.

11:37AM BBT: Alec standing at the HT talking with Andrew and Emmett. Emmett is complaining that BB is making up rules as the go. The night they got pizza party they weren't allowed to have any after a certain time but Gary is allowed to still drink cranberry juice from the girlie drinks. Emmett says "Cause they like him."

11:44AM BBT: Alec leaves and goes inside. Andrew and Emmett do a little bit of Alec bashing. Andrew says if it is Alec and Peter in the final 2 it will suck. Topaz is laying on the lounger at the pool. Alec joins Talla at the work out area. Gary goes tot the KT to get a drink.

11:57AM BBT: Jillian had a little nap on the BY couch. She woke up and there's a huge puddle of drool on the pillow. Talla is inspecting it. Jillian is taking it to show Emmett.

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12:00 BBT good affernoon heres whats happening andrew and emitt have been in the hot tub talking game talla is in the BY working out with alec and thats where the feeds are at cant see where the others are But alec said eariler that gary was in the WR peter was washing out the slop buckets and jillan was sleeping and topaz was napping outside

12:05 BBT jillan is now awake walks into the hot tub area says hello to the guys now is yelling acrossed the yard at talla who is still working out with alec meanwhile the guys

in the hot tub are now just chatting, andy is talking about one

of his friends back home andy and emitt are now getting out of the hot tub

12:10 BBT jillan is brushing her teeth talking the emitt about how tired she has been emitt walks into the bedroom with gary and they are whispering about something cant really hear them

Gary is at the mirror doing makeup oh emitt is telling Gary what all andy said to him in the hot tub topaz is waking up she is laying over by the pool andy is now in the pool

12:20 BBT emmit is now in the WR with jillan whispering Gary walks in and the whispering stops emmits in the show changing

now hes laying on the little sofa Gary is sitting at the mirror with jillan they are just talking no game talk Gary walks back into the BR and jillan starts whispering again

12:30 BBT emmit and jillan are making out in the WR gary is in the BR and talla and alec are still working topaz is laying down Gary is now talking to jillan about the votes and weather or not he has the votes to stay. Hes asking her who he should go after next week when he wins hoh sounds like he thinks he is staying emmit walks into the BR Now Gary is talking about Talla

now more making out between emmit and jillan on the bed now gary is talking about alec saying how strong he is now talking about weather or not topaz and alec are still together or not

12:40 gary and emmit and jillan are just going back and forth over who is voting how and so on talla is now walking around the kT now in the LR where alec and peter are sitting peter just told talla that he will not put her up in order to earn her trust in return she has to trust them talla is now in the BR with gary who is doing makeup and emmit who is laying on the bed talla is talking about how well she did in her workout today

12:40 BBT jillan is saying to gary that where she comes from they dont say Im going to take a leek they say Im going to do my pee andy is now in the WR with talla who is whispering to emmitt and andy cant hear what shes saying they now walk out alec is back in the BY working out again

12:45 BBT now in the KT is peter, andy, emmit and jillan sounds like they are talking about slop and how it tastes like oatmeal.they are now doing jumps andy jumps up and touches the wall peter now jumps up and touches the wall now its emmits turn they are jumping to see who can jump the highest on the wall.

12:50 BBT now talla is making lunch sounds like shes making eggs andy walks into the SR Jillan is talking about a slicer

and emmit is also in the KT talla is tring to figure out how she wants to cook her eggs she is having them with pickles

she is making a omelet emmit is cutting cheese for toast talla takes out a salad it wasnt covered she is wondering if its still good emmit is making a sandwich

1:00 BBT and the lunch making continues in the KT they are talking about what dairy queen can and can not write on their cakes for jillan has just told them a story about a dairy queen cake andy is dressed like a vampire now talla is laying on the sofa while andy pretens to bit her while peter takes a picture I guess thats why andy is dress as a vampire

1:05 BBT the vampire picture taking continues now jillan holding a bag of garlic while andy the vampire pretends to bite her they are now in the BY where andy pretends to bite topaz slepping now its emmits turn with andy the vampire

1:10 BBT the picture taking continues on they are just going around taking different pictures with the vampire seems like they are having some fun with this now the vampire is in the BR with gary who has to look pretty for the picture they have to take the picture three times so gary can be pleased with it

1:15 BBT and the picture taking has now stopped talla finishes her eggs topaz is telling everyone that emmit is not allowed to talk about the dry hunting thing anymore andy is now out of the vampire outfit

1:20 andy is back in the vampire outfit and the picture taking has now restarted emmits in the BY playing with alec with a ball they are whipering about something the feeds are either on the KT crew andy the vampire talla, jillan and peter taking pictures or alec and emmit in the BY andy is now in the BY

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6:10PM BBT - Andrew, Topaz, Alec and Gary (dressed as a woman, complete with a wig) in the HT. Gary has his legs dipped in. Talla and Peter in the KT. Jillian comes in, she & Talla are now going to join the HT group.

6:14PM BBT - Correction: Emmett in the HT. Wherever Alec is, he's told to put his mic on. In th HT, Gary swears he was born a girl. Andrew tells Gary he looks like a model, he says he's more into acting.

6:23PM BBT - Gary (who is nicknamed Zoe while a woman) calls out to BB that they should have a wig party. Talla, who thinks she's fat, makes everyone close their eyes while she gets into the HT.

Updates from earlier in the day:

Jillian feels bad lying to Andrew, but thinks it's time Andrew picked a side and stuck to it. Emmett asks Jillian who she would take to F3, Talla or Andrew? She says Talla at first, but changes to Andrew. Jillian doesn't want to see Peter win because he throws all the comps. Emmett wonders if he should pretend to fight with Jillian so they open up to her more.

Alec & Topaz had an intense chat. He sees Andrew's shadiness finally. Topaz rehashes the vote, and how everyone tried to make her think Alec was against her because he voted to keep Andrew. Alec says he trusts Emmett and Jillian way more. Alec says he thought he could trust Andrew more than AJ, but now realizes he cannot. Alec tells Topaz the whole house wants her out next week, especially Emmett and Jillian, so it's important they don't win HOH. They agree Gary doesn't know where he stands. Andrew told them he wanted Emmett/Jillian out but put Topaz/Gary up.

Alec was tricked into voting out AJ, he says. He wants to keep working with Topaz and rectify that, but doesn't want anyone else to know because then they'll get on the block together. Topaz says with people leaving every week, they'll eventually get found out and targeted. Topaz says she trusts Alec and its ok (his voting out AJ). They agree how much they trust Talla and want to work with her.

Topaz asks if she should tell Gary that he's leaving; Alec says no. Elsewhere, Emmett carries Talla across the yard and throws her in the pool. Alec finds Jillian in the bathroom and warns her when F5 happens with Jill/Emmett, Peter/Alec and Andrew that Andrew will make the pairs go after each other. He tells Jillian a very different story than he told Topaz, alluding to being fine if she goes home.

After that, the house meets Zoe, who introduces herself to the house, to the DR and then spends time telling stories about herself.

Back to now ....

6:39PM BBT - Peter in the SR looking for batteries. BB asked him to change them for everyone. Alec comes in, tells Peter he told Jillian about the F4 deal with them and Emmet/Jillian. Says she is on board to put up Andrew. Peter tells BB he is leaving the SR again since he can't find the batteries. He wonders where everyone is, Topaz comes in and says they are all in the HT.

6:41PM BBT - Andrew, Jillian, Emmett in the HT, talking about how it's all about numbers. Feeds abruptly switch to Peter and Topaz, talking in the SR. Neither has a mic on, so you can't hear what they are saying.

6:43PM BBT - Mic is on, and Peter is telling Topaz he thinks they have common enemies. They are talking about "she" jumping, sounds like Talla? Peter prefers Andrew go, Topaz agrees.

6:44PM BBT - Zoe and Talla in the pool. Peter going through the house changing batteries. Alec & Topaz in the WA, cuddling and making out.

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7:05 PM BBT

Alec is in the KT making something to eat. While telling the camera, "I Miss you camera." Talla, Andrew, Topaz and "Zoe" are still in the HT. Singing/humming. No feed cut off either. Andrew swimming/splashing while Talla rides 4 pool noodles.

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7:21 PM BBT

Talla and Topaz continue in the pool. It looks like it's swimming lessons time. They are doing the backwards frog. Talla talking to Topaz like she's a baby.

Inside Peter sits on his favourite love seat and stares into the abyss as Alec eats at the KT counter. The girls are running inside for the shower now, "wait!!!" we hear Topaz cry "Don't get into the shower before me."

[interesting times you're missing here...]

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7:52 PM BBT

Peter still on loveseat. "I'm very bored. Bored and tired." he tells Emmett who is sitting at the KT counter.

Gary in the shower, as is Jillian who has the now in the WCA Emmett staring over the shower door at her. Talla is putting her make up on.

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8:12 PM BBT

Alec trying to tell Talla that he is worried about how close "they" are getting. Andrew, Jillian and Emmett. He's trying to feel out who the vote is going to go for. Talla tells Alec that he needs to worry about next week. He and the guys are all strong players, he will have to fight it out. If he's worried about something happening next week that will f&ck his shit up, then it will happen and f&ck his shit up. He's asking her if she thinks he should win HOH week. "Well who is the strongest on your team? Who shouldn't win HOH on your team? Who needs to win?" Talla asks.

If he wins HOH, according to Talla, he should put up Topaz to make Andrew happy, then a pawn and then have his eye on his real target.

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8:36 PM

Oh the horror!!!!!

Jillian overdid in on the hair product and now her hair feels weird. She's never done this before.

"Feel my hair." she begs Emmett

He grabs a handful, "Huh, it feels like hair I guess."

8:37 PM BBT

Andrew is clipping his nails on the love seat. No towel or anything, just nails a flying. Everyone who hasn't been called into the DR is hypothesizing about why everyone is being called into the DR.

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We've got gaps in our coverage! Please feel free to dive right in and start posting. It's real easy, you just go here:


and watch the houseguests try to stab each other in the back. Then you write a little blurb on this page:


and just describe things like you were texting a friend about what you saw.



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