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March 25 [Monday] Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here),

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A".

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

The "Hush, Hush" screen should still be (FOTH)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=142

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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11:58pm BBT - Soth

11:59pm BBT - Soth

12:00am BBT - Feeds are Back. Emit and Jill are getting ready for bed. Lying down in bed kissing and talking about putting no sheets on the bed..In the LR, Suzette Alec Gary talking about working out.

12:01am BBT - Gary and Alec now in the LR talking about working out.[Cam 2 and 4]

12:02am BBT- Andrew Talla Aj having a smoke outside talking about Tom [Cam 1 and 3]

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11:30PM BBT: Jillian and Gary in the KT, Gary said he is an emotional player and he have to change that, He also said he was only like this with Danielle.

11:33PM BBT: AJ,Topaz,Andrew out in the BY still drinking beers and looks very high. AJ said Topaz should make up with Liza then he change his wording and said that she should make out with Liza.

11:38PM BBT: Suzette is telling Gary a story in the BY. She said she was in a club with Asian and Native girls and she was so angry the way people treat them. Suzette said Native people is everyday people. Suzette said in this game she could of been a bitch and pretend she does not have a family, But she cannot be that person. She also said when she see Topaz and Talla be the way they are she cannot play that game.

11:42PM BBT: Alec and Topaz in HoH Alec told Topaz she was sleeping and got caught and his iPod was taken away. BB announce HG please go to the LR. Alec also told Topaz that she lies sometimes.

11:48PM BBT: All HG's is in the LR now after a third warning. And we have Soth.

11:51PM BBT: Feeds are back.

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12:07am BBT - Talla AJ and Andrew talking about clips of them selfs on the show, [ seems the "all house guests to the living room at 11:45 was big brother showing them a clip of something they were doing. All positive comments]

12:13pm BBT - Talla and Topaz doing very silly accents in BY with Suzette and Andrew . They have beer. Maybe BB gave them more drinks :)

12:14am BBT - Alec still inside on the couch. Now with Aj talking about Topaz and the iPod incident.

12:15am BBT - No cam feeds on Emith Jill, Now in bed

12:16am BBT - Peter, maybe in bed

12:17am BBT - Gary now calling out to the house " GOODNIGHT"

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11:59AM BBT: Nothing yet on what was the announcement. Alec and Gary talking in LR. Gary said he vented to Topaz about how he was feeling. Alec ask Gary what is wrong Gary said he is hearing his name all over the house. Alec said to Gary what would you do if Emmett and Jillian put you on the block. Alec said Topaz is being a target in the game by swearing to BB.

12:13AM BBT: Talla,Topaz,Andrew and Suzette out in the BY at the picnic table, they are talking in an English accent. Talla is screaming and dancing. Talla said to Andrew do you want to make out mate. Gary just join the BY crew. More beers on the way.

12:19AM BBT: Topaz said she and Alec is in a little fight at the moment. Suzette said Alec came down and complain about the iPod. The picnic crew is talking bad about Alec, Suzette said to Topaz out of respect tell Alec when you come to us and our problem keep it to yourself.

12:23AM BBT: Alec and AJ in the KT Alec said he don't know what people would do next week. AJ said Gary deserve to be in the jury and Gary grew on him. AJ said the number one person he want to protect in the game is himself.

12:29AM BBT: AJ said Alec in KT AJ said Alec will always be his friend after the game. AJ said he does not want Suzette to win the game because she did not play the game, But if Gary win he think he deserve to win the f***ing game because he win Pov and HoH.

12:34AM BBT: The party crew is still on the picnic table Suzette ,Alec, AJ, Topaz, Talla and Andrew. Gary,Emmett,Jillian, Peter are asleep.

12:38AM BBT: Topaz and Talla just had a play fight Talla claim she won. Topaz top of the bikini almost fell off. Topaz and Talla looks really high. Topaz opened another beer, They are now dancing doing the duty wine. Andrew is begging them to come in the pool. They are both on the picnic table with AJ.

12:45AM BBT: Talla just fell down winning, these girls are going overboard. ( They will regret it in the morning) They are now tap dancing. Topaz said she is acting like a crazy fu**ing girl. Talla, Suzette is now in the pool.

12:51AM BBT: Topaz sings bam bam and winning in a drunk voice. AJ looks so happy to see all the dancing. Topaz is really doing some moves. Andrew is having fun playing with Talla's hair. AJ is now in the water playing volley ball in the water with Talla,Suzette and Andrew.

12:56AM BBT: It is Suzette and AJ against Talla and Andrew. Topaz went to HoH and kiss Alec. They are fully making out now the covers are pull and Topaz is on top of Alec.

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1:03am BBT - Alec has gone to bed while Andrew Ah talla and Suzette play volleyball in the pool. Topaz makes her way to the HOh room where alec is sleeping. She rumages through the hoh room and on her way out she stops to kiss Alec . They start kissing more. Topaz gets on top of alec. They kiss more. The covers on the bed are then moved over top of them . A few minutes of kissing and maybe more.... soth

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01:02AM BBT: And we have Soth.

01:06AM BBT: Feeds are back.

01:11AM BBT: Topaz and Alec is laying in bed not too sure if anything went down. Topaz said she hope the camera shut off because this was not made for TV. Talla,Suzette,AJ and Andrew is out the water.

01:15AM BBT: Talla, Andrew and AJ out having a smoke. They are talking about Gary and they need him out. Andrew said he will put up Gary and Topaz because Topaz is getting on everyone nerves. Andrew said there is other big players in the game. Talla said Gary wants her out the game.

01:24AM BBT: AJ and Andrew told Talla don't worry she is safe this week. Talla is really drunk. AJ is making sure Talla is in bed

01:32AM BBT: Suzette is now in the shower, AJ said good night. Talla is now in bed. Topaz and Andrew is now in the WA. Suzette is dancing and making funny moves.

1:41AM Andrew just make sure Gary is all tucked in and give him a big kiss and say sweet dreams. Suzette is in the WA with shades.

01:45AM BBT: Suzette is now in bed, Topaz is getting ready for bed but she is snacking on chips.

01:48AM BBT: Topaz is now sitting on the bed with chips and pop ( Mountain dew)

01:58AM BBT: Topaz is in bed now. Andrew and Gary still up Andrew told Gary stop drinking pop eat and drink healthy. Andrew keep on saying poor Gary bear.

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9:05am Sunrise but every1 is still asleep

9:12am Alarm rings & keeps ringing until every1 is almost up

9:18am Suzette limps to WA. Andrew delivers new batteries. Jillian & Garry R still in bed. Evry1 else is doing ADL's or lying around.

9:22am Alarm rings again for Garry & Talla who finally get up. Garry saying 'he's up. He's over it.'

9:25 Alarm stops & Garry lies back down. Alarm starts again. He finally sits up. Suzette & Jillian also in BR. Topaz, Alec, Andrew & Peter in BY. AJ in KT. Can't see others.

9:31 Talla & Topaz talk about what happened last night after drinking. Talla called to DR.

9:35am Emmet & AJ in KT talking about how they slept last night.

9:38am Andrew saying he wants to watch all the BB's. Peter says it's

9:40am Emmett making his morning shake. Talla cleaning mirrors in the KT

9:45am BY cam zooms in on AJ cereal. Talk turns to wonderbread. Andrew says it's naptime & Peter imitates alarm.

9:50am AJ, Andrew & Alec talk wrestling in the BY

9:55am Talla chokes on her water. Emmett asks if she's dying. She says her throat is just dry but thanks for checking on her.

10am Jillian in WA colouring her hair.

10:05am Andrew talking to Topaz about the women in the house wearing make & how they look without it.

10:09am AJ delivers a coffee to Andrew ithe BY. Andrew thanks him & proclaimes "AJ's ok'. We get SotH for a moment

10:12am AJ talks about someone (a lawyer) & we get SotH

10:27am Feeds R back. Jillian waiting for her hair to be done in KT. Talking to Emmett. All other cams still SotH

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10:31AM BBT: Our only feed joins the other 3 in SotH.

10:38AM BBT: Feeds return. Jillian going to wash the dye out of her hair. Talla, Andrew and AJ in the BY talking about previous comps. Alec and Peter in the WA just random chit chat.

10:46AM BBT: Jillian isn't washing her hair yet she's adding more dye to the bottom half of her hair. Emmett lounging by the pool. Talla joins the guys in the BY and interrupts their convo to tell what she knows. They are talking about aboriginals and the treaty.

10:51AM BBT: AJ alone outside for a smoke. He does his usual mumbling to himself. He says "She's a lazy talker." He also says he had a bond with Liza, they were around the same age. Then we get SotH.

11:01AM BBT: Feeds return Talla, Andrew, Alec, AJ and Peter in the BY still talking treaties and discussing the mural on the wall of the BY as 1 cam showing the mural as they talk about it.

11:11AM BBT: Talla asks if she should run for Mayor. She's now talking about the keystone pipeline and all the controversy around it.

11:18AM BBT: The BY convo is getting into serious politics. Andrew is leading as the Historian. Most of the talk is about American politics. The alarm sounds maybe for Emmett by the pool. Talla also doing a lot the talking. [surprise, surprise]. Talla burps and says its one of her pet peeves. AJ laughs and says "Its one of your hobbies."

11:24AM BBT: Gary is in the shower complaining to Jillian as she puts on her makeup. Apparently someone drank his lunch beer. He says "Its really not fair, I really upset." Andrew comes in the WA and says he's sorry for the drinking the beer. Gary says "I'm disappointed in you." Andrew goes to walk away and Gary says "Are you going to let me vent and let get my stuff out." Gary says he had it in the fridge to have it at lunch as like a celebratory I'm feeling better beer. Andrew says "I apologize" and goes to the WC and gives Jillian a funny look because of Gary.

11:32AM BBT: Alec gets called to the DR. Peter, AJ and Talla in the BY just general chit chat now at the moment talking cricket and sports.

11:37AM BBT: Talla says she has a headache but isn't hungover. AJ and Peter telling her then she is hungover. Gary out of the shower now Jillian is in the BR doing her makeup and Suzette is laying in bed.

11:43AM BBT: AJ and Talla alone in the BY. Talla says shes so done with Gary. AJ can't believe he thre her under the bus. Talla thinks Emmett is controlling Gary. AJ doesn't think so, he says the only thing you're worried about is Gary winning HoH. She says "I wasn't until now." He's telling her to control her fate by winning HoH.

11:50AM BBT: Andrew and Peter in the KT. Andrew tells Peter about Gary beer. He's has a part of him feels bad but also he doesn't. AJ and Talla going over friendships and alliances in the house. AJ says Topaz is in the prime position and is sleeping all day. Talla keeps saying "I can't believe Gary." AJ says he doesn't have a problem being the pawn star as long as the person your are sitting against doesn't win veto your safe. Back to Gary they say he is arguably the strongest person in the house.

11:56AM BBT: Alec and Andrew talking about Topaz always sleeping [hot topic today] Saying shes gotta wake up cause someone is gonna wake her up soon.

11:58AM BBT: Andrew says "Yes its an individual game but its also who you are associated with." Andrew says Gary is one of those guys what he does is fine but when someone else does it its not.

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12:11PM BBT: Topaz and Gary in the hammock. Gary doesn't know if he should talk to Talla he doesn't know what he did and says "Girls are funny." Gary asks if Topaz and Alec made up. He tells her to fake it she doesn't want to loose him. Then he says Emmett is going crazy cause he doesn't have anyone here now that Tom is gone he may attach himself to Alec now.

12:17PM BBT: Talla, AJ and Peter in the KT. Suzette comes in and is having a burger for breakfast. [Kind of lunch time maybe brunch]. They discuss what time they think it is. Peter says they have been up for 4 hours. Alec just getting out of the DR now.

12:20PM BBT: Alec goes to the BY and Gary is telling him that Andrew drank his beer and told him to get over it. [i didn't hear him say get over it, not to his face anyway] Gary says he's alwasy sick and his friends call him "Sicky D's" cause they always stop at McDonalds to get the napkins for his nose.

12:24PM BBT: Andrew in the hot tub Emmett with his feet in but laying in the sun just talk about people in their real life and relationships. Other feeds showing Alec snacking in his HoH room.

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1:48PM BBT: Jillian and Emmett eating lunch in the KT. Alec doing a workout. AJ and Andrew in the BY talking with him.

1:56PM BBT: The guys talknig about food. It sounds like Alec fell but we didn't get to see it on the camera. Very quiet this afternoon. Everyone wondering when the POV ceremony will be.

2:00PM BBT: Andrew goes to take a nap. AJ and Alec talk about thinking that the bottom 4 of the HoH comp were going to be the have nots and Emmett would of been one but then he would of just used his slop pass. AJ says if Talla lived in the same city as him there might be something with them. he feels she is smart but scared to show it. He says "The 3 women excluding Suzette are the total packages."

2:05PM BBT: Emmett tells Jillian he's not using the veto, neither one on the block has come to ask him to use it. "If I used it you know who would go up?" Jillian points to her herself. He says "If I asked someone not use it and they did I would put up the closest person to them too." They move to the KT sofa to snuggle and kiss. AJ And Alec now talking about food and nutrition an how AJ has lost a lot of weight in the last 6 months.

2:11PM BBT: AJ and Alec now discussing how Tom opened the shower door. they say how much calmer the house is now that Tom is gone. He constantly talked game, had no real loyalty to everyone and had no problem throwing anyone under the bus. AJ says Tom called out Emmett for knowing that Tom and Liza were going on the block and didn't tell him. AJ telling Alec that Liza asked him about a final 4 deal with him, Tall and Andrew and then voted to evict him against Aneal.

2:17PM BBT: Big Sister says: "Attention HG's there are 3 hours until the POV Ceremony." Jillian says "Thank you, they never tell us anything like that."

2:22PM BBT: Alec and AJ now talking first impressions. Alec tells him that when he first met Andrew, Andrew told he got botox in his arm pits for a swearing problems. Alec says Kat told him that she was ok with being on the block and going but was annoyed that there was guys like AJ walking around the house making the girls uncomfortable with his sexual comments. AJ says he's asked the girls and they all said he hasn't done anything to make them uncomfortable. It wasn't fair for Kat to go around saying that.

2:27PM BBT: They are now discussing Suzette's life and how she makes money. All the things she does don't make money so her husband is the bread winner. Alec says "I'm not going to comment on her life because I don't know it. What it comes down to is we didn't align and our personalities don't match." Other 2 feeds showing Emmett and Jillian sleeping on the sofa in the KT.

2:37PM BBT: AJ says "If you voted me next week I'll still be your friend. You and Andrew I will have friendships with no matter what." Alec says that's the beauty and the curse of this place is not everyone lives in the same city." AJ gets called to the DR. Feeds switch to the BR where Gary and Suzette are doing there makeup.

2:48PM BBT: Looks like Topaz is up from her nap. Gary and Suzette still doing makeup with very little talking. Emmett and Jillian still napping in the KT.

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3:10 pm BBT - alarm goes off to wake the house guest from sleeping . Emit and jill where sleeping on the couch .peter was sleeping in the LR couch. Topaz sleeping in HoH and talla was naping in the BR . Everyone is in the kitchen eating and talking . Aj is in the shower

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2:54PM BBT: Suzette saying she doesn't know what to say at the POV ceremony, "I know this is a reality show but can I get a writer?" Topaz and Talla doing their makeup in the WA. AJ out of the DR he's going to take a shower. Suzette called to the DR now.

2:57PM BBT: Looks like nap time is over for Emmett and Jillian, the alarm sounds in the KT. Alec making something to eat. Peter joins the KT and sits at the bar. Andrew also comes in and everyone compliments his hair cut Jillian gave him.

3:02PM BBT: Gary is putting makeup on Topaz. Talla comes in and says notice anything about me. They both are clearly annoyed they have to guess. Finally Topaz says "OK makeup I'm hungry and over that just tell us." I didn't even hear what it was before Talla left. Gary says "I'm still ignoring her." Topaz says "Why?" He says "She just annoying me."

3:10PM BBT: Gary says Emmett said something mean to Jillian and it was that bad that she thought it was a task and he couldn't react. Gary feels their relationship hasn't been the same since. Suzette now in the BR with them. Topaz says "After I s**t and washed out my bum I feel like I have to s**t again." Then feeds cut to SotH. [That's 3 times now she has talked about pooping and the we get SotH. Not sure if its a coincidence of they don't want us to know she poops.]

3:20PM BBT: Feeds return. Suzette and Gary doing their makeup. Suzette joking about if she had a diamond POV. Talla, Andrew, Alec (thats all I can see and hear) in the KT.

3:26PM BBT: The BR feed changes to the BY where Emmett and Peter are talking. Emmett says "I hope she sees it as constructive criticism." He hates how she always makes people try to feel sorry for her situation. [sounds like he was talking about Suzette and what he's going to say at the ceremony]

3:34PM BBT: Emmett and Peter working out with no talk now. Topaz getting some food. AJ, Talla, Andrew and Jillian also hanging out in the KT.

3:43PM BBT: Still very quiet at the workout spot. The KT crew talking about their pics for the wall. Jillian hates hers. And we get SotH.

4:00PM BBT: Still SotH

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6:58 PM BBT

Talla made garlic chicken cesaer sald for dinner. She can't believe Alec didn't like it. He grabs AJ's fork and stabs a whole pile of it (from AJ's plate) on to the form and stuffs that in his mouth.

Gary telling the others how he can make awesome Kool Aid. They were just joking around about Black people stereotypes. Gary said he has orange "drink" not juice.

Topaz doing her nails at teh KT table, Peter talking about getting into bars (Joe's Apartment) for free because he knows people. He saves the $10, $20, $25 cover charges. Peter said he paid $30 to get into Reflections once and it was just a DJ.

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7:09 PM BBT

Alec, Peter, Emmett, Topaz and Gary sit around the kitchen table talking about actors (Steven Baldwin) and movies. Gary is eating and Topaz continues her manicure.

Talla is outside smoking. She is making the most ridiculous face. AJ has joined her and she is telling how she asked her BFF how being on the show will affect her real life career. She is saying that the things she does in this house aren't the things she does in real life. She's not all up and kissing her girlfriends in her real life. Her mother will be disappointed but that's just in here. Does he think it will affect them outside of here?

AJ says he's not sure. People should understand this is a show but she can't let other people that don't know her, let her down. He's warning her, when she gets out of there there are going to be people that love her and people that don't love her. Don't let people that don't let love you tell you what you are. He reminds her that they signed off on their rights to be portrayed as they are. He could be being shown as AJ the biggest asshole on earth and there's nothing he can do because he signed off on that. She is worried because people won't see that, they won't see the editing and it might take away from her credibility.

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7:25 PM BBT

Suzette in bed talking to Gary. Andrew is sleeping. They are in the BR. Suzette doesn't understand how people can't see that she is an advocate for people. "Stay Strong" Gary tells her "Don't let the man you know bring you down."

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7:34 PM BBT

The HGs are playing soccer in the BY. Gary, Emmett and Jillian are on one team. AJ, Peter and Alec are on the other. Emmett announces one of the rules "If you have a slop pass we're allowed to kick you in the nuts." "I hate these rules" laughs Gary.

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7:42 PM BBT

Topaz is laying on a chaise lounger watching the game being played. Alec takes a moment out to go over and give her a big smooch. Must have brought him luck as he scores a goal. 2-1 for Team Alec.

7:49 PM BBT

The BB Soccer Cup is tied at 3-3. One more goal and they will switch sides.

7:50 PM BBT

With another goal scored by Alec a short intermission and a switching of sides is called.

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8:04PM BBT - Gary tells Jillian it's a tie game, but Emmett corrects him; it's 7-6 Team Alec.

8:05PM BBT - Just like that, the game is over. Everyone claps hands, "Good game!" They are all out of breath and sweaty.

8:07PM BBT - Emmett hurt his ankle. Jillian says she is the sweatiest person ever. They are all downing water.

8:11PM BBT - Emmett puts ice on the top of his foot to control the swelling. Peter and Alec in the pool, Emmett and Jillian on the BY couches.

8:13PM BBT - AJ gets in the pool as well. Suzette last seen in the KT, doing her nails.

8:22PM BBT - Topaz asleep in the BR; Gary in the pool too.

8:34PM BBT - Emmett in the pool. The guys are joking around about the slop pass, and other aspects of production that earn them an admonishing from BB.

8:36PM BBT - Discussion turns to Reality TV and what they watch. Many watch Survivor; talk changes to what seasons of Survivor they've watched.

8:41PM BBT - Sleepy Talla and Topaz in the KT. Neither saying much. Emmett now in the HT along with Alec. Peter is going to shower and get something to eat. AJ still swimming. Gary inside.

8:43PM BBT - Andrew comes out to talk to AJ. Topaz tells Gary she heard everyone screaming up a storm. Topaz says she wants some chips, then changes her mind to oatmeal.

8:48PM BBT - Gary joins Alec & Emmett in the HT. Andrew goes into the WA to talk to Peter; they're discussing Suzette and how she doesn't really ask anything about the other HG's personal lives. Suzette in the KT making something. Andrew is going swimming with AJ.

8:51PM BBT - Topaz patiently trying to explain to Suzette why some of her comments set other HG's off. She constantly mentions leaving her kids, and Topaz says after awhile everyone doesn't feel bad because they left things behind too. Suzette says its her way of coping. Topaz says it felt like a guilt trip.

9:00PM BBT - Topaz comes to the HT and recounts the conversation with Suzette. Alec says not only are they saints, but the people back home are saints for listening.

9:11PM BBT - More talk about Suzette. Comparing her attitude to a lottery. Can't bet your family's money on winning a lottery.

9:16PM BBT - Gary and Topaz in the WA. They are happy Kat left, she would've been strong and a threat.

9:18PM BBT - Gary says this is like Danielle x2. He got unexpectedly close to Suzette. He's also sick and is upset he can't spend the entire day sleeping to get rid of it.

9:24PM BBT - Talla is in the KT doing dishes. Gary & Topaz meander that way and Gary thanks her for cleaning. Talla wishes it would stay like that for a couple of days.

9:26PM BBT - Alec tells Emmett that he stopped trusting Tom completely when Tom tried to make an F2 deal with him, even though he had a deal with Emmett.

9:27PM BBT - Alec says he has no plans to take Emmett to F2, he has a deal with Peter. Emmett says he doesn't expect Alec to. Alec says maybe F3.

9:30PM BBT - Alec says he no longer thinks production is against them because the competition was physical in the veto (the most recent one) and not mental, which means Suzette would have had a better shot of winning. Emmett says she could've done better because there wasn't much turning which would've hurt her knee.

9:37PM BBT - Emmett takes Jillian into the SR for a brief makeout session. Jillian tells him she was asked about their kisses in the DR today. Jillian grabs some stuff to cook.

9:39PM BBT - Topaz aggravated Talla and a brief argument broke out. Talla is supremely annoyed by how messy the other HG's are. Talla is in the WA, bad mouthing Topaz just to herself. She mutters that they should get a maid. Talla laughs that Topaz dares try that attitude on her. Talla goes into the BR and tells Suzette she just broke a bunch of glasses.

9:44PM BBT - Talla comes into the KT, hears someone say "Shhh" and freaks out that someone must be talking about her and why can't they get over it. Topaz comes at her and says she was talking with Gary.

9:47PM BBT - Talla says it's funny how when Topaz is upset, everyone goes to her rescue but no one came to Talla's when she was upset. It's good to know where everyone stands. Emmett and Jillian both try to defend themselves, Talla shoots them down.

9:51PM BBT - Talla goes to the HT, Topaz follows and Talla says she doesn't want to talk about it. Topaz giggles and says she was just teasing and she's bored so she decided to tease Talla. Topaz was explaining to Gary what happened when Talla came into the KT, AJ was the one who said "Shhh" cause he didn't want to offend Talla. Talla says she reacts when she's mad, and if that puts her on the block, then so be it. Topaz says that has nothing to do it.

9:53PM BBT - Topaz says she understands teasing can be mean, and she admits it was bad timing to tease her. She reiterates she was bored. She'll use better timing going forward.

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9:57PM BBT - AJ, Topaz, Peter, Emmett and Jillian in the KT. General chit chat. Andrew on the lounger by the pool, Gary in the pool - Topaz recounts the conversation with them. She tells Gary she's going to relax in the HoH room.

9:59PM BBT - On the way to the HOH, Alec and Topaz are asked to change their batteries. They go into the SR to do so.

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