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March 22 [Friday] Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), Daylight Saving Time starts 2:00AM on March 10th (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A".

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

The "Hush, Hush" screen should still be (FOTH)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=142

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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Last night I made a plea for everyone to try to spread the word about our site and see if we could get some new members to post updates of the live feeds. I am sorry to say we didn't get a single new registration. Without addition updaters, I can not continue to provide the update page on Morty's TV. If you or a someone know, loves Big Brother and would enjoy spending a little time with other fans, tell them about this site, and ask them to sign up as a free member. Give them the invitation code: 8298572 to register with.

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(Last night, AfterDark showed some of the events following when the feeds were turned off.

I will recap those events for you.

Keep in mind that AfterDark is not really "live", but an edited "best of" kind of thing, with commercials, so times listed are those of the AfterDark show, and not at all reflective of the actual time the events took place.)


2:00 a.m. <show starts>

(These events correspond to yesterdays feeds taking place after the evictions.)

Alec explains to Andrew why he threw the HoH to him.

Andrew expresses how he would have liked to have won it on his own, but he'll take it.

He also says he would have liked to have had the HoH room for the week.

Alec "it feels like a weight has lifted from the house".

(Houseguests start kidding around.)

Andrew tells how he couldn't really understand the HoH questions. (Proceeds to do impression that sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher.) It's like they weren't even speaking English, or German (which he is fluent in), so he was surprised that his opponents Jillian, then Emmitt, were buzzing in (and answering wrong). (Interesting that all 3 are East Coasters from Nova Scotia. Maybe Arisa's Toronto accent really did have something to do with it! LOL)

Alec "Topaz, I crushed you in our little duel!"

Andrew "Arisa: Andrew, you're the HoH! I'm like most of the audience is like 'Who the F**k is Andrew?"

2:05 a.m.

A.J. "Again, people are not going to realize who you are because you were HoH for like 5 seconds!". "This is the obscurity of Andrew in this game: he's the shortest HoH."

Andrew is joking about how all he wants as HoH before his reign is over is some hooch (alcohol). AJ jokes how they'll give him his candy and chocolate and he'll throw it to the ground. Andrew says that the letter from his brother, he'll rip up. Just give him some booze!

AJ tells Andrew that he thinks that they played his goodbye message to Liza about how she had final deals with everyone, including the toaster and microwave. (It was a big hit on a previous edition of AfterDark, but I don't remember seeing it played on the episodes.)

Andrew wonders what people were saying while voting that had the audience laughing. They know Alec accidentally tried to vote for Peter.

2:10 a.m.

Emmitt talks about his Veto speech during the live show.

Talla does an imitation of Arisa asking him to name names.

2:15 a.m.

Jillian makes herself a slop smoothie in the blender.

Topaz tries it and thinks that it's amazing and really good.

Emmitt says he would be screwed without Jillian's slop recipes.

Emmitt "you're always hungry on slop".

Suzette is making a salad. Gary is starting to cook too.

Andrew goes to the Diary Room. Houseguests speculate whether or not he'll get one night in the HoH room.

Topaz now chopping potatoes.

The houseguests now discuss the proper pronunciation of the word "specific".

2:20 a.m.

no game talk, more cooking

Topaz "we're almost into single digits. One more from Jury House."

(Switch to AJ and Alec in the bedroom)

Discussion is about Alec throwing it to Andrew, and how going forward everyone wants Suzette out.

How it's not a good idea to backdoor her.

They joke about how they tried to say "LIES-a" when voting out Liza.

They say how Suzette only has Gary in the house.

2:25 a.m.

Talk between AJ and Alec turns to Talla and how a girls' alliance is still a posibility.

Alec "with 2 people gone, I don't feel like it's lonelier, just nice."

Alec leaves the bedroom.

2:30 a.m.

Andrew, Alec and Peter talk in the bathroom.

Andrew "my ass had better not go on the block." "Suzette is next."

Alec "the only person we should be worried about winning HoH is Suzette".

Jillian comes in. AJ leaves in search of his purple sweater-vest.

2:35 a.m.

(Back to the kitchen action)

Talla doesn't want to take off her makeup yet in case she gets called in to the diary room.

A little talk about their good-bye messages, until AJ reminds them that they are not allowed, since technically that is part of not being allowed to talk about their Diary Room sessions.

Suzette brings up how sometimes Big Brother lets the houseguests make their own T-shirts, like the one she saw once that said "Julie Chen is my homegirl".

Alec "It is what it is, and it ain't what it ain't, and... it's slop!"

2:40 a.m.

Gary is still cooking. His pot boils over.

Talla "It's boiling outside your pot"

Gary "it's ok"

Talla "it's actually... not."

Gary "what?"

Talla "it's not ok, because it burns the stovetop"

Gary "<loud sigh> I don't like people commenting on my cooking. It has to be quiet. It's my therapy."

Talla "Ok, sorry. It's just bad for the stove.

Gary "It's my therapy"

Talla "I like cooking too, but not if it wrecks the stovetop"

(The above exchange was quiet and civil. No drama.)

The camera over the fridge doors spies on AJ taking the blueberries out of the fridge.

They are not sure what the "Boost" feature on the stove really does. The houseguests say that none of them has ever had a better stove.

2:45 a.m.

Topaz comes out of the Diary Room.

Talla "Hi Topaz. Did you have fun in the Diary Room?"

Topaz "Yeah. Always, with Virgo!" "and it was so funny because when I was leaving he was like 'enjoy the potatoes'."

(Virgo is a code name for one of the crew who interviews them in the Diary Room.)

2:50 a.m.

Peter recites his good-bye to Tom word for word (in that same Dan Gheesling half-shouting way).

Houseguests start repeating his "Stupidity is curable but ignorance is forever" line.

*voice of BB*: "Houseguests, please stop talking about production".

Gary explains his recipe to Talla.

(feeds switch to Jillian and Emmitt whispering in the Have-Not room about the upcoming competitions)

Jillian "I feel pretty safe. We have a good team right now."

Jillian "We need to get Suzette out" "she's after us" "she's got to go".

Jillian "she's my next target. If I win, I'll probably do AJ and... you're the only person I would ever tell this to, right?... AJ and Suzette, and if one of them got off the block, I'd backdoor......

Emmitt "Talla?... Alec?... Gary?" <Jillian nods and smiles after Emmitt says Gary>

Jillian tells Emmitt that now that Tom and Liza are gone, she can convince Talla to join her and Emmitt, since she doesn't really have anyone else in this game.

Emmitt "LOL, her second speech was the same as her first speech"

Emmitt "I never said I wouldn't lie in this game, I just said that I would keep my word".

Emmitt "I don't think Tom is mad at you."

Jillian is glad that the vote for Liza was unanimous, since she thinks that if it was 7 to 1 people might think that Jillian was the one who had voted against the house.

Concerning Alec and Topaz, they say that they didn't give them their word for final four, they just said they would look out for each other.

Topaz comes in looking for Polysporin for a burn she got from a curling iron.

3:00 a.m.

Andrew jokes about how no one has ever asked him to come up and spend the night sharing the HoH bed. He winks at Gary.

He goes on to say that Gary is too young for him because of the 17-year age difference. (21 versus 38)

Alec talks about his and Liza's mutual distaste (hate) for each other.

Mentions of foil ball and spaceness (?) ball.

Alec kisses Topaz on her lips, she mentions how he doesn't look at her eyes when he does it. They joke around.

Andrew: "two less stooges"

Andrew (about Tom) "Tommy boy, sitting there, I was absolutely... from the moment I met him, well whenever I could get a word in edgewise, thinking, man if I have to listen to this punk telling me about carbohydrates, I was like dude, I'm 38 years old, I've done some hard-ass living. Take a look at me and you'd better hope you look as good as me when you're my age."

Alec "he was telling you not to eat carbohydrates?"

Andrew "he was like 'Oh, you know how many calories that is?' and I was like 'you know how much I give a fuck???'."

Alec and Topaz think that on TV Tom was portrayed as an asshole.

3:05 a.m.

Topic changes to how Emmitt's hair is getting longer and soon he might be able to make a ponytail.

Alec (have-not that he is) is dreaming about how tonight would have been perfect for a feast.

Gary tells us what he would like if he wins HoH again.

Alec would like earplugs if he wins.

Topaz wants Tequila AND Rum. Big bottles, so that the whole house can get drunk.

Topaz now specifies Patron and Hennessey.

3:15 a.m.

Gary still working on his cooking (for the whole house).

AJ, Topaz and Alec half-heartedly try to do the math as to how much time has passed and how much is left, to see when the halfway point is. Topaz thinks that the remaining 10 will have made it past the halfway point by this next eviction night.

Andrew gets off the couch and limps away looking like he's in pain. Either his legs or back, or both.

They discuss how the first 3 evictees were from the first 5 people to enter the house, and how these last two were from the last 5 to enter.

3:20 a.m.

Jillian joins the kitchen gang and says that all she can think about is food.

Talk turns to how Alec was mesmerized when Topaz entered the house, and hasn't looked at any other girls in the house since then. Topaz mentions how during the pre-show interviews she was shown pictures of the male houseguests and asked what she thought, and how she thought Alec was the cutest.

Big Brother says "Houseguests, please stop talking about production."

Topaz lowers her voice and tries to finish her sentence.

Big Brother repeats the warning.

Alec tells her that she just "pulled a Jillian", going on to explain, with AJ's help, how Jillian did the same thing the other night. (It was a very funny moment shown on a previous AfterDark.)

Suzette gets called to the Diary Room.

Jillian asks if it's AfterDark right now.

Topaz joins Gary at the stove and stirs and smells what's cooking.

Emmitt comes in and sits at the kitchen counter. Andrew and AJ talk on the couch.

Gary tells Emmitt that he feels sorry for him the least of the Have-Nots (due to him losing his HoH by disqualification? Feeds go to commercial, so we'll never know.)

3:28 a.m. - 3:50 a.m.

(Long talk between Shield members Peter and Alec in the washroom regarding their next moves.)

Some highlights:

Alec "it wa a turning point in the game"

Alec thinks that he and Liza only hated each other as players, not as people.

Alec wonders if he should throw it tomorrow

Peter says that he is legit going for it.

Alec asks Peter who he would put up.

Peter answers that he would put up Suzette and AJ. He would say that Canada intervened once, but wouldn't this time. And that he would tell AJ he's the pawn beforehand.

They agree that this is a good HoH to win because everyone is onboard with getting Suzette out, so they would not disrupt the house unity.

If Suzette somehow got herself off the block, they would put up Talla as the replacement.

Suzette is only good at mental competitions.

They will see what the competition is tomorrow before deciding for sure.

They discuss maybe putting up Gary as a pawn against Suzette.

As long as Suzette goes, it doesn't matter who was put up against her.

They think Gary wants Suzette out, but only once Jury starts.

They think that if Talla goes up she'll go crazy.

Peter "if it's physical Emmitt's probably going to win, if it's endurance it'll be me or Jillian"

Alec "I think if it's mental I can win."

Alec "I think Jeopardy with my Mom has paid off!"

Alec "I do want to win it because I think it's an easy week, and it's just going to get harder and harder."

Peter "Yeah, I would really want to win it tomorrow... no, I'll give it to you, because of the Have-Not thing."

Alec "Ok, sure. For me it doesn't matter which one of us wins. We're both safe"

Gary comes in. Tells them that food is ready.

Gary says that he doesn't think they need to get Suzette out because he can control her. Just be nice to her.

Gary says that he would put up Talla, with Suzette as a pawn.

They ask Gary if they should put up Suzette and Talla if either of them wins tomorrow.

Gary then says that maybe they would be better off putting up AJ against Andrew to split that pair up and get Andrew to join them after AJ goes home.

Now Gary says that he would put up AJ against Talla.

Gary gets called back to the kitchen.

Peter "Suzette still has to go. But he'll just need convincing."

Alec "Exactly. We'll buy a week."

Alec "It's funny man, because it's like we have so many good options, it's like figuring out the very best option. I feel like Suzette should go and I feel like we'll rely on Topaz to reiterate some of the things."

Peter "I agree"

Alec "Emmitt would like us for getting rid of Talla, though."

Peter "Yeah, but I think he wants Suzette out too. I mean, either of them, but emphasis on Suzette, because she's the only person that I've heard is directly going after us."

Alec "Did you hear Gary say that he would put up AJ and Talla? That's fucking crazy. Wow. I didn't think that he would have that in him, but fuck, maybe he does. If Gary wins again, Gary will be king of the house for sure! And that's what we want."

Peter "That's exactly what we want. I would throw it to Gary... again."

Alec "yeah, I would too!"

Peter "that way he could keep getting people out and creating more of a threatening persona"

Alec "well, you gotta think, is it best for us to win tomorrow?"

Peter "maybe not. Maybe we should just do what we always do. Throw it."

Alec "Yeah, exactly. It sounds like the only person we have to worry about is Suzette. If Suzette's there, then we win, if she's not, then we'll go."

Alec "absolutely"

Peter "done"


3:43 a.m.

Alec "it sounds like we're pretty safe" "In case something happens where Suzette stays, again, other people keep putting her up, as pawns or whatever, so she might forget about us. Think about immediate threats.

Peter "I agree. and that's 100% of the reason that I voted to keep Suzette tonight. As an act of faith."

Alec "Yeah. Exactly. I was so glad you did that. That was really good."

Peter "I just knew it was the best play for us."

Alec " What should we do this week? I'm going to keep in good with Andrew and AJ."

Peter "And I've got Talla <makes motion of wrapping around his finger>. She feels this new bond because she views her and I as the only two remaining conduits to Liza. I have Talla 100%. I'm positive."

Alec "who would you tell her to put up?"

Peter "I would tell her to put up Suzette and AJ."

3:45 a.m.

They say that they need to keep Jillian safe so that Emmitt has someone. Emmitt and Jillian are the other 2 of their 4.

Gary comes back in. Laughs that people are actually talking to AJ, and that AJ is a different person now that Tom is gone.

Gary: "OMG you have a voice? You speak? I actually like him now!"

Alec to Gary "It's too bad you don't have the HoH room anymore. Until... tomorrow? LOL"

Gary brings up that if the HoH competition is a 2-in-1 (meaning combined with the Have/Have-Not competition, Andrew would be an automatic Have, as Hoh.)

Peter "there could be 7 competitions tomorrow, for all we know. Fucking Rock-Scissors-Paper (sic) tournament."

Gary "tournaments scare me. The set up of it."

Alec "I really liked the HoH competition today. That was like the perfect HoH comp for us. (regarding getting rid of Liza)

Gary "I like that she went out classy, though. Like, she had a good attitude, she changed her dress. She did it with class."

Alec "Yeah, ah whatever, fuck it who cares!"

Gary "You just don't even like her at all! LOL"

Alec "Whatever, we never talked, that was the thing."

Gary returns to the kitchen.

Alec "Yeah, I think we're pretty good. I'd like to give Andrew a little more trust."

Peter "It's him and AJ. His next thing is you, him and I. That's his only other potential alliance. Like we told him that we would look out for him."

3:50 a.m.

Alec "Alright, so...?"

Peter "we're throwing it unless Suzette is in a position to win."

Alec "That's what I think we should do, but do it convincingly, cause like, I've already basically thrown two HoH competitions right in the fucking plain view of everyone. Now that I think about it, I probably should have just, like, pressed the wrong button."

Peter "Yeah. But your Have-Not excuse makes sense."

The Shield leaves the washroom and rejoins the other houseguests, who are in the kitchen starting to eat Gary's food. The Have-Nots are not eating. Neither is Peter. Emmitt is smelling the food.

Gary "Congratulations, guys! Final 10!"

Eating and general jovial chit-chat.

Jillian and Emmitt flirting near the doors to the backyard. (You can see the metal garage-door is down preventing them access to the yard.)

AJ: "Gary Suzette Andrew and I are the only remaining 'perma-Haves'. Non-sloppers!"

Jillian joking about how it took her an hour to make Emmitt some slop pancakes, he took 2 bites and left the rest.

Emmitt asks Peter about how the HoH sometimes picks who the Have-Nots are. (BBUS)

Jillian asks Peter about the record for being on slop the longest. He tells her about Chicken George, and the How Bad You Want It veto competition.

Emmitt says that he would write 0 days, because he knows Andrew would do whatever it takes to win that veto.

4:10 a.m.

Now discussing All-Stars and Howie's exit.

Gary gets excited about getting a box-set of all the Big Brother Canada episodes when they leave.

Talking about Real Housewives of Vancouver, and what it takes to get on that show.

Houseguests are finishing their meals.

Alec comes out of the Diary Room and tells Topaz, in front of everyone, that Virgo wants to talk to her.

Everyone laughs. Suzette jokes that she is jealous.

Topaz to Alec "Really? Are you lying?"

Alec "No, he needs one more question, he said"

Topaz "Oh, for real!"

Topaz "Oh Virgo, I'm on my way, baby!"

Andrew takes up Gary's offer to finish someone's leftovers.

Alec says he should have asked Topaz to ask when he can eat.

Yells to her to tell him "Alec says 'hands off'."

AJ says that the most Alec can say is "eyes off".

4:15 a.m.

They start singing "It's a Have-Not life... for us" (like from Little Orphan Annie)

Topaz comes back and says that Virgo just wanted to say "good-night". She's kidding.

Big Brother says "Houseguests, please stop talking in code". No one is sure who the warning was meant for.

(I think it's about the references to Virgo.)

Alec and Emmitt joke that the warning was for them, because Emmit told Alec "Let's go to bed, I'm 'sleepy'," (emphasis on "sleepy")

AJ talks about an ex of his being jealous of good-looking married women that he knows who are wives of his friends.

Andrew still limping around as if his upper back and/or legs hurt.

Talla is the only one not with the others. She is sleeping/napping.

AJ jokes that she is talking in her sleep, in code.

Alec brings up that maybe the next HoH will get a Pandora's Box and unleash Liza upon the house.

He says if you get it, DON'T OPEN IT!

Topaz wants them to bring in an American player, like Janelle. (Consensus is that they don't like Jessie, but love Janelle.)

4:20 a.m.

Peter, Emmitt and Alec bring two kitchen stools and 2 dining room chairs into the storage room.

Peter "BB, all of these chairs can go, we no longer need them."



(when we return from commercial break, AJ has just walked into the storage room and noticed the bottles of wine. But not the beer.)

AJ stands there speechless and in disbelief. He looks at the camera while pointing at it with both hands and says "can I take this?" He grabs his microphone and hold it right up to his mouth and says "Um, there's wine right in front of my face. I want to drink it." He grabs a bottle and says "yeah, this is wine. There's wine... right here. Am I the only one seeing this wine? Is this an optical illusion?" He checks the fridge, doesn't see any more booze in there. "Big Brother, can I bring this wine out for the houseguests, or should I just drink it myself?" He exits the storage room and goes in search of HoH Andrew.

AJ to Andrew "Um, do you like white wine?"

Andrew "Why?"

AJ "Because there's a whole bunch in the storage room"

Alec "What did you say?"

AJ "There's white wine in the storage room."

Andrew raises his eyebrows and follows AJ back to the storage room.

Alec "Can I see it at least?"

Topaz "Oh, you got...?"

Suzette "What? What, what?"

Alec "There's white wine in the-"

AJ "Get in here!"

AJ, Andrew and Alec go to the storage room.

Alec, joking, to Suzette "There's nothing in the-. Nothing."

Suzette "Did you say wine?"

Alec "No!"

Topaz "Maybe Andrew got his crate. that would be nice."

AJ enters the storage room, points to the wine and says "what's that!"

Andrew "Oh yeah, that's hooch!"

Andrew pats the box of beer and says "and that's beer."

AJ "that's beer and hooch".

Alec gets excited and out of breath. He says "please be an announcement for the- Please be an announcement"

AJ "we're opening this... in about 10 seconds"

Alec walks out and Gary runs in, stops and stands there with an ecstatic look on his open-mouthed face.

Alec repeats "Please be an announcement, Please be an announcement, Please be an announcement, Please be an announcement, Please be an announcement."

Gary "why are you guys waiting, it's for us!"

Andrew "hold on, it's not even cold!"

We hear Alec say "There may or may not be alcohol in there. Oh yeah, what do I care, there's alcohol in there!"

AJ "It isn't cold, who cares, it's the perfect temperature"

Gary "I need a big old glass of THAT!"

AJ "give us three minutes"

AJ "we've got 12 big boys, too"

Gary "the beers are whatever, I don't care about that. I want a glass of white wine."

Andrew "let's just wait, let's not touch it yet"

AJ "Well, it's here. It's ours"

Gary repeats "It's here, it's ours!"

AJ "I'm like, I don't know what to say. You're HoH."

Andrew "What if it's for the HoH?"

AJ "That's what I think it is."

Gary "Two bottles of wine and 12 beers???"

Andrew jokes "Hey, you said they like you? Maybe they LOVE me!"

AJ "Hey, people seem to get more each and every HoH."

Andrew "Don't worry, you'll get some!"

AJ "You'll get some, Gare-Bear."

Gary "Why wouldn't they just put it straight in your HoH room?"

Andrew "I'm probably not getting it."

AJ "I'm straight not leaving here until they tell us to leave."

AJ "Why leave? We're not going to drink any without you guys. Don't worry. We're not going to sit here just drinking it. Hell, I noticed it. You didn't see this, eh? When was the last time you were in here?"

Gary starts to leave, saying "I want white wine!"

Big Brother voice (in storage room only) says "Houseguests, the alcohol is for you..." (Gary yells loudly "YAAAAAYYY!) "... and Have-Nots ARE allowed". <General commotion and cheering ensues>

AJ and Andrew bring out the booze.

Topaz asks if Have-Nots are also allowed to eat. (No one answers.)

Jillian yells "Thank You Big Brother!!!"

We hear Peter's voice say "You should probably participate" in relative silence, contrary to the action on the screen, and can only assume he is waking up Talla.

AJ opens the case of beer with a knife, which he leaves on the table, and which stays there dangerously near the edge of the table for the rest of the show, uneventfully.

Everyone is smiling.

Gary is cheering as Jillian starts to pour white wine.

Aj and Andrew are drinking beer.

Topaz still asking Big Brother if Have-Nots can eat, but no reply.

Jillian is hesitant to drink without having heard the announcement herself "with my own 2 ears". "Can you say it again Big Brother, please?"

Gary trying to have Big Brother say that the Have-Nots can have cheese with their wine.

Andrew assures Jillian personally that the Have-Nots can drink. She finally takes a sip.

Now Talla is in the kitchen wiping sleep from her eyes.

4:30 a.m.

Andrew pours Talla a glass of red wine.

Alec says that he would love some food, but fuck it.

The houseguests toast to final 10 and say cheers while clinking their glasses.

They send Topaz to the Diary Room to ask Virgo if the Have-Nots can eat anything with their drinks.

Talla says that she is waiting to hear about the food because otherwise they'll be really tipsy.

Topaz comes back with the bad news that Have-Nots are not allowed to eat anything but slop.

4:35 a.m.

Andrew kisses Gary on the cheek. (He is definitely happier than a little while ago, before the booze came, and no longer seems to be in any pain.)

Peter makes himself some food (slices of cheese?), grabs a Pepsi and joins the rest of the houseguests at the dining room table.

Emmitt put his beer in the fridge because it's too warm.

Andrew proposes a toast "Here's to Tom and Liza. They are not together in a room. Just get that out of your minds. To Tom and Liza, it's just another part of the game. Some people gotta go, so we can stay. Cheers!"

Peter loudly pops his can of Pepsi open.

4:40 a.m.

The beer meets with Andrew's approval. He thinks it's a local Ontario beer.

Everyone is talking over each other loudly, and it's hard to separate any single conversations.

They now toast to having survived the double eviction.

They all say that this will be the best year of their lives (because of Big Brother).

Now discussion turns to their ages, and ranking them from youngest to oldest still in the house.

4:45 a.m.

Talla "how long was I out for? I feel like this wine is going to make me fall asleep. I'm not getting up on the table, I'm not giving a dance."

AJ recounting how he stumbled across the booze, and the events that ensued.

Emmitt is asked what he would do in exchange for some food right now. Kissing Andrew on the lips and giving Suzette a lapdance (Suzette: "with the cowboy hat on!") are some of the suggestions.

4:50 a.m.

Talls prepares to do a lapdance on just a chair.

(I guess just the word "lapdance" is enough to inspire her!)

AJ says "Talla was literally dead 45 seconds ago. She's like-"

They all start whooping and cheering as she starts dancing.

(It's more comical than sexy, but her aim today is obviously more to entertain and make them laugh.)

AJ "she had like 4 sips!"

Talla "I think Tom left his drawers here, on my bag."

Jillian "Drawers? I haven't heard 'drawers' since my grandmother!"

AJ to Talla "have another sip of wine! You're sitting here like almost unconcious, telling a story, and then-"

4:55 a.m.

Talla "let's do a dance going down the stairs!"

Talla "let's do the LIMBO!!!"


Jillian grabs the broom and says that she can't limbo.

Talla grabs it from her and has Jillian limbo under it.

Soon we have Gary, Suzette, AJ, Jillian, Topaz and Talla doing the limbo.

Talla "everyone get up! Give me the limbo now!"

Alec takes over broom holding duties. Suzette unscrews the broom from the handle "so it's not so ghetto".

Jillian "that's so much classier! Thank you Suzette!"

AJ totally fails, falling on his back to the amusement of everyone.

Jillian makes it!

Talla makes it! (easily, due to her shortness)

Gary makes it.


(By the way, the night of Tom's opening the door on Alec in the shower, the whole scene was NOT shown on AfterDark. Instead we were treated to Topaz telling Talla and Suzette about sexy dreams she has had {before coming into the house}.)

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