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March 16 [Saturday] Live Feed Updates

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), Daylight Saving Time starts 2:00AM on March 10th (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A".

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)

Water Closet (WC)

Kitchen (KT)

Dining Table (DT)

Living Room (LR)

Back Yard (BY)

Bedroom (BR)

The "Hush, Hush" screen should still be (FOTH)

Indoor Lock Down (ILD)

Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)

Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=142

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!

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12:09AM BBT: TOm and Liza in BY on hammock, Tom told Liza that she only tells him 70 percentage of information. Liza said that Gary is going to do their dirty work Tom agreed. They are both playing Gary this week. Tom said that Jillian and Emmett not trying to build a relationship with Gary but instead they are hoping to be save this week. Liza said that Andrew and AJ is now two peas in a pod. Liza said Gary may be smarter than he think and he is gathering information and taking it back to take them out.

12:15AM BBT: Liza said she needs to win. Tom said Jillian should be on the block to sweat it a bit and see how it feels. Tom think that Liza should talk to Alec and tell him to slow done the showmance. Tom said to Liza that we are safe this week and Gary would not put them up, And if Gary does put them up he is going to tell gary he is not honest and he did save him when he was Hoh.

12:18AM BBT: Gary,Emmett talking in the LR, Emmett told Gary it is in his best interest to put up Liza. Gary.

12:24AM BBT: Liza said to Tom that Peter said to cut the showmance. Tom said Alec is not telling everything also Peter have a secret alliance with Liza. Tom asked Liza who she want out of the house Liza replied Topaz because she is lazy and she have no game. Tom said he still want Suzette out. Liza said Peter told her do not trust Topaz and Gary. Liza takes all information back to Tom what she learn from Peter. Tom is also trying to get rid of Alec.

12:38AM BBT: Gary ask Emmett who is his final 2, he said that he does not believe that Tom iwill not make it. Gary think that Tom is looking good. Emmett said if Liza goes up he will take the heat for it. Gary said what about p**sy power they need to go home.

12:45AM BBT: Gary is talking to Peter he said that he is talking to everyone now and then tomorrow. Gary said to Topaz you cannot come so close girl although this is public. Peter said this week if it is your objective is to go after the trouble maker you should go after AJ. Gary said what about Suzette, Peter said Canada love her so let her stay for now she is not a target now.

12:49AM BBT: Peter told Gary that he should go after the pairs first. Peter said Alec and Topaz is not a target ( Look who he tells Liza secret friend) Gary asked Peter if Liza is feeding stuff to other Hg Peter denied it. Peter said that Tom and Liza can take their self off the block. Emmett came by and told Gary and Emmett he can hear them so Gary went up to the HoHR.

12:56AM BBT: Gary,Topaz,Peter,Alec in Hoh, Alec is lying on Gary bed and he said get your a** off my pillows. Alec said if you come after us we will come after you next week. Topaz said Gary should shake it the f*ck up. Gary said he is not allowed to say what the others told him. Gary ask Peter who is his threat in the house. Peter said he would not put up Jillian and Emmett because they can get it done.

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01:03AM BBT: Peter is calling names but it looks like he wants AJ, Andrew, or Talla should be his target. Peter is covering his group. Peter said to Gary you do not want to make enemies in the house and don't BD anyone. Gary said why the f*ck you vote for Danielle out (He was joking) Gary have glitters all over him.

01:12AM BBT: Next up is Jillian. Gary asked Jillian to give him names who she want nominated. Jillian said the house made the decision for her. Gary said he is not going to say he is not going to put people up, he want it to be a surprise. Gary confirm that Danielle did not like Jillian. Jillian said that she trust Emmett allot in the game.

01:15AM BBT: Jillian told Gary he should put up AJ and Andrew, Gary said that is a shit move and a lazy move. Jillian said that Liza is a lemon in the house. Gary ask Jillian if he should BD that bi**h (Liza) Gary ask Jillian if he should put Peter should go up as a pawn. Jillian said that Liza have her fool all this time.

01:27AM BBT: Gary said to Jillian she would have to knock out Emmett soon, she replied no not yet too early. Gary said bit** you have to win this game. Gary said that Emmet should not read his letter to the house because he did not read his for many reason. Gary said Liza is not your friend girl she is talking. Gary said you cannot trust that bit** with a fork she will put it in your back. Jillian said what three names you wanted from me Gary said you just wanted that bloody girl out. Gary said that you want to take out Tom pu**y.( Which is Liza)

01:35AM BBT: Suzette is up in Hoh talking it is not her turn Andrew is waiting to come up. Suzette said she wanted to be up in the radar when she was Hoh. Gary said bit** give me name Suzette said she is worried about Alec and Peter did not show no motion. Gary said that Andrew would come after Suzette.

01:42AM BBT: The talk is Liza tonight everyone want her gone this week.

01:44AM BBT: Next up is Andrew. Andrew compliment Gary on calling everyone up one by one. Andrew and Gary having a drink and a toast. Gary said that all he wants is three name tonight. Andrew said that Tom and Emmett have no respect for no one in the house. Andrew said Gary is the youngest and he is the oldest. Gary replied' I'm the only gay person.

01:58AM BBT: Andrew i think that Tom talk allot of sh** in the house and he sometimes want to tell them to shut up. Andrew said he is prepared to make a big move and leave the next week. Gary told Andrew to calm down and relax because it is just a game. Gary said he need Andrew in the game, Andrew said I am safe Gary said no one is safe. Gary ask for names Andrew said JIllian,Tom and Emmett.

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02:13AM BBT: Andrew is attacking Tom and Emmett he said he is the oldest and hates how they treats him. He said Tom is a sore losers. Andrew said if Emmett did not cheat he was next in line to win. Andrew said to put up Tom and Emmett.

02:20AM BBT: Talk continue with Andrew in Hoh. Gary said he needs another hand in order to have sex. Andrew said Tom said he does not want any floaters. Andrew told Gary to put up the boys because they are coming after him.

02:30AM BBT: Next up is AJ. AJ thinks that Gary played a good game so far. AJ also said that Tom is a good player to be in the house and Tom did save Gary last week. AJ think that Suzette should go up as a pawn. He said he would put up Suzette and Liza. Gary asked who would you put up Emmett or Jillian, AJ said Emmett is a big threat in the game.

02:36AM BBT: Topaz,Alec and Peter on the hammock but there is no audio sound.

02:39AM BBT: AJ told Gary that they can form a six alliance (I think Gary,AJ,Andrew,Topaz,Talla and Peter) AJ keep on trying to save Tom Gary said stop thinking about people and focus on your game.

02:47AM BBT: Topaz,Peter in hammock, Alec,AJ standing they are saying that Gary is very good at the game.

02:51AM BBT: Alec is up next. Gary asked Alec how he is feeling in the game, Alec replied I was okay until liza went crazy with the final 2 talk. Gary is wearing his glasses and Alec said he has the Liza eyes the deadly one. He said Liza wants Topaz out the house. Alec cannot trust Liza, Alec congratulate Gary on the way he is handling talking to everyone but becareful it does not come back to haunt him in the game.

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03:08AM BBT: Alec want Liza and Tom on the block. Gary ask if he can put up Liza and use Tom for a(Pond) pawn Alec corrected him. Alec said this will be a big move but Gary needs the house to support him. Alec said they are trying to get Tom out and Emmett will let Gary know tomorrow. Alec said if Tom win Hoh next week he will put up Gary and Topaz. Alec will take off Gary and send Topaz home once agreed with Topaz.

03:18AM BBT: Gary said only one person can win Alec. Topaz is now in Hoh. Gary wants Topaz to agree on going home, if and when Gary put up Liza and Tom. But if Tom win Hoh next week they both will go up for eviction. Topaz agreed to go through the door once Liza go home.

03:21AM BBT: Topaz said she will be happy if Liza goes home. Gary told Topaz that Tom said she is weak and cannot win any competition. Alec said they will tell Tom of all the things that Liza said about other people.

03:26AM BBT: Topaz and Gary having their talk. Gary is crying. Topaz said that Liza is throwing competition. Topaz said she is doing well and she really don't need the money but she will be grateful if she got it, Also her condo is paid off. Gary said he is going to do a big move.

03:32AM BBT: Topaz just had enough of Liza she cannot stand the bi*tch she is happy the entire house is onto Liza. Topaz said if it was her Hoh she was going home.

03:37AM BBT: Gary think that Emmett and Jillian will take me off. Topaz said she trust Alec 100% and Gary 100% and she is starting to trust Peter again. Gary said Alec passed the test through Topaz

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10:08PM BBT - Feeds are back, Emmitt, Jillian and Gary are talking in the have not room and Gary confirmed Alec won the POV

Not confirmed but Gary talking about who will go, sounds like Tom and Liza are nominated

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10:13PM BBT: Talla and Liza are in the bedroom. Liza is crying. Tom is lying on the other bed listening to the conversation through tears. The girls can't believe how cunning Topaz is, and they call her a word that sort of sounds like cunning.

Tom can't believe Emmett did this to him, and Alec, Tom realizes he's an island, and without an alliance.

10:19PM BBT: Gary has told Alec not to use the PoV. "Who ever gets taken off, the other goes home." The house has turned on Liza and Tom.

10:20PM BBT: Tom is not impressed. He is in the bedroom with Liza and Talla. Topaz is telling HG that Liza is evil according to Liza. They are calling Topaz "Poison Ivy" Talla is running scenarios after one of the nominees goes home. They are going to "fight the house" Liza says "Play nice" to Talla, "Keep them on your side."

10:23PM BBT: Tom says he will nom Topaz for sleeping through the game. Liza said Gary threatened Alec that if he used Veto, Peter would be nominee There are a lot of "I love yous" between Talla and Liza. Tom says he blew up at Emmett. Tom upset Emmett didn't tell him he was going to be nominee Talla says she'll be all alone if Liza and Tom are gone.

10:26PM BBT: The backyard is open. The Have-Not room is vacated. Tom and Liza are alone in the BR. Tom feels disrespected by Emmett. Liza just whispered "I told you and you never listen to me."

10:28PM BBT: Tom: "I need to get Topaz out, I need to get Gary out and I need to get Suzette out and notice how I didn't say Emmett or Alec." Liza "These people are so fucked up!" [That pledge to clean up their language for their sake of their friends and family lasted about ten minutes.]

10:30PM BBT: Liza and Tom are feeling pretty defeated. They have gone through each HG and how they are being fed lines by people. Alec just entered the bedroom, the conversation goes quiet for a second. Liza wants to be called to the DR. Tom has already been in.

10:32PM BBT: Tom is rehashing the scene with Emmett. Tom feels used, Emmett said he warned Tom about Liza. Emmett kept saying calm down, you aren't going home. Tom is planning on winning HoH and putting up Gary and Topaz. Liza is annoyed she has to wait six days for the eviction. Liza says "Maybe I could just beat her fuckin' face in." [referring to Topaz] Tom says "No no don't do that. We are just mad BB. Don't take that, it's just how angry we are." Tom thinks Emmett should have listened more to the letter from his mother.

10:36PM BBT: Topaz, Suzette and Jillian are whispering in the bathroom area. The audio has switched back to the bedroom with Tom and Liza but we see the girls in the bathroom area.

10:38PM BBT: Peter and Emmett in the Have-Not whispering. Emmett thinks Gary wants Tom gone this week. Peter says that's what Liza is saying. Emmett warned Tom and doesn't want him saved by Veto. He told Tom he should not isolate himself but make friends. Emmett thinks they can trust Gary and Peter agrees. Both made promises of safety to Gary for next week.

10:40PM BBT: Liza to Tom: "Oh hunny, Emmett has run every HoH so far. It's all him, exactly the way he wanted it."

In the Have-Not, Peter acknowledges he could be nominated if Tom comes down [Gary knows that Peter's important to Alec, and threatened Alec to put Peter on the block if Alec uses the PoV.]

Emmett says he's concerned about breaking his final four promise with Tom. Emmett feels Tom broke the alliance first by trying to keep Liza. Peter tells Emmett to eat something - he's boycotting Slop as a Have-Not.

(I didn't write these updates, just got tired of waiting for someone to post. -Morty)

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10:42PMBBT Emmett complains that BB said there would be more protein shakes but hasn't delivered. BB says stop talking about production. Emmett thinks Tom would have saved Liza if he had won PoV. Emmett wants to bring Jillian in with them and Gary as a new silent 4.

We can hear Talla, Liza and Tom in the BR Talla is headed for a smoke. (feeds are overlapping) we still see the WA area with Topaz, Suz and Alec. Liza asks Tom if he wants to know big things about her before she leaves the house. Tom is planning on getting close to Peter, find out exactly what he wants to do. Liza "He is very, very, very smart. He is playing this game so well."

10:46PMBBT Peter & Emmett think Jillian would be easy to controll. Jillian joins them in HN, reporting that Talla was crying over Liza being nom and losing PoV.

10:47PMBBT Talla, AJ are outside for a smoke. AJ wants to know why she was crying. He is consoling her. Andrew is with them. Talla is very upset about the nominations. Topaz, Gary, Suzette in WA w/Alec. AJ and Andrew return from outside. Andrew's legs taped up below the knees. He's wearing a parka.

10:49PMBBT Alec in WA says he will not use Veto. Peter & Emmett are trying to figure if they can evict Tom without Emmett's vote so he doesn't have to go back on his word. Emmett says this game changes twice a day. Peter is going to talk to Gary. He goes up to HoH but no one's home. They find each other and head up to HoH.

10:50PMBBT Pete, Alec and gary in the GoH. Gary asks "Tom do you want him to go?" Jill said she would do what they wanted. Peter is plotting to get Tom voted out.

10:53PMBBT Talla still crying in hallway, saying there is a right way and a wrong way to play the game. AJ and Andrew tell her she's in a good spot. Liza is a mature, good person outside the house but this place is not the real world, it's a fantasy land, a game. Andrew says some people play straight up hoest and say they'll never lie but everyone wants to win the $100k. Friendships may form and some may even be true. They tell her she has the smallest body but biggest heart in the game. They head back to the BY and then the KT for some tea.

10:55PMBBT Gary is talking about the "seeds" that he has dropped (and plans to continue dropping) but they aren't going to say what exactly the plan is to the other HG until after the Veto meeting. PoV included Peter, Alec and Topaz along with Tom, Liza and Gary. Alec is worried about Tom being a jerk all week because he won the POV and wants Alec to use it. Suzette had made some tea but messed it up for HN, so she's making it over.

10:58PMBBT PoV was a curling challenge.

11:00PMBBT Talk in the BY patio turns to the sleep dance party. In the HoH (GoH) Gary thinks that they are doing a good job controlling the girls. He thinks they now need to work somehow to get Jill and Em out. It's now AJ, Andrew, Topaz, Talla and Suzette on the BY patio. Talla tellig a new story with Andrew as the father figure. Topaz as Sleeping Beauty. Suzette is Mama Bear. Liza is the sex kitten, Emmett the milkman, Liza the firecracker, Peter the teacher, Aneal the baby, Danielle the cowgirl, and Kat in the Hat. Gary the Glitter Diva. Today, they joke, he's the godfather.

11:02PMBBT Gary "I need Suz because she has Jillian. Jillian loves Suz and Suz loves Jill." Gary likes to keep the smokers in because he gets good info during smoke breaks. Peter thinks Alec has that with the work out thing. In the BY the labels keep flowing, AJ is now the Smoking Joker. He likes the Sloppy Joker or Joe Bob. Andrew takes on additional roles as Comedian, Dracula and Prince of Darkness. Many dimensions to Andrew's personality.

11:05PMBBT Gary, Topaz, Alec and Peter are now the "4G" and Gary laughs hysterically. Peter and Alec leave, Gary whines "oh and now I can't talk to Alec" he is alone in the HoH now.

11:07PMBBT Alec joins the BY Patio group and is told his name. Peter is Mr. Glass because he always injures himself. Tom and Liza are in the BR still. And we get SotH. Feeds come back, Liza makes a comment about tampons and the feeds switch to Tom in the WA. Liza and Tom are trying to figure out how many days they have been in the house.

11:10PMBBT AJ says he keeps repeating jokes so they get heard and he remembers them for DR. In the BR Liza and Tom are changing their sheets. (they are pretty gross since Dani left) Liza is now changing out of the POV comp costume. Tom is fixing the sheet on the bed "I will be sleeping with you for the next 5 days until I get Topaz out, then I will be sleeping with Alec." Tom starts "I am going to tell you the same thing I told Emmett and Alec...." gary walks in and he stops talking.

11:11PMBBT Tom is ripping into Peter about not warning him about going up on the block. Peter says he did not know. Deep whispering. (Gary is wandering around)

11:13PMBBT BY group talking about where they would like to go. Suzette wants to visit Japan. Andrew wants to play golf in Scotland. Topaz wants to go Hawaii. Talla wants to go to a couple places, Denmark where her half brother lives. Nothing is ever simple with Talla. They start talking relationships - she needs a guy who makes her heart melt and has an amazing sense of humor. Humor is the most important thing people look for in a partner in psych studies.

11:16PMBBT AJ says it's physical appearance. Andrew wants someone to accept him for who he is and not try to change him.And AJ's a deutchbag, he says. Suezette likes someone who is open minded - in many ways. Talla says obviously she is talking about sex. Talla is talking a mile a minute and leading the conversation. Now they are talking about things that turn them off.

11:18PMBBT Tom is still hashing things out with Peter. Tom is still really disappointed with Em and how the noms went down. Tom is really pleading his case to Peter about how Em has controlled every HoH since Suzette. Tom just quoted J-Rock from Trailer Park Boys "Innocent til my Guilt is proven" rap.

11:20PMBBT Talla is giving a lecture in psychology, telling AJ to wait his turn to talk. AJ's biggest turn off is feet. He prefers small and symetric feet. This is what you for waited all day feeds to return. OH! Tom is peeing with the WC door open! We get a brief SotH.

11:22PMBBT Emmett and Peter join the BY group, but wants to go to bed. Everyone is out there except Gary, Tom, Liza and Jillian. Which explains why Emmett isn't staying. We're back on Talk with Talla. The next top is not politics. It's what turns you on and what turns you off and you can only pick one thing but can be anything. Peter says someone who has a high level of discourse and understand a lot of specific things turns him on. Talla says I love discourse. Tom and Liza are in bed in the BR. Tom asks "Light please" as BB controls them. They haven't dimmed yet. Tom "So I talked to Peter..." He is now telling Liza about how he thinks Em manipulated the noms. Liza thinks the letter from Em's mom was all code on how to play the game.

11:27PMBBT Peter says stupidity turns him off, people who can't carry convos, who are predictible, boring. He stops caring if he can predict what the other person will say. He can judge someone's character in the first 30 words of convo. Most people never surprise him, he says. So technically, Talla says, I'm attractive. Yes, he says.

11:29PMBBT tom "What a bunch of friggin losers. Look at them all!" Em got an HoH letter before the cheating scandal. The letter was very long and Em's Mom says she liked the showance and she likes Gary. Liza and Tom are ticked about that. Liza thinks BB should have screened the letters.

11:30PMBBT Talla says why don't we just F**k? The BY Patio breaks out in laughter.Topaz says Talla doesn't want Peter to carry on a conversation, she just wants him to carry her. They are all laughing at Talla's expense.

11:31PMBBT Peter asks if she likes Persian food? She says she'll eat Persian. Andrew returns to the BY and everyone rushes to tell him what he missed.

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11:38PM BBT: Tom and Liza in BR BB just told Andrew to make sure all Hg's change their batteries. Tom said let Topaz change them, Tom is playing with his mics cannot hear what he said. Then we had Soth.

11:52PM BBT: We still have SoTH.

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