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March 6 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), Daylight Saving Time starts 2:00AM on March 10th (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A".

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=142

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!
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12:05AM BBT: Danielle and Suzette are in the bedroom. Danielle says that everything she wrote in the "What I like about guys" section is Emmett to a T. Suzette says that what she wrote in the "What I don't like about guys" section is Thomas to a T. Suzette says that the coolest thing ever is that Topaz was in Mean Girls. The lights go dim in the bedroom. Danielle has been waiting for it for 6 hours now.

12:08AM BBT: Topaz and Gary has their legs in the HT. Topaz says that Gary's name is lingering. Gary said he'd rather vote out Suzette than Danielle. Gary asks how Talla gets away with so much.

12:13AM BBT: Emmett and Jillian are up in the HoH room, kissing. They talk about exercising.

12:20AM BBT: Talla and Liza are on the hammock discussing what they would do if they won HoH next week. Liza wants to get Aneal out, because he doesn't cook or clean. She doesn't want him in the Jury House. Liza thinks a double evction will happen sooner rather than later, maybe week 4 or 5. Liza says they wont even have time to look at eachother across the room before they'd have to evict. They need to get on the same page.

12:24AM BBT: Liza says that Alec is the lynch pin, and elaborates that if they pull him out of a jenga stack, then a lot of people wont have alliances. He's stong, quiet...

12:33AM BBT: Liza and Talla go inside and ask "Is it bed time?". Talla and Liza go to the bathroom to brush their teeth. Feeds cut to Topaz and Gary in the HT. Topaz says she wont have sex in the house. Gary says he respects her for that. Beside the abs and all that stuff, she like that Alec is funny, and nice.

12:37AM BBT: Liza is in the HoH with Jillian. Liza is talking about her birth control pills and cycle.

12:43AM BBT: We have FotH for a brief minute. Gary and Topaz come inside from out in the HT. Almost all the guys are sitting outside in the BY. Talla comes into the kitchen for a glass of water and says goodnight and blows a kiss.

12:48AM BBT: Topaz and Gary head to the bathroom to have showers. They both haven't washed their hair since they've had cold water. Danielle and Suzette are still awake in the bedroom. Danielle hopes that they're portraying her well. Suzette says that Canada will see Danielle cleaning, and herself cleaning the dishes, and Liza swooping in and taking credit.

12:50AM BBT: Danielle yells out, asking if BB can turn the lights off in the bedroom.

12:59AM BBT: Suzette says that she doesn't think Jillian's a spray tan technician. Danielle: She lives in a condo by herself, how can she afford it? Suzette: It's really hard to believe. Danielle: Unless she owns it.. [ DING DING DING! You're right on the money! ]

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1:05AM BBT: Liza and Jillian in HOH talking game, Jillian said that all the guys have to go. Jillian said thay are all girl power. Jillian laughing while saying that Emmett is like her little brother. (why the kissing if he is a brother) Liza said she will put Topaz and Alec on the block together.

1:12AM BBT: Jillian and Liza thinks that Talla is very loud, Jillian said Suzette is a big liar she goes around the house and say fill in the blank. They both said that Danielle is going home they have the votes 3 to 8. I am guessing Gary,Suzette and Topaz will vote for Danielle to stay.

01:17AM BBT: Looks like the entire house knows that Topaz is playing Alec, Jillian and Liza just confirm Topaz using Alec, Liza is upset that Topaz is flirting with Tom. Liza wants to know what is Topaz plan. Liza said that Tom is a big target. Looks like Liza is jealous of the Tom/Topaz relationship.

01:22AM BBT: HOH conversation continue with Jillian and Liza, Liza said that Andrew will take out Tom for them. They both think that Topaz is sleeping too much.

they are both bashing all the girls in the house.

01:30AM BBT: In the WA Topaz came out of the shower with towel wrapped and the Camera got a good shot of her private part. Gary said Topaz you did that unpurpose.

01:36AM BBT: Liza in the Hoh she thinks that Topaz is trying to steal her man ( Which is Tom). FOTH is on and off tonight.

01:43AM BBT: Gary, Alec and Topaz in WA talking about Cuddlemance. Topaz still have her towel wrapped up and showing all her body parts. Alec said that he and Topaz have a date on Friday. It is their second date. Topaz hands is all over Alec body, Looking into each other eyes.

01:50AM BBT: In the WA Alec and Topaz take their last kiss before they say good night. Topaz is still in the WA brushing teeth.

01:59AM BBT: Camera Zoom in on Topaz eyes no contacts it is real.

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8:55am HG are up. AJ, Liza, Andrew, Peter, Emmett & Tom in KT.

Gary , Danielle in WA doing ADL's. I think everyone else is in BY but no cams on them.

Talk in KT is about coffee when Jillian walks in

8:58Topaz & Jillian join Gary & Danielle in WA. Garry shaving sides of head

9:02 Talla now in WA w/ Garry & Danielle

9:08 Alec, Peter, Liza, Jillian, Emmet , Andres & AJ in KT. Drinking coffee. Making breakfast

General chit chat. Hard to make out one conversation.

Danielle , Talla & Suzette continue ADL's while Garry shaves his arms.

9:11AJ, Andres & Tom in KT talking about someones loosing weight because they gave up pop

9:16Everyone but Garry, Suzette & Danielle in KT & chatting. Several conversations going on at once

Garry just finished shaving his legs. Hopefully there's no where else to shave

9:19Talla says she's dreaming about food

Tom talking about hockey

9:21Nope, Garry now in the shower shaving his chest (I think)

Jillian cooking while the others chat

Peter says during the NHL lockout he read that there are more Canadian players then Russian

Talla asking if they're going to work out later as she ladles slop into a blender

9:29Talla waves to camera as she rinses slop blender. Thanks BB for the slop

Camera following Talla until she announces that it's following & tells HG to watch so it stops following her.

Peter, Tom, Andrew & AJ continue hockey talk.

Danielle eating omelet Jillian made her.

9:34Talla still talking about camera following her. Asks if anyone is controlling them. Tom tells her yes.

Andrew says he's jealous of slop. Tom offers his next week if he's still on it.

Liza & Alec in BY talking about how they're different here then in the real world.

9:40Talking about Peter answering phone this morn & if it was an actual call & if so what the repercussions might be.

9:52 Keep getting FOTH on & off every few min.

9:55 In the BY Andrew showing Danielle how to throw a football

10:05 Jillian in the KT making banana muffins. Asking AJ if he cleaned his breakfast bowl. He's now washing it

10:07 Jillian telling Talla how to cook banana muffins.

10:15 Tom & Emmett on the hammock talking about Vegas & bars while Talla works out

Jillian, Tom & Suzette in KT talking about weight & body type

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10:30AM BBT: Alec and Andrew in the BY talking movies. Topaz and Peter also there on the couches.

10:34AM BBT: Jill, Emmitt and Suzette in the KT talking about not getting enough sleep in the BB house.

10:36AM BBT: AJ and Aneal join the KT. Aneal asked Jill to cut his hair later. AJ says when he gets out he wants Emmitt hair. Forget Justin Bieber everyone is going to go into the barber shop and say I want the Emmitt.

10:45AM BBT: Jill says she hates getting her makeup down professionally. Even for her wedding she will do her own. Especially hated getting her makeup done for coming into the house.

10:51AM BBT: Just general chats happening in the BY and KT. Danielle is vacuuming in the living room.

10:57AM BBT: Gary is plucking his eyebrows in the WA. Talla is also there painting her nails. Gary says he talked to Aneal last night and said sorry things are going down the way they are. He just wanted to clear the air with him. He feels Aneal was making it his fault, I'm not HoH I didn't put him up.

11:03AM BBT: Gary saying he's not afraid to do anything drastic in the game. Canada wouldn't want us to sit back and take out floaters. Chat turns to pride. Gary says he wants his own glitter float for pride.

11:10AM BBT: Gary and Danielle now alone in the WA. Danielle says Tom and Topaz were whispering and starring at her earlier, "I was like wtf". Tom needs to be gone first. Danielle says she wants the power and can't wait to get it. [looks like we may have our first blindside of BBCan]

11:16AM BBT: FotH for a few minutes now.

11:20AM BBT: Feeds back. Gary and Danielle now in the BR. Gary talking about all the alliances Tom, Emmitt and Alec have. Danielle says why doesn't anyone like me? He says cause you won't give it up like the other girls and I respect you for that. Danielle says shes the pawn this week. Peter comes in and the convo changes to makeup.

11:23AM BBT: Peter leaves and Danielle whisper I hate when ppl come in when were trying to talk. They both agree Peter is just floating along. Danielle says I need to win HoH and we still need to get Tom out first. Gary now going to shower and shave.

11:27AM BBT: Jillian and Emmitt now laying in the HoH bed. She says is weird lying straight to someone faces. Lots of touchy feely going on now, afternoon make out session seems to be starting.

11:33AM BBT Jillian says Liza swears Topaz doesn't like Alec that its just game. More kissing in between talking. Emmitt says Tom hasn't set any ground with anyone so he's still able to float around.

11:38AM BBT: Aneal telling AJ and Topaz in the BY about his long distance relationship. His boyfriend lives and goes to school in Florida.

11:45AM BBT: As AJ and Aneal talk religion it the BY, AJ is giving a relaxing/sleeping Topaz and hand massage. Earlier she had a foot massage from Alec. In the HoHR Emmitt and Jillian chatting and cuddling.

11:50AM BBT: Jillian and Emmitt discussing how no one does their dishes. She says AJ is a free loading loser and she called him out on not doing his dishes.

11:55AM BBT: Peter and Alec in the BY at the workout area talking about common names and how Danielle is the most common name in BBUS history. Danielle gets called to the DR.

11:57AM BBT: Alec says he googlesd his name before coming in to see if anything of his leaked but another Alec came up and hes pissed about it. [i googled it and found this, pretty sure it was the guy he was talking about

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12:00 BBT: em and jil cuddleing up in the hoh in the BY peter up against the wall AJ walking around talla in the hammack alec in the weight area they are just talking dani laying out by the pool

205 BBT peter talking about his grandmother to alec sitting on the weight bench alec is talking about when he was in school and em and jil are still cuddleing in the hoh dani now talking about cards now talk turns to movies

1205BBT Now talk tuns to games pokiemon in the kitchen is andy and AJ and now em it downstairs looking for his jeans em walks into the bedroom where tom is still looking for his jean gary is in the bedroom too

1208BBT liza in the kitchen asking if anyone wants a banana muffin em still looking for his jeans tom fixing something maybe slop em walks outside AJ is over by tom cooking

1212BBT out in the By em and liza laying on the hammack talking about stake and a blowjob??

1213BBT now talk is about old girlfriends and boyfriends and valentines days past liza is talking..

1216BBT In the kitchen it looks like its lunch time whats on the menu hum maybe slop

1217BBT having lunch is tom and AJ

1218BBT looks like everyone else is in the by talking in the hammack is jillan and em sry I was saying liza its jillan

1220BBT jil and dani and peter and alec in the by just talking not much is going on now in the kitchen...

223BBT not much going on just lunch gary is now in the kitchen and hg are making lunch

1226BBT looks like the phone rang this morning peter answered it he said it was nothing but HG are buzzing about it guessing that it was something that he cant say

1230BBT in the by now is jillan and tom on the hammock dani suzette and topaz suzette in four years its my 20 year wedding ans we are going to redo our vows so the kids can be there

1235 foth

1236BBT feeds back

1240BBT suzette and topaz laying on the mats in the by em throwing around the football tom and jillan in the hammack

1242 suzett talking about how her kids watch BB alec is working out em is whisping to jiillan in the hammack with tom

1245 BBT jillan tom and em talking jillan and tom in the hammack and em is sitting by them talking

1250 BBT gary walking around in a towel??? now just tom and jillan in the hammack tom fingering jillans side alec is still working out

1253 Dani asked BB to see the doctor she is having skin problems a rash on her arm

1254BBt still nothing about the doctor for dani rash on her arm no word from BB

1256 BBT cam on danis rash its getting worst

1258 BBT gary and dani really worried about the rash on dani arm saying maybe its the air

1259 Dani again asked BB for someone to please look at her rash

100 BBT Dani now saying skin is flaking off her face if it doesnt get fixed Ill leave I need to save my face

102 BBT gary tells dani to go to the DR Dani well they are just going be like what do you want us to do about it they are in the WR now they both want to go into the DR gary is saying he has it too Dani is really worried saying shes never had this before now putting cream on her arm

105 BBT dani now in the kitchen area walks outside dani talking to talla and peter about her rash

109 BBT alec and talla laying out by the pool also out there is peter and Dani still no word from BB about the doctor for danis arm

115 BBT em and tom and alec working out gary in the LR with Dani still worried about the rash to talla her arm is now flaking talla is laying on the couch dani is so worried about her rash doesnt know what to do

120 BBT now gary is saying that the skin on his back is dry talla is just waking up wanting to make a slop shake

121 BBT dani is saying if it gets on her face and it gets worst she is going to leave gary walking around saying he is hungry now peter is in the kitchen dani is saying that she needs to start eating slop because shes too fat gary now in the SR putting soda in the ref

122 BBT in the kitchen with gary dani aj talla liza talking aobut a slop market and tom walks in

124BBT lots of talking going on in the kitchen hard to make out whats all being said

126 BBT blender going tom making slop drinks talla walks over and hugs him waves to cam Hi mom

130 BBT sitting at the table is dani aj talla and tom sitting around talking drinking slop drinks

131 BBT gavy scraping is feet gross

132BBT gary cuts himself he needs a bandage now yells to jillan to get him one hes bleeding

133 BBT now in the LR is peter liza and tom on the couch at the table is talla and aj and dani aneal is walking around

135 BBT topaz has walked into the kitchen gets a glass of water the kitchen crew is just talking

137 bbt out in the By workout continues with em suz alec and andy

140 BBT workout crew is talking and working out kitchen crew is also just talking and gary is still scraping his feet

145BBT ditto on last post

150 BBT now kitchen crew is talking about sports gary is now in the kitchen suzette walks in alec in also in the kitchen alec and topaz start kissing em and andy still working out

155 BBt not much going on in the BB house just talking have a good day everyone peace out

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5:18pm BBT Everyone is eating in the kitchen & dining area....I see Suzette, Tom, Andrew, Emmett, Jillian. Liza, AJ & I believe Aneal. Gary is in & out of the main area. Camera now shows Danielle in the BR & Andrew & Liza both just went in the BR as well. Feeds keep going in & out as well

5:22pm BBT It sounds like production spoke with either of all of them or maybe just Gary. He mentioned they were giving BB boring TV & maybe they are getting drinks with the fashion show tonight. Gary also says this will be the last time he plans anything as it was a lot of work but it's why BB brought him in the house. He's good at coming up with entertainment. Emmett asked Gary what time

"it's going down tonight" & Gary said 11pm

5:25pm BBT Gary, Suzette, Jillian, Andrew at the table & talking about missing having their games, the cards etc, they are bored (welcome to the BB game HG's). lots of general conversation about the fashion show tonight.

5:30pm BBT Danielle, Liza walking around in their heels doing dress rehearsal for the show tonight. they aren't sure how they are going to get from the house to the "run way" out side. Gary would like Alec to see if he can do something about the wrinkle in the grass. Alec is fixing the grass likes it's a rug. Peter & Aj are moving the white stools from around the island outside. they are having issues fixing the grass

5:35pm BBT : they are really prepping for this fashion show. the chairs are in the BY now and Gary is over seeing how where they are placed. They have the orange pillows from the living room on the chairs. Gary announces that as of 8:30pm all the girls are "mine"....he's in charge of what they wear & makeup....All cameras on kitchen again where Jillian, Andrew & Gary are. Jillian was called to DR

5:42pm BBT : Suzette is passed out on a bed . Gary is test walking for the show with Talla, while Danielle watching. They are trying to go over how & where they are walking for the show, Gary also seems to be teaching Talla how to run way walk. Liza & Aj in the shower (not together), Tom was in the bathroom & then left for the living room & the camera followed him. I believe Topaz with also in the WA. Tom is now strutting his stuff, whlie Gary's working with Danielle. Alec sitting on the couch with Peter

5:45pm BBT : Alec, Tom & Peter asking Gary what they are to do during this show. He says be quiet & watch & when they come out for the final walk clap. Tom says it's clear Gary's been to one of these before. He's never been.

5:50pm BBT : Gary is running thru the show with 2 girls at a time so he's now getting Topaz & Suzette from the BR & Danielle & Talla are with them. They now all head to to the living room where the walk starts. Tom, Peter & Alec are on the little couch across from the island watching all of this. Tom's talking about steak & salmon but all i can hear is Gary

5:57pm BBT : The guys on the couch say they have to give it to Gary, he knows his "stuff" (they used another S word). Tom says it will be nice sleeping in the Have room again. Cameras followed Gary again, now to the WA area where AJ & Liza are, Gary leaves & the camera follows him again. He's now in the BR & Danielle & Talla walk in. they want to do makeup now. They are so excited for this show. And Emmett walks into the BR in his underwear....we have none stop talk & prep for the fashion show, which doesn't start till 11pm......Tom & Peter talking about what we really need to eat to survive, fruits, veggies, we don't need breads....Gary says if he does Danielle's make up now she has to stay in the BR for 4 hours, he doesn't want the others to see it, she's not really happy about that & re-thinks doing make up now

6:02pm BBT : Alec making a slop shake in the kitchen. Danielle & Suzette in the BR complaining about HG's again. And how Canada will know. Suzette then realized she said she'd be nice today. Danielle says she wants music, but isn't singing, BB tells someone in the house to stop signing. Danielle likes herself with no make up on. She thinks she has porn star eyebrows, and they need to be filled in a bit. Tom (still on couch w/Peter) saying he's getting irritated more each day, just wants to eat a meal. He's 202lbs right now. Says the mornings are the worse when you wake up you just don't want slop. Gary, Danielle & Suzette in BR in front of mirrow, going thru make up. Talla joins them.

6:10pm BBT : Gary is now applying Danielle's make up & says this is fashion show make up so it will be caked on....Suzette worrying about her double chin & what her face will look like & Gary re-assures her she will look great. She is still really worried about her body size for this show. tom talking about Kat & how she had a great upper body, great lips, but she was half man & could kick their a$$es....she had a "tom boy complex" per AJ. they are confused at how she was such a tom boy yet so hot. AJ says her last night here she was with Emmett a lot, being overly sexual. Then she left & he moved on to Jillian. They admit they are a "cuddly" house

6:18pm BBT : Tom wishes BB let him pick his pic. He never would have approved the one they used. Peter says that's one of the main thing everyone complains about is there pic. They admit they are all clicking well but it's only day 14. they hope one of the men that are have nots this week win HoH so they get to be a have. Discussing how slop affects their mood, they are surprised people aren't more irritable while on slop. Talla wasnt' great for the first two days but she's fine now. Peter is low energy but trying to keep high spirits.

6:24pm BBT : Some technical issues with the feeds, a few go black. I've got no sound . I can see Gary, Danielle in BY doing makeup . Peter, Alex and Emmett in the storage room, looks like game talk but i still have no sound.

6:27pm BBT : Tom & AJ have joined the storage room convo. Alec & AJ bump fists (still no sound for me). Talla & Gary are now doing make up, not sure where Danielle & Suzette went. Tom, Emmett, AJ walk out of storage room, head to kitchen where Peter, Talla & one other person were but then the feeds cut out.

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7:37PM BBT: Danielle, Gary and Suzette are in the bedroom. Danielle is playing with her extensions. Talla is waxing Topaz's underarms in the bathroom.

7:40PM BBT: Gary is doing JIllian's makeup. He never knew that she had freckles until now. Danielle says she wants to meet Gary's mum. Gary says he doesn't have a facebook right now. Suzette says she cant wait until she can re-activate her facebook and twitter.

7:46PM BBT: Liza is in the bedroom too. Gary says he's going to put all the girls into the HN room while the guys change. Liza asks who their favourite Canadian celebrity is. Suzette says Justin Bieber. Gary says Grimes. Danielle says Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. Liza says that Gary is going to get a lot of work after this, makeup stylist, fashion stylist, ect.. Gary says HIRE ME. This kind of thing is fun to him, it's not work.

7:53PM BBT: Gary herds all the girls into the bathroom, and then herds them into the HN room to hide them while the boys go to the bedroom to change.

7:57PM BBT: Jillian is doing her nails, and Gary starts doing everyone's faces. We get FotH. breifly. The guys are getting dressed in the bedroom.

8:02PM BBT: In the HN room, they're talking about the phone incident this morning. Talla didn't know. They tell her the phone rang and lights were flashing, and Peter ran to answer it. Canada'a Player and the Diamond Power of Veto are powers that Peter might have because of the phone call.

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8:20PM BBT: In the HN room, the girls are chit-chatting about celebrities, pintrest, makeup.

8:29PM BBT: The girls have free rein of the bedroom/bathroom again! Gary gets called to the DR. Almost all the guys are dressed up and out in the HT area.

8:31PM BBT: The guys are talking about a parade in Edmonton, and then chat about Caribana that happens in Toronto in the summer.

8:36PM BBT: Gary is out of the DR, and is still doing makeup in the bathroom. Aneal has the two battery buckets and is getting the girls to switch out their batteries for their mics. Feeds are now FotH.

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8:46PM BBT: Feeds are back! Girls are finishing their hair and makeup still. Guys are out in the BY chairs talking about movies.

8:54PM BBT: The girls are still getting their hair and makeup perfected. General chit chat.

9:02PM BBT: The girls are practicing their walks in the bedroom, and Big Brother plays them music.

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9:13PM BBT: The guys are out in the BY sitting in their seats along the runway, chatting. They asked BB for music, but isn't granted. The girls are still getting ready. Just when the girls say they're ready, we get FotH.

9:15PM BBT: The feeds are back! The girls sit down in the living room. They're waiting for Gary to come out. Danielle is freaking out.

9:16PM BBT: Gary comes out, and yells "BIG BROTHER, WE'RE READY!". BB: Please begin the fashion show in 30 seconds.

9:18PM BBT: BB plays some electro beats. Talla is up first. She is wearing a backsetball jersey with red pump heels. She poses at the end of the deck, and walks down the grass. She shoots an invisible basketball at the end of the runway.

9:19PM BBT: Next up is Danielle. She's wearing a black jacket. She walks straight to the end of the runway and strikes a pose.

9:21PM BBT: Next up is Suzette. She fell on the way out to the BY. She is wearing black leggings and a shirt. She strikes a pose at the end of the deck, and says "I'm done." She walks to the end of the grass runway and strikes a pose and yells "Hey boys!".

9:22PM BBT: Next up is Jillian. She is wearing a black dress. She strikes a pose, and walks to the end of the runway where she strikes another pose.

9:23PM BBT: Next up is Topaz. She is wearing a semi-see through dress. She does a little dance and walks to the end of the runway where she strikes a tiger pose. Alec's mouth is wide open. She blows a kiss.

9:24PM BBT: Next up is Liza. She's wearing a red oversize suit jacket. She walks to the end of the runway and strikes a pose and pops her collar, talking the entire way.

9:25PM BBT: Next up is Gary Glitter. He is wearing a plaid shawl and whips it off at the start up the runway. He has a black wig on, with a black shirt and leather skirt.He walks down the runway and strikes a pose.

9:26PM BBT: The girls line up and walk down the runway and strike a final pose all together before walking back. They dance when they reach the deck and head inside. The guys get down on their knees and worship the girls.

9:30PM BBT: The girls go straight into the bedroom and start getting dressed into comfy clothes. BB: Please stay in outfits for the Diary Room. And because you did such a fabulous job, you get an hour extra sleep tomorrow morning. Everyone cheers.

9:31PM BBT: The girls go out into the kitchen, and the guys meet them there. They celebrate and hug.

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9:37PM BBT: The housemates all sit outside in the BY on the couches and chairs. They rehash the fashion show.

9:49PM BBT: Gary, Talla, and AJ are outside in the HT area. AJ re-ties Gary's boots. Gary heads inside because it's raining.

9:51PM BBT: Danielle gets called into the DR. Gary says that if he lose 10 pounds he would look so much "gooder". He laughs at his mistake. He yells out to BB to call him in next.

9:55PM BBT: Suzette asks Peter about the phone call this morning. Peter says he held the phone for 10 seconds, but it was all static. Thomas admits he isn't wearing underwear right now because of the creases, and it gets too hot if he wears underwear.

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10:00PM BBT: Alec and Topaz are sitting on the circle bed in the HN room talking about the many 'mances' in the house. He says they're the first and the best.

10:12PM BBT: A lot of housemates are hanging out in the kitchen. Thomas says he's surpised the bathroom was so clean. He expected it was going to be a warzone. They praise Gary's dedication to it.

10:17PM BBT: Suzette gets called into the DR. The guys are still praising the girls on the fashion show.

10:26PM BBT: Topaz and Alec are still in the HN room, kissing and making small talk. Danielle and Suzette are in the bedroom talking about Danielle's DR session. She said something along the lines of "I have curves and I showed the most skin out there. Women should love their bodies, no matter what size they are".

10:31PM BBT: Gary joins Danielle and Suzette in the bedroom. They congratulate him on his fashion show. Gary tells them they'll all be fine. Suzette says the Peter thing is worrying her. She thinks something definitely happened.

10:36PM BBT: Everyone in the kitchen is participating in a discussion about past BBUS competitions.

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10:42PM BBT: Talk in the kitchen changes to weddings. AJ talks about how he was in his sisters wedding, and he had a ponytail. His sister hated his ponytail for years, so when he was on stage, he held up a pair of scissors to his sister and said, This is my wedding gift, and his sister cut his ponytail off on stage.

10:45PM BBT: Gary gets called to the DR. Suzette says that the fashion show will boost the ratings.

10:58PM BBT: Talk in the kitchen changes to accents. Some British, Australian, and Indian accents get mimicked by Andrew. He's been to over 20 countries and has an ear for languages. He can speak German.

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11:05PM BBT: Gary is in HOH talking to Jillian and Emmett, he said that Aneal is playing everyone. Gary said that it looks like Aneal is talking with everyone, Jillian is playing along like she is going to evict Aneal. (We know it is Danielle)

11:15PM BBT: Jillian asked Gary who he is close to, He said he talks to Suzette but not as good as everyone think. While in the LR Alec said he have a cuddle mance and he have to put his foot down. Liza,Andrew,Aneal told Alec not to get hurt by Topaz. Liza asked Alec if he want to do it ( Yes she was serious).

11:25PM BBT: In the BR Suzette, Danielle and Topaz talking about swearing on the show, Suzette think she should stop being negative because small children are watching. Suzette think that Gary fashion was a hit and he and Peter will make lots outside the house.

11:27PM BBT: Emmett,Jillian in HT looking very cozy, loud noise cannot hear much. But they are kissing and making out.

11:33PM BBT: Tom and Liza in BR,Tom is asking Talla where she want to sleep in HN room. The lights is dimmed, Tom kiss Liza good night and we have darkness.

11:37PM BBT: Tom in WA brushing his teeth he just advise Talla that Emmett want her out next.

11:40PM BBT: Peter,Andrew,AJ and Alec chit chatting, they are feeling for a hot dog. Making lots of jokes that AJ is a mama's boy. In the HN room Talla and Tom talking about votes. Talla said she does not trust Aneal and she is thinking about keeping Danielle. Tom said to her stick with the house and vote out Danielle. Talla is so confused she does not want the HG to know who she voted for.

11:46PM BBT: Tom tells Talla the order of votes Danielle, Gary, Aneal, Emmett. Tom said if he wins HOH he will put up Aneal and Suzette BD Gary. (they are talking really fast) I think the big target is Gary in the house. Talla welcome to BBCA.

11:50PM BBT: Conversation still hot in HN Tom told Talla never tell anyone who you vote for in this game. Tom asked Talla if she is going to stop smoking. Peter is in the HN room now Tom ssaid to Peter that Talla is going to vote Aneal out ( Tom is playing Talla) Talla said she wants Suzette,Gary out the house. Looks like they want Talla vote will go for Aneal so it will not look like a landslide. Tom want the house to be glitter free (No Gary).

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Thanks everyone. This thread is closed. Please continue posting here:


Did you see some holes in our coverage? That's because we have a shortage of updaters. If you get the live feeds If you get the live feeds (and the link to the free feeds on JustinTV is still working, and there's the free BB Canada Viewer, which means everyone can view the feeds, and you don't need to live in Canada) you could help by posting in this forum. You don't need any special permission, just watch and report. Afraid someone will get all critical, don't worry, it's against the rules. Just do your best and stick to the facts.

Everyone (especially me) will appreciate it.


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