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March 3 Live Feeds / BB After Dark

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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother Canada Time is East Coast Standard Time (See Map Here), Daylight Saving Time starts 2:00AM on March 10th (same as in the USA).

Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A".

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BY)
Bedroom (BR)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

Please post pictures in the following forum! http://www.tvfanforu...p?showforum=142

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Thank you!
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00:07AM BBT: Aneal in the KT making a slop shake while the others HG enjoy Topaz meal lots of noise on the table, Emmett refuse to try he said he had a sandwhich earlier at the dinner table Topaz, Gary, Jillian, Emmett Peter Aj, Tom and Liza.

00:11AM BBT: Suzette in the WA having a shower Aneal just join her he hates the slop shake Suzette is advising him to drink slowly and pretend it is a normal drink.

00:15AM BBT: Topaz is being teased about giving Alec a massage for his Birthday (this was a joke it is not his birthday)Gary and Topaz is drinking Liquor, Emmett and Jillian all cozy up, while Tom and Liza is on opposite end.

00:21AM BBT: Tom and Emmett at the sink in KT whispering about getting suzette on the block, Tom said to Emmett it is not going to be to long before they are both target

00:28AM BBT: Lots of noise tonight Peter,Alec and Aj playing cards that they made earlier, they are also making fun of the numbers on the card. While Liza cleans up after dinner looks like Emmett and Jillian are the only couple tonight they are hugging nonstop.

00:35AM BBT: Peter still playing cards with Aj and Alec making fun of the romance, Peter said he is in a bromance with Aj, Suzette join the dinner table, card game have stop (guess they are bored) slop talk peter is playing a great mind game.

00:48AM BBT: Tom and Liza in BY on Hammock talking about going to New York at her Nanna, Tom would love to do lots of travel, Emmett and Jillian is up in HOH talking about production BB warn then to stop, Jillian is high from the alcohol Emmett ask if she would love privacy.

00:53AM BBT: Emmett is bad mouthing Gary and Topaz dinner he said it was awful Jillian wants to go in the HT she explain to Emmett she cannot go Naked, kissing and hugging Jillian is worried what next week would bring Emmett is really riding her HoH. They are both going over who would put them up

00:59AM BBT: Emmett says Aneal is going to get evicted only way he will stay is if he win a power tool, Jillian think it may have a final four 2 boys and 2 girls (she is really high)

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01:10AM BBT: Liza and Tom still on Hammock Tom is explaining that the girl he left behind he really like her but he does not want to settle down and his girl (Shannon) is still in school. Liza said she did not want to be in a relationship before the show, Tom ask if Liza family will think about her romance with him. Tom said he really like Liza from the start.

01:20AM BBT: Tom said if he is going to BD anyone it is going to be Jillian, Liza also explain to Tom that no one wants him in the game and Emmett was sleeping with Danielle before Jillian. Tom really want Suzette out he is out for her. Tom advise Liza that he want her to win this game and not be disposable. Tom said to liza I want you to be a rock and go far.

01:30AM BBT: Tom and Liza still on the hammock Tom said he wants Jillian out because he needs to control the game and Emmett, camera is on Tom/Liza and Jillian/Emmett game talk. Tom is laughing with Andrew he told him he is happy to have him (Andrew) in the house and he will keep him. Tom is called to the DR

01:40AM BBT: It is smoke time Gary, Emmett and Jillian out for a smoke Gary said he hope Arisa do not asked him about Andrew, they all making fun of Jillian and Emmett speaking in a funny voices, Topaz/Emm/Jillian in HT while Gary put on a show.

01:48AM BBT: Gary,Tom,Liza in BY on Hammock Gary confirm he is keeping his POV and Aneal needs to go. Tom is a very serious player he really studied the game.

01:54AM BBT: Andrew have join Topaz/Jillian/Emmett in the HT all kind of conversation going on it is very loud in there. Jillian told Andrew he is going to win HOH this week Andrew said he is not going to give up because his twin brother would say you **** up.

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02:12AM BBT: Talks continue in the BY on Hammock with Tom and Liza, they both think Jillian really smart or playing. they are both going over all items in the BB house, they both agreed to write down items to compare.

02:22AM BBT: The HT crew is out (Thought they were never coming out). Topaz joins Jillian in HOH. They still believe that Aneal voted for Kat (It was Liza) Topaz is really talking allot about everyone, she said Suzette told her that Tom is bullying her because of the nomination.

02:33AM BBT: Topaz is really sucking up to Jillian in HOH. Topaz think that Aj is Jillian better bet to put up because he does not talk much. Emmett said that Aj think he have the best game play.

02:43 BBT: Emmett and Jillian in HOH shower with her bathing suit on very seductive couple we have here. Cannot hear because of the water running.

02:52AM BBT: Emmett and Jillian had towels all over the shower stall BB announce to remove the towels from the top of the shower. (Why are they hiding if they are in a romance).

03:00AM BBT: Jillian wants to wear an seductive outfit but does not want feeds to see she is hiding, Jillian is now brushing her teeth. Emmett said this year is going to be tough.

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03:10AM BBT: Jillian is getting a massage from Emmett, Emmett asked if Jillian likes back rub. Jillian said she is tired it was a long day ( she did not change into any outfit). they are both cuddle up in bed. looks like Aj will be the replacement for POV.

03:22AM BBT: Let the love making begin lots of kissing in HOH.the lights are dimmed and the covers are rolling away, lots of noise with the mics Emmett whispers the I love you word (really). they both say we cannot do this but still continues. They are fully making out. Emmett ask Jillian to not let the other HG know what they did.

03:30AM BBT: The kissing pause for a bit they are discussing the POV competition it was throwing snowballs.

03:44AM BBT: The camera is up close on the love birds, Emmett is asking Jillian if she is sick of him lots of laughing going on. Emmett asked Jillian if she wants a showmance and her reply was that is what they ask us to do. Emmett think the camera is awkward. Jillian still have on her clothes.

03:51AM BBT: All quiet in HOH room I guess the love birds is really tired. All other HG is asleep I guess the POV have everyone bummed out.

03:59AM BBT: All HG fully asleep.

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9:05 AM Good Morning HGs! Aneal brushing his teeth as Alec & AJ comes in for ADLs

9:08 AM "I think I'll start using face lotion. Good thing we have it in abundance" Alec laughs pointing at the gallon it.

9:11 AM BBT Liza has also completed her ADLs and is making slop breakfast with the boys.

9:12 AM BBT Jillian and Emmett are waking up in HOH. Everyone else still asleep.

9:14 AM Loud Buzzer going off causing Gary, Suzette and Topaz to stumble out of bed. Danielle up and making her bed. Talla does the 'under cover' getting dressed routine. Buzzer does not stop until all HGs are up. It's VERY annoying.

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9:19 AM BBT Gary sitting in bed with the covers up to his head trying to wake up. The buzzer goes off softly each time he falls back asleep.

In the WCA Suzette is trying to apply ointment to her eyes, they are very puffy underneath. "It's not so bad, it just looks weird." Alec offers "It's not so bad."

9:23 AM BBT Peter and Emmett sitting in the BY. "You better put on a good show." Peter yells across the yard to one of the girls.

9:27 AM BBT

Gary's refusal to get out of bed this morning is subjecting all of us to "The Alarm". Sorry Glitter, there is no snooze button....

9:29 AM BBT Danielle up and stretching her obliques in the yard. This must be who Peter was yelling to about a 'good show' earlier. It looks like she might be doing a pilates/yoga work out but it's like BB hit the fast forward button.

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9:35 AM BBT Liza and Aneal hang in the LR. Topaz joins them. Everyone is wrapped in blankets, it's cold in the BB house this morning.

AJ dancing and making breakfast. Andrew and Emmett also trying to make coffee, etc. AJ grabs a banana, puts it at his groin level and makes some rude gestures behind Emmett's back. [it's going to be that kind of day...]

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9:42 AM BBT

The photo wall is up and running. Kat's picture is finally greyed out.

"It ain't easy, being creepy." Alec rhymes out "Black and white, every night" he sings.

"What did you make for breakfast Andrew?" AJ asks

"Some salami slices, half a bagel, some cherry tomatoes, some cherry yogurt and 17 cups of coffee." Andrew gives the run down.

"There's some salmon in there, we could have salmon and eggs for breakfast like on holiday. I usually don't eat fish for breakfast. You're only supposed to eat fish three times a week because of mercury poison." AJ rattles on.

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9:48 AM BBT

[Everytime I change cameras that Ramada commercial plays. It's worse then the FOTH music during BBUSA, at least that has no lyrics - ZuZu]

Jillian and Emmett up in HOH WCA. Emmett is drinking hot cocoa and says he needs a shower.

Jillian discusses vitamin D and how BB should make them take it since they won't be getting any natural sunlight on a regular basis. She is cleaning all the surfaces with antibacterial spray.

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10:00 AM BBT

Peter, AJ Tall, Emmett, Topaz sitting the BY talk about about how they want to work out but those on slop don't dare spend the calories. "Have more slop and protein. Did they replenish yet? We only have one jug? One jug is not enough? That's not right." AJ asks staccato style.

Gary comes into the area and talks about how tired he is. Peter says he got a good sleep last night going to bed early. "You just have to go to sleep. Don't fight it. Go to sleep when you're tired. I'm just going to go to sleep when I'm tired. From now on. That's what's going to happen. You have to sleep when you're tired." AJ responds.

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10:13 AM BBT

Jillian, Liza and Danielle talking about the slop diet. "If I Have to go on the slop diet it's all over." says Danielle. "Sorry if my diet offends you." laughs Peter. There's a lot of cross talk as breakfast (round 2) is underway. Andrew makes more coffee.

Liza and Jillian are trying to clear the remains of an egg that stuck to the cardboard out so they don't contaminate the rest of them. It's one of those large Costco egg packs and the offending egg is right in the middle.

10:20 AM after working to avoid egg contamination Jillian is now obessing about the non-stick pans.

10:21 AM "People have to stop using metal in them. They are using metal. They should use plastic." she explains to Liza.

Andrew and Danielle discuss what came first the chicken or the egg. How eggs are chicken embryos.

Danielle is now explaining to Andrew that it irritates her that there are people that don't believe in evolution. Her Mom doesn't. She also has a friend that doesn't believe in dinosaurs and thinks they are a big joke.

[Danielle says everything in a little sing song voice that makes every statement sound like a question. - ZuZu]

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10:28 AM BBT

Emmett, Aneal and Peter are on the little lounge sofa near the KT. Emmett is trying hard to stay awake. Aneal has gone to get a fresh coffee. We learn that Andrew drinks about 6 big mugs of coffee each morning.

10:32 AM BBT

"Sunday Funday!" chirps Danielle. Liza/Jillian struggle with cooking back bacon (you need to add a little water to the pan girls). Liza is now looking for 'cooking vanilla' so she can make french toast. Andrew helps her find the spices (nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla extract) she was looking for. AJ comes in from outback.

Suzette is sitting at the KT counter sipping coffee.

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10:44 AM BBT

General Chit Chat about New York/New Jersey and various experiences driving/taking the train there. AJ and Aneal discussing how the street numbers go North and South. Or something. It's rapid fire information from AJ.

10:48 AM BBT

Discussion is now about Toronto and the Subway lines there. Bloor line versus Yonge line. How to get around the city. They discuss Etobicoke vs Scarborough. Where Rexdale is. [These are all parts of Toronto]

10:52 AM BBT

Liza is looking for the see - r - up. "The Sur - up is right here." says Andrew.

10:57 AM BBT

10:56 AM BBT Emmett wipes/checks Jillians hands as she touched a hot plate. "Hot plates here!" Liza announces.

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12:00PMBBT: AJ is trying to teach Andrew a card game. Tom is listening looking frustrated. Talla & Aneal are attempting laundry, Liza has joined them. The HG are still muffling their mics. Dani and Gary are in the BR.

12:04PMBBT: Dani just fixed her mic in the SR. She is chopping on cookies as Talla is explaining a strategy. We are hearing more chewing than anything. Dani says she is doing nothing today. No cleaning for her.

12:09PMBBT: Jill and Em are in the HoH, smooching under the covers. Em is whispering to Jill. He asks a question (can't hear him) she says, "My age?". They are whispering about the age difference. She is doing the math on who she has dated and how old they were.

12:13PMBBT: Jill has come up for air only to lie down again. Lots of yawning. "You're a nice girl Jill" "You are a nice boy."

12:20PMBBT: Alec and Talla are "cleaning". AJ, Andrew and Aneal at the KT. Talla keeps sniffing the slop bucket and gagging. AJ is still trying to explain the card game. Everyone seems confused by his explanations.

12:26PMBBT: Talla "OMG can you breathe through your ears??" She is now in the BY with Liza. She has avoided her cleaning, Alec did the slop bucket for her.

12:29PMBBT: Em is now in the KT as Jill was called to the DR. Tom, Em at the counter talking about working out, Alec is making slop. Tom is now flirting with her in his own way, calling her a wench, chasing her around asking for a piggy back ride.

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12:32PMBBT: Talla and AJ haven't stopped nattering. It's not even talking. It is just nattering from convo to convo. Jill is out of the DR. She is heading back upstairs. Says the DR asked her a question about something from 4 yrs ago. Aneal is now in the HOH with Jill.

12:35PMBBT: Andrew "Did you just call me a nazi?" AJ "No! I said the cards you can not see!" Andrew "Ok ok ok" AJ rolls eyes takes breath starts talking again. FotH.

12:40PMBBT: dani talking to Gary about how she has to be such a b##ch in Ft. McMurray. She says people just don't understand. The feeds keep cutting out. But she has used the F shot a dozen times in under a minute.

12:44PMBBT: Dani says her Mom says she was born to do stuff like this. She was going to be something big. She is whining about how everyone hated her and she had no friends (therapy session) Gary is being her cheerleader "Look at you, you got out! Good for you... but can we just go back...'' and she cuts him off. "We are so different from everyone else in here Gary." (I think she loves her own voice.)

12:47PMBBT: Peter "Who the F### are these people?" when overhearing the Dan/Gar convo when it is mentioned about the type of men they have dated. We are now hearing about Dani's grade 6 experiences. She was punk rock back then. Like Avril.

12:51PMBBT: Aneal is pleading his case to Jill in the HoH. Jill doesn't seem like she is paying attention. She says she doesn't know who she is putting up. Em has her attention. We get FotH.

12:55PMBBT: Feeds back. Aneal is still pleading his case while Jill massages Em's back. Aneal doesn't care who goes up but, doesn't want to go home "OMG this is making me sad Emmett!" Jill whines. She is now laughing at Aneal as he is joking about how she lied to him. He just called Gary "The Glitter Goddess".

FotH again.

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12:55PMBBT -1:14PMBBT FotH

1:15PMBBT: Feeds back for 30 seconds and it is all Dani talking about how messed up her relationship was "with this one guy. I got a nose job, I lost so much weight..." we lose the feeds. Feeds are back again.

1:20PMBBT: The feeds are being wonky. We get them back for a few seconds to 2 minutes then we get FotH.

1:22PMBBT: Jill, dani, talla, peter, suz, gary, em are in the BR. Jill is getting Em to shave his face. Tom just hugged Jill mics were covered so missed what was said.

1:25PMBBT: Em "Do you think I should shave it?" Jill "Ya, you got plenty of time for it to grow back, you're going to be here for weeks!"

1:26PMBBT: Tom is openly studying everything in the house. "There are 10 beams..." rattling off numbers of other things. His math was off as Jill pointed out. Em is shaving in the WA, Liza and Jill are talking about waxing.

1:28PMBBT: Andrew went to the washroom and washed his hands! LOVE that!

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1:59PMBBT: the "spy" cam is only for outside the HoH door. No other cameras are accessible on the HOH tv.

2:00PMBBT: We are still doing the "I dunno know what to do" for the replacement nom. Jill just went to get Dani to talk to her. Tom, Liza are in the HoH awaiting. Tom "I don't trust her and Emmett man, I just can't" He was referring to Jill.

2:06PMBBT: Tom is very open talking with everyone but it seems Liza gets into his inner thoughts.

2:12PMBBT: Dani says to Jill "I really don't want to be a pawn. I am worried." Liza, Alec, Tom and Jill are trying to convince her to be the pawn in the HoH.

2:15PMBBT: (sorry about the time) Dani JUST said "I got sucked in and screwed over at the beginning being stuck with Gary and Suzette and Aneal (she beelines for Gary all the time, he listens to her. Follows him around.)

2:19PMBBT: Lots of trash talking of HG by Liza, Tom, Jill to Dani. This is a part of the reassurance game that she is safe. "One of us will win HoH and you will be fine. You will probably win." If she stays..... in BB pawns usually go home.

2:21PMBBT: Aneal being everywhere, going to everyone has really ticked everyone off and Liza and Jill think he is "creepy"

2:24PMBBT: Tom talking about Kat and how if she didn't leave she would have been an amazing social player. Dani says "I just didn't f'in like her she was a ____" [c word is what she said]

2:28PMBBT: Tom was just called to the DR. Jill and Liza told him to tell the DR "Tell him you are sloppy". (Tom is barely out of earshot) Dani "Tom is really f'in controlling" Jill and Liza are saying "We have to trust him for now, he can't control us we just have to right now." Liza "Come on Dani, he is thinking you are taking one for the team." Jill is convincing Dani about the "girl alliance"

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2:35PMBBT: Suz is eating at the counter, Peter is making slop pancakes. Alec and Aneal are on the couch chillin'. Liza just went to the BY.

2:41PMBBT: Peter is having a hard time choking down the slopcakes. He still hasn't finished one yet. Dani is now cooking while he is eating.

2:45PMBBT: Jill, Talla, Suz talking about how judgemental people are in the first week. Mostly girl talk in the HoH, Talla is talking about slop, she is looking at it like a liquid cleanse. Jill says when she is on slop everyone will know. She would be miserable. Talla has been sleeping on the floor.

2:48PMBBT: BB Annoucement "This is your 10 min warning, the house will be off limits, you will be in the BY" and they all start heading for outside.

2:52PMBBT: Dani "OMG I am so hungry..." Talla "OMG! Don't even talk to me about food!" Dani "I was gonna make these but...." as she wraps up her frozen food that was on a cookie sheet.

2:55PMBBT: Rush to the kitchen for the ODLD. Everyone is grabbing food, shakes, drinks... no idea how long they will be outside. The LD notice was 10 minutes ago.

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3:00PMBBT: Tom in BY working out with weights, Liza working out as well. she says whether she works out or not this is her body all the time. Still a crowd in the kitchen grabbing snacks & drinks. Emmett has joined the workout crew now & Tom is spotting him

3:05PMBBT: Those working out talking about Tattoos & how they can go wrong. Tom's mom had permanent eye liner tattooed on. Just general chit chat as they are on outdoor lockdown

3:05PMBBT: Correction the door to the house hasn't officially closed & they were just given another warning to all go to the back yard

3:10PMBBT: Aneal, Gary, AJ, Topaz sitting on the couches in BY, Jillian joins them. Can see Talla in the pool. Alec is joining the pool crew & Andrew is also in the pool. Everyone still having general conversations. Deciding what to do while on LD

3:15PMBBT: Suzette is on the mats with Liza, Tom & Emmett. Liza announces she is board with her workout. So many conversations going on it's hard to follow one. No game talk at all. Aneal has been shuffling cards for at least 15 mins now

3:18PMBBT: Danielle on hammock talking to Liza while she does some bicep curls. Tom points out Liza is doing it wrong & comes over to coach her. Girl talk with Liza & Danielle. Liza telling Danielle if she leaves before her to go to her salon, it's her girls, and then the feeds go down

3:25PMBBT: FotH for a few minutes & we come back to Alec & Danielle chatting. Danielle on hammock, Alec on the grass. Talking about her becoming famous. Voice comes over the intercom & tells her to stop talking about tv. feeds down again

3:30PMBBT: FotH for the last 5 mins.

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4:13 PM BBT

[sings... doing the right thing..doing what's best for us.. along with the commercial. Sigh. Charge me for feeds I'll pay anything not to hear this song again and it's only week 1]

Still FOTH

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5:03 PM BBT

Tom called to DR. He is at the table chatting with Gary, Alec, Peter and Jillian. Jillian comments that everyone on slop is "so tiny" "Choose your words very carefully" admonishes Tom.

Tom has to eat something, even salsa right out of the jar after that workout. Sounds like something physical was played.

5:07 PM BBT

Aneal goes to HOH room to talk to Liza who is using the shower up there. "I'm just coming right to you because I don't want to be like Kat. Do you think anyone is up for a power move? You would just tell me if I was going home right. You'd just be straight up."

"Yes, of course. I will." Says Liza "I'll know once I know who is up against you." she gets called to the DR.

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5:47 PM BBT

AJ talking to Jillian about Aneal. He thinks that the whole house has turned on Aneal now. He likes him as a person but he thinks he (Aneal) is wrong for this game. AJ is now totally down with the plan now. He's not going to go after Jillian for this, she's not in his radar. Jillian does not know who she is going to put up yet.

5:53 PM BBT

We're back to FOTH.

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