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Big Brother 14 Picture Thread (7/29 - 8/10)

Angelo Joe

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Volleyball in the backyard...



Frank/Wil are ready...


Frank goes for a backhand save...


"Mom/Dad" resting while the kids play...


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"The Silent Six" Alliance!

Dan/Danielle/Britney/Shane/Boogie/Frank share their secret 'handshake', the shhhhhh sign...


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12:06 AM BBT - MBR

Wil Ashley, and Danielle are wearing cat makeup and acting like cats. Jenn is being entertained by them. They're discussing wearing this makeup for the live show tomorrow and acting like cats whenever Julie asks them a question. (I think they're joking)

Frank walks in and meows. Everyone laughs.

Boogie walks in and starts singing. He wants to know who sings the song, I think, and we get WBRB pretty quickly.


12:08 AM BBT - BY

Ian and Brittany are in the hammock discussing stuff. They're saying random words, "Menu. Venue. Chip. Dip." I think maybe they're prepping for a rhyming competition.

They start bashing Joe again, saying how he's plotting everyone's demise.

Ian: I think at this point he's tried to have an alliance with everyone in the house.

Brittany: Exactly… what I was going to tell you earlier, but Eagle Eye was listening… basically I just wanted to reaffirm with you that… you and I trump everything else {in our alliance}.

Ian: I mean yeah… I'm not saying final two deal yet, but I'll bring you along kicking and screaming as far as I can.

Brittany: I just feel like in our final 5… those three have each other's back… Danielle has the best seat in our alliance right now because she's got two people fighting for her tooth and nail. You got to have at least one person.

Ian says they all five have each other's backs. (Him, Shane, Dan, Danielle, and Brittany).

They go back to studying rhyming words. It sounds like they were given a list of things to memorize (maybe on a video) for an upcoming competition, so they're repeating it over and over to try to remember what order things were said.

12:15 AM BBT - MBR

Dan and Shane are in there with everyone now. They're all chanting about wanting Janelle out.

Frank leaves to get something from outside. Wil is reading from the box of questions they have, then he gets called to DR. Someone suggests that he might have to take off his cat face for the DR and he says that he wants to leave it on.

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