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BBUK housemate evicted - from the country!

Brekkie Boy

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"Big Brother Housemate. This is the Immigration Office.

Makosi... By spending 78 days in the Big Brother house you have broken the condition of your visa.

Therefore Makosi... you have been evicted... from the country!

You have 10 days to lodge an appeal. Otherwise you must leave the country of face deportation"

24 yr old Makosi Musambasi is originally from Zimbabwe but has worked in Britain for a number of years as a Cardiac nurse. She quit her job to be on Big Brother.

Upon entering the house Makosi became "the unluckiest housemate ever" by answering a call to go to the diary room. She found herself automatically up for eviction - with the only way to save herself being to get the other housemates to nominate her for eviction.

Four weeks later Makosi once again found herself up for eviction by pressing the "Don't Press this Button - Press Here" button in the diary room. She saved herself by providing food, clothes and showers for three secret newcomers hidden in Big Brother's Secret Garden.

Makosi was hot favourite to win until the fall out from the pool orgy. After claiming she hadn't had sex with Anthony she then claimed she was pregnant - and told Big Brother how she had planned to name the baby after where it was conceived, and asked if she was supposed to call her baby "Big Brother Jacuzzi".

A few weeks later when Big Brother lied about who was up for eviction and the non-nominees faced the public vote, Makosi was amongst the two housemates with the most votes, but was saved as all but one housemate voted out Vanessa instead.

In the final week Makosi once again found herself centre of attention by climbing into Big Brother's inviting Gingerbread house. The sweet covered walls then collapsed to reveal a cage, which was then winched above the Big Brother garden. Makosi remained in the cage for around three hours when all but one of her housemates accepted the bribes from Big Brother rather than agreeing to let Makosi down.

Makosi eventually finished third, but was met by a hostile reception from the crowd who heavily booed her as she exited the house, chanted "Liar! Liar!" as she was questioned about the pregnancy and heckled with chants of "Off! Off! Off!" during her interview. Ironically, Makosi was the 13th evictee.

And so it seems her bad luck continues!

Full story: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/t...dio/4196682.stm

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