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Thursday, August 18th LIVE Show Coverage


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Think you can't help us out because you don't get the Live Feeds?

Then you would be wrong ...

We are trying something new out this year ...

We need people to write what they see on the televised show, preferrably as you are watching it, but even within the hour later ... then Ranster (me) will swoop in and gather it all up for a neat upload for the BB page.

Wanna Help? Volunteer here!

Watching the show? Post what you see here in as much detail as you can!

This is all a part of Morty's Team Coverage ...

Any takers?

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Okay Ranster and Jem , I am on board for this show . I will post it to a word pad first to make sure I have it if the bandwidth goes out on me and send it soon as I can. This from all reports promises to be an exciting night , we will see what will happen . See ya peeps soon.

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Guest ranster627

tonight's show will have the next eviction, the new HOH and rumours are we will already have another nomination ...

having trouble posting for this show? e-mail your recaps to ranster@mortystv.com

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Guest ranster627

Live Televised Show: Thursday, August 18, 2005

previously ... united House wanting to get rid of James

Kaysar returns

endurance challenge and Jenn's promise to win HOH

she swears on her life

nominated R and J

then veto

Rachel won

Kaysar nominated


Julie Day 47 ... promises made and promises broken roller coaster week in the Big Brother house

she recaps and says Jennifer went back on her word ...

this is a double eviction week immediate nomination 48 hours new HOH and another out

rection to Kaysar nomination:

K: shocking ... filthy she's convinced herself it's okay

James thrilled ...

A: all up to this week they went back on their promise

they congratulate Jenn

Kaysar: Hey Jenny are you proud of yourself

J: halfway at first ... now it is totally broken

he handed the HOH over

she cried and winked in flashback

he's amused

felt like he was talking to a brick wall

Jenn has stabbed entire team in the back ... it's despicable

April says they are all to blame

Howie wants to rip Friendship apart

he never shot back because of fear

Nice Howie is done

you're stuck with me here or at sequester

I didn't make decision says April

H: It's hurricane season

he's looking like the idiot ...

fat hubby and ugly dog

she is upset that it was said about her family whjen they aren't there to defend themselves

shows April crying and praying

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Rehash of last week

Good evening , welcome to BB 6 is day 47

after ashuring kaysar she would help get james out of the house , jennifer went back on her word.

Is Kaysars return quickly coming to an end or will janelle walk , and this is a double eviction week

in 48 hours another will be leaving and a new HoH will be crowned.

it is shocking the way jenny plays the game it is filthy kaysar says and has no respect for her.

james says I was really shocked , guess I am here for another week.

April says this week we broke our standard and decided to go back on a promise.

Kaysar ask jen is she proud of something , you break every condition of the deal. he says he called

her out wanted to know why she stabbed him in the back like this.

she says you are going to believe I planned this all the time , so why should I explain.

Kaysar says can you cry on que like that all the time , that was pretty good and jen

says you are never going to believe a word I say , kaysar says I am thourougly amused.

jenn not only stabbed me in the back but the entire team.

How tells April is no secret that her and jen never won and event and could not win the money

he wants the friendship out the door and if I attack april personally maybe I can scare them out the door.

Howie , I know I am a dominate player in the game and people are coming after me but nice howie is done.

he tells april , you are stuck with me here or in the sequester house , deal with it. Hurricane season.

he tells her win and event out here shock me , you are stuck with your fat husband and your ugly dog.

April says it is bad that someone would say something about your family when they are not here ,

prays to god in the WC to please Lord give her strenth , as she crys.

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Its getting extremely personal in the BB house , says julie , some people can not hold back

personal feeling anymore

Janie calls racheal beutiful and maggie you are such a bitch.

she attacks april and april says you are drunk ,

beau and janie argue and janie shoves beau .

Ivette takes beau to the HoH room

as howie drags off janie

Ivette says we are falling apart we look like a f**cking train wreck

Howie ask april if he can call her busto for short , he says you can't compete with out smokes

and she replys can you compete with out you fingers

janie says that is a low blow april and she replys like the comments on my husband wasn't

Howie ask april how it feels america hates you.

Howie says they drew first blood , tells her she chose to f**k with the wrong house guest

lets have pizza , we need some pepperoni , he going to eat her dog.

It is easy Ivette says to lose focus in this game , she will be damn if she will let it happen

because of personal attacks.

gives a pep talk to her group.

Julie says coming up hg will learn this is a double eviction week and with in 48 hours another

hg will be sent packing.

Rachel : says if gunning for kaysar or janelle , is a toss up , janelle a strong competteter

keeping kaysar may take the heat off of me and howie going to vote what ever in her gut

James : Kaysar is one that can admit to his mistakes

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lets talk to jen the current hoh alone in the hoh room

in the pressure cooker you gave kaysar your word you would nominate your people on the block

and since they did not let go imediatly she said the deal was off , and if she put her people off

that was not in favor of her group ,

she said lying was not a part of her original plan but it does not say in rule book you can not lie.

where does james stand says julie

jen says no one really trust james , I would nominate him if I could be hoh next week , but

kaysar was a better bet.

Maggie says janelle has incredible luck , and april has no respect for janelle , and

Ivette says everything janelle says leave you dumbstruck.

Howie thinks Kaysar leaves the others woried and is a strong player to have on his side.

hello house guest

Howie says they been great all week to her how everyone doing

kaysar says , wants to beging by thinking america for bringing me back in

and appologizes for his mistake of handing hoh over and getting voted back out.

janelle thinks her friends and family and says she never lied and if she leaves means more

to her then any amount of money.

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who will be evicted kaysar or janelle

the votes are in

by a unanomous vote kaysar you have been evicted

kaysar says his good buys

the sov says what up kaysar.

julie says : last week america voted to put you back you was given a second chance , why you setting here

he says he did not have enough info to know that these people would betray me , they turned on me , no

trust and no respect.

Julie says do you think you underestemated the strength of the other team he says no but he wanted to

play it a certain way , and ended up losing , he did not want to lose his integerity.

tells him he had 82 percent of americas vote how does he feel

he says gives him chills and he was not here for the game but because he loves this game.

howie says this not the end of the road and see him soon

janelle says one of the smartest people she ever met.

james says you and your pawns took out my queen , so this week we took out the king.

next ultimate battle for power who will be new hoh.

PS: James noticed the time after kaysar walked out , 5:36 he said

notes that is to soon.

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tonight a new hoh will come into power and must nominate imediatly live

game called face the facts with faces of four evicted hg

you will only use the 5th side of 5 faced device if none of the above

1. which evicted hg won the sold out comp . to watch 4 brothers answer was sarah

2. in high and dry who finished 2nd , answer michael all right

3. snack shack from hell who ate snells and noodles . no one , maggie is out

4. in food will spell for food who passed on word jalepeno . sarah is answer all right

5. after hoh majority rules who handed key to kaysar , answer is eric all right

6. veto comp rectangle , who untangled orange rope . answer is ashlea howie is out and ivette

7. who mispelled two words in will spell for food . answer is none of the above , james and racheal out

8. number to guess to get hoh , closet is hoh , how many light bulbs did it take to spell out sold

out in the luxury comp. Janelle gets hoh.

jen hands her the hoh key.

julie says janelle go immediatly to dr , every one else go to living room.

Julie tells janelle , that she has to nominate immediately .

you must make the nominations right now , you will stay in dr till time to announce your nominations

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bring back dinner and desert at KFC , oh heck that is the commercial

Julie tells news to the house guest , congradulates them for making it to half way point.

her reign going to be cut short , Howie cheers , as she says 48 hours another hg will be evicted

and a new hoh announced.

sends janelle back to living room.

janelle nominates jennifer as first , second is maggie

julie says who will be next to leave and who will be next hoh , find out saturday

as howie and janie yell bye bye.

I will be off for saturdays eviction so will post for that one as well , see you peeps on saturday.

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Guest ranster627

after commercial:

getting extremely personal

Janelle, no need to be careful

Janie is really annoying these people

get them unpsyched out

April takes a shot calls Janelle drunk

polyester hair

whore ...

no drunk wants to hear the truth about themselves

he's such a little bitch

the shoving amtch and giggling

Beau and Ivette

I: we're going to fall apart because of some bitch

April wants Janelle out

Howie drives crazy April

April makes fun of hand

That's my game I can dish it out and I can take it

How do you feel that America hates you ... Busto for short

they drew first blood not me

Pepperoni pizza

he's reaching for the deepest darkest places

saying he's going to eat your dog ...

Ivette will be damned if they lose focus becase of personal attacks

Ivette rallies the team ... stick together ...

let them feed off each other and go nuts


B / Rachel / James

Rachel: Toss up

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Guest ranster627

Live Televised Show: Thursday, August 18, 2005

Another very busy show! It began as always with the recaps which focussed on Jennifer

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Guest ranster627

Live Televised Show: Thursday, August 18, 2005

Another very busy show! It began as always with the recaps which focussed on Jennifer

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