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August 16th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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Guest supatah

When feeds are back up rachel says " give me 2 sec bb" She cleans up her dish and walks inside.

Meanwhile, Janelle is obviously pissed and just waiting for the "nerd herd" to wake up (as howie would say). She's fast walking, breathing heavy and then going into a sprint around the house. (like a boxer before a fight).

Rachel's getting in the shower

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Guest supatah

An entire post was lost when I submitted it - can't repeat the verbatum but in summary: Rachel told Janelle that April wanted to know "why are they all focused on me... just me?"

Rachel told her (april) that in a game like this, they go after the weakest player - I mean it's said - but that's just the way it is....

Rachel says to Janelle that it's kind of like watching Wild Kingdom and watching the lion pride take out the weakest prey. She says "it's sad"

Janelle says Uhuh...

Rachel tells Janelle that she thinks she is hilareous with all of her antics in the house - "I mean you really crack me up and all, but you still have a chance in the house".

J: "Theyll take Kaysar out no matter how mean I am to them. They are scared of him. They aren't scared of me"

R: true

R: Just keep being the sweet Janey that we all know and love.

(janelle has her hand on her hip just listening to Rachel)

J: I can't be sweet to them anymore

R: That's alright - you are still the Janelle we know and love. You cracked me up yesterday. You've got more balls than howie. Really funny

J: I wonder if they are really second guessing their decision they made yesterday.

R: they probably are. it doesn't matter to us

J: where do you think James falls into all of this

R; I don't know - I think james is just as stunned - I don't hink he knew

J: ya he did

R; No

R: It ought to be a fun day

Janelle is watchin Rachel do laundry with her arms folded.

Rachel mumbles about why they threw away a pillow

Janelle replies: Because they are fucking idiots

Rachel: That we know

Rachel changes the subject to Janelle's workout. Janelle changes the subject back to the game

Janelle: "who do you hate most out of that group"

Rachel: "Jennifer"

J: So do i

R: I always have

J: I cannot stand her

J: Hey jennifer are you jelous - I won a plasma

R: Oh - you didn't hear this yesterday but April said something about you prancing around in your fake stilletos

J: what? (shakes her head like she totally doesn't get where rachel is coming from)

R: Um - ya - she was just talking about your shoes. I mean - I love em' (your shoes)

J: Fake? She's just pissed because her husband won't buy them for her. Stupid bitch. It's out of his budget.

J: They are so pissed right now... I don't even care.

YIPPEEEE HOWIE IS UP... Should get really good guys

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Guest supatah

Jan howie rachel in bathroom.

Janelle: (to howie) Im fucking bored

They start to talk but you can't hear a thing because Rachel's hair dryer is on. He said something about April. Janelle said to Howie in his ear "Why don't you go up to Jennifer and ask her how it feels to be the most hated person in america by taking out their most favorite. You are going to be THE most hated."

Howie nods and whispers something back but can't hear. He says:

H: Maybe i'll work out with April today

R: I told janey it's like watching wild kingdom and the lion pride is going after the weakest animal in the herd.

H: well, they're voting out american's choice. nobody wants to see them - and they can't handle it. They voted Kaysar back because they wanted us to shine not the nerd herd.

Rachel: well we gotta get our composure together

Howie: I'll be fine

Rachel: because HOH

howie: I"ll be ready for that - I'll be very ready for that.

Rachel: Beau was getting pretty nasty

Howei: Oh - nasty - so nasty

Rachel (to janelle) He pushed you?

Janelle: Ya - he was pissed. He was so pissed

Rachel - I think he drinks so much because of all the other substance abuses he's not getting (ie: cocaine) which is why he's violent when he drinks.

Howie: Yep - he violent when he drinks.

Rachel: what were they doing in HOH

Janelle: They are dorks who cares.

ed note: If any of you are wondering about Howie's finger thing - He's missing is pinky finger from a child accidident.

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Guest supatah

They were all talking about Beau and Janelle said

"Beau is a prostitute" - Rachel and Howie really? "No, i'm serious, he really is"..

She started explaining it and FotH

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H said all of yesterday was a warm up and they should see what he's going to do today.

R worried that it will jeopardize his job.

H saying that A will self destruct before anyone else.

I, B, Jam are all up now.

I is recapping B's puking (where he did it, how gross, she needed to shower, blah blah)

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Guest ilovebb6

As soon as april came out of hoh howie started laying into her (i know were not supposed to comment on our opinions but it was way funny) calling her busto and saying that when he gets out hes going to get a pet and name it busto.

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Guest ilovebb6

Howie asking April how it feels to be the most hated houseguest in America and trying to get rid of the houseguest (Kaysar) that America loves the most.

April not responding and Howie repeats it over and over. :D

Janelle says No Howie, America hates Jenny and Howie says America hates Busto.

The FriendSHEEP all go outside and Aprils like "do yall see how he talks about my family. hes so mean" "yall see taht right?"

Evilette tells her to ignore him and hell get more mad cause he has to do it all day.

April whining about he should get a penalty nomination etc. etc.

All are now whining how the rats dont take care of them. boo hoo

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Janelle and Howie are talking in the kitchen, and when April walks by (and maybe Jennifer) Howie tells Janelle loudly that he thinks that America hates April. He says that since America loves Kaysar and obviously wanted Kaysar in the house, then America probably hates April. Janelle then says, "Mmmm, no, I think they hate Jenny more." Howie says (conversationally, but loudly), "Really? I think they hate April."

The nerd herd is having a superiority party at 12:30 p.m.

Maggie is talking about how Howie seems mentally unstable, and that when he slapped the table, he didn't even show that it hurt his hand, and he should have, so that says a lot. Maggie continues to say that she doesn't know if it is a strategy on Howie's part, or if he is crazy.

The nerd herd continues to gripe about the other side. BB tells them not to talk about DR sessions when they start to do that.

April: I'm going to go talk in the DR and I will tell them I will not speak to anyone but Alison or Arnold, so you better find them. You better fucking find them.

Maggie says she won't be able to tell them what they said, since they can't talk about DR, but it will make April feel better.

April says that she will refuse to answer any more DR questions until she talks to them.

Maggie says they need to know the rules, because they don't know. April says that you can't be told constantly to shut up and stuff like that.

Maggie gripes that people use their shampoo products and things in the bathroom, and April says she is afraid to leave her stuff in the bathroom because they could do something to it. Maggie says they are told to bring in a 3-month supply but others use it, and BB does nothing about it.

Maggie and April continue to gripe about the show. April says the show is a piece of shit and demoralizing. FOTH briefly.

Ivette says that she will go and tell them the things they have used of theirs in the bathroom. April says that Janelle has asked her before to use her things, but other times she uses it on her own when she isn't there. Maggie says that Janelle would say that she already asked once and thought it was okay. Ivette says that BB told her that they have to ask the other HG not to use their stuff.

Maggie: They aren't going to do anything about it.

(Is this 3rd grade?)

At one point, Janelle looks outside at the sky to see what the weather is like. Maggie immediately comments that Janelle looked outside (as if she isn't allowed to do that). April says that Janelle did look like she was looking up, so maybe she was looking at the weather.

Beau complains that Janelle's hair is all over him, all over everything.

1:00 p.m.

Rachel and James whispering in the weight room!!!

James talks about April and says that she is whining about her family being talked about, etc. Rachel says it makes her sad to see Howie acting like he is acting.

Rachel says "I don't think they have figured it out yet!" James says that it is 5-4 with a wildcard, but they haven't figured it out, although they agree that they eventually will figure it out. Rachel says if it is one of their side with one of them, they will win! James agrees. Rachel says that if it is two of the other side, they will STILL get to pick who wins! James says it won't be two of the other side. He says it won't even be ONE of them in the final two! Rachel leaves. The conversation was very brief.

Outside, Maggie is griping about Howie "ripping the pizza like a barbarian" last night, and complaining that Rachel was eating the cheese pizza. They feel that Maggie should have it (as a vegetarian).

Ivette occasionally says that they are playing strategically, but the others in the group are complaining continually about the other group, rehashing the things that were said last night.

Beau, kaysar and Maggie are told to change batteries, and this breaks up the convo. They were just bringing up that after Beau commented on Janelle's hair (weaves, supposedly) that Janelle said "Well, look at YOUR hair!" So they feel this was a racial comment by Janelle. Ivette starts making snotty comments about wondering how much money a black person has to make before he is accepted, etc.

Jennifer: James is insisting that they are going to put him up first.

April; No, they aren't! You and I are going up. We know that!

Jennifer says she told James that it is strange that they supposedly want him out yet they are being nice to each other.

Kaysar tells Janelle that April went to him and said "Good morning, Kaysie!" this morning. Janelle makes a "yuck" retching sound. Kaysar says she is being nice to him because she thinks he will stop Janelle and Howie.

Janelle: No chance!

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Guest Bunky4Life

i will give you a brief synopsis of the last little bit:

the "nerd herd" were all sitting outside while howie was exercising and inbetween sets he would walk over to the "herd" and lay into April.

howie "how does it feel to be hated by America? Busto!"

"you're stuck with me in this house and in sequester, Busto!"

"you're gonna spend the rest of the year without your ugly dog and fat husband making minimum wage"

"when you voted out Ivette last week, who were you gonna turn to Busto?"

all this time April and company would talk between themselves totally ignoring Howie but Howie kept on going.

BB: HG's the lock down is over. you may now enter the house.

all of the herd eventually go inside and make something to eat (eating re-heated pizza)

rachel is talking to james "the votes are in. in the end if you (James) are in the final 2 with one of them (the herd). you will lose cuz they have the votes in sequester". Basically telling James that they are rooting for him now and that if James wants the money he will have to take one of the Sov4 with him.

not word for word but basically the jist of it.

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Rachel talked to James and said if you want a chance to win you need to side with us. The votes are in and do you think you have a chance at the money sitting next to one of them? Think about the numbers in the sequester house. James said he hadn't thought about that and R said well you better start thinking. She told James that they had his back and he looked like she just told him she was a virgin or something. Then he rolled his eyes and said oh okay. Rachel told him that she had nothing else to say, it was up to him. James said Kaysar was gunning for him and Rachel assured him that wasn't true, once again James just rolled his eyes. Then when Kaysar come out James got up and said I will think about your plan. Kaysar said what plan, James said Rachel's plan and Rachel said Kaysar doesn't know about it. When James left Rachel told Kaysar what she said and he said well good point, I hadn't thought about it, did James think about it? Rachel said no but it is about time someone in this group started to think. Kaysar just looked at her and she repeated four times what she said to James and that he got her point. Rachel told Kaysar not to gun for James, no matter what and Kaysar said okay.

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Rachel talking strategy: THE VOTES ARE IN That is, the other side has the numbers in the sequester house. She tells this to James. His only chance at winning is if he plays with them. Because the other side will NEVER choose him over one of theirs.

James: But kaysar is gunning for me.

Rach: I don't care (she's not selling out kaysar, just putting out the facts)

James: It's something to think about. He gets up and leaves the table as Kaysar arrives. Tells Kaysar, something to think about.

Kaysar What?

Rach: He doesn't know

Then she explains her numbers to Kaysar.

Kaysar cannot disagree. He even agrees to stop gunning for James to go.

Rachel reiterates her point: their only chance against the other side at this point comes down to a numbers game in the sequester house.

Janell comes along. K says to her: If only you don't fall for Michael first.

She says she sorry she was so fast.

Howie arrives and they talk about how James will be on which ever side wins hoh this week. Maybe they should wait to see who wins.

Kaysar, this will take time. Don;t want to end up having to kiss his ass if he wins hoh

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Rats, lost my last post before it went up!

Rach and Jan making the bed. Rachel filling her in on the James alliance idea. Says, I don't care who talks to who. none of that matters. all that matters is the numbers.

J: it should have been maggie gone, not sara. They f' ed us over so bad

R: it doesn;t matter. Insists they can still do it if they work with James

J: agrees

R: Howie needs to stop and just focus on getting hoh. Talks about how it will be if any of the SOV3 get hoh. They will not talk to any of the others. Hoh room will be off limits. Period

Now Janell and Kaysar are playing chess in the GR. Rachel off to somewhere.

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Guest supatah

Rachel got pissed with Howie - vented with Janelle about all the bad plays Howie has made in the game. Rachel told James about her plan that James can NOT win without on of the Sov. 4 sitting next to them. James said he'd think about it.

Rachel is doing laundry, can't find the nerd herd - not on the feeds. Howie Kay and Janelle BY. Howie said he's not going to go down like a pussy. He's going down gunning down... (laughs). Janelle is going to set up the chess board. Kaysar said he'd be there in two minutes. It's just Howie and kay now.

Howie: Man you called it(kaysar) Jenny wanted her fame. Her one second of glory - wanted to make one second into the spotlite as HOH. Stupid Bitch.

Howie: (out of the blue) The big bosom busted blonde.

Kaysar: (laughs) with you going into the DR everyone in america is going to start calling her (april) the big busted blond. (laughs)

Howie: (smiling) Hey - I explained it in the DR, there's the big bosom buxom blond and there's the big bosom busted blond and for short I call her BUSTO (both laugh).

Howie: that would make a great song... Busto.... "there was this blond, who had a busted face - we called her BUSTO, we called her BUSTO.

Feeds switch to Rachel and Janelle in GR

Rachel: Howie has to shut his mouth and focus on HOH

If any of us win HOH we say nothing, talk to noone. We ask NO ONE to come up there and talk with us. It's stupid. Not even James.

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Guest supatah

Kaysar and Janelle playing Chess.

(April - please go to the diary room)

Kay: Jennifer still has Howie's picture.

Jan: What a fucking whore

moment of silence

Jan: can you believe I got the biggest kick in the world out of torturing your queen with my pawn today.

Kay: Ya - I noticed - you loved getting your queen back and check-mating me.

Jan: what are u going to do when you get out of here?

Kay: I'm going to go and appreciate life.

Jan: Hum... interesting

kay: what chess or what I just said?

Jan: Your pawn move (chess)


Jan: what the hell are you looking at?

kay: I'm staring at your chest jan... (laughs) I'm reading whats on your shirt

Jan: I hate these people kaysar - oh god I hate them so much

James walks in

James: Your wearing your necklace thing again? (the netflix red card from HOH comp. where she won the plasma tv.)

Jan: Ya... what do you think of it?

James: I think you're a lucky son of a bitch

Jan: (sarcastic voice) I wear red because I'm mad

James: can't be mad about winning a 42" plasma tv

James: Netflix is happy


Feeds get crappy - loose feeds - will post in one second when I'm back up on feeds.

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Guest supatah

Janelle/kaysar still playing chess

Janelle goes to bathroom - Rachel comes in.

Rachel talks about her jeans. blah blah blah.

Kaysar lays down and stretches.

Kaysar: 'it's like we are at the point where there is nothing left to talk about - nothing left to do -

Rachel: I know

Janelle walks in

Kaysar (to Janelle) I hate you

Janelle: Why

Kaysar: I just do. Can I just say i do?

Janelle: Kaysar you love me and you know it

Kaysar: No i don't

(both of them laugh)

Rachel gets a scrunched up weird look on her face because they are both back to playing chess and ignoring her.

Howie is in the kitchen - doing dishes - but there is no sound. So far - the nerd herd has stayed clear of him. None of the Sov 4 know about April throwing Howie's picture off the balcony yet. However, Kaysar mentioned it earlier that Jennifer has it. Howie will most likely get pissed.

More to come......

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Guest supatah

Janelle/Kaysar playing chess in GR

Rachel and Howie in kitchen. Big Brother isn't giving us much as far as feeds to. Haven't shown the Nerd Herd at all. Haven't given us anything but the table and couches. And chess for a while now.


Rachel: BB is a great opportunity - why not take it

Howie: Yep - 1/2 million doesn't come easy out side the house - no one said it would be easy inside the house.

Ivette: I know this is a game.... It is a game. I learned it was a game when Cappy left. And now you just play. You stick to yourself and do your own thing.

Rachel: You didn't think it was a game when Ashlea & Michael left?

Ivette: No - because it was the beginning - we didn't get rid of Ashlea for strategic moves - we got rid of her because she was bugging the fucking shit out of everybody. We didn't get rid of Michael for strategic reasons we got rid o michael because all the women in the house just thought he was weird and the things he would do - and the things he would do to women - the stare downs and all that stuff.....

first two weren't really game.....

Ivette: Strategically we should have gotten rid of kaysar first. I told him that - and maggie.... can we deal with ashlea being annoying or strategically get rid of Kaysar.... people think with their asses around here.

Howie:anyone want a drink? (gets up and leaves to the kitchen)

JEN and MAGGIE in HOH Room

JEN: saying that Janelle thinks that all girls are just jelous of her and that's why she doesn't have any friends.

JEN AND MAGGIE watching SPY CAM in HOH now.

Checkin out Howie in the Kitchen

Jen says the cameras are focused on them right now because they are the only people talking. She has that dumb smirk on her face right now. Maggie says everyone is bored. Jen watches at the cameras in the HOH room.

Beau: what did I say to Janelle last night?

Maggie: Hmmm.. you told her to suck dick. Um.... suck another dick....told her to gain another 10 lbs....um u told her her extentions were so obvious....she was a money hungry whore... i think plastic - not sure. You told her her boobs were crooked (laughs)... you were touching them as you were saying it (all laughing) - wouldn't put it past you if you yanked on her hair - that would have been assault. I don't know how you guys got away with what you did last night - it's very confusing. Maybe because you were smiling and laughing. It was very hard to read what was going on.

Jen: They are confused about our personalities. Like when I cry I wink alot to let my family know that I'm here for them but the rats don't get it. They think I'm fake crying - but I'm really really crying....

April: Dave is disgusted with this show

Beau: I know - my friends.... this is probably the most dramfied season.

maggie: this will be their last season... they picked the worst people they could find to come into this house.

Beau: it's so funny

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Guest supatah

Jen: I have a big brother who would pick on me - I could cry on que to get him in trouble. I'm a good little actress.

Maggie: I was there - had an older brother - I can't cry on que.

maggie: I gotta pee. (maggie gives her the "thanks for the info" look)

Feeds 3&4 - Kaysar and Janelle - talking about where Janelle worked. Says she won't go to a table that is being mean to her - she won't go back to the table.. especially if they are greasy, touchy feely type people.

Can hardly hear Janelle ( I think they're doing it on purpose because of personal info) Jen, beau, maggie talking about Beau's late throw up episode.

Janelle: I love working where I work. It's really fun.. It's not super stress ful. Know what I mean?

Kays: Did you tell them you were going to BB?

Jan: Ya... I had to - we film at the club so he had to know...he's really cool though.

Kays: Have you taken any classes or anything...

Jan: I will in July -

Kays: have you ordered the books and stuff?

jan: ahuh

(talking about real estate license)

Back to Maggie/Beau

Beau: I can't believe Jan told you to fuck herself

Maggie: Why? it's funny

Beau: what do you think made better tv - me getting drunk the first night or me telling jan off last night?

Maggie: I don't know - there both good tv

Maggie: Jen...

Jen: I almost want to go to sequester first - and get a week off.

Maggie: Ya.. I'll see what we can do

Maggie: How bout' never going

Jen: depends on who's in the house

Maggie: be nice to just take a nap

(instead they get their workout clothes and get to the gym before Janelle)

Jen pumping away on the stair master

Maggie getting on treadmill

Jen asks about the HOH blog she gets to write tomorrow. She wants to know if she can write anything she wants? Maggie tells her yes.. talk about the week.

Jen: where do you start? this week was fucked up. (duh jen... I wonder why)

Maggie: talk about how much you love me

maggie laughs

Jen: When you were HOH it was a fun week - not a survival house.

(what a hypocrite)

feeds switch to Janelle/Kaysar in GR

Feeds also on Beau/April/Ivette

(April has been in the Diary room for an hour and 45 minutes. She just got back)

April: I just walked right past Howie.. He didn't say shit. The deal is, I can handle things personal attacks towards me... I know I'm ok... but don't talk about my husband, dog and family. He says like "lets eat pepperoni"... like eating my fucking dog... that's like animal rights or something. I know it's part of strategy and stuff I mean.. I know he can't harm my dog but talk about harming my dog is a threat. (april blubbler stuff)


Rachel: The one thing we have going for us.. they are disgusted by Janelle so that's good. You let her be what she's going to be.... just laugh - that benefits us.

Howie: right

RacheL: If james gets HOH and puts them on the block - they'll freak

Rachel: I'm not worried about it - yet one of us HAS to get it.

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Howie just finished trimming his nose hairs in the bathroom and heads to the couch to talk to Rachel.

Beau, Maggie, Jen and April in the kitchen while Ivette cooks

Janelle and Kaysar sleeping.

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Jen and Maggie in HOH...just finished dinner, Maggie is picking her face in front of the mirror. They are talking about Maggie going to Texas but she cant stay with Jen cause her mom doesnt like dogs. (uhhhh, Jen still lives with her mom!?)

Rachel, Ivette cleaning kitchen while the rest of house guest are finishing their dinner. Pretty boring at the moment.

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