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August 16th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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Guest ranster627

Please post ONLY "real time" Live Feed observations here! We need to keep pictures in Pictures Forum! Thanks for understanding ... if you post a picture here it will be quoted and moved ...

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Janelle and Beau were screaming all kind sof profanity at each other. They then went after each other in the LR and we got fish...

When the feeds came back, Howie and Janelle awere sent to the GR and Beau was sent to the HOH room.

Both sides are separated in the house currently, Janelle still trash talking and Beau crying.

Some HG are now beginning to move around the house

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Janelle appears to be drunk and is going on a rampage in the kitchen calling April very nasty names (things I will not write down here).

April leaves after responding by calling Janelle names.

Now Beau walks in and Janelle starts screaming at Beau calling him very nasty names. Beau replies with nasty names and they are screaming so loud that BB goes to FOTH and when back Howie and Jannelle explain that they were told to leave the kitchen and go to the GR.

The entire time Howie is giggling along with Janelle.

Now in the GR, Janelle and Howie are explaining to Kaysar what they called April and Beau saying it is great strategy to "attack their weaknesses" and you can see them falling apart.

Kaysar tells them to vote him out because he wants to go home now.

Rachel enters GR and is agreeing with Howie and Janelle but says that she doesn't understand why America would want to see this. (ed note: then why attack people with names for playing the game?)

K, J, H, R in GR calling other group names and all saying that they will go home any time.

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Guest Peaches

Lots missing - I'll try to fill you in.

Jan/H/R in Kitchen. Others in HT.

Jen comes in and Jan starts tormenting her. "How many reality shows have you applied for? How does that make you feel?, etc."

April comes in and Jan starts on her. Tells her she a broken blonde. April says you suck pees pees.

Lots of yelling back and forth.

April goes in GR to visit Kay. Starts in with her lying and BS. It was a group decision. You know I love you to death. Wait til you see the tapes.

April makes some comment that the eviction will be reevaluated. Kay says doesn't matter. I've been lied to and stabbed in the back. I won't be here.

Maggie and Jen come into GR. You can hear Jan and Beau yelling. Maggie asks for Kays help to break it up.

Enter LR. Beau and Jan approaching each other fast. Jan towers over Beau and points her finger. Beau yelling "You F* for ferraris.". Jan yelling "you F* 45 year old men, you gold digging W*."

BB yells to take Jan to the GR and we get fish.

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Guest Peaches

After the Beau/Jan fight, Jen got called to the DR. Short visit.

Then Jen and James outside. Jen says, "the DR had the audacity to ask me if I felt guilty or responsible."

Then fish.

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R, K, H, J in GR justifying what they are doing saying because this is what they (the other team) want. If they are going to play this way, we will.

Howie: this is exactly what they need to do to get them out of their game. Remember when Michael was here? They were out of their game. This is exactly what we need to do.

Camera switches to B and A in HOH room.

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10:10 - BBT

The house is divided into two groups....seperated by BB after the huge fight with Janelle and Beau. Janelle, Rachel, Kay and Howie are in the GR and Ivette , Beau, Maggie, April, and James are in the HOH. There now seems to be some discussion as to who pushed who first (Beau or Janelle) - I'm guessing that BB is going over the tape to see what happened.

Beau and April seemed to be expressing some concern about Beau being kicked out and April asked him over and over to confirm that he did NOT his her first.

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In GR...during discussions...according to janelle, beau slapped her.

In HOH room...according to Beau Janelle pushed him and then he pushed her back.

I didn't see this but this is what they said.

Beau in HOH room very upset about the names J called him.

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Maggie's group moves outside to the hot tub. They all put their feet in the hot tub. James goes outside with them, but lies down in a lounge chair against the wall. April and Jennifer say that they wish Sarah was there. James says he does, too (after giving a sort of disbelieving laugh). They say she was sweet, and he agrees.

Ivette starts on a tirade about the other side. She insults everyone. She says that Kaysar is a fake Muslim, Rachel is ugly and will go back to shoveling horseshit, etc. Funnily enough, James does not interject how personal insults are not part of the game to THIS group. Maggie says that the other side can think of things to say about THEM, too. Ivette and April both insist that the things they are saying about the other side are TRUE, though! Ivette repeats all of them, except for the slur about Kaysar's religion. April says she wants to get into a fight, but says she has already had a PN! They ask her about this, and April says that she was officially warned, anyway, and that Ivette was, too. Ivette says that she can't get into another fight. Maggie tells them that she doesn't want them to talk about the other people or talk strategy--she just wants them to enjoy each other. She gets into a little argument with Beau about this. He wants to spend the evening trashing the others. He tells her that he has his pride and has to uphold it. Maggie says since when do the five of them have to trash others to have fun together? She says they are drinking, and that is why. Ivette gets the hint and shushes Beau.

Ivette goes inside briefly and hears Janelle (in the GR) yelling "Those whores!" and goes in to confront her, and says that she never said anything bad about Janelle (yeah, right). She exchanges words with them and leaves and goes out to the hot tub and tells them what Janelle yelled, which enrages April, who feel that she has no right to call her a whore (even though she has called Janelle one several times tonight) because she has been married for a long time, and Ivette is in a relationship and so is Maggie. Maggie tells her that she needs to let it go.

They do the stupid Bo cheer that he made up, and Maggie says that this is what made their group--doing this stuff in their room early on.

April asks James if it is true that in sequester they will get to make calls home that are monitored? He says yes, and April says, "Oh, I love you!"

Maggie says her mic is wet, so they go in, with James telling them he will shut the hot tub. They say they want to close it, but he insists.

They all go inside. April hangs back and asks James "Do you promise to do what we talked about?" James doesn't answer and she starts to talk about it and he says "I understand what you are talking about. I have to run it by Ivette first."

Howie is inside, and he asks if he is going to get that DOR from April? Beau decides to take him on and says she already asked and they won't take it. (These are comments they decided to say if he asked it again). He keeps asking Howie if there is anything else? He is being very cold and is daring Howie to ask him questions, so Howie starts asking very personal questions about his preferences sexually, and Beau snaps the answer to each question and keeps asking if he has any others. Finally, Howie gives up and says that's it. Beau says "Thank you, BITCH!" and closes the door to the room.

Beau and Janelle get in a screaming match at 9:30 p.m. Beau tells her he hates her, and Janelle says she hates him more. He is screaming at her, and she screams back and starts calling him the names from the cheer they used to do "butt plugger" and so on. Howie screams "You little bitch" at Beau, and laughs.

Maggie opened the door and said something, and Janelle replied, "Maggie, you're such a bitch!" in a tone as if she said she had a pretty dress on or something.

Ivette and April are outside with James. April says she is under personal attacks all because she wanted to keep James! James says they are acting like monsters, and they made the right decision to save him. April says that she is going to go inside and get insulted some more so that she can throw a beer can at them. Janelle was sitting there at the bar minding her own business, so April goes inside to talk to her, and starts slurring her. She tells her that she is drunk, and Janelle denies it. April argues with her and then tells Janelle that at least she (April) doesn't suck dick for a living! Janelle says that she sure sucks her husbands! April keeps yelling back, and Janelle screams that she is a slut.

April goes outside and Maggie tells her to calm down. April tells her that it's fine, she doesn't care what they think about her. She says that she didn't call Janelle a slut--she just said she sucks a lot of pee pee. Maggie is obviously distressed by this evening. April is slandering people again. She is saying that Howie is disgusting, has slept with at least 40 women, and not only that, he is a PEDOPHILE! She says that he tries to sleep with 18-year-olds and he is a pedophile! April starts saying how great her husband and life is, and Maggie says she knows that. Maggie tells her that it doesn't matter what they think and April starts saying she knows, she doesn't care what they think.

April: (about Janelle) She knows that she is a whore. Oh, I didn't say that. She knows that she uses her body for a living. She knows that. She admits that. She knows she is a golddigger.

Maggie: No, I think that golddigger means you go after men for their money.

Janelle and Beau are inside screaming at each other. She says that someone who is so starved for attention that they would try for five seasons to get on a show. Beau and Janelle scream that they are sluts, etc. Janelle asks Jennifer how many shows she has tried out for, and she ignores her.

Janelle: Jennifer, I just think it is disgusting that you came on this show to try to make it big. I just find that disgusting.

Jennifer: I don't care what you think.

Janelle: So, how do you think you are going to break into the business, Jennifer? Do you think it will happen for you? Seeing as how you are as gorgeous as you ARE.

BB: Beau, Jennifer, put on your microphone.

Janelle to Beau: You gold-digging little whore.

Beau: You are!

Janelle and Beau are SCREAMING at the same time!!!! Wow.

Janelle: You're a fucking whore! (over and over)

Beau was screaming something at the same time about Janelle being a whore or slut, over and over.


9:44 p.m.

Now, April is in lying and talking to Kaysar.

Kaysar asks how she and Jennifer could look him in the face and lie.

April denies knowing anything about it beforehand.

April says that she doesn't want to give Kaysar any false hope, but she promises to him that things will be re-evaluated. Okay? Okay?

Kaysar: April.

April complains about how she is being harrassed by Howie and Janelle.

Kaysar: But I'm not going to be here anymore to keep that from happening. I'm leaving.

Kaysar: All the things you said about James, who made you cry, and I crouched down on my knees for you. (Kaysar beginning to cry now, I think. His voice breaks).

April says that she knows that he doesn't want to believe that his group was trying to make deals or anything....

Kaysar: What does that have to do with me?

April says that the group was leaderless without him. He can't take it as a personal attack. She tells him to watch the tapes.

Kaysar: April, can I tell you something? Nothing really got to me like, there were two things. One, Maggie told me there was nothing going on. Fine. She didn't want to tell me. But I felt like there was something between you and me. When I was HOH, I lowered myself just to make sure you were okay.

April: MMmm hmm. I love you to death. You know that, Kaysar.

Kaysar: And another thing was for Jenny to look me in the face repeatedly, and

April: She has to go with the majority.

(Yelling outside the door) April: What's going on in there?

Maggie and Jenny come in the room and say they are not fighting for real, but it is just words. She says it has gotten to a bad point, it is really bad right now. She says they need to call it a night. She wants Kaysar to help her end it.

Beau and Janelle are screaming at each other.

Beau: WHo's fucking for a FErrari, huh? Who's fucking for a Ferrari?

and FOTH!!!!!!!!!

They come back, and Howie and Janelle and Rachel are in the GR. Janelle says that she is in trouble and it isn't her fault. Rachel says she was in the DR.

F1/2 Ivette is talking to Beau, trying to calm him down.

Back in the GR, Rachel is asking if Howie is in trouble, too? He says no, but BB told Howie to drag Janelle to the GR.

Rachel: I hope she is happy with herself.

Kaysar: Who?

Rachel: Jennifer!

BB: Jennifer, please---

RAchel: Go fuck yourself!

In the HOH room, Maggie says that they are to stay there for the night and not leave. April is griping and Beau is cussing and saying what Janelle said about him. Jennifer comes in and said that "he" was asking her if she felt responsible for what happened in the house. (Not sure who asked her). She said no, because she can't take responsibility for making Howie act like a grown man.

In the GR, Howie has Janelle down on the bed, rubbing her shoulders. He is saying he needs to get a double eviction on the other side, and asks BB to make it a physical comp. He says he will hold onto the key no matter what. Janelle: Fuck that! Make it mental!!

Kaysar says that it is sad that it has come to this.

Outside, James and Jennifer.

Jennifer asks what he thinks of all of this. James says that he thinks it is the most "disgusting display" he has ever seen. He says he is glad he didn't act like this when he was nominated.

Jennifer says that BB has had the audacity to ask her in the DR about whether she felt responsible for this. Immediately, we get FOTH. They come back and BB tells Jennifer and the group that they are not to talk about DR. James says "She is sorry, BB! She won't do it again!" Jennifer says that he didn't need to apologize to people who are stupid enough to give people who hate each other enough to slit their throats alcohol! She says that they should know better than to give them alcohol.

James says that no matter what happens, he will never act like that. He says that it isn't Jennifer's fault at all. He says that every move they make is being scrutinized. He says he didn't sign up for listening to both sides make personal attacks on the other.

Maggie to DR. Rachel comes in and says that she STILL wasn't done with everything she wanted to say in the DR, but they asked her to leave for a while.

Rachel asks what happened.

Rachel: What did you say to Beau to make him so mad?

Janelle: What DIDN"T I?

Howie tells everything she said.

Howie: They're gonna vote her out now. She was talking to Jennifer and she said, "Keep talking, Janelle! Keep talking!"

Howie says that every time Janelle said something about Maggie, Maggie thanks her. Janelle and Howie laugh at this.

Kaysar whispers: It's gonna be a double eviction!

Howie: It's gotta be!

Rachel: I told them, basically I am at the point now where I don't feel like playing anymore. It's not any fun. I mean, the competitions, I'll still play them. But how can the viewers want to see this?

Howie: They edit it. They make it look good for t.v. They like seeing this, Rachel!

Rachel says yes, she knows they like THIS, but what about afterward?

Janelle says she hates Beau, Maggie, and certainly hates Jennifer. She says that it is fine if they evict her, and they should be cleaning her house because they are the lowest form of humanity. Rachel starts to chuckle, and so does Howie.

Rachel says that the first week, Jennifer made a comment that Steven Speilberg might want her for a movie after this.

Janelle says that she isn't going to get any movie from this!

Janelle: Hello, Reality!!!

Janelle says that she is more than willing to leave, Michael loves her and will pick her up.

Howie says it will be depressing if the nerdherd wins this game.

Rachel laughs and asks who Kaysar wants them to vote for--him or Janelle.

Janelle says she is ready to leave, so she wants voted out.

Kaysar says he wants to leave, too.

Rachel says not to argue about that. Kaysar play argues that he wants to go, and Rachel and Howie laugh and say that the other side wouldn't know WHAT to do!

Kaysar says that April came in the room and said his team was in shambles, she walks in and just like that they became completely different again, it was their game again, they were scared, and--

Kaysar then told her: "You guys stabbed me in the back."

Then Maggie came in and asked him to calm people down.

Kaysar told them that time after time he worked to keep people calm, and he got stabbed in the back, so it was their problem now.

Kaysar: Now, when they need me, of course they are going to want me to help them.

Kaysar says he wasn't going to do anything (Rachel says he shouldn't after the way he was treated) and then he heard BB yelling.

Kaysar thought Janelle was laughing, but she wasn't. Then he went out and saw Beau act like he was going crazy. Rachel says Beau was ready to hit her.

10:00 p.m.

Kaysar: Is this the way they want to play? Is this the way they want to play?

Howie says that they will be so worried, they will be messed up when they try to play.

Howie says that they brought all of this on themselves.

Rachel says she was whining that they talked about her husband and dog.

Howie: Hey, you swore on your family! You brought it on yourself. (Earlier, Howie pointed out that it is not in the rules that he can't talk about their family or insult them).

Kaysar says that every time he would look away from April, she would start to cry.

Janelle says she is going to go to Michael's house and get sex.

Howie says he isn't sure which one of them will be leaving on Thursday.

BB changes to the HOH room, where Beau and April are griping about Janelle, calling her names, saying she is a whore, etc. Apparently, Ivette has left the room, so it looks like they aren't locked in the room.

April: Did she push you first?

Beau: She pushed me first!!!

April: Do you promise? Do you promise?

Beau: Yes. I said, this bitch just pushed me and I had to push her, too.

April: Who was in there that can verify that?

Beau: Howie!

April: Who cares about Howie? He will take her side.

Beau starts yelling if they know that she pushed him first? Ivette says she didn't see it.

James and Ivette enter the room. James tells Beau that "I need you, man. I need you to calm down. She wants, more than anything, for us to evict her more than Kaysar. You have no idea. She told me that in the room."

Ivette tells Beau he needs to listen (He yelled "She's done!"). She says they wanted them to fall apart like them. She says they made fun of Eric when "Eric started acting up and acting crazy."

Beau brings up again the things Janelle said, and Ivette says that they had been going at it for a while, and they will look at the tape.

Beau brings up that Janelle called him a BLACK whore, and April says that is discriminating, and she mispronounces it, and James corrects her.

April says it is not that she is being immature, but she said mean things about her.

Ivette says that Beau needs to consider her feelings in this.

Beau is screaming that she called him a black whore, and she can lick his ass.

James tells him he needs to calm down.

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Guest Peaches

James and Ive join HOH. Beau saying Jan called him a "black, nasty, f'ing wh*.

April says that's discrimatory.

James asked if he can turn over the picture of Howie in the HOH room. April says give me that. Walks outside and tosses Howie's pic over the railing. Comes back into HOH and says, "It's not because I'm being immature. It's just that he doesn't deserve to be up here."

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The talk between James and Maggie was that BB was going to call a mandatory "GO TO BED" tonight

J - they thought they were getting adults...huh?

M - they knew they werent getting adults

James and Maggie go outside to the round lounger

Maggie tells James that she can't talk to him about game in any way and she will answer his questions at the wrap party. She tells him that she just can't trust him in the game.

M - why didnt you think i wasnt an ER nurse?

J - because you set up the room in an interrogation, set up the chairs to face you...I realized that I have given away too much info about Sarah and I thought..oh..no..I'm fucked

J - um..you're tactics, your line of questioning were that of an interrogation level and I realized waht the fuck was happening to me and i was like..holy shit..a

nd when others told me questions you asked THEM and how they felt...i thought oh god...I didnt see you as (loses train of thought) ..I saw you as more of someone with law enforcement training or military, but I didn't see you as disciplined during the day, which made me think that you weren't military. Not clean or meticulous enough. And then I knew I had it when I asked you that day..Reed or Wicklander....and you shit yourself, so I knew I had you at that point

M - why didnt you keep it to yourself?

J - i really thought i had a bond with those people

M - but someone with your stature...why would you do that?

Janelle comes out and tells everyone that SHE wants to be evicted

J - their plan is so pathetic

M - that's so sad

J - sad is not even a word to describe that, because outside of the game regardless of what happens here...they all have lives that they could be potentially be ruining with their actions here

M - lets go on and forget that happened

J - so..why didn't i keep it to myself? Because sometimes I react without thinking

M - no you dont

J - yes..in certain circumstances...

M - no know has gotten info out of me..not even my team

(sounding like maggie IS a cop maybe - or is leading James back in that direction)

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Ivette, Howie, and Kaysar are gathering up the beer and liquor that was left - apparantly BB decided to take it back (lol) - Ivette thanks BB out loud for this

Janelle is going around the house with her plasma screen tv thing around her neck..She is telling Ivette that she wants out..telling everyone to vote her out

Howie and Janelle and Ivette are talking in the common Bedroom -

J - I'm just sayin Ivette..that bitch Jennifer is going DOWN

Howie is also going on and on about how he's gonna play full force.."the real howie"

Ivette tells them that it's time that they all go to their rooms.

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Janelle is in the kitchen with Howie Kaysar. She is begging Ivette to evict her.

Ivette: You want to go home with your 42" plasma tv?

Janelle: Yes. I want to go home to my apartment.

Janelle: Please evict me. I want to go home.

Ivette: We'll talk about it tomorrow, ok?

Janelle: What's to talk about? I want to be evicted.

Howie: You don't want to be in sequester with April?

Ivette: Not now, Howie. She's right there.

Janelle: Please Ivette. You can visit me, we'll hang out..

Howie: You don't want to be sequestered?

Janelle: Oh god no! Please evict me.

There is no audio.

Howie, Kaysar, and Janelle in the kitchen now. April is in sitting in the stairs.

Janelle: April, please vote to evict me

April: You want to go?

Janelle: Yes. F*ng send me home

Howie is going off on April again..

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(DEFINITELY not a night to miss the live feeds)

Janelle, Howie, and April arguing back and forth now ...just about to the yelling level - nasty things exchanged back and forth..Howie is on a roll.


H - you FUCKED with the wrong HGs...dont have to HG..hate the game..Whatever it takes!!! ( SCREAMING)..You will know that once its all said and done. Just another day in the BB house and I love it....GAME ON!!! ( SCREAMING)

Janelle - whooo (like a cheerleader Go team move)


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Maggie is interrogating James. He tells her why he thought she was a policewoman.

She has her arms crossed and is in a very defensive posture. He tells her that he knows it isn't in her to trust him, but she will see at the wrap party. She tells him that a lot of people have trusted him on her team and that worries her. She gives him a sideways look like she is warning him, and he says that she has to remember that them not taking him out is also a strategical decision. Maggie just looks at him.

During all of this, Janelle has been going from person to person asking to be evicted, "For the love of God."

Ivette was the last one she talked to, and now Ivette is sitting in the big room, talking to Howie and Janelle, who are telling her about how April has been playing the game. Ivette tells them that they need to stop the personal insults. (okaaaaay). Howie says "Whatever it takes, you can go in there and tell April. Whatever it takes, I will evict her."

Ivette: OK. Well, I think we are supposed to go to bed now.

Janelle is wearing a red sign around her neck, which I think reads "Evict me!"

Janelle says that Maggie can take her "fucking nasty vegetarian ass out of this room."

They walk through the kitchen, and April is there.

April tells them they are so mature, and Howie is telling her off. He is calling her the "busted blonde." He says that America will know it.

Janelle: I'm ready to leave, April.

April: OK. I'll remember that, Janelle.

Janelle: Please do. I don't want to be here anymore, April.

April: OK! Do you want me to vote to evict you?

Janelle: YES! Please!

April: OK! Ok!

Howie says that he can't wait until the HOH comp.

April: Can you compete without your fingers?

Howie says yes, and Janelle says that was a low blow, April!

April says she can't believe that they would say that.

Howie says that April fucked with the wrong houseguest.

Howie:: Don't hate the houseguest! Hate the game, April! The Game! Whatever it takes!

April: You think that because you talk bad to me that I will break down? Howie, you are embarrassing your family.

Howie says that he does things for himself, not anyone else.

Howie is telling her that she can be at the sequester house thinking about how much she misses pepperoni and her cigarettes.

April: You mean nothing to me, Howie!


Howie is yelling in reference to April, but not right at her.

Howie: You fucked with the wrong houseguest. I'm sorry. Whatever it fucking takes! Howie is yelling "Game the FUCK ON!" and cheering, etc. James has come into the house and looks concerned. FOTH again.

Howie and Janelle are in the GR. Janelle laughs that April is crying again. Howie says that April had the nerve to talk about his hand (his finger is cut off or something?) and that she tried to play his game, but she isn't good enough at it, and he can play dirty, too.

April is crying again. Ivette says that April has a right to say she feels threatened, but right now it is not enough; it doesn't come to that level. April says that Howie is worse than her because he isn't even a pharm. rep! Ivette says he took 3 months off, just like them, and no one is any better than anyone else in the house. April is arguing with her, saying she doesn't care, etc.

Ivette tells her she wants her to stay quiet.

April is getting hysterical about how they were attacking her husband. Ivette is going down to the DR. Maggie says ok, but she can't clear up anything they haven't already told them. Ivette says that they can't come right up in her face, but they didn't do that. April is crying, saying her husband isn't here to defend herself. She is sobbing and acting like she can't breathe now.

Literally in 5 seconds, April is completely over crying, and is defending herself because they think she shouldn't have talked about Howie's hand. April admits he said "Do you think you can compete in the competition, because you're weak." and she then asked if he can compete because he is missing fingers.

Maggie assures April that April hasn't done anything to deserve this, but the producers won't do anything about it.

April says that Howie told Ivette that he knows that April is weak and he knows he can break her down, so he will recharge his batteries and do it again tomorrow. She says that they heard Howie say that, because Ivette told her he said that. April is crying again about how her dog isn't there to defend itself, and neither is her husband.

Maggie: We can't do anything about it.

April: I'm afraid I'm going to lose my job because of what he is doing, and he knows that. (Give me a break!)

April: My manager is friends with me, guys. But the CEO isn't and he said they would be watching me.

Maggie says that they have provoked something in Howie.

Jennifer: The problem is that he said this stuff on a daily basis and we laughed at it, and now that he is drunk and upset....

April: He is not even drunk, guys!

Maggie: I don't know what to say. They are monsters. This house is a fucking monster. To continually deal with people who have psychological imbalances, I don't know what to do.

April: I mean, people are personally attacking people, people are personally attacking peoples' families!

Maggie says that slander is not allowed.

April asks if Matt (her husband) can sue Howie still?

Maggie asks if it is slander to call her husband fat?

April says that Howie won't shut up, though (always the victim, huh?).

and FOTH

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April is crying and going on and on about Howie "slandering" her husband.

Apparantly at some time in the fight when howie was caling April names and stuff ..

H - you think you're gonna be able to play in those competitions since you're so weak?

A - I dont know...do you think you'll be able to play in the competitions since you are missing fingers? ( I didnt know Howie was missing fingers)

Janelle said - "ohhhh April, that was a low blow"

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Howie is at it again..

Howie: I hope the HOH competition is physical

April: Can you play in competitions when you're missing fingers?

Janelle: That was a low blow, April.

April: Oh my god. He has low blowed my husband, my dog, my family..

Howie: Make fun of my Herpes, my STD. I could care less. I cannot be beat at my game. EVER. (He says he's the best at trash-talking, making people feel miserable) I'm the best in the business. You fcked with the wrong HG. Don't hate the HG, hate the game, April. Hate the game. Whatever it fcking takes.

April: Because I honestly care about what happens here, you think you can low blow me and I'm going to cry? I'm going to get my DOR.

Howie: Yes. I believe that 100%. Give it another day or two.

April: You're embarassing your family

Howie: I don't think so. I do things for myself.

April: Yeah, you're god's gift to this world. (talking to Janelle. Ok, I'll vote you off, Janelle)

Howie: ...not knowing when you're going to see pepperoni next..

Howie: You mean nothing to me, Howie.


Howie: You fcked with the wrong HG. (shouts) WHATEVER! (Spewing more trash)

(Ivette comes in and tells April they should go upstairs. April refuses to go anywhere)

Howie: Game the fck ON. What a great game. HOH baby. Thursday baby.

April crying in the HOH room.

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Ok....April now is asking Maggie (and she's serious) if..even though they (both she and Matt) signed papers...can Matt still sue Howie for the things that he's saying?

M - do you really think you can sue someone for saying that they are fat?




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