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Power of Veto


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Sometimes I wish that we no longer had POV -- and if the house guests have POV that it's not guaranteed to be available every week.

I don't like that POV is a strategy used to get someone out of the house via "back dooring" and it shouldn't be relied on to get you off the block either.

Nobody ever mentions her -- and I think it's kind of sad when they talk about Season 2 -- but people forget what a very very strong game Nicole from BB2 played. While Dr. Will was "charming" and used his charm to avoid being voted out from week to week -- Nicole had to fight her entire time in the house to stay there. She fought kicking and screaming to get to the F2. It was a very interesting game to watch. I think these house guests are too use to the formula and don't seem to really campaign or scheme until after POV ceremony.

I don't know. Sorry for waxing free form here. Just wondering what people thought.

Current POV's in game:

Silver POV -- used in season 3, would allow you to veto a nomination but the HOH would name the replacement, and you yourself weren't immune from being put in the former nominee's place.

Golden POV -- introduced in the end of Season 3, allowed you to veto a nomination, in which the HOH names the replacement. THe GPOV holder is immune from being put on the block.

Diamond POV. Introduced in .. all stars? (Not sure) Allows for a player to remove a nomination from the block, and replace it with a nomination of his choice (instead of allowing the HOH to name it)

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It was better when the whole house played for veto. There were fewer floaters in the game and more players.

These days you can get to at least the final six by doing virtually nothing. The game favors those who don't play at all. With the new Veto format the show has gotten more and more boring over the years. This season is so much worse than the winter edition they did a few years back.

The Boregade is not threatened in this house cause they don't do anything.

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