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Morty's BB Fantasy Game!

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Along with the BB12 Prediction Game, this year we're introducing the BB12 Fantasy League.

Much like the rules to fantasy football games and the Big Brother one over on the CBS website, Morty's TV will also be hosting our own BB Fantasy League. Participating is easy and requires less attention than the prediction game, if you're looking for something simple this summer. Or, play both and get a full dose of BB predicting this summer!

Just click here and pick your 4 HGs to start your league! You'll need to pick your original 4 HGs before the premiere on Thursday!


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This is just a reminder to everyone playing the Prediction Game and/or Fantasy Game. All predictions must be in by this Thursday at 8pm, just in time for the first episode of BB12!

Starting next week, reminders will go out in PMs for those who put their name on the Reminder List.

Week 1 Predictions

Fantasy Game

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