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Tuesday, August 2nd Televised Show Coverage

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Think you can't help us out because you don't get the Live Feeds?

Then you would be wrong ...

We are trying something new out this year ...

We need people to write what they see on the televised show, preferrably as you are watching it, but even within the hour later ... then Ranster (me) will swoop in and gather it all up for a neat upload for the BB page.

Wanna Help? Volunteer here!

Watching the show? Post what you see here in as much detail as you can!

This is all a part of Morty's Team Coverage ...

Any takers?

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Guest ranster627

We will be doing our live show coverage tonight in about half an hour! I hope coffeemug makes it ...

Anyway, up tonight is the POV and the Veto Ceremony ...

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Guest ranster627

Pre-Taped Televised Show: Tuesday, August 2, 2005

We did the previously thing with the two alliances ...

Eric's Eviction

Maggie is new HOH ...

James and Sarah began playing both sides

Nomination ceremony, Maggie carried out Eric's wishes

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Guest ranster627

reaction to Nominations ...

Day 27

Kaysar knew he was going up

James feels going up against Kaysar he can stay in this house

Sarah in tears ... was upset seeing "JA" had hoped it was James, it was Janelle's

James says when Sarah's hurt, he's hurt

Janelle wants Kaysar to stay ...

Kaysar will not campaign against James

James calls Maggie's move one of vengeance

James has no confidence in Sarah in veto comp says she cracks under pressure.

Ivette very upset Eric is gone ... bawling ... like grief

"he got completely robbed from a wonderful chance (about Eric)" Ivette

James and Ivette talk

James decides he needs to play both sides like he has been doing all along

James feels Sarah is a weakness

discussion of veto ... James makes Sarah out pitch

James called Sarah his Kyptonite

James gives Sarah pep talk

she knows she needs to step up

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Guest ranster627

James wanted to borrow a bible and Beau said no

he then caved

James approaches Ivette and wants to put up Howie and Rachel

James swore on the bible in front of Ivette

Kaysar: It's do or die at this point

POV prep ... Sarah and James / Janelle and Kaysar

Maggie chooses ... Beau

Veto Comp ...

Rachel was hostess

couch, TV's with comp people

turn TV on and get it to channel 5 ... throw balls at buttons

turn it on and change channels

the platform with the couches spins

Kaysar couldn't land a ball

Both James and Sarah focussed on Sarah's TV

Sarah won

Janelle: If Kaysar is evicted, I'm going to become the biggest bitch in this house

Kaysar has no idea how to get out of this ... he feels defenceless ...

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Guest ranster627

Sarah is thrilled she won and she will take James off the block

Kaysar is one step closer to eviction "where the hell was the remote when you need it?"

Maggie ponders who to put up with Kaysar when James comes off

James has a lot of respect for Kaysar

Ivette hates Janelle

Maggie ... the friendship ... she needs to listen to what the friendship wants

April's birthday ...

her party

presents from K-Mart

a digital camera

she bursts into tears over her a card from him "Matt"

pepperoni is like their child because they don't have kids

Ivette conspiring with James

James tells her he would put up Maggie

Ivette felt betrayed because James swore on the bible about Howie and Rachel

Ivette recognizes that James has lied to her

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Guest ranster627

quarters everywhere ...

Jenny couldn't find any

they went to the gumball machine

movie "Admit one" passes

6 passes in total

1 B M S H R

Howie gave Jenny his

Maggie announces a luxury competition ... three will win pass to see Four Brothers

a clip is shown from Paramount pictures

two teams of three

6 ladies (well Beau too)

marquees ... Howie is the host

Big Brother's cineplex

gather lightbulbs and screw them into Marquee Board and figure out the message

Blue was R / J / S

Blue Team won by dividing the board

red team worked from the centre out

theater in HOH room

they freaked with candy

three chicks watching a guys flick

Sarah loved Mark Wahlberg

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Guest ranster627

after the world's longest commercial break,

Kaysar wanted to confront Maggie with deal to put up someone from her side

wants to get Jenny put up

she just listened

Kaysar wants to offer her safety

he felt 50/50 chance

Sarah prepares for Veto ceremony , she can remove nominee, Maggie controls who goes up

Sarah holds POV

Nominees speak

Kaysar: won't ask ... use it on your boyfriend

James: nothing to say

she takes James off

speech about someone in jeopardy

Maggie, puts up Janelle

Janelle because she would vote to keep him ... and Maggie wants Kaysar out

Janelle wants revenge, Maggie

Sarah sooooo excited they are safe another week

Who will be evicted next? Janelle or Kaysar?

Who will be the next HOH?

What secret will be revealed?

Find out live Thursday!

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