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July 26th TV Show Coverage

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Think you can't help us out because you don't get the Live Feeds?

Then you would be wrong ...

We are trying something new out this year ...

We need people to write what they see on the televised show, preferrably as you are watching it, but even within the hour later ... then Ranster (me) will swoop in and gather it all up for a neat upload for the BB page.

Wanna Help? Volunteer here!

Watching the show? Post what you see here in as much detail as you can!

This is all a part of Morty's Team Coverage ...

Any takers?

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Okay, you have seen it done, and you have seen the BB Page by now!

Willing to volunteer?

This is done way differently than the old Survivor recaps, because it is done Morty style! All the recappers posts were important, some for verification, and others for neat phrases ... we all watch TV very differently. The two styles, after-show recappers and the type-as-you-go people, all blended to make a great first show coverage!

Bravo to everyone thanked on the BB Page!

Join us, volunteer here tonight!

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Guest ranster627

30 minutes till we start our televised show coverage ...

Tonight's show will feature the Veto Competition and the Veto Ceremony ...

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Guest ranster627

we are about to begin ... after the show, this thread will remain open for recappers for 90 minutes till 10:30 est.

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Guest ranster627

typical Tuesday pre-taped show ...

we begin with a recap of events to date from Eric the Lion's controlling the house up to the Nominations ceremony held by Kaysar ...

who will win the POV and will they use it to save James or Maggie?

Find out tonight!

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Guest ranster627

Nominations reaction:

Maggie was upset she couldn't talk to Eric

Eric said you would have thought a funeral had taken place

James: Kaysar set me up perfectly

Kaysar nominated them to expose pairs and break up strong alliances

Ivette said they were cracking under pressure

James said it was because of the deal with Eric

Kaysar felt bad ... especially about James, his friend

Eric makes offer to play POV and not use it

Eric torn about his partner and the deal he made

James visits Kaysar

Kaysar feels terrible

James turns ... with Eric and I it's over!

James knows his back is up against the wall

James talks to Janelle that he wants veto ... he wants Eric up ...

James calls Eric a liar, a backstabber

Janelle would love seeing Eric up ...

James, if Eric wanted to play dirty, I was going to beat him at his own game

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Previously on BB6

Erics alliance controls the house

Kaysar makes a deal with Eric

Michael sent home

HOH - Kaysar wins

Howie joins forces with Janelle and Kaysar

Kaysar makes a promise with James

After questioning James, Kaysar couldnt be trusted

Kaysar nominates James and Maggie

Hoping to expose the pairs

Who will win the pov and will they use it to save James or Maggie?

Black and White

Kaysar nominates James and Maggie

James your a great player

Maggie - you are also

Day 20 - Maggie couldn't talk to Eric which is what she wanted to do

Eric - it was like a funeral

Maggie - certain people came up to hug me, and I could feel which ones ment it

James - nominations were just as I expected, Kaysar set him up perfectly

Sarah - unfortunately James is on the block

Kaysar - he nominated both because he wanted to expose the pairs and cause chaos in the house

James to Ivette - what you have to understand, if Maggie or I get off the block you go up

James to Eric - he told me I was safe. He did this because he couldnt put you up.

Eric - I dont want to think about this dude

Maggie and Jennifer in the bathroom - maggie is crying and upset

Kaysar to Janelle - he has to get ruthless, James is my friend, or atleast he was my friend.

Eric to Kaysar - this is a game, comforting Kaysar. Eric says if you ask me to do the pov, I will do what you want. You have my childrens lives on that. I agreed not to get involved. Its a game

Eric - because maggie is my secret partner, I was in a tough spot after making a deal with Kaysar.

Maggie to Eric - its okay, its okay. I would never judge Eric for making that deal.

Kaysar to Sarah - Kaysar doesnt want James to go, I really dont. James is pissed. James comes in, sarah leaves. James says - everyone thinks I hate you. They shake. James says - its a game. If Eric wins tomorrow he will take Maggie off.

James - I've had an alliance with Eric since day 1. As far as I'm concerned its over. Kaysar tells James that everyone will vote against James, they dont trust him. James says its a game Kaysar.

James is going to turn his enemies into his friends.

James to Janelle - he plans on getting veto, if I take myself off, I dont want Ivette to go up - I want Eric to go up. Eric made a deal with each and every person. ERic is a liar. Janelle would love to see Eric on the block. James says hes not going to be talking to Julie Chen about how he kept his integrity. Erics going to get beat by his own game.

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Guest ranster627

They got rid of the coasters ... eric discovers it ...

Sarah matches blue coaster to blue tile with flashlight and clue


shining light everywhere

writing in fish tank

they check the map

counting all the seas on the map

need more clues ...

Sarah talks to Janelle about pairs

Sarah talks James into revealing their pair

he put it all on the line

Sarah tells Janelle

James tells Kaysar

to be 100% honest

everyone thought they were brother and sister not dating

Sarah is happy to be able to talk to people about it

Kaysar felt more trust for James

talks about final 6

veto plan to replace James with Eric

Next Rachel and Howie

he talks to Rachel says he knows all the partners

Rachel ... well King Kaysar has called us out

proposes final 6

Rachel, then the 6 of us are in it together

brought in Howie to HOH

final 6 is Jan/Kay/How/Rac/Sar/James

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Eric sees BB took away the coasters, that they use for their game. Ut oh, no - wait a minute. They, Sarah, Eric etc see numbers on the back of the new coasters. Sarah finds the secret compartment in the bedroom and finds a flash light (black light) and clue

They shut off what lights they came and show the light on all the walls. Jennifer sees on the fishtank writing. Another clue something about number of seas in plain sight.

Everyone goes to the goldroom to the map. They think there are 12 seas, Sarah says 4 seas. They kind of give up - not enough information without more clues. They think that 4 is the first number in the code to open the safe.

Sarah and Janelle in the goldroom talking about pairs in the house. Janelle asks Sarah straight out, she lies to her and says no. Sarah talks to James and tells him she wants to tell Janelle right now. James says that Sarah changed his mind about revealing their secret.

Sarah tells Janelle James is my boyfriend.

James tells Kaysar that Sarah is his girlfriend

Janelle never expected that they were dating, she thought they were brother and sister. Sarah is relieved.

Kaysar tells James that he lost his partner and so did Janelle - now they are working together. Kaysar trusts James now because James came clean. Kaysar knew for a long time that James knew Sarah

Kaysar knew he now needed Howie and Rachel. Kaysar talks to Rachel - he tells her, he knows all the partners, looking for Rachel to come out to him and be honest. Kaysar tells Rachel flat out that he knows that Rachel and Howie know eachother.

Rachel - King Kaysar has called us out HAHAHA He knew Howie and I and James and Sarah knew eachother. Kaysar makes a final 6 deal with them all, when its down to final 6 - best team wins.

Rachel - we have to get James off the block so we can work this plan together and go to final 6.

Kaysar - I am about to execute what I have been planning for the last 2- 2 1/2 weeks

Kaysar calls up Howie and tells him he knows that he and Rachel are together. Howie laughs. Its all good - they start to strategize and plan to save James, put Eric up

Howie - you guys are my alliance now, screw those other guys

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Guest ranster627

Kaysar and Maggie ... day after noms

she was really hurt

he lied to Maggie saying he wants James out

she doesn't believe in pawns

Maggie doesn't trust Kaysar, he is very shady

Veto Competition ...

The teams Kay and Howie

Maggie chose Ivette

James picked Janelle

shocked everyone

Ivette practically crapped her pants

huge chess set in backyard

April hosts

Knight moves ... in an L shaped path

people take a place on the board as a knight

when they land, a square will be removed

when a HG can't land on a square they are out

they all take a spot on the board

blocking Ivette and Maggie

30 seconds per move

Ivette called them piranha's ... she was eliminated

Eric was stressed ... saw them boxing in Maggie

on the chessboard Maggie realized what was going on

Maggie was mortified ... no moves she was eliminated

Janelle eliminated

they all gave it to James ... eric recognized it

Howie eliminated and James wins golden power of veto

everyone was shocked ...

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Kaysar and Maggie talk

Maggie says she waited all day yesterday so she could think

Kaysar - obviously your not the target, he doesnt want to give away his plan to get James off the block

Maggie is upset - she mad that she doesnt believe in pawns and why couldnt he talk to her before if I wasnt the target. Kaysar is very shady, I cant trust him as far as I can throw him.

Maggie tells Kaysar she doesnt wish him luck with the veto, she believes she needs it to save herself.


Kaysar picks Howie

Maggie picks Ivette

James picks Janelle

James picks Janelle because everyone hates her. Ivette says she almost messed her pants

Eric - as soon as James picked Janelle he had a bad feeling

They go outside and its a giant chess set. Kaysar says most of his moves as HOH are like chess

Ivette says she cant beat sarah in checkers LOL

Theres a big chess board in the backyard, they must move like a knight. When a HG cant move like a knight, they are out of the game. After one space is used, it can no longer be used.

James goes first, then Kaysar. Kaysars strategy is to have the maximum amount of spaces around him

Maggie was last to step on the board

The board lights up as they move through the squares. The point is to not get caught where you cant move any further.

Everyone is on one side of the board. Ivette says they cornered her and she couldnt move. Kaysar says he wasnt surprised when Ivette was first out, she uses very little strategy in this game.

Eric - you could clearly see throughout the game they were trying to corner Maggie.

Maggie says - it didn't come to her what they were doing until she realized they were all working against her. Maggie wanted to go home. She is starring at all the other competitors and cant move. Maggie says she declares she can not move.

Kaysar was trying to throw the game - he just wanted to look over and watch them squirm a little bit.

Eric - Kaysar doesnt know how to throw a game. It was obvious that James was going to win.

James wins POV - Kaysar says it gives himt he chills because everything is working out perfectly.

Ivette - James gets that veto and all hell breaks loose.

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Guest ranster627

Maggie wanted to talk to him (K) all alone

he tells Maggie he was outcast and flipped things around

Kaysar revealed he was going to put Eric up

she was shocked ... pale ...

Eric talks to Kaysar

Kaysar tells Eric he is getting put up

Eric says you live by the sword you die by the sword

James held Eric accountable

Ivette said Eric was letting out everyone's secrets

James said they were the only ones willing to save him

Ivette breaks down ...

regrets they got rid of Ashlea

Ivette her base is gone because she was so connected to him

she is devastated

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Ivette to Eric -talking about being ganged up on

Maggie to Kaysar - I truely believe this wasnt intentional. Kaysar says I told you weren't the target. Maggie says the game just got real nasty. Kaysar says he just wants respect. Maggie says - you sealed my fate. Kaysar says no I sealed you partners fate. Maggie looks like shes going to faint!

Maggie - he has to deal with his own decisions. She didnt think he would do this.

Eric says I think Kaysar dumped the game which means he has another plan. Eric confronts Kaysar and wants him to tell him that this wasnt intentional. Kaysar says I cant do that. Eric knows hes going up. Eric and James spatting, its loud! Eric takes his hat off James head. James this is all part of the game. Kaysar told Eric he plays dirty. Eric says that Kaysar swore on his life and he has to live with himself.

Eric calls out that Sarah that he knows hes with James. James says hes not fighting they are just getting loud. Ivette wants an explaination! Ivette doesnt want to admit that they were planning on voting out James. James says they picked the wrong person to pick on.

Ivette is crying - Kaysar needed to go the first week. How stupid were we, we got rid of Ashlea because she was annoying. Eric says you cant take this game too personal.

Ivette - you guys have no idea how destoyed I am. I feel that I am now the easy target because with Eric gone, I was so connected to him

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Guest ranster627

James reviewing picture wall

preparing veto ceremony

April felt James sold eric out

James ... welcome to Veto meeting

this week I have it to save my butt

using it on myself

Kaysar has to nominate again

he nominates Eric

Eric and Maggie hold hands tightly

James was happy E was in Nominations chair

Maggie doesn't want to play the game without Eric

Ivette would be crushed

Who will be evicted next? Eric or Maggie

and who will be the next HOH

find out live Thursday ...

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(there was alot of yacking - couldnt get all of it, sorry)

(The aftermath happens in the doorway of the backyard, some HG inside, some out. Kaysar looked like someone just propped him up atleast a foot and half. Hes standing tall, very proud that they were able to execute the plan.)

("The losers" were crushed and looked like they had just then been hit with the 2 X 4 thats been hanging over their heads for days)


James at the memory wall - theres no reason for me not to use this veto to save myself. He calls everyone in.

April - its just sad that James would sell Eric out in order to win this game

Eric -anything is possible in this game

Maggie - Kaysar has proven he has turned this house upside down, can he do it again? Absolutely!

James - I have the veto, and unlike last week - I am going to use it to save my butt. I choose to use the veto.

Kaysar - as all you know things have been crazy. I think my actions have been justified. Kaysar nominates Eric. Eric and Maggie are sitting together on the chairs. Meeting is adjorned.

James says Eric tryed to screw me, to see him nominated looks beautiful

Maggie says she doesnt want to play this game without eric

Ivette - if Eric goes home, I will be crushed.

Eric says - if I dont go home, they better watch out, you know what they say about payback.

Who will be going home? Tune in live Thursday at 8pm est

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I am doing things a little different tonight .. I am posting quotes of everyone's DR sessions, and I also told Ranster I'd cover the Veto Comp .. here is part 1 .. more to come. Had to come up for air:

Thought it was pretty self explanitory .. but just in case:

M=Maggie, J= James S=Sarah Ja= Janelle H=Howie E=Eric, I=Ivete R=Rachel and K= Kaysar

DR convos:

M: I couldn't talk to eric, which is all I wanted to

E: Right after the nom ceramony, you'd have thought that a funneral took place, that he put up James and Maggie, i think that he came way out of left field with this one, I think that the bubble was burst out of everybody's overall game plan

M: Certian people came up to me to hug me, and I felt which ones meant it.

J: Nominations were exactly what I fricken expected, kaysar set me up perfectly

S: Unfortunately James got put up on the nomination block, Kaysar couldn't go wrong by putting up those two nominies, I think it was a great choice for him, bad choice for me.

K: I nominated James and Maggie essentially because I wanted to expose the pairs and break up the strong alliances in the house.

I: People's true colors are coming out. It's funny how we crack under pressure. And it's deffinately happening.

E: When I was HOH I made a deal with kaysar, that if he won HOH he would not nominate me, I am a man of my word, and I agreed not to get involved in changing any of the inital nominations. Because Maggie is my secret partner, it puts me in a hard spot, because I had to honor my deal that I made with Kaysar.

M: Eric made an agreement with Kaysar, I respect eric for sticking to his word, and I would never judge him for doing that whether it hurts me or not.

J: I've had an alliance with eric since day one, kaysar told me that he was negatively campaigning against me, as far as i am concerned with Eric and I it's over. The one thing they hated more than Ivette, was Eric.My back is up against the wall, I have to do whatever I can to stay in this game, so I need to turn my enimes into my friends.

J: He's been the most dirty player in this entire game, he's lied to every single person, I'm sorry he's a liar, he's a backstabber. I wasn't going to be the one sitting in front of Julie talking about how I played this game with integrity, and kept my word to someone who didn't keep his word to anyone, I wasn't going to be that idiot, if eric wanted to play dirty, I was going to beat him at his own game.


S: When Janelle first asked me if James and I were together, I did lie to her, pretty much because I hadn't talked to James yet.

J: Sarah actually changed my mind, it's either win or go home so I had to put it all on the line so I was just like, screw it I'm going to tell them.... Kaysar was convinced that her and I knew each other, and he was always going to have that in the back of his mind that I was lying to him, so I came out to Kaysar today and I felt that if I am going to go into this that I need to be 100% straight with him.

Ja: I never suspected that they were dating, I was really shocked.

S: It's such a relief to finally be able to talk to people about my boyfriend.

K: When he finally came out about him and Sarah, I deffinately gained more trust for James, I realized at that point the alliance I'd been working for, was going to come together.

J: The plan was, that if I win veto, that I take myself off we put eric right on my seat.

K: Once i got James and sarah on board, I knew that I had to bring on Rachel and Howie.

R: Well... King Kaysar has called us out, he knew Howie and I were together, as well as Sarah and James. We have to get James off, so he can put Eric up, and then the six of us are in it together.

K: I am about to excute what I have been planning for the last 2-2.5 weeks. The last step was, I brought Howie into the HOH and I brought him up to date.

H: Kaysar asks, what do you think about bring James back to the good side of the force, saving him from the darkside, it's good but bad, I thought maybe I was going to get some sleeping time, or some massage time with Sarah, but now that her boyfriend's here that's kind of out of the question... we have the Jedi Council going full throttle against the stiff lords right now.


K: I did decieve her, I was put in a postion where I had to with my poker face on, I am in a postion where I have to make sure everything goes correctly, I can't give away what I am about to do.

M: Kaysar is very shady, soI do not trust him as far as I can throw him.


K: This veto game is obviously trust, and obviously I know that Howie's agenda is in line with my agenda

M: I picked Ivette to compete with me, because Eric made an agreement with Kaysar that he would not participate, and I will never ask Eric to go against his word.

J: I had to pick janelle, because this house hates Janelle, I figure if your going to turn on me, I am going to use your worst nightmare against you.

I: James picks Janelle .. I think I crapped my pants, screw the game, I wanted to go over there and beat James up, I was probably more in shock today than my mother was she found out that I liked girls

E: As soon as he choose Janelle, I got a pretty bad feeling at that point.

K: We walk outside, and it's a giant chess set, not only do I play chess, but much of my moves and stragies in this house have been fashioned after chess moves.

J: i saw the second coming of christ when I walked out in that back yard, Chess? There is no one who can beat me in this house.

M: I was the Chess Champion of my city, game on

I: I can't even beat Sarah at Checkers so I am already a mess, what do I look like, Bobby Fischer?

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April's instructions:

It's time to play, Knights moves -- everyone will choose a square on the board to start on, you will then take turns moving like a knight in chess. Knights move in an L shaped path. They can move 2 squares straight, then 1 square to the side, or they can move one square straight then two to the side. You will have 30 seconds to make each move. Each time a HG makes a move, the square they land on will be removed from the board. That square then becomes out of play for the rest of the game. When a HG can't find a square to move to, they are out of the game. Choose your moves like a grand master, and the Veto could be yours.

Ivette's up first.

Ja: The first position we want on the board, is to secure our spot on the board, Ivettes a complete moron -- she should have gone right in the middle of the board, that would be the most obvious.

Next is James

J: I set myself up, blocking off one of her move.

K: My stragey one is to make sure that I have the maxium amount of spaces and two, I want to stratgeicly place myself around Ivette

Howie -- your next

Ja: Everyone's stratagey is pretty much the same thing -- get Ivette and maggie out so that they don't win the POV so one of us can win it, and free James off the block.

Last but not least -- maggie

M: I don't like to lose, especially knowing that I am on the line, I wanted the power of veto more than anything.

Ivette makes her first move

Kaysar goes

K: Knights on a chess board move in an L shape in any direction, and you can move over people -- now the point of the game is not to get stuck without a move, the winner is determined when every other person on the baord is left with no moves.

Janelle goes

Maggie goes.

Success with chess, is anticipating your partners next two moves, so they can move to one where they think they are safe, but after that it's over because they have no more options

These pirranahs come after me, corner me think two steps ahead of me, and I am out

Ivette is elimiated

K: i wasn't surprised Ivette was the first to go, much like her game in the house, she uses very little tact, very little stragey

Kaysar goes. Howie goes. Janelle goes (circling Maggie)

E: You could clearly see during the game tha they were trying to box in Maggie, and I knew that this was just getting worse and worse.

James goes.

M: As the game went on, I started to realize that people were limiting my plays, on the chess board was when I discovered what was going on.

Kaysar goes. Kaysar goes.

Ja: I wanted to guarentee that maggie had no moves when I was moving up into my postions

M: I was absolutely was mortified. I wanted to go home. I went oh my gosh, the game has taken a drastic turn.

K: Her breathing was changing, she was sweating hard .. she knew she was toast.

Maggie declairs she can't make a move. Maggie is out.

I: When I saw maggie out, I said -- done deal.

H: When the dangerous pieces were removed from the game, being Ivette and Maggie -- the pressure was off, basically we could have celebrated

Janelle is out

Ja: I was still trying to play it off like I had been defeated, that I was so pissed .. when I wanted James to win it you know.

K: I was trying to throw the game, I am probably one of the best players in the house. I just wanted to look over and watch them squirm a little bit.

E: Kaysar does not know how to throw a game, it was clearly obviously that James was going to win. Howie ... was a part of what I am calling the evil empire, he was in on the fix the whole time.

Howie is out.

James won POV.

K: It gives me chills .. because things are working out perfectly, and I am so excited, I can't even tell you.

M: When James won, that was .. that was a horrible feeling.

J: The house knew at that moment that they tried to screw over the wrong person, eric picked his batles and he picked the wrong one.

I: Oh no .. things are probably going to get ugly now. James gets that Veto, and all hell breaks loose.

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K: Maggie wanted to talk to me, so lets talk all the way in the corner away from everybody. I think what I said to her, shocked her .. she looked pale, and ready to throw up.

M: I learned about Kaysar, that he was willing to do things that I wasn't willing to do -- to win this game. Kaysar has to deal with his own decesions.

K: The reason that I did this, was because I felt that he was playing nasty, and the second that he had the chance to come after me, or to decieve anyone else, or hurt anyone else .. he would. I never swore on the Koran.

E: He swore on his life that I was safe, you live by the sword you die by the sword..

J: I helped eric get mike out of the house, and now eric was trying to get me out of the house. He put himself in this postion, and I was going to make him hold himself accountable, because he would not be here if he did not try to stab me in the back, plain and simple.

I: cappy started to let out everybodies secrets, eric stop freaking out .. just relax.

J: Myself, Sarah, Howie, Rachel, Janelle and Kaysar are going to stay together, we want to be the final six people ... all these weak people who stood by eric, I don't sound arrogant but they really picked the wrong person to screw with.

I: Kaysar needed to go that first place, and that didn't happen. How stupid were we -- we got rid of Ashlea because she was annoying... this has really changed this house. I feel that if Eric's gone at the end of this week that my base is gone, I feel that I become the easy target for everybody to get out of this game, because I was so connected to him.

J: If I don't use this veto, I go home. But if Kaysar doesn't put up Eric .. then oh -- it's going to be nuts. Because there is nothing 100% .. someone could have pissed Kaysar off at the last moment and they could be playing me.

April: It's just really sad that James would sell eric out in order to stay in the game. I am just hoping that Kaysar will see the light.

E: Unless Kaysar wants to keep mixing up things, I'm going to go on the block with Maggie but you never know with Kaysar, I don't know where he's coming from, because the guy swore on his life that I saw safe, and then I was told to expect to be put up, so anything is possible in this game.

M: Kaysar has proven that he has turned this house upside down, can he do it again? Absolutely.

J: To see eric in the nomination chair felt beautiful, he tried to screw me and it backfired on him.

K: He is upset, he does look defeated as does Maggie, they really felt that they were flying high, that they were untouchable, I took that power away.

M: I don't want to play this game without eric, if he leaves vs me, it would be the worst thing that I could ever imagine.

I: If Eric goes home, I'll be absolutely crushed. What do you do when your best friend is being taken out of this house.

E: I wasn't the first 2 to go, and I might not be the third, I'm sticking to my guns, because they better be careful, you know what they say about payback.

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