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Ashley from Rock of Love Bus interview


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OK Guys, here's my first attempt to branch out a little bit, and do interviews with people outside Big Brother... Ashley from VH1's Rock of Love Bus has agreed to give us an interview... This should be a really great interview... She's a very pretty lady, and I'm sure there are questions you all (especially the men around here) would like answered... If you all don't send them to me, I will ask my own, and I may have to resort to letting my husband interject his two cents, and believe me, we don't want that ROFLMFAO... So come on guys get those questions in... She said the only thing that VH1 wouldn't let her answer is of course the out come of the show, so all else is fair game, as far as I could tell...

The deadline is again March 15... That's 10 days!!! Get cracking LOL!!!

Send those questions to yana@mortystv.com, or PM them to me... I'd rather they be sent to me at the e-mail address, cause it clogs up the PM's and some times people can't get their questions in before the deadline, and get upset when their question isn't in the list of questions... So please e-mail them to me :)...


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