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July 20th Live Feed Updates

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For some reason, F3 is on the living room area, with no one there, and F4 is on the empty kitchen table.

There is a group of hamsters talking outside, with Howie, James and April in the group. I can't see anyone else, but I know there are more of them there. Howie was joking around, being Howie. He was saying that he was trying to give everybody a good show earlier. I'm not sure what he did.

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Howie is going on and on to Janelle, calling her "Janie," saying that guys would do anything for her; he would. He said he would dress her, feed her, and fight a midget for her. Kaysar is giggling. Howie is being a little gross about her private parts while he is at it. He wants a Janie doll, and says he could sell so many of them, with "cute, fake boobies" on the doll. He says they will put out the Bo Bo doll out first, then the Janie doll. He says he would play with it, fondle it, etc.

Now, Howie is commenting on her skirt, her legs, how he would lick them for hours....(and Michael is supposed to be the sexual predator?)

Howie: Oh, there are so many things we are going to do together one day. I love you. Every inch of you. All of you.

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Janelle, Howie and Kaysar are in the kitchen.... Howie is on another "Janelle is gorgeous"

tangent. Moaning and groaning over how beautiful she is... various parts of her body, etc.

James, Sarah, and April are talking outside. They are just talking about how they sleep...

various positions. Sarah said that she sleeps with her cats and a dog. James replied to that

with, "We're not hooking up then. I can't deal with all of the animals."

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April asks if anyone is asleep, and Sarah says that Jennifer is in bed, and Maggie is lying down but isn't asleep. (It's 9:30 p.m.!!!)

James is talking to them, and he and Sarah are acting as though they don't know each other. In fact, April just told James that he would never make it sleeping with Sarah, because she takes the covers and winds her legs around yours. James even asked a question about it, if she sleeps on her back?

James: We're not hooking up.

Now April, James and Sarah are talking about animals. April is talking about a dog she had that peed on them in the middle of the night, because he was jealous that she was sleeping with Matt.

Sarah says that she had an ex that was allergic to her pet, and she got rid of him. James was silent during this.

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In the kitchen, Janelle whispered to Howie "tell them that i am dumb". he said they still consider her a threat. Someone (maybe Rachel) is walking toward them so he acts like he is talking about Rachel. Now several people enter kitchen. (sounds like janelle is trying to get howie to get the focus off of getting rid of her)

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outside james, april and sarah talking about janelle.

James - she still busted her ass to try to take herself off the block.

April - she's going to ask me if i will vote her off

(sorry, feeds cut out)

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F1 and F2: Kitchen

Janelle and Howie were alone briefly, and Rachel was the topic, and I heard the word "friend," and Howie said she is cute, but....and they were interrupted. Howie tried to cover up by saying that he was harrassing Janelle, but now they were down to a normal, serious talk, so she forgave him.

Howie was eating something and Beau was cleaning up, and Howie asked him to wait there while he finished his last spoonful, and then Beau took the bowl to clean it. Meanwhile, Michael came in and was giving Howie a back massage. (How does Howie do it?)

James, April and (I think) Sarah are talking outside at the little table. April said that "she" will ask if April is voting her off, and James says to say "No," not yet.

April is running down Janelle, saying that she gets people to do things for her because of her looks. James says that after she gets what she wants, she sells herself and has a lot of fun with it, and the guys enjoy her, but then it is a tradeoff. Sarah says it is sad, and James says it is only sad to them, and it is her life and she will live it, and good luck. April was saying that she doesn't want Janelle to win HOH. (I do, though!!!)

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James, April and Sarah still outside discussing Janelle.

James-it's her life, she chooses to live it that way. it's sad. they go inside

cams switched to workout room with Beau, Howie, James and Kaysar

(feeds cut out again, i'll try again later)

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Eric and Rachel are talking in the HOH room, and Eric is rambling on about his strategy. He is (in my opinion) talking down to her. He says "You're a smart girl.." Eric says that he has been doing strategy, and it looked like everyone wanted Michael out, so that is why he has done what he did. He says he isn't sure Michael is as bad as "everyone thinks." Rachel says that is where she is coming from, too. (Earlier, Rachel said that she also felt that Michael should go). Eric says that Michael still was at fault, but he doesn't think he was the only one at fault. Rachel agrees.

Eric said that at the hot tub, Michael was acting like the "old Michael." Rachel agrees. Eric asks what Michael told her at the hot tub, but she basically says nothing. Eric says all of this "makes you wonder if we did the right thing" with regards to Michael. However, Eric says that Michael "dug his own grave," and Rachel agrees.

Eric: He has never apologized to me once, and that's fine, because he has to live with himself. I apologized for myself, and that's just being a man.

Rachel then points out that the only thing that bothers her is that now Janelle is going to get her way. Eric says that Janelle and Kaysar both have to go. Then he reflects that it is going to be hard eventually to put up the rest of them, because they are all friends, some of them closer than their friends at home.

Eric is saying that he isn't going to lie to Rachel, it is strategy, and he doesn't have an agreement with Rachel. He tells her that eventually if Rachel looks at her situation and has to put him up on the block, he will hug her and be fine with it.

Eric says that after this eviction is over, he will go to Janelle and tell her that she owes him. He says that he isn't sure that will go far with her, as they don't really have a deal and he isn't really saving her.

Eric says that he believes that Janelle would cut her own mother's throat to win the game. Rachel: "Wow."

Eric says that Janelle is smart and plays this dumb blonde persona and it is bull----. Rachel asks if he asked about her education, and he says no, did she? Rachel doesn't really answer (in my opinion) and says instead that "maybe" she is working at the bar to get through school?

Eric says that he let his emotions get the best of him with a person who is leaving anyway, so he was lucky in that sense. He says that Ivette can't keep her emotions out of the game at all, and he loves her and isn't insinuating that he wants rid of her at all, but that is the sort of person you eventually have to.....(get rid of).

Eric: Sometimes I feel that she feels she has something she has to prove.

Eric says that his daughter is the same way, will "fight to the death before she gives up" and says that it is a strength in the real world, but not in the game. He says that she almost got into a fight again tonight with Kaysar. He has told Ivette (according to him) many times to keep her emotions in check.

Rachel says she is still going week to week. Eric agrees. Rachel says that Thursday it will be week to week again.

Eric: It is another huge day. Another huge day. For all of us. (Thanks, Eric, for your incredible ability to state the obvious).

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Eric: Most of the people in this house wanted him out.

Rachel: I know, I know

Eric: and that's the feeling I got from most people.

R: believe me, you got it from me, too.

E: I don't know if Michael is as bad a person as we think he is.

R: That's where I'm coming from.

E: He was talking to you like the old Michael, small talk, like he's a nice guy and

it makes you wonder.

but when you really look at it, he dug his own grave. Is it all his fault? No, of course not.

I got caught up in it too... but he never apologized to me once.

Rachel: My only concern is now, Janelle is getting what she wanted... and what else does she


E: we have to wait and see.... somebody has to step up and win head of household

R: hopefully. I think pretty much anyone who wins it is going to put her up.

E: Now Kaysar...

R: He's a variable.

E: (agreeing) He's a variable, and supposedly on his life, I'm safe. But he's gotta go too.

R: It's going to be awful

E: We've all become friends. Maybe even more friends than some of our friends back home.

And it's going to be a bitch. But people have to understand it's strategy. You and I don't have

a deal. If you won head of household, I would have to come to you.


R: Neither one of them have lobbied for themselves. Because Janelle is so confident.

Eric wants to be able to come back to Janelle and tell her that she owes him. He thinks Janelle

would cut her own mother's throat to stay in the game.

Is Rachel fishing to keep Janelle???

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Guest raceingal11

howie is pacing the back yard while doing the "Kiss Her" pep talk to Janelle and Mike, and every time he turns his back, they kiss quickly.

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Howie (to Micheal): You are a part of the big brother sixhood. And that's forever.

Howie paces back in forth in front of Janelle and Michael giving a patriotic speech to the two

nominees as he tries to get them to kiss for the posterity of BB6

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