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July 20th Live Feed Updates

Guest ranster627

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Michael's mouth is full and he makes Kaysar and Howie hold hands. He then forms a circle

and dances around with them. Kaysar breaks the circle and says, "This is retarded. What's

wrong with you?"

Michael is still prancing sporadically in the yard. He then lays down in the hammock and draws

their attention to the full moon. This leads to a fight about the best camera angle to capture

the full moon.

Kaysar and Howie are rough housing in the full moon light.

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Guest Shockalot


Howie: "Metaphysics has to do with our minds and technology"

Mike explains to Howie "Metaphysics has to do with Philosophy"

Howie (bedaffled) : "What was the question?"

Mike- "Does Philosophy lead a man to positive thinking or negative thinking"

Howie "Both. Its Subjective"

Mike "Thats the most impressive thng Ive heard you say Howie"

Howie "ya Thanks"

Mike "Is it entirely Subjective?"

Howie "Mostly, ya well sorta"

Mike bursts into laughter.

Howie, Kaysar and Mike all being absolutely goony in the backyard. Im not good at word-for-word transcribing but simply wacky kidding around.

Kaysar telling HOwie is NOT gay so stop making passes at him.

They quiz Howie on what kind of girls he likes.. Howie would date all of them except Elijah woods .. well he doesnt know that name.

Howie looking like a complete Howie with his cap and workout gloves posing and strutting.

Howie volunteers Alyssa Milano, Jessica Alba, Natalie Portman.. he likes little cute darker girls.

They dont seem drunk but are being total nutty goofballs.

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Michael: Do you think metaphysics will lead a man to positive thinking or negative thinking?

HOwie: The more technology we obtain... the better? or maybe for the worse.

Michael: Metaphysics. I said metaphysics.... not physics. You know, philosophy.

Howie: Metaphysics has to do with our technology and our knowledge.

Michael: No, metaphysics has to do with philosophy.

Howie: Okay what was the question?

Michael: Do you think philosophy will lead a man to postive thinking or negative thinking.

Howie: Both..... it's objective.

Michael: It is objective. That's the brightest comment I've heard you make in a long


Howie: Thank you.

Michael: Is it entirely subjective?

Howie: Uh.... for the most part.

Michael laughs... a lot.

They are now congratulating themselves for being sexy.

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One of the funniest lines ever:

Ivette: What's in downtown Colorado?

James: Nothing. Downtown DENVER. Colorado is a STATE.

Ivette: Whatever. I have brain farts in here.

They, along with Maggie, have been talking about Rachel's personal life. She just broke up with someone. She knew six months into the relationship that he wasn't going to commit, and he wasn't the right one. Maggie is surprised it took that long to know he wasn't the right one. Rachel says up until six months, she thought he was Mr. Right. They took trips, vacations, etc. After six months, he changed focus and she wasn't the main focus, and he felt they were going in different directions, and now she knows he was right. She was shocked. He ended the relationship and he blindsided her.

Earlier, Rachel said that she has guys who are friends, "But none that are....." and then she ends that thought and says that she did have a friend in high school who was a guy, and she still feels the same way about him (Howie?).

I think Howie is massaging Jennifer's back.

Howie is saying that throughout his life, people have said that he should maybe talk to a professional about his life. He was out of shape, wasn't getting enough action, didn't have enough money. He thinks it is ridiculous to pay someone to tell him stuff he already knows, that he knew he needed to get in shape, get another job, and go to bars to meet more people.

Ivette is ranting about how therapists are good, because they can tell you things in a way that makes you understand it. She thinks Howie needs to go to a therapist because of his problems with relationships with women. Ivette is raging at Howie, saying that he never spoke to anyone about his broken heart, so he now sees women only as bimbos, good for one thing--sex. Howie: Ok...so, what? (laughs)

Ranting from Ivette saying that he can get a woman who is a great part of his life, a companion, etc.

Howie: Okay...Rachel?

Rachel says no way, sorry. Then she tells Ivette that some men just aren't cut out for certain things.

Howie says that his destiny is not cut out for certain things, and he is "working on his summer of secrets in my own, private way!"

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Guest Shockalot

Transcribers alert!

Expert Transcribers please tell me someone is getting Howies HILARIOUS convo.

My colour commentary here.. hilarious Howie is strutting about the bedroom and they are peppering him with rhetorical questions about him getting a serious real woman.

"Howie says "My destiny is too.. complex.. its too complicated.. "

Howieisms "Dont be Dogmantic" then asked what that means Howie says "Its governmental"

Ivette will NOT relent .. she is just going up and down Howie to get serious and get a good woman.

Howie just cant stop being a big dork with goofy retorts.

Ivette "Maybe a woman is here for you now"

Howie "Jennifer is right here but she wont go for it!"

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Ivette told Howie that he is the "kind of a guy that you see on the street and then you suddenly find out he is gay."

She said that Howie is never serious, and Howie says he is serious, every minute of the day.

Finally, Ivette is a little quieter.

Someone just yelled to Howie and asked "Howie! You have a kid?" I couldn't hear the answer.

Ivette is griping about Howie to Rachel, asking what she thinks, and giving her opinion. Ivette says he needs to open the door. (Earlier, she said he is so closed off, he is sealed). Rachel says that Howie has made a decision and it is his decision.

Ivette: Howie, go shower! You stink! I was gonna spoon you! Go shower!

Howie: You were? I love spooning!

Ivette: I love you Howie!

Howie just asked if Janelle is smoking, because he doesn't want the Janelle doll to smoke.

Ivette: Howie, within twenty minutes I am not going to spoon you, so go shower.

Howie: I still have to work out.

Ivette: Well, forget you then.

Ivette: Howie, smile how you look in the picture! Let me see! (Laughter at goofy smile)

Ivette asks where Beau is, and someone says Beau is "working."

Someone asks Ivette if her boyfriend would care that she is doing something with him (I think it was Howie). She says no, because he is "semi." Kaysar asks what that means. Ivette says it is a semi-thing. April speaks up and says she is just dating someone.

Howie is talking about self pleasure, and how long it has been.

Kaysar says, "Howie, please!" and they laugh, but Ivette says "See! That's what I was saying! In the real world, you could walk away from stuff like that!" Kaysar says that he doesn't need to talk about it all of the time in such detail. Howie is now describing, in full detail, the complete sex act he would do, and we get FOTH.

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I switched feeds to F3, where "working" Beau is talking to Janelle and Michael in the hammock. Janelle is talking about a dinner that she went to, and there were (I think) six bottles of Cristal champagne (not sure if that is the right spelling or not). She started to mention a name, and we got FOTH.

Have a good night


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Guest Shockalot

Awesome Job!

A shows worth of Howeisms tonight!

Howie was asked off camera "You have a kid!?"

Im sure I heard him say Jokingly.. "yes.." "Her name is Jenny.. my little Jennifer"

Seems he was joking about it all.

(or changing the subject with humour?)

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Kaysar and Janelle in the bathroom

K-I'm trying to figure out who Ashlea knows, she can't know eric

J-I don't think she knows anyone

K-no, everybody knows somebody in this house

J-no, i don't.

K-i don't know yet

J-oh god, obviously if i knew someone i would tell you because it would help me

K-how would it help you

J-because it would be one more person on our side

J-I don't know anyone

K-I believe you

J-I think there's only 4 people that know each other in this house.

K-You don't think James and Sarah know each other?

J-Hell no. no way. they can't put that many people in this house that know each other. it wouldn't be a good show. too much of the same thing would be too messy (LOL)

K-you could be right

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Guest Shockalot

Howie asks Beau to evaluate his (Howies) sexuality.

Beau considers briefly: "Your Bi.. or at least Bi-Curious"

Howie "Ok. I will consider that"

Beau "Wha?"

Howie "I will process what you said and anaylise it and decide what I think.. then get back to you"

ha.. later Howie wont get off it, Kaysar says he is scared to sleep with Howie who tells him only to worry if Kaysars naked ass is in front of him in the shower.

Howie says "Mike sticks his finger up your ass.. does that make him gay? or does that just make him a plumber?"

Unrelenting Howie says "No. I just want boobies in my mouth. Thats it. thats what I want. Boobies in my mouth"

As Mike gives him a backrub Howie says "Thats so damm good.. you would be such a good f*cking lay .."

Howie told them he had something done to his chin (plastic surgery) and he had this shoulder blades 'scraped down' to look better.

Now Howie is telling Janelle her Boobies are nicer than most of the Strippers he goes to see.

Janelle telling them about posing for Maxim Magazine.. for 900 dollars.

Its coming out (this?) Summer.

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Guest cdmon

beau and maggie were chasing each other around the house for about 5mins. Then they went to bed.

mike, howie, janelle are up in the kitchen. Mike is cooking bacon in the microwave.

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Guest cdmon

howie cant stop drooling over janelle. keeps making noise towards her.

he cant stop obessing over her chest

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Guest cdmon

kaysar is taking a shower, janelle messing w/ her hair in the bathroom and howie and mike are also in the bathroom. howie still talking about what he would do to janelle. he keeps moaning and making noises.

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