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February 25 - Live Feed Updates


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540pm BBT

matt and ryan are at the pool table and ryan told matt that he and Allison are willing to cut a deal with him to stay, matt asked him "where do i sign"

ryan told him he's not ready to make him a promise right now, but he's really thinking about keeping him and nat

he said but he kinda wants the others to think that he is voting them out

Ry said he kinda feels bad going back on what he has already told the others c/j and s/j but he thinks he can trust matt more

matt told him that he (matt) is a straight up dude and he'll promise him and allison to the finale 4 if he votes their way

ry told him he's leaning in that direction but he's going to sit on it, he asked matt not to tell nat, she has her way on letting things slip

alex comes out so game talk stops

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Some cooking going on in the kitchen and Allison and Ryan are in the bathroom. Allison is going to cook Pizza for dinner.

(Hope someone is out there, I have to get my daughter sorted)

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617pm BBT

allison and matt just pinky swore until the f4

allison gets ryan outside alone and they go over the best senario for them

ryan said amanda just promised him she would not but him and allison up if she and alex win hoh next week

allison lets ry know that matt just promised on his mothers life her and ry to the f4

they do a little josh and sharon bashing, allison thinks j/s need to go next

so they have made their mind up to keep mat and nat

they both hope that sheila and adam will step up their game and TRY to win something to help them out

they say worse case would be sharon and josh winning hoh next week

adam comes out for a smoke

618pm BBT

allison goes in storage room with matt and tells him that amanda tried to cut a deal with ryan

she tells him that he HAS to win HOH next week

825pm BBT

ryan went up the HOH, chel james josh and sharon are in there as well

ry said that he is planning on keeping things the same as they said before to vote out nat and matt

he's stubbling over his words when chel and sharon ask him questions

chel asked him if he's made any deals, and he stubbled and said well amanda offered him and alison saftey for next week if they get hoh

chel says she can't hold that against him because they would be doing the same thing

she tells him that allison is making her nervous cuz she just keeps telling them that she hasn't talked to ryan yet

he said that she down with getting rid of nat and matt, no worries

alison came up and asked what ryan wanted to eat, she asked if they needed her to stay and they say no she leaves

ryan leaves shortly after and chel says one of them is lying because allison just said she hasn't made any deals with amanda

josh says he believes ryan over allison, he believe alison did cut the deal with amanda

so it seems c/j and j/s believe that ryan and alison are voting to keep A/A and from the past few convos R/A have had, they are voting the oposite way.......to keep nat and mat

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6:16 pm BBT - Alli and Matt in the SR. Alli has just guaranteed that Matt is safe and Matt says that he is taking them to the final 4. Matt asked Alli why she wouldn't kiss him and Alli says that she is a one man woman. Matt says that she understands and that last night was a one time deal.

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Sheila is outside playing pool with Matt. SHe is telling him that if they get 1 vote, he'll know who it comes from (I assume Josh and Sharon because they're the only ones sticking to the plan?)

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Josh and Sharon are in the bathroom whispering (you can't hear sh*t) Josh is saying, "she's scared of me." He can't wait for Sharon and Josh to win HoH and he can go off on Allison (don't count your chickens). He hates Allison more than Amanda.

Sharon: Whisper Whisper

Josh: I know, I know. :rolleyes:

8:15ish BBT: Matt and James are around the HT talking. Matt tells James he hasn

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8:15 PM BBT: I just turn on my feeds to see Alex getting a masage by Sharon with Josh in the room. Sharon said that masages feel great after sex. Alex tells her to see him tomorrow. She says that she is going to keep her comments to herself. She makes a comment about her exs. Alex asks her what type of masage she wants. He said that he would masage her crotch for hours if she wants. He said it feels great after sex (lol). Nat comes in and turns on the sauna. Sharon comments on the sun she got. Josh says that he looks like Malibu Ken when he is tan. Nat leaves and Matt comes in and starts rubbing Alex's shoulders. He says fu*k you to everyone in the room sarcastically and then leaves. Its silent for a little while as Sharon masages Alex. Sharon says, "Josh was my first." Referring to her first massage. Alex asks what is the first thing they notice about a possible mate. Sharon says face, Josh says teeth. I think that Alex said bra size. They start talking about how Josh came out to his family. It was around Christmas in 2000, he was dating a cheerleading instructor and his mom found out through the cheerleading grapevine. His mom said to try and play the game straight. Sharon said that they all knew about it as soon as he was paired with Neil. Josh said that he shoulda played it cool. Sharon said it was impossible for her. josh said she can now because she "came back from the other side." Matt comes in and starts a conversation about talking strategy. Matt says that him and Nat are going to go talk. Amanda decides to come in and announce that she is going to be on her period. She said that she is crabby the day before and that tomorrow she will have to poop then have her period. Josh leaves and then comes back in. Josh leaves again to take his dishes to the kitchen. Sharon and Alex are whispering someting (I cant tell because he isnt ewaring a mic and Sharon is good at whispering lol.) Alex says that he was scared cause she causes drama and Sharon says, "I know, I know..." More whispering from Sharon. (From what I gether they are talking about what if Alex leaves and that he probably wont, but what if??" Sharon goes and peers out the door, and then leaves. Alex stays on the table. Feeds switch to Nat and Matt whispering about the game.

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8:30PM BBT: Natalie, Amanda and Matt are in the bathroom. Matt informs Natalie that the votes are not in their favor. Amanda disagrees and tells him that he and Natalie are staying in the house. Matt wants to talk to Natalie alone. No game, just talk.

They go to the bedroom. He tells her to keep to herself and not act like last night so she doesn

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