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About That Ap Vote......


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After reading many times how AP was played for/in favor of D/D, I have to say, I for one wasn't voting in order to secure D/D.

Maybe I'm not a good strategist but, it never really occurred to me I could vote in order to help them.

My votes which follow, were based on how I felt. ( May I point out this is my opinion )

Kail: Sad story; as the older Motherly one I thought it was the choice that made sense.

Carol: Evict out b/c at the time I really liked Amber.

Jess: Get nominated. I would have voted Jen as I did every chance I could but, she was HOH. I ended up voting Jess b/c I really wasn't crazy about her & I wasn't sure just how much more of her voice I could take.

Joe: Eric sleepwalks into someone's bed. I voted Joe as I thought that would be the funniest outcome.

Joe: Evict out. He was up against Dick. I liked Dick right outta the gate and really didn't like Joe that much.

Jens: Get nominated. Also right outta the gate, I could not stand this conceited POS and I desperately wanted someone to give her tissues to blow her nose. Jess' voice was bad but, Jen's went through my head like a NAIL !! Geez, I can't stand her.....

Jen: "Vandalize" someone's stuff ~ b/c I can't stand her OR her egotistical shirts.

Mike: Evict out. I probably would have voted Kail, who he was up against, had he not been dumb enough to throw himself under the bus for someone he didn't know.....IDIOT

Jen: Get nominated. I don't have to repeat it, do I ?

I'd do that for a dollar: It did win out over Sweet Chicken but, a bunch of us now use that phrase...it's pretty funny.

Kail: Evict out. I would have voted her the week before had Mike not dorked.

Jen: Eric promise to take to the final 2. I figured Jen is so jealous of any/every female that she'd have told Jess about it and it would have been fun to see the fur fly.

Dick: Eric flatter someone. Here I thought it would be a funny thing to see. We didn't have a choice of who to evict this week because Eric was on the block. But, I would have voted Eric out had we the choice and waited to get Kail the next week. Eric telling something that Amber gave in confidence kinda honked me off. ( I know she told the world via live feeds but, HE betrayed her confidence in there )

Dustin: Get nominated. I was completely honked off at Dustin ( "his friend" ) for promising Amber he WOULD vote Eric out for her b/c she was dumb enough to swear on her daughter and "lose" her own vote. I did not see the live feeds and never saw anything about Amber "releasing" Dustin of that promise till after the finale.

Jess: Give the silent treatment. Again, still honked off at Eric for being a blabber mouth...little pay back. Bonus would have been that Jess started to not trust Eric so much.

Dustin: Evict out. Stated above.

Jen: Get nominated. STILL couldn't stand her, STILL trying to get her out !!

Dick: Give Woobie. Just for the funny of it !!


Zach: Get nominated. He was more of a threat in comps than Jameka or Amber just in percentages alone.

Dick: Eric kiss someone. Again, thought it would be HILARIOUS !!

Zach: Evict out. Stated above.

Zach: Get nominated. BUT, he won HOH. ( we voted 1st then he won )

Dick: Eric mimic someone. Thought this too would be a riot and it was !!

Jam: Evict out. At this point I was hoping to see D/D go to the F4. And I felt that Jam did NOTHING in this game except save Jen, making me have to see/hear Jen longer than necessary !!

The next vote we were given was for the winner, to which I voted for Dick as I feel he played a better game than Daniele

( Mod's couldn't find the AP thread, so move it if needed )

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