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September 1, Live Feed Updates


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eric just told jess he almost had a nervous breakdown earlier while she was sleeping

she asked, really?

he said yes he went to the DR to see doctor....... and we get FotH

it comes right back and she asked if he's ok he said yes,

she asked him what was wrong

he said he'd tell her later then asked her if she wants to know now,

she said yes, if you want to tell me

so he moves closer to her to explain

he says he doesn't know if he wants to tell her because she all in a good mood and he's all mopey and he doesn't want to bring her down

he starts to tell her what happened and how he was feeling when he went to the DR and Jameka walks in so talk stops

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Jameka, Jessica & Eric in small BR. Jessica & Eric in much better moods. Dick & Daniele still in kitchen and I think Zach is still in the DR.

I can't keep my eyes open, so I'm out of here for tonight. Hope someone else will carry on.

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Eric and Jess in bed talking with Jam. Jam is eating a Taco and they talk about having a cheesecake for dessert later. Jess and Jam both say they are not staying up late tonight. Maybe they don't know about the POV at midnight, but then again maybe they are used to staying up all night so midnight is early.

Jess says she is not going to shave for a week since there is no hot water. They are having fun. Jess tells Eric, "You are a fine piece of Jew Meat." They have a laugh and Eric says the three are definitely oddballs. He teases Jam about hanging out with "21 year old white girls from Kansas." Jam says that Jess is a woman - not a girl

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Jess & Jamika devouring cheesecakes in bed talking w/ Eric about past guests "tooting" in bed.

Jameka: This is terrible! (Cleaning pie pan w/ cheesecake)

Jessica: QUIT! (To Eric.)

Eric: Let me see it!

Jessica: No! No! (laughitng as Eric digs around her waist)

Jameka: Mmm hmm! Mmm Hmm! (Still digging in the pie pan)

Eric: You should let Jamika see this!

Jessica: No!

Jameka: I should be handcuffed at night. So I don't go around hitting people I don't like.

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Jess, Jam and Eric still in small bedroom. Joking around about Eric and his earlier comment on Jessica's boobs looking bigger, although he referred to them as "those things". Jam says Eric should have said she's looking good in that top, fillin it out nicely. Jess says she'd appreciate that comment, and says that she can't help it when the flow is coming.

Talk breaks down into farts. Eric says there are 3 types. (No need to expand into that) Talk of Dick's explosiveness.

More general conversation about shirts.

Both Jess and Jam are eating some leftover cheesecake.

Some mention of not speaking to Zach.

A brief moment of jedi drilling.

A little of guessing on the POV comp. and if they're going to shutdown the bedrooms.

Ironically, Eric mentions there aren't anymore twists that change the vote. (I think they are referring to last seasons C'oup d'Etat)

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Dick is getting crap from Dani again. Dani jumps on him about anything. Zach is saying that he is staying out of it {the argument about nothing}

[Zach is Dick's tool.... He should grow a spine and put up Dani and Jessica and let their men fight for them. - adballoon]

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Hi All - first time posting: Showtime Too just confirmed that POV will be held later tonight.

THANK you to all posters and updaters.

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Dick is tutoring Eric and Zach about gameplay and putting people up. Jess and Jameka are talking about HOH and POV and not knowing about what time it is going to start.Jess and Jam are laying in bed trying to invent conversation and mostly thinking.... They are going over odds on POV and if Dick or Dani get it and how they will use it. Eric has returned to talk about leftovers {food}.....

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Dick keeps calling Zach "dude" - earlier Daniele started talking as Dick was sitting down and then she blew up at him for making fun of her, sounding whiney as ever [someone should've offered her cheese with that whine] - and he explaned that he just didn't hear her and wanted to ask her what she was saying. She tried to get Zach to take her side, but he said that he wasn't getting involved. The whiner left the room without completing her story (which is probably good), and Dick and Zach keep talking and chit chatting about an assortment of meaningless subjects.

Mean while, Eric is "finally" eating: burger, fried cheese, and pasta (ugh!) - they're talking about brushing teeth, and Jess is talking about how she loved talking to her brother.

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Zach is talking abouy a trip he took to Las Vegas where he got so wasted that he didn't even realize that he won $8,000; so he and his friend had to spend the night at a no-tell-motel; and then he found the chips. Dick pretends to be interested in the story with that dumb smile saying every so often, "really?" "oh man," etc.

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Dani is walking aroud the kitchen acting snobish and ignoring her father. Zach harping about Dustin who walked away with money, Jen playing without needing the money, and Amber winning some money. Dick said she lost the 10,000 and ended up with only 1,000. Zach said he would have taken the chance. Zach is asking Dani about her experiences and she tells them what the producers of the show told her - she keeps using the work "like" just as often as her father uses the word, "f***".

Eric shows up limping, saying that his groin still hurts, and he can barely move. Dani asks him if he want Zach to rattle it for him (I wonder where she gets it from).

Jam and Jess lying in their beds contemplating and being quiet.

Eric washes his dishes, and then announces that he hadn't brushed his teeth yet, so going to brush now.

Dani cooking something in a pan and offers Zach some [kissing his you-know-what], then she goes to the SR asking if he wants anything.

Zach goes to bathroom telling Eric that he took what Eric said to heart and that he's maintaining his word. Eric thanks him and says that he appreicates that. He's brushing his teeth.

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Zach came out of the toilet, washes his hands - NO SOAP - and then picks at a pimple on his face talking nonesense about Mexico and such.

Jam sleeping.

Dani still cooking, excited that it's already 10pm. Zach: "I can only imagine that my friends at work will call me Shrek when I get back, and if they do I will kill whoever started it."

Daniele: "Ogre"

Eric decides to take some vitamins.

Daniele: "Zach shut up" to what he is saying, and then mocking him and making fun of him.

Now both are pretending to be fans of the show asking the cast questions.

Zach observing the photos of the HG and recalling the colors of the backgrounds, and their locations.

Daniele: "You're the odd man out, I guess you're up on the block next week" (what the hell?), "would you like a brown scoop of meat?"

Zach: "How much will be left when you're done with it?"

Daniele: "A lot"

Zach: "I'll hold off"

As the conversation goes on, she at some point makes sure to call him "fool." Zach just takes it and keeps chatting with her.

Daniele made ground beef with...nothing. Eating it with a fork now. Both are talking about what could the BB people possibly building outside in the BY since there's so much noise. I think she just said that she hopes something falls on his head and kills him (but I am not sure, I might have missed something) - they keep talking about characters in cartoons and such, and about pets and all.

Daniele tells Zach that her Dad had two dogs but his ex-wife took them when she left him. Zach is asking if Daniele liked her, but she says that she didn't.

Jam still sleeping, Eric and Jess cuddling under the covers, and talking. Then talking about how long Eric's tongue is [whatever]

- need to take off for a while - sorry guys.

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First off I'd Like to thank you to all the new posters tonight. I will cover what happens on F3


Dick is just called to the DR leaving Dani, Eric and Zach in the KT. Eric is upset that when he goes into the DR and then leaves, they call him back and ask them the same questions. Talk about how fast today went (Just wait till they find out about the veto). Eric remembers that he hasn't brushed his teeth today, but he has used mouthwash. back to the KT and dani is cooking some meat, and offers some to Zach, Zach politely declines. Dani goes to SR to get something, and Zach goes to the bathroom and says that he appreciates what Eric said to him, and he took it to heart. Eric thanks him back and then Zach goes into the stall. Eric is done brushing, and is now mouth washing. Zach is out and washes his hands, and goes back into the KT. Dani is back working at the meat. Dani thinks that each HG will take things (personality things, and various sayings) home with them, Zach thinks his co-workers will call him Shrek. Eric joins, and Eric says that the vitamins make him pee a lot. Dani agrees. Zach is going over questions like "would you be willing to put you HG on slop for 30 days" with dani. Dani says "Okay" in a weird voice that is hard to describe. Zach notices that there are 3 people who have green backgrounds with their memory wall pictures and 3 have red. 4 on the left and 2 on the right. Dani is wondering if Zach wants any meat again, and Zach says no agian.

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- Only have Showtime here -

Jam is up and going to bathroom looking pissed off. Dick is asking what's wrong and if she's okay. Didn't hear the answer.

Dick, Daniele and Zach are talking about HG who left and what they did in the house. Jen bashing again.

Eric and Jess in bed whispering - sounds like game talk.

Jam is called to the DR.

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Eric is stroking Jess's shirt? Telling her to do whatever she can to win POV, no matter what, even if she has to be on slop till the end of the day. He would be there to support her.

{sure about the names, sorry...}

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Jess and Eric are trying to guess what the POV will be - they are thinking questions, and Eric hopes it would be about previous seasons.

He's now feeling her hair; kisses her cheek. A little flirting going on. Someone released some gas, and Jess is asking him if he did it, he says no, and shouts out for Dick to get his ass away. A few seconds later, Dick appears and says, "yes, it is Dick." Asking them why they are lying in the little bed and downgraded from the big bed.

Dick is sitting on a bed eating.

All are talking about how weird it is to have only 6 people in the house. Dick says that it's not very nice to epxect them to compete in a POV now because they are all so sore. He says that he told BB that if they don't let him go to the BY he would should directly into his microphone. He's telling them how Jam took her sweet time getting to the DR when she was called, and how the BB producers were upset with her telling them that they were on a deadline.

Eric says something and BB requesting that he doesn't speak about his DR sessions. He yells back that he didn't. And Dick yells that they better allow them out to the BY.

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