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July 7th Televised Show

Guest ranster627

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Guest ranster627

Think you can't help us out because you don't get the Live Feeds?

Then you would be wrong ...

We are trying something new out this year ...

We need people to write what they see on the televised show, preferrably as you are watching it, but even within the hour later ... then Ranster (me) will swoop in and gather it all up for a neat upload for the BB page.

Wanna Help? Volunteer here!

Watching the show? Post what you see here in as much detail as you can!

This is all a part of Morty's Team Coverage ...

Any takers?

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Guest ranster627

the announcer introduces the new house and explains the rules ...

"one secret is so astonishing that it will change the way the game is played"

Julie dressed in a lovely skirt announces it is a summer of secrets and introduces the partners twist ...

and the stakes at 1 million dollars

we meet the houseguests ...

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FINALLY - The time we've all been waiting for!!!!!!!! Big Brother 6!!!!!!!!

Show the front of the house - its a house like no other - 2 stories that is filled with surprises! 14 houseguest will compete most importantly for POWER (hoh) 1 million dollar prize!

Showing the inside of the house - panning through quickly.

Heres Julie Chen - tonight we will meet the 14 houseguest as they say goodbye to their family and friends for the summer.

Each houseguest will have a secret partner but they believe they are the only ones that has an alliance.

Julie is dressed in a white silk tank, V neck and greyish skirt (if anyone cares)

Showing Jennifer - shes the total package

Michael - the houseguests will be putty in my hands

Ivette - I have a secret that no other houseguest will guess

Howie - I look good in anything

Janelle - I have what it takes for winning

Beau - I will add style to the house

Sarah - this nice girl wont be coming in last

Maggie - these houseguests will need a nurse when I get done with them

James - nothing gets past me

April - CRAP weather warning break in!!!!!!!! Sorry :(

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Guest ranster627

they each make a statement before entering the house ... clips of them from their homes / jobs and reactions at getting keys ...

they are shown saying good bye to their homes and friends

Julie introduces them formally

they gather at the front door

first meeting, no speaking until they go in

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Guest ranster627

julie speaks to them before they go in ...

summarizes rules again ...

3 groups to enter

Ash, how, james, jen, and april are group 1

group one running around

group 2 ... kaysar, beau, maggie and rachel

they are searching for another room

pick cots

group 3 ...

sarah, yve, eric , michael, janelle

they are upset

seeking last bed

10 beds ... they swear there is another room but can't find it

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ugh - severe weather warnings

showing the houseguests in front of the house

Look at the people around you - they are your new family

As soon as you walk through those doors, you wont come out unless you've been evicted or won the game

Sending in the next 4 Maggie, Beau, Kaysar and Rachel

running for beds

James did a quick count and realized theres only 10 beds

Sarah, Evette, Michael, Eric and Janelle entering

Ivette says she swears theres another room but they just cant find it

Eric and Janelle already having disagreement about the beds and sleeping situation

Kaysar and Howie checking out the shower

All sitting in the living room, introducing themselves

Howie has the hots for Janelle

Eric says is it that hard to figure out who the gay guy is - but who cares (referring to Beau)

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Guest ranster627

they are popping champagne

they introduce themselves to each other

after each intro another houseguest is seen commenting in DR with a first impression

you can already see the scheming and sizing up in their eyes ...

james lied about being a teacher

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Michael joked that he was 38 - when everyone went WHAT- he fessed up he was 28

Ivette stands and said shes proud to be from Florida (everyone else is sitting and relaxed)

Laughing, James was a high school teacher - says hes not telling the truth!!!!!!!! Already telling stories -

Cheers with the champayne

Back to Julie

For the first time on BB - the houseguest will compete for food and power in the same game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Guest ranster627

we're back

Julie moves on to the first competition ...

kitchen has only PB & J ... competing for food ... AND HOH!!!!!!!

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The house is VERY colorful - and note to self the spiral staircase will end up being a dare to ride the handrail to the bottom floor LOL (prediction - Michael will be first)


Our houseguest have been getting to know eachother - now our first competition. You may have noticed that the kitchen is only stocked with PB & J - next you will compete to stock the kitchen or eat PB & J all week ALSO it will be a competition for HOH

Think Michael said - ohhhh all of a sudden this sounds serious

Divide the group into two groups of 7 - change into swimsuits and head to the backyard.

The backyard is set up like a jungle - palm trees, swimming pool - I see surf boards

You must climb in the pool - get on your surf board, pick coconuts off the tree and toss to their team mates - the losing team eats PB& J for the week

Everyone has to get on the surfboard

They pass the coconuts down the line with the last one in line shooting to get the coconut in the big tiki

Kaysar is shooting for one team

Howie shooting for the other team

5 - for the orange team 0 for the other

9 - 2 orange team

Everyone from the blue team fell into the water

21 - 6 blue

Blue team eats PB&J

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Guest ranster627

HOH will be safe and must nominate ... yada yada ...

2 teams of seven

changing into swimsuits and heading outside

backyard looks like jungle scene

both teams in pool and each team balance on a surfboard collecting coconuts to shoot into ...

all must be on board for someone to shoot

most coconuts wins

winning team will then fight each other for HOH

10 minute clock running

2 - 0 orange team

Howie for Orange

april was great ... getting coconuts out of water

7-1 for orange

blue team kept changing shooters

9 - 2 orange

blue team fell off board ... lol

winner ... orange tam 23 - 7

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Howie said they won because of him in the diary room

The competition is only half over - you must face off against eachother - (winning team playing only)

Get on the surfboard - sees who stands longest to win HOH

Dam - severe weather warning!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont care - dont they know BB is on????????????????????

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Guest ranster627

blue team 7 days of PB and J

orange now fights for HOH

all standing on orange surfboard

last standing becomes HOH

surf's up

they are all freaked out already

orange calls themselves a team

making a team deal

james left board first

Kaysar feels lonely ... he has an iraqi background


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Guest ranster627

we are back ...

early alliance of orange team

they were cold according to Janeele

41 minutes

janelle off

blue team nervous

boys nervous because they are less


sarah and another off

Maggie out next

2 left on board

Howie and Rachel

howie gives in

Rachel wins HOH

(seemed like Howie knew rache3l)

Kaysar found his praying spot 5 times a day 5 minutes each time

and now to the HOH room ... Rachel takes them in!!!!

oooooooooh and aaaaaaaaaaaaaah

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Guest ranster627

private bath in HOH!!!!

eric called it the taj mahal

howie says he will win it next week

orange team lingered in HOH as an alliance

april trusts rachel

for now

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Guest ranster627

hope this is working gang ... I will pull it together later into something better ... we went to commercial btw

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Guest ranster627

during commercial break I am realizing the show seems flat to me ... kinda boring really ... oh well, could be my anticipation was so high I am feeling letdown ... all so pretty ... leaves a bad taste in my mouth! I feel disconnected from them ...

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For the Food Competition, they devided into 2 teams of 7. The Blue Team and the Orange Team. They all had to get into the pool and the Blue Team had to get on the Blue Surfboard, and the Orange Team had to get on the Orange Surfboard. They then had pick coconuts out of a tree hanging over their surfboard. Then there was a tree with what looked like a tiki mask on it with a hole for the mouth. One person from each team had to throw the coconut into the hole. The Orange team won, which consist of Rachel, Sara Howie, Janelle, James, Maggie, and April.

*PB&J eaters for the week are Eric, Kaysar, Michael, Ivette, Jennifer, Beau, and Ashlea.

Then of the winning team they had to see who could stay on the surfboard the longest to win the first HOH. Rachel won the 1st HOH. The winning team made a deal not to nominate anyone on their team for the 1st week.

It's evident that Kaysar and Micheal are a team

Howie and Rachel are a team.

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