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Big Brother Africa Returns For Second Series

Brekkie Boy

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Big Brother Africa - the first BB to host housemates from different countries - is to return in August for a second series - 4 years after the hit first series.

The first series had 12 contestants from 12 countries, and was broadcast in over 40 countries across Africa. Despite the inevitable controversy in some African countries, the show was very much a hit but until now it was just a one off, with an African Idol style format initially replacing the show.

The show will presumably be filmed in South Africa again - it's being made by Endemol SA and there had been rumour their own series would return this year (it hasn't aired since before BB Africa). Nigeria is the only other African country I know of with their own BB, which aired last year - though that too was made by Endemol SA so perhaps their house will be used.

12 housemates will be selected from Angola, Botswana, Ghana, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The same voting system as last time will be used. There will be 13 votes, one for each country represented by a housemate, with a further vote for the other countries able to view the show.

The nominee with the most votes to evict in each country will represent that countries vote, with the pooled results of the other countries forming the 13th vote. The HM with the most votes (i.e. evicted by the most countries) is then evicted, with the 13th vote the decider in the event of a tie.


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