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Big Brother: Also In Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Germany

Brekkie Boy

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Some details of Big Brother currently around the world - you'll either need to brush up on your language skills, or translate through Google or Babelfish.

Grande Fratello 7 (Italy)


Began last week - not got too much info, only know that two HMs were nominated by Big Brother on launch night.

Gran Hermano 4 (Argentina)


After a break of nearly 4 years Big Brother returns to Argentina with 18 housemates. The website (in Spanish) has alot of free video content - with some pretty long clips. The house seems pretty big compared to some.

Big Brother Brasil 7 (Brazil)


This is the series which I find interesting as it is the one which is most similar to Big Brother USA, but they have kept the public vote.

It's changed slightly this year I think, but basically the HoH chooses the first nominee, with the other HMs having one vote each to choose the second nominee. The viewers then vote to evict. There is also a Veto competition, and a further Immunity competition. (In Portugese)

Big Brother Germany 7


A year after the "never-ending" Big Brother came to an end, Big Brother returns in Germany for it's seventh series with the theme of "Back to the Roots".

Both Big Brother 5 & 6 were year long series, but this year there is a return to the shorter format - though at 155 days it's still twice as long as the latest US series.

BB Germany premieres on the 5th February.

A good English site for keeping up to date with Big Brother across the world is http://www.worldofbigbrother.com .

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