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BBUK: Viewers call the police (again!)

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Another alleged incident in the Big Brother house has led to some viewers calling the police, who are now investigating.

On Friday night, in a discussion with Craig, Maxwell claimed to have picked the blood from a scab on his food and sprinkled it over Science's mince, which he went on to eat.

When BB questioned him about the incident he denied he had actually done it, saying was just winding Craig up. (P.S. I know it's childish, but it's very funny when Big Brother swears when they quote the HMs!)

The alleged offence hasn't been broadcast and only discussion of it has been included in the programmes, so we don't know if it did happen.

If it didn't there is obviously nothing to broadcast. If it had, I'm sure they would have shown it!

From Endemol's early responses, it seems as if it didn't occur and was just a joke that's got out of hand.

However, it does raise the viewers hearing about things in secondary terms. The prime example is last week Vanessa told Makosi that in a discussion with Maxwell, Anthony had said he was only using Makosi "for the cameras" and wasn't interested in her.

This discussion wasn't shown, so we don't know if he said that - or if Vanessa is just stiring the pot!

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