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I need Big Brother all stars on DVD! my recorder died!

Guest janey_doll

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Guest janey_doll

Hello all,

my dvd recorder died this weekend and i lost my entire season of all stars plus early show interviews and campaigns, I WANTED TO CRY!!!!!!!

I always love to really enjoy the show in the winter after i know WHO IS THE WINNER and the stress is gone!! LOL

So, would one of you all happen to have all stars on DVD (edited of course :) ) with the previously on and the end credits, in great quality.

I live in Missouri where we have ALOT of weather break-ins and scroll warnings and icons on the screen, so i would like to find someone that lives where you don't have storm break-ins. and my CBS looks like crap so i would really like if someone has it like on dish, or just has a really clean CBS.

thanks so much. As soon as i get the all star season I can start making so more music videos which are going to be ALOT better than the first ones. :D

I will gladly pay for shipping/discs whatever you want, i just really want them!!!

thanks again

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I think the other seasons are on DVD, you could wait until the show is over, I'm pretty sure BB AllStars will be out a few months after that.

In the alternative, you could try searching for the episodes on one of the torrent sites and download it right to your hard drive. If you know how to use torrents, the quality is usually very good. The downloads can be slow, though. And if you want the entire season, you'd lose about 10 gigs of hard drive space unless you delete it at some point.

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I recorded this BB& series as well given the response

I got from CBS (below) when I contacted them. Also I sympathize with you

re: power outtages or pre-empting for Football etc..

just not a good time of year for the show!! I hope you get a copy!


I contacted CBS about this as there are many DVD's on eBay being

sold by those claiming they are the BB1, BB2, BB5 & BB6 seasons

when the ONLY two official releases have BEEN BB3 (full) & BB4 (highlights only).

THIS was my correspondence with CBS re: Big Brother on DVD ;)

From: "CBSStore"

Sent: Tuesday, August 01, 2006 12:44 PM

Subject:Big Brother DVDS??

Thank you for contacting the CBS Online Store.

Currently, we have the full season set of Big Brother 3

and a highlight DVD of Big Brother 4.

At this time, there are no plans to release any other Big Brother series.

Please check our website for information on the latest products

available. The website would be the first place to indicate if any

series is put on DVD or VHS. Keep watching CBS!

Regards, Crystal- Customer Care Center



I sent this back to CBS... ;)

----- Original Message -----

To: "CBSStore" <CBSStore@ordering.com>

Sent: Tuesday, August 01, 2006 1:02 PM

Subject: Re: Big Brother DVDS??


Where, or who could we write to, to request that they put all 6 and now

7 Seasons into a boxed DVD set, or out at all for sale ASAP?

With over a million fans (even from around the world) the profit from

that would be massive. Maybe a humanitarian act could be made in

CBS's name to be a "Big Brother" to those in need re: Mother Nature

disasters and more, by donating percentages of sales to those causes.

I know of many that may not buy it in the first place, but have a general

curiosity of the previous seasons. Attaching a 'worthy cause' to it would

seal the deal. It would be a bad move NOT to do this ASAP while All-Stars

is going on, and would only promote future shows and seasons as well.

Thank you!


The response was to write to the Producer (am guessing Arnold Shapiro)

and CBS Studio. That email is still pending


As to eBay .. buyer beware! Always good to ask first as to what you'd be getting!!


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