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  1. If anyone is interested.. I guess Michael (BB6) is back in town (was in Dubai) as Howie texted me on Monday to say that he talked to Kaysar on Sunday and Kaysar and Michael are thinking about joining up with Howie in Vegas, where the Jedi is at doing promotions for Lipton Tea for now till he goes back east. Kaysar and Howie both will be at the RealityTVConvention.com on June 30th and July 1st in Nashville TN and prior to that Howie may be going to Atlanta and then Maine (where his girlfriend lives) and then back to Chicago for a few months prior to coming back to Los Angeles in September for the BB8 Finale party.. Kaysar has talked about his new surroundings as he's moved to Hollywood area and being thoroughly entertained by the street performers to the point of busting a move.. as Kaysar posted here recently.. just a month ago via his forum.. http://kaysaronline.com/forum/showpost.php...amp;postcount=1 "I was out in LA this past weekend and I found myself dancing with the street performers. There was a man banging on drums with the biggest grin on his face. Not sure what was worse... my dancing or the music."
  2. Was talking with Ann (her mom) yesterday afternoon (via phone) and Janie just got back last week from a trip to TN to go horseback riding with her sister... and had spent a few days visiting with her mom. Janie had a nice visit with Mama Ann (Howie calls her that) and Janie left yesterday to go back to the Twin Cities where Ross (her boyfriend) lives.. and was lookng forward to seeing him. She recently said she hasn't talked to Will in a while but not sure what kind of time frame that was.. (as to 'a while'). Also today I shut down her old Forum ( @ JanellePierzina.org) at her request, as her new official website has been redone with a new forum as well. It also has a page on her mom Ann, and her dog Bear too along with other cool items. Make note of it as to being the official site of Jedi Janie.. JanelleFansite.com Gonna miss her this year but maybe she'll be back through via House Calls or something like that. We'll see
  3. Dang.. Missed it.. But at least it's nice to know.. it's OUT there! I'm so greedy I want moooooore!!
  4. If you're talking about Kaysar's Forum.. it was down for a week or 2.. but had the issues fixed and it's back.. You can access it through here: www.KaysarOnline.com
  5. There are hundreds (mostly Howie/Chilltown/Kaysar- Janie doing CG imitations).. but I think the one I actually remember lauging out loud the first time and snorting Pepsi.. as it was a shocker.. and well it was BB4's Jack's DR moment when he deemed.... (ahem).. has having as much sex appeal as a... buzzard's crotch... You can't really paint a bigger picture than that..
  6. Having worked with Will and Mike "Boogie" on a **few things in the last few months I can see how 'charming' he can be... but when it comes down to it, both really great guys. Thus the wickedly evil 'performance' that Chilltown put on in the BB House was really stellar. Between Will not only winning BB2 (without a HOH) and Boogie taking out BB7 All Stars as well, they were unbeatable. Janelle of course was a powerhouse player in back to back seasons (For the SOV3.. I don't know how Janie, Howie, Kaysar ...oops and well James did that with no 'down time'). Jun coming in quietly under the radar and being the lesser of the two evils was a big moment you'd like to forget but still she DID win and that was that. I am just hoping for the bigger dynamic this upcoming season's Finale' where it's about WANTING someone to win at the end instead of saying "is there a 3rd choice?"... **As to one of the Chilltown projects mentioned, I sent Morty a message about this and some other items... so not sure if this is tied in here or how he'll share this (not sure I can post the URL or not) but a buddy of Howie Gordon's (Scott Berks) and I set up a site to show off Team Chilltown's combined projects and charities... so can't wait for him to share that information!! It's pretty darn.. Chill-tastic ha ha ha
  7. There are even more Open Casting Calls for Big Brother 8 tomorrow and more into May ... The cool one is TOMORROW at the CBS Studio (on Radford) where the Big Brother House is stationed .. It's like so close.. and yet just so far??? Please be sure to bring the following with you to the open call: A complete application (download via site HERE) 2 pictures of yourself (1 of your face AND 1 of your full body) A copy of your drivers license OR state issued ID A copy of your passport OR birth certificate OR social security card Saturday, April 14 Bakersfield, CA 10am - 3pm Nissan of Bakersfield 2800 Pacheco Road Bakersfield Automall Bakersfield, CA Saturday, April 14 Los Angeles, CA 11am - 3pm CBS Studios - Radford 4024 Radford Ave Studio City, CA 91604 Wednesday, April 18 Grapevine, TX 3pm - 10pm Game Works Grapevine Mills Mall 3000 Grapevine Mills Parkway Suite # 525 Grapevine, TX 76105 Thursday, April 26 Charlotte, NC 5pm - 7pm Center City Alive After 5 Wachovia Plaza Charlotte, NC Saturday, April 28 Salt Lake City, UT 1pm - 4pm Duffy's Tavern A Private Members Club 932 South Main St. SLC, UT 84101 Friday, May 4 Atlanta, GA 10pm - 12am Fever Nightclub 1789 Chesire Bridge Rd. Atlanta, GA 30324 Saturday, May 5 Lincoln, NE 12pm - 3pm Libations (Downtown) 317 South 11th Lincoln, NE 68508
  8. Tapes and applications are being considered with a deadline of this Friday April 13th... but it's up to the producer and Allison (new producer) is said to have possibly extended the process a little bit for the new season. Also in a 25 minute call I had with Dr. Will and Mike Boogie, they were talking about "knowing your Role".. don't try to be something you're not or try to imitate others that have gone before. If you have something to bring to the table or the feeds.. bring it but if it's 'fake' it will come through on camera and you may not get in. Also from Chip McAllister (Chip and Kim winners of TAR 5) was saying to me as well at the last West Coast TAR Finale' last December that the tape should be about the way you can tell a story or narrate.. not about what you CAN do or what you've done in the past but how you are in communicating your desire to be on the show. As to the rules of casting calls vs mailing in the tapes.. it's good to be seen but don't push it and go by their requests as it'll be one of those.. if you can't follow the 'rules' of production outside of the house.. you're not going to be one of those that can be handled once inside.. And I agree.. mailing it in is much better. You get slammed through the Casting call process where more time is spent with the Mail in Apps and Videos. Keep it fun and keep it real.. and hope it's real fun for you and us both!! PS... Howie on his interview did a dance for them (he recently played it for us on his User Plane IChat one night.. is talking about adding it to a DVD) .. and Mike Boogie did an orig Rap song incl names like Les Moonves (CEO CBS) and others.. and Kaysar didn't even do one as it was Michael his buddy that submitted the application and Michael told the studio about Kaysar for the season 6 secret buddy series.. It's all very diverse so would be fun to see what people put out there!!
  9. Transcript is up at Jokers Chat or as it's called... Houseguest Gone Wild (LOL) Starring Kaysar ..with supporting roles from Janie, Howie and Dr. Will.. all 4 showed up in one chat!! Tuesday Night January 30th It was a scheduled chat for Kaysar but Janie was talking with Howie in her IChat with fans and went over to JU to join in and shortly after that Will came in after talking to Janie and Howie on the phone as Kaysar was IMing her as well. It was a free for all.. and wow.. what a chat... Check it out HERE !
  10. Morty, Jem, Thanks for the FYI on that... Was wondering but thought maybe it was just some detective parked out across from a hotel and thought they spotted you cheating on us with (gasp) another forum... yeah.. have been watching too many day time dramas.. Thanks again and enjoy your Holidays Moosie
  11. That person's account ended BUT I UPDATED that Video link and the viewing is back !! via another You Tube of the same event. scroll up and try again Also.. Back Stage etc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4niMdcEwXI and Ladies of Reality.. featuring Janelle and Erika http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFlXCjMBuZQ Sorry so late to reply but I have been out with pneumonia.. and getting better now. Enjoy your holidaze!!
  13. Thanks for the added info!! Am sure that someone will You Tube the win for Janie. About 15 threads or so at Janie's Forum on this alone.. ha ha !
  14. Janie wins BIG in Big in 06' - via VH1 Show (to be broadcast Sunday at 9pm EST VH1) Who was voted THE Reality TV Star in 2006? Janelle Pierzina !! POV/COMPETITION Queen of Big Brother! Show Information http://www.vh1.com/shows/events/big_in/2006/show.jhtml and as shown at Janie's Forum http://www.janelleforum.org/viewtopic.php?t=2104 Here is her Guest to the Show... some Doctor Friend... whatshisname..
  15. As to Fame.. I wonder how CG is doing? (cool Avatar MsPopCorn) Anyway.. UPDATE again ..... The site is up but for many members, but the NEXT issue has been logging in for a good many of the rest. Administration is aware of the problems with signing in again. Some are in and some can not get in YET. Ironically.. Howie WAS in today, first time as well.. Testing out the Server and his CONTINUED fame.. Oh yes.. This sign in issue should be corrected very soon.
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