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August 20 Live Feed Update


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Dani and Ericka are in the red room looking depressed..

Dani says she wants the votes to be 2 and 2 and let Boogie decide who goes home

Dani says her and Ericka need to talk to janelle..

Ericka.. yeah its time..

Dani.. yesh

Ericka.. Its even better with James pissed at her..(Jani?)

Dani:I looked at George adn said, Ericka has to win the to protect us..

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Dani is upset.

Erika tells her that if James had picked a side and not voted for her last week, it would be one thing, but he went running to "HER" (Janie) after HOH. So she wants James out.

Dani says let it be 2-2, and let the decision rest on Boogie, and let that be another bit of "destruction" that CT caused.

Erika says that James played both sides too much. She says that too many things that came from her mouth came back to her, and only James could have told the other side.

Dani agrees and says the same thing.

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Dani said that the two of them need to talk to Janie and make a truce, as she has been saying.

Dani: Good for her! I'm not mad at her at all.

Erika says she isn't either. She says she told Janie she was a badass.

Erika: If I was 10 years younger...I'm 12 freaking years older than that bitch!

Dani says that Janie has got some luck.

Dani talks about Amy and how she would have dealt with the situation with POV. Erika talks about people from her season, too.

(When the feeds came back on, I heard Will telling Janie that James was in the ant room throwing a fit.)

The comp had to do with past contestants, and dolls of the past contestants. They were looking to find the dolls and Dani says she "almost looked at Erika, to tell her" and Erika says she should have, and we get FOTH.

It sounds like the comp had to do with figuring out who voted out each person.

Dani says that she should have stepped out--Janie was "born under the good moon," and Dani was "born under the bad moon."

Dani says that maybe they should offer Janie something.

Erika says that she thinks Janie will go to CT.

Dani says that all Janie has to do is "extend a hand to me."

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(Thanks for catching that, jeffthedrunk!)

An incredibly boring discussion is going on about skin cancer in the kitchen. Boogie and James are the only two missing, and all four feeds are on the skin cancer talk.

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Everyone is sitting in the kitchen, talking. Erika and Dani are being friendly to Janie now. They are talking about their personality types. Erika looks very tense and a little worried.

Janie says she will go upstairs and get some candy for her and Erika, and after the door closes she starts jumping up and down and Boogie grabs her and they hug, and he is extremely excited and says they pulled it off!! He says that James is so upset, and he tried to turn on the feed to the room where James is, but BB wouldn't let him. He talks into the mic and begs for the room so they can see James, but they can't see it. Janie says that James was so pissed at her!! Boogie says that James is trying to make BB overturn the POV. He contends that Janie grabbed the Marcellas doll out of his hands. Janie says that she and James both grabbed the HOWIE doll at the same time, played tug of war trying to get it, fell to the ground, and he got the Howie doll. She caught sight of the Marc doll on the ground and grabbed it then, and did NOT take it from James. Boogie says there is no way BB will overturn this or do a do-over as James is demanding. He says BB has already reviewed the tapes. He says that this worked perfectly and Janie played it perfectly. They pretended to be mad at Janie (Boogie and Will) and Janie gave Boogie the finger. It was all an act. Boogie grabs a plastic flower (I think a coaster?) and puts it on his chest and says it will be like, "Sorry, James!" and acts like it is a fake flower shooting water in James' face.

Janie hurries and leaves the room after Boogie whispers to her a quick plan. They will play as if Janie hates them, and that she is after them. This will keep the rest of the house from going after Will and Boogie, and they can take out people one by one and protect each other. Janie hurries and leaves and brings the candy down. (All of this happened in about two minutes).

They are talking about how James was yelling in the DR and you could hear him out in the kitchen. George seems very down about this and says that they are trying to calm him down in there. Will says that James yelled at him and accused him of not trying to do things fast enough. Will asks what was he supposed to do? Grab dolls faster?

FOTH for a while.

Janie is sitting at the bar, looking a little upset.

Dani and Erika are in the red room, I think.

Erika: Thoughts?

Dani says she is just tired and spent.

Erika and Dani say that if James had voted for Erika, it would be different, but...

Dani: You don't think the two of us are going up at all?

Erika says she doesn't think so.

Erika says she has already thought a lot of this out because she knew Janie would win the veto.

Dani and Erika go to talk in another room.

Dani says that they "have James by the balls" and now they can make him commit to them.

Dani doesn't think Janie will vote out James. Erika disagrees and says that she thinks Janie will send James home in an instant.

Erika thinks CG wants James gone.

Dani is counting votes. They agree that Boogie will send James home if there is a tie.

Dani says they are in a position now where they don't want to piss people off.

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Dani: We have to find out how Janelle is voting.

Erika: She is going to vote James out. First of all, he is pissed at her. You know.

Erika says she thinks she and Janie "bridged a gap tonight." She says Janie looked at her and asked how they got on opposite sides, and Erika said she didn't know. They seemed to agree not to be so much against each other. Dani asks if this includes her, too. Erika says they can make it include her if it doesn't already.

Erika says that before POV she was sitting with Janie and wanted to suggest the girls band together, but then she didn't say it because what if she won POV and Janie expected her to follow through? Dani says she would have said it to Janie. She says that if she won POV, she won it, and she wouldn't use it.

Erika; Yeah, she definitely laid the groundwork for her winning the veto and not putting up CG.

Dani: CG and her (Janie) are going to be like this. You can just see it.

Erika: He has her back.

Dani: He has her back. If he had our back, she would be gone.

Dani says it was a slap in the face from CG.

Erika: How am I going to tell James I'm not going to vote for him?

Dani: You can. He didn't vote for you.

Dani says that it makes the two of them look good if there is a tie, because Boogie sends James home, and not them.

Erika: Ok. I hate to do it, but.

Dani says she hated to do it to Kaysar, too, and James is her friend, but she has to do it.

Erika: James is pissed!

Dani: He's gonna be pissed off.

Erika: Were you guys like, you won this, or did you have faith in me at all?

(It sounds like Erika played?)

Dani says that CG is infatuated with Janie.

Erika agrees.

Dani does a mockery of CG saying he couldn't take out Janie.

Dani is on a roll, griping about CG. She says that CG set her up for a fall, because he told her she did a good job with her nominations when she put up Janie, but then when he was supposed to send Janie home, he didn't do it.

Will is whispering to Janie (who is still wearing the POV).

Will says that the vote will be 2-2 and Boogie can vote out James. He wants Janie to vote against James. CG will go up and they will be telling people that CG will be leaving. Then, after James leaves, they will have to go outside and play for HOH and Dani and Erika will be outraged because they will then realize that Janie is with Will and Boogie. Janie asks how they will know? Will says because they will be going around saying CG will leave, and then he won't leave.

(I don't know if this was already discussed between Will and Dani or not--they are both talking about this tie).

Will is quickly whispering about the week after that, and Dani and Erika should both go up so that one is definitely leaving.

Dani is saying she can't and won't give something to Janie--(I couldn't hear what it was, because on the other feed there was a lot of noise). She says that she heard James screaming in the DR.

Janie has a burn on her neck from peroxide, and it itched and she scratched it. Erika talking with her about it. Janie is being friendly to her. Will says it doesn't look bad at all.

James is out now. He is raging in one of the rooms, pacing. He says Janelle should go into the DR now and talk to them so they can build a story around it. He says that Janie grabbed the H out of his hand. He says that he saw Janie looking around corners cheating in HOH this year. He says that she slapped Beau last year. If BB wants her to win this year, they can f--ing give it to her.

James: I told them I want to talk to Dr. Zachary. They better get her here quick! You guys saw it. She says "Give it to me." She takes it out of my hand, but they don't have an angle of it??!

Dani is not saying anything.

James: So, she's in possession of the doll but tells me to give it to her? That makes sense. Good job! (Seems like he is acting like Howie--ed).

Dani asks him to calm down.

James; I am calm. I just don't want to be here!!

James: Danielle, you saw them give her the game!!!

James: She has sponsers everywhere. This f--ing whore gets whatever she wants!

James: They had the whole speil about attorneys and all of that shit.

James says that there was no accidental contact--taking his possession of the doll was not accidental contact.

Dani says that there should be a do-over, but James says even that wouldn't be fair.

James says he talked to Allison.


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James still raging about how Janelle took the doll from him. He keeps saying that Dani saw it happen, but the DR people and Allison claim they don't have it on a camera.

James: I don't know why I work so hard in this game if they are going to give it to America's Prom Queen.

James: I do not want to participate in a game that is rigged, or a game that shows favorites. If I had lost fair and square, I would not have issue with it. I've lost before.

James asks what Janelle's version is, and Dani says that Janie says that she had the Howie doll and was tugging it with James. James says that Janie got to the Howie doll first and crushed it she grabbed it so hard. Then HE saw the Marc doll and took it and she said "Give me that!" and took it from him. (How did he end up with the Howie doll, then? --ed). James then says "How did Janie have the Howie doll if she told me to let go of it??" (He has now contradicted his own story 2 x --ed)

Dani asks if he asked to see the tape and he says yes, but they didn't get back to him. And even if they had a tape, they would only show him the bad angle anyway.

Dani asks what was going on in the DR all that time, and he says they talked to him, to legal, to production. Then production just said oh, it's Janie or Kaysar, rule in their favor!

James says it is complete and utter bullshit. They knew where the dolls were and they had to have cameras on them, and yet they claim they don't have an angle.

James: I guess Janelle's life in this game is a lot more important than my life in this game! You guys were all standing there! You saw it! She takes the doll out of my hand and runs away! The dumb bitch grabbed the wrong doll to begin with, anyway! She grabbed the Howie doll."

George is there now.

He asks if they are reviewing the tapes.

Janie called to DR and James says, "Gotta tell them your side of the story so they can make a story around it!!"

James: Hey, the prom queen gets to stay another week. America must be happy. Congratulations, BB. You've done a great job.

George asks about the overhead view and James claims they say they don't have a good shot of it.

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11:40pm - bbt

James came out of DR and is freaking out!! He says Janie grabbed the doll out of his hand and said "Give me that" which made her win the POV. He asked BB to look at the tapes but they said they don't have a good view of it. James is really angry!

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