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July 27/28 Video Thread


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  • 2 weeks later...

BB7: Erika Won't Lay Right

It's 2:45am and time for some to go to bed after stuffing themselves with new food.

Erika, Jase, and Boogie in bug room. Erika wants to sleep next to someone but won't 'spoon' with Boogie. Goes head to toe instead.


Janelle Would Lose

Now closer to 3am. A quick moment as Diane and Marcellas settle into their beds/couch. Diane explains Janelle would lose to Marcellas if they went up together.


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Janie's HOH Evictions Discussion

3:00am BBT: Janelle, Howie, and Kaysar discuss who they think should be put up for the fourth eviction from the house. They also discuss James and his HOH attitude last week.


Janelle and Marcellas Continue

3:10 am BBT: Janelle and Marcellas continue on with a discussion of that PINK room and eviction possibilities.


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