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July 19/20 Video Thread


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diane boogie 8h34 BBT

dani marcellas 9h04 BBT

george and diane

george dani 8h30 BBT

george in hoh room 9h30 BBT

tension in hoh room part1 8h bbt



will boogie 5h45 BBT

boogie erika bug room part1 6h08 BBT


jase and janelle 7h13 BBT

jase marcellas then boogie 9h30 BBT

will talking to camera 8h20 BBT

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This is HUMBLE James just after his first HOH win.

And here's the fun: Just how many bodies make sure they get into his camera lock-on within these few minutes? I feel this is gonna be a fun week.



Just a smidgeon of a BB7-Couple at the round table while James is still cooking his non-s'will dinner after winning HOH.

In the meantime, you can watch it all, but it gets real dramatic (not) while it leads up to the week-long alliance made at 14-15 seconds into the clip.


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