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July 11/12 Video Thread


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Some videos found at Youtube from other users.

Ali caught in lie. Talking to James yesterday

Erika and Marcellas talk about who to vote out.

Dani pissed at George

More shout outs. Sirvivor Sucks, Mortys, Jokers.


Janelles Howie impression.


More Howie and Janelle being funny. Another Yana shout out.


Janelle does Lori


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erika and boogie talking about how votes are going and ali screwing herself up 10:20 BBT

part 1


Boogie and Nakomis talking votes around 10:35 BBT

marcellas aand George make a deal and talk strategies 10:45 BBT

Boggie and Jase talking about votes in storage room 11:30 BBT

Nakomis Boogie and Marcellas talking about ali hiding in pot last night 12:05BBT

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