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HOH rules ---Backdooring

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its 5:12 so this might be a little off

From James:

If the two HOH dont come to an agreement they will be taken away HOH privies....and become nominated....there will be no HOH....so who ever wins veto picks the nomations

so if you try to f--- or backdoor a HOH by not agreeing...so if janelle won the veto (being that they were the nomineess by not agreeing on nominations) she could pick a new nominee to go up besides jase...

Correct me if I'm wrong anyone .....kind of late for me now ....still listening to feeds but doing laundry too

THIS IS FROM KADE we posted at the same time (from the live feeds thread) ...much better explanation

2:08 A BBT - BY

Rules clarification:

James asked in the DR for a rules clarification regarding the HOH disagreement/nominee situation. Here's essentially how he laid it out for Danielle and Diane in the BY.

- 2 HOHs disagree

- They become nominees

- They lose HOH rights (no baskets, no pictures, no automatic food (if it's two teams for food comps, they automatically go to the losing team))

- There is no HOH for the remainder of the week

- If one of the nominees (former HOHs) wins veto and vetoes themself off the block that person gets to choose anyone to replace them on the block.

- Additionally should the former HOH left on the block survive the eviction they are eligible to play for the following weeks HOH.

Diane said that she needed to ask for a clarification regarding another situation but unfortunately my stream cut out when she posed the question.

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