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BBUK: New secret mission sees Saskia become Big Brother

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Well, my BBUK posts seem to be getting a significant number of views, if not replies, so I'll continue passing on my thoughts on a show you can't watch (officially!)

Would love to hear more of your thoughts!

In a twist that offers the winner of this weekend's counting challenge possibly more power than the bedsit* did last year, Saskia has become Big Brother.

Her secret mission is to question the other housemates in the diary room. She can ask them three questions via Big Brother and must visit the diary room to inform BB of who she wants to ask and the questions.

Saskia can then view the questioning via a secret monitor and headset in the bedroom toilet, and can communicate further with Big Brother via a two-way radio.

Using her new powers immediately, Saskia instructed that Maxwell be summoned to the diary room. Davina mentioned on Friday night that she thought there was a spark between these two - and it seems our hostess knows what shes talking about.

The questions Saskia posed were:

1) If you were to stay in the House for the next 11 weeks, which Housemates would you want to stay with and why? 

2) If you won the prize money and you had to share it with one Housemate, who would it be? 

3) If you had to evict a Housemate for good who would you pick and why? 

In a further twist to events, having been informed by Big Brother that the winner of yesterdays counting challenge had been informed and rewarded, Maxwell began conducting enquiries into who had won and why they had not come forward.

Paranoia has set in, with HMs wondering if the task is linked to another eviction. Saskia passed off Maxwell's questioning sweatly, with Derek finding himself prime suspect. Saskia then tried an incredible double bluff by accusing Maxwell of being the secret winner.

Whether Saskia will get any power over this weeks nominations remains to be seen, but it looks like secret missions are a key feature of this year's Big Brother.

* Bedsit: Last year Emma and Michelle were evicted in a fake double eviction and moved into a secret bedsit, where they could watch the BB house live 24 hours a day before returning five days later.

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and what were the answers to the questions?

God, your testing my memory.

I think he said Anthony and Saskia as the two HMs he wanted to stay - but can't recall who he'd share the money with. He wanted to evict Science as he threw a bin at him the night before.

Just to update you on how this twist developed...

Saskia won Maxwell some underwear as he'd only bought in two pairs. However, on discover they were Tottenham Hotspurs undies, the die-hard Arsenal fan set fire to them. For this he had to be punished - and as Big Brother, Saskia got to choose the punishment. This involved sitting on the "naughty step" in just a nappy(diaper), bib and bonnet for the duration of the nominations process (which took over two hours!).

The final part of the reward was that Saskia got to discover which housemate had broken the rules over discussing nominations (which isn't permitted in the UK) and as a result, put all the housemates up for eviction.

Finally, a bizarre twist to events. This weeks task saw the house turned into a hospital, with the HMs divided into nurses and patients. Everytime an alarm goes, a patient must rush to the diary room where they are diagnosed and given instructions on how the nurses must treat them. Hemmeroids, broken limbs, repetivie strain injury and even male pregnancy have featured - but the strangest thing is that Saskia ended up tearing her ligaments in her foot playing football with Anthony - and ended up going to hospital for real!

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